The 5 Best Witch Boxes and Spiritual Boxes- Unbiased Review!

best witch box and spiritual box

Why Get Witch Boxes and Spiritual Boxes?

I originally wanted law of attraction (LOA) and manifesting witch subscription boxes. I couldn’t find any! However, after doing some digging I found many witch boxes and spiritual boxes had similar items.

In fact, there are also so many amazing witch boxes and spiritual boxes out there! There is one for any mama, and any spiritual practice!

Even better, a lot of these witch subscription boxes are created by women and as well. So you are sure to feel the love and care put into each unique witch box or spiritual box.You will love this collection of witch boxes and spiritual boxes if you love enchanted crystals, tarot, full moon rituals, and spirituality!

Only the Best Witch Boxes and Spiritual Boxes

So, I spent a lot of time putting together this list for you. My main thing I looked for was the best quality at a low cost.

I already have enough toys, clutter and junk taking over my house! I’m sure most moms feel the same way. If I’m spending money then I want it to be useful products.

In conclusion, I hope you enjoy my carefully chosen spirituality and manifestation themed witch subscription boxes. Here you will find a variety of manifestation tools and law of attraction monthly witch boxes and spiritual boxes.

Best Witch Box and Spiritual Box # 1: Abundance Movement Box

I of course had to start with the Abundance Movement Box! If Abundance Mindset Mama made a witch subscription box, this would be the most similar one for obvious reasons! This monthly subscription box has everything you need to support you on your abundance journey. Like they state on their website, it’s more than a monthly subscription box, it’s an EXPERIENCE and a MOVEMENT. They support woman owned businesses, and provide you coaching and a community! You get everything in this box- journal, self-care products…even snacks!

Site description: 

A bi-monthly box interactive witch subscription box + EXPERIENCE for women who desire to live in abundance in EVERY aspect of their lives.

We incorporate a ‘NO BS’ approach to self development, while giving you everything you need to become the best you, right at your fingertips.

We provide women with the tools and resources to start defining their purpose in life, while placing an emphasis on prioritizing your mental and physical health- connecting you with high quality products locally sourced and supporting women owned businesses in Northeast Wisconsin.

Our passion and purpose is to help women put their needs first, so they can begin to create the change they want to see in their lives, community and world.

How many items per box:

4-6 high quality products directly sourced from women owned businesses that represent women empowerment and global change. The products are specifically chosen to help you grow and evolve in alignment with the theme of the box. Quality is EXTREMELY important to us. We do our best to fill your box with products you WILL use, love and share with others.

+ Book and Journal

+ 4-6 Self Care Products

+ 1:1 Coaching Sessions and Workshops with a “Spotlight Coach”

+ Access to the AMB Community

+ A Wellness Snack/Tea/Cacao

Cost: Bi-Monthly Box 84.95 every 2 months. There are also 6 month and 12 month prepay options.

Best Witch Box and Spiritual Box # 2: Awakening in A Box

You will love this amazing monthly subscription box if you collect and love enchanted crystals (and who doesn’t, really?) You also get awesome spiritual cards and products to help you on your spiritual journey and improve your spiritual practice. This box is great for full moon rituals as well.

Site description: Awakening in a Box wants to join you on your journey of awakening through enchanted crystal energy. Let us bring you healing and positive energy every month with enchanted crystals picked intuitively just for you and products designed to aid you on your path toward enlightenment. Our goal is to support you as you strengthen your connection with the universe.

How many items per box:

  • AWAKENING BOX | Contains 3 healing enchanted crystals or stones and 2 products, all boxes also contain beautiful collectible cards detailing the metaphysical properties of each enchanted crystal
  • EMPOWERING ORACLE BOX / MYSTIC TAROT BOX | Contains 1 Oracle/Tarot Deck, 1 Large Enchanted Crystal and 2 products
  • ENCHANTED CRYSTAL POUCH | Contains the same 3 stones as the Awakening Box + 2 more enchanted crystals worth $5+
  • Items include: Enchanted crystals, stones, energy sprays, natural soaps, jewelry, and much more!

Cost: $13-$54 now. Something for every budget!

Best Witch Box and Spiritual Box # 3: Goddess Provisions Box

This is one of the best spiritual monthly subscription boxes to grow your law of attraction and manifestation practice. The price is right, and you always get an enchanted crystal in every box! I also love that they plant a tree with every box, and their products are vegan and cruelty free.

Site description: We created Goddess Provisions as a way to share the tools we’ve found to help us connect with our divine feminine and grow our spiritual practice.

You can expect to see a mix in each box, spanning across the categorizes of enchanted crystals, full moon ritual tools, natural beauty products, teas, enchanted crystals, books and more. Many of the items we feature are made exclusively for subscribers and aren’t available anywhere else. All items will be 100% vegan and cruelty-free because we cherish our furry friends.

How many items per box: 5-7 full sized products

Cost: $33 per month or as low as $27.75 with 12 month prepay

Best Witch Box and Spiritual Box # 4: Mindful Souls Monthly Subscription Box

What I like most about the Mindful Souls Monthly Subscription Box is the focus on self-care for not just your body, but also your mind! There is a huge variety of items such as enchanted crystals, cosmetics, to home decor. Everything you need for your full moon rituals as well.

Site description: Introducing ‘’Mindful Monthly Box’’ – a monthly box subscription service, delivered right at your doorstep each month, to assist in creating self-love rituals while surrounding you with relaxing and uplifting energy.

Every monthly box will delight you with 6-8 carefully hand-picked items, ranging from calming crystals, aromatherapy items, gemstone jewelry, to home decor, wellness goodies, and natural cosmetics – a rejuvenating and refreshing gift designed to balance your mind and brighten your aura!

How many items per monthly box:  6-8 carefully hand-picked items,

Cost: $39.97

Best Witch Box and Spiritual Box # 5: WEvolve Box

The WEVolve box is a very affordable monthly box, with a variety of beautiful items to increase your spirituality rituals.

Site description: Each of our monthly boxes is curated with divine intention in partnership with you. We bring the inspiration and tools for the rituals, but you bring the magic of your attention and light.

How many items per monthly box:  

ESOTERIC BOX :A divinely curated experience. This option is themed, and includes 5-8 meaningful sacred objects and a ritual or meditation.

Wisdom Keepers Book Box: A monthly box that caters to our ever-unfolding awakening. Each shipment includes a book on spiritual practice subjects such as metaphysics, chakras, intuition, meditation, full moon rituals, magick and more! 

Each monthly box will also include a selection of 3-4 mystical items

Cost: Estoric monthly box: $49.95 bi-monthly box

Wisdom Keeprs monthly box: $29.95 bi-monthly box

WEvole Box Reviews:

“This monthly box is one of my absolute faves…I start getting soooo impatient and excited for it to arrive! The items are ALWAYS of high quality, and thoughtfully chosen for the intention/theme.”

“I’ve been getting the Esoteric Box for almost a year now. I LOVE it!! It always seems they are curating what I’ve been thinking about exploring…”

What’s your favorite witch box and spiritual box? Have you ever gotten a monthly witch box or spiritual box? Share in the comments below!