Water Manifestation-4 Easy Ways How

water manifestation

Water Manifestation Is A Powerful Manifestation Tool

Water manifestation is one of my favorite ways to manifest! Manifest with water and watch your life change quickly and almost effortlessly!

Our bodies are made of 70% water, and we can only survive a few days without it! Water is necessary for our survival. Ancient civilizations and religions have known about the power of water and have revered it for ages with baptisms, prayers, and water temples.

If you do not currently use water manifestation, you are missing out! It’s an often overlooked law of attraction tool you will want to add to your manifesting practice right away!

Experiments on Water

When I first began to learn about manifesting abundance and changing my mindset , I read a very interesting article on Japanese researcher Dr. Masaru Emoto. It had never occurred to me before this that water manifestation could be used for the law of attraction until I read Dr. Masaru Emoto’s research.

During the 90’s he studied the molecular structure of water and discovered something very surprising. He recorded his research in books. Dr. Masaru Emoto’s latest is “The Hidden Messages in Water.”

After studying the geometric patterns in water, Dr. Masaru Emoto started exposing the molecules to different vibrations through music, thoughts and phrases. He then froze and studied the water molecules.

The water molecules change shape depending on the sound. If the vibration is negative emotions like hate, anger, and aggression, it reacts the same as if damaged by pollution! If it’s something positive, it forms beautiful geometric shapes.

What These Experiments Showed

Water can take on your intentions, whether positive or negative!

So it makes sense to use water manifestation for manifesting your desires- and many people do so with great results. In this post, I will share all of my favorite water manifestation method for enhancing your law of attraction practice. Who knew a glass of water could be so amazing?

Manifest With Water-Just by Cleaning Up!

with water is easy- just by doing what you already do daily! One of my favorite ways of manifesting with water is by showers, baths, and simple hand washing. You can practice the law of attraction daily with little thought required.

Every time you do any of the above, simply imagine the new energy and emotion you want going into the clean water that is pouring over you. That is all you have to do to harness water manifestation and its ability to transfer new energy and intent.

You can also use the law of attraction easily in nature when you are swimming in a lake or the ocean.

I especially love a nice, warm shower or bath to bathe away my current reality after a long day. Once you step out, you will be in a new energetic reality! You need to bathe often anyways, so you might as well use the law of attraction while you do so.

When you take a shower you can also imagine yourself cutting any energetic chords that are no longer serving you. Just imagine the water flowing over the chords, and rinsing them away. Now you imagine the water flowing over you with your new intentions. Make sure you visualize pulling the roots out completely, and filling them in with a patch, much like a band aid.

You can even do water manifestation methods while you bathe your kids.Turn chore time into manifestation methods time! If you get stuck in a downpour, use it to manifest. Water is all around us. Take advantage of waters powerful manifestation energy every chance you get and make the law of attraction a daily habit! Read on to learn how you can drink the water, and turn a simple glass of water into a powerful water manifestation tool!

The Amazingly Powerful 2 Glasses Water Manifestation Technique

This water manifestation method is a very simple law of attraction method. All you need is two water containers, such as a simple glass of water, and of course water. You can write down your intention on sheet of paper, post it notes, or stickers if you have it too.


  1. On the first glass of water, you state or write the intention of what you are currently experiencing.
  2. Then, just fill up the glass with water.
  3. Take your second glass of water and write what you want to experience or manifest.
  4. Finally, take the first glass of water and pour it into the second one.

You have now transferred the old energy into the new, better one!

Now, take your charged up glass of water. Next, just drink the water. That’s it! Every time you do this, it’s newly charged up water, so just charge the water as often as you can. Drink the water, and rinse and repeat until you see your manifestation method come to life. Cheers!

Charge Your Water With Powerful Water Manifestation Energy

One of the easiest and most powerful ways to use water manifestation is by charging up your drinking water and drink the water often.

You can use something with a crystal in it for extra manifestation method powers, but it’s not necessary. A simple glass of water works great too.

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Here’s How To Manifest With Water You Drink

  1. First, fill up your chosen glass of water up with preferably purified water. If you don’t have that, tap water will do as well. Make sure you are in a quiet place, and have a few minutes to get very grounded and peaceful. You will want to have a positive mindset because the water will pick up any energy you are currently experiencing!

2. Now, state the intention you want to manifest out loud, and/or write it down on a piece of paper, post it note or sticker. Place the piece of paper, post it note, or sticker under the glass of water.

3. Next, visualize the emotion you want to manifest.

TIP: If you are unclear or struggling on what you want to manifest, go back and work on the journaling techniques. Those exercises will help you get very clear in what you want to create.

5. Let the glass of water sit for at least 10-15 minutes, and then you drink the water!

That’s all there is to it!


You can do this any time, but many like to do rituals during the different moon phases for extra manifesting powers. After all, the moon influences tidal waves! Many people especially love use water during the full moon. The full moon is very powerful, but did you know there are other moon phases you can do rituals during?

For a great article on the different moon cycles, and not just the full moon at : Moon Rituals: How to Manifest with The Moon

You can also check out some water manifestation videos here.