Using Kundalini Chakra Energy To Manifest Your Desires

Did you know that using Kundalini chakra energy to manifest is a powerful way to tap into your own energy power? So, what exactly is it though? Read on for more on this amazing manifesting powerhouse!

Using Kundalini chakra is that feeling you get when you are motivated.

That spark of attraction you feel.

It is your life force.

In Hinduism, Kundalini is part of the divine feminine, and it’s coiled like a snake at the base of your spine, the muladhara.

I am woman and I AM POWERFUL. So are you! Using Kundalini chakra energy to manifest can be very exciting, but you need to understand it first.

It is considered the energy that causes a child to form in the womb, and stays coiled at the spine until we die and it rises up again. However, it can also spontaneously awaken or we can do things to try to awaken it. 

It is never in our control though when it does awaken. 

using kundalini energy to manifest

As Mama’s, we know just how powerful the divine feminine truly is! I don’t know about you, but there was some definite energy I could feel  in my back and spine during childbirth.

Childbirth has a lot of similarities to a kundalini chakra energy awakening and I will use that metaphor often in this blog post. 

Childbirth to me was not actually painful. It was the lack of control and constant waves of contractions that got me.

I’m lucky enough that I never experienced menstrual cramps. Now, I don’t say this to brag! When I gave birth to my son the feeling of complete lack of control of my body during contractions was frightening.

I almost wished it was painful as pain distracts you from the fact that your body is spiraling out of control and you cannot stop it! I begged for an epidural not for relief from pain, but so I could have a moment of rest and regroup from the overwhelming and nonstop movement of my body.

The same can be said for the Kundalin chakrai awakening.

You are better off preparing for childbirth by learning how to breathe through the waves, but NOTHING can prepare you fully for the actual experience.

However, I would much rather know about it than one day wake up and give birth, right? I can’t believe some women don’t know they are pregnant and then one day give birth! How frightening must that be? 

Yet, Kundalini chakra energy awakenings can happen without prior spiritual understanding of it as well!

Kundalini chakra energy is powerful.  You will definitely want to learn how to use it properly if you are trying to change to an abundance mindset and raise your vibrations. It is not a common experience, but definitely more likely in the spiritual world. If you are working to change to a more abundant mindset, you are more likely than someone doing nothing to improve their life. If they do experience it, they will be less prepared.

Kundalini Chakra Energy Origin

Kundalini chakra is that energy source at the base of your spine that has been there since birth. It’s a coiled snake of energy that lays dormant in many of us, waiting to strike.  It’s a powerful energy not to be used lightly. If you poke a snake, be prepared for a bite!

Your chakra’s are simply just different energy centers in your body, that run from the top of your head (or crown) all the way down to the base of your sign.

The seven chakras are:

  1. Root Chakra (Muladhara)
  2. Sacral Chakra (Swadhisthana)
  3. Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipura)
  4. Heart Chakra (Anahata)
  5. Throat Chakra (Vishuddha)
  6. Third-Eye Chakra (Ajna)
  7. Crown Chakra (Samsara or Sahasrara)

You can learn more about Chakras here if you’d like.

Kundalini and chakra energy centers are mentioned in many esoteric traditions. It’s been mentioned in Sanskrit for years, and has roots in Hinduism and Buddhism.  You can also find it in the Kabbalah as well, as the Shekhinah. You can see kundalini chakra energy mentioned in Native American teachings, gnostic mystical traditions, Taoism, and yogic teachings.

As the energy awakens, it coils up the spine and boosts every chakra as it goes. It feels electric and powerful. The ultimate goal is for it to reach the crown chakra and unite with the divine masculine.

When your kundalini chakra energy activates your crown chakra, you will expand your consciousness and have a truly mystical experience.

Warning About Kundalini Chakra Energy

The Kundalini chakra energy is powerful, and must be respected. It’s really only dangerous if you do not know what it is. Just like life can create, it can also destroy! It is the feminine energy after all!

It’s like the expression, “Hell as no fury as the woman scorned.”

Kundalini chakra energy is very similar. Respect and use the energy properly, and you will be ok.

Much like childbirth, it happens explosively. It is out of our control and that can be scary for some. 

It destroys your ego, and brings to light your inner self.

Again, very powerful stuff and you want to make sure you are ready for it when it happens. It can happen without you doing anything or being aware of it, and that is not the ideal way. It’s better to be prepared and to awaken it on your own terms!

This is why it’s also very important who you sleep with. When you have sex, your energy is tied to and mixes with the other persons energy. You can awaken or transfer kundalini chakra energy during sexual experiences, and it can be extremely destructive if you don’t know how to handle it.

I will never tell my son to not have sex because it’s a bad thing. No, I will warn him about the power that sex has. It can be a beautiful experience, but it can also be dangerous. 

Sex creates life. It is not to be taken lightly! Not for moral reasons, but because you are messing with yours and others energy. If that does cause him to take pause, then that’s on him if he suffer the consequences. The best I can do is warn him and hope he takes it seriously. However, I will never shame him for wanting to experience it. 

How People Awaken Kundalini Chakra Energy

Many people use Yoga, Hatha yoga, meditations, and tantra to awaken the Kundalini chakra energy if it hasn’t already happened naturally.

Some people spend years trying to prepare for it though, and yet it doesn’t happen. Others don’t even realize they are about to awaken it! 

Yet, it is still good to prepare for it even though we can’t control when it happens. It is better to be prepared and not have an awakening, than to be unprepared!

Certainly, a healthy diet, exercise and regular meditation or spiritual practice can help. It is only when we are pure of mind and body that it can happen for most people. Doing those things will only have natural benefits.

Ways You Can Awaken the Kundalini Chakra Energy






Clearing your Chakra blockages



Energy Healing

Physical Trauma, especially in the spine or back (obviously not something to do on purpose!)

Near Death Experiences



What Kundalini Chakra Energy Awakening Feels Like

When one has an awakening, it can create a wide range of new sensations.  It can awaken new psychic abilities, change your mindset, and some even feel shaking, vibrations, and visions.  

It essentially destroys your ego, and the belief that we are separate from each other. Many make big changes to their life as their consciousness expands.

Signs of a Kundalini Chakra Energy Awakening

  1. New ways of doing things. Often it may look similar to a midlife crisis as everything goes under review. To go back to the childbirth example, just think of how your life changes when you have a child. The same with a kundalini awakening. Your whole life and lifestyle can change, and old habits die while new ones form.
  2. Physical and emotional changes. You may actually feel shaking, spasms, and visions. However, you may also just have emotional changes as well. Please be sure to see a doctor if you experience any major physical changes though to rule those out first. You can also experience tingling, headaches, fever, crying and fevers.
  3. Psychic awareness and sensitivity. You no longer enjoy negative entertainment, thoughts or people. You become more intuitive and have spiritual experiences
  4.  Lucid dreaming.
  5. Changes to your sleep patterns.
  6. Stronger immune system.
  7. Feeling of interconnectedness and oneness.
  8. Stronger compassion and love.
  9. A sense of purpose, or finding your purpose.
  10.  A sense of calm and peace.
  11. Synchronicities start to show up in your life.
  12.  An interest in spending more time in nature.

Using Kundalini Chakra Energy to Manifest

Now that you understand what Kundalini is you can use it in your manifesting practice. There isn’t one particular way to use it, but many ways.

You can use your kundalini energy any time you are using your divine feminine energy, and tapping in to your life force.

When you are having sex, or dancing is a great time to visualize what you want to manifest.

If you are doing yoga or meditation and are starting to feel a surge of energy, take a moment to do a visualization or say an affirmation. You can do a gratitude or love bomb as well during these moments.

During childbirth, you could do your meditations or affirmations.

If you are doing breathwork you can use the energy.

The main thing is when you experience that kundalini energy that you match the vibration of what you want to manifest.

I’d also highly encourage you to take up some form of energy or breathwork such as yoga, meditation, or reiki. Learn now how to breathe through this powerful energy. That way you are not taken by surprise if and when you do experience a kundalini awakening.

Enjoy the ride!

Have you ever experienced a kundalini awakening? Using Kundalini energy to manifest is often under utilized. Have you ever tried using it in your manifesting? Comment below and share your experiences!