11 Best Crystals For Self-Love and Manifesting

best crystals for self-love

There’s no doubt about it; self-love is the best and most important love. Even though the word gets thrown around without a lot of thought, it’s extremely important. So much that I think it’s the missing key to the law of attraction and manifesting. Without self-love, you simply cannot lead the life you deserve!

So, how can you enhance your self-love? With one of my favorite manifestation methods- crystals!

I’m going to tell you all about the best crystals for self-love and what I’ve used to help with my own self-confidence. Whether you are a beginner or experienced with crystals, you will love using crystals for self-love!

Please note though that it’s not a requirement to have every one of these self-love crystals. Just pick the ones that you are most drawn to and add them to your self-care and self-love rituals.

Why We Need Self-Love

self-love peg board

Without self-love, you will often feel burnt out and overwhelmed, and when you feel like this, you may find you are self-sabotaging the foundations of your life. To show up and succeed in your career, health and relationships, you must be balanced and act from a heart space and not the egoic mind. Especially as a mama, it’s so easy to give our love to everyone and forget about ourselves!

You can’t pour from an empty cup though – essentially, this means that we have to take care of ourselves to take care of others. Self-love is simply a state of appreciation for oneself that grows from actions that support our spiritual, physical, and psychological growth.

What is Self-Love

Self-love means having top priority for your happiness and well-being. It means taking care of your own needs first and not settling for less or sacrificing your well-being to please others.

When you accept yourself as you are in this very moment for everything you are, you accept your emotions and put your emotional, mental, and physical well-being first. When you hold yourself in high esteem, you’re more likely to choose things that nurture your well-being and serve you well. These may be in the form of healthy relationships, successful business choices, exercising and eating healthy.

Why Self-Love is Important For Manifesting

When you have self-love, you are able manifest because you truly can believe you deserve to have what you want. If you don’t have self-love, you will continue to have resistance when you try to manifest. Even if you are successful, you will not manage to keep your manifestations and will self-sabotage them.

In order to truly let go and detach from what you want to manifest, you must trust the universe loves you and that is hard to do if you don’t have self-love.

Therefore, the law of attraction simply cannot work if you don’t have self-love.

Not to mention, it just makes life more enjoyable and worth living!

Self-love is not one size fits all, as self-love can mean something different for each individual because we all have many different ways to take care of ourselves. Understanding what self-love looks like for you is an essential part of taking action with your overall mental health.

Why Crystals For Self-Love

So, what action or practice can support your spiritual, physical, and psychological growth? Tapping into the healing properties of the best crystals for self-love!

Crystals are fantastic for encouraging this transformative self-love. They energize, balance and support our Chakras, allowing self-esteem and self-love to blossom. Below are eleven of my favorite, best crystals for self-love.

Each crystal was picked based on their ability to easily raise your vibrations, increase your self-love, and ability to open your heart chakra.

Self-love can be a healing journey, so be kind with yourself on journey. Use these crystals for self-love to help you forgive, be more compassionate, and learn more about yourself. They also work great in your self-care routines and manifestation rituals.

I hope you enjoy my list of the best crystals for self-love!


set of quartz face massagers with waffle tower on pink plaid
Photo by Arina Krasnikova on Pexels.com

Of course, the #1 best crystals for self-love is the pretty pink Rose Quartz! When people think about the best crystals for self-love, they almost always think of Rose Quartz first. It’s like the mama of all crystals. While it’s great for many other things, self-love and love in general is it’s main use.

Primarily associated with the heart chakra and romantic love, Rose Quartz is incredibly excellent for working on self-love – loving yourself but also for calling in love. After all, you must love yourself first before you can love others!

The stone for unconditional love helps you practice self-compassion regardless of any perceived flaws or imperfections. It’s a crystal of compassion, forgiveness and a deep love. It’s the warm fuzzies of crystals!


clear quartz

You can’t have a list of the best crystals for self-love (or just best crystals in general) without mentioning clear quartz! This versatile crystal is amazing for just about anything-and it’s super affordable as well.

It’s a master crystal because it helps to clear and amplify any energies. So you must be careful what energy you put around it, but if you infuse it with good thoughts and energy, it will multiply it back ten fold.


amazonite pendant

Not to be forgotten, one of the second best crystals for self-love is Amazonite. A critical part of self-love is being at peace with current circumstances and, that’s precisely what this crystal can help with. Amazonite is a soothing stone, and can help with stress and anxiety. Yet is has major warrior energy (after all, it was used in the Amazons shields and ancient tombs!) which aids boundary setting. Use this stone when you need to be strong, and stand up for yourself. It can help to cultivate rational thinking, self-awareness and compassion.

Amazonite is particularly beneficial for raising self-esteem and assisting with forgiveness towards self and others. People love Amazonite for the way it calms the nervous system and reduces feelings of anxiety.



You may never heard of Aventurine being one of the best crystals for self-love, but I’ll tell you why you don’t want to overlook it! Green Aventurine is a balancing stone that helps you objectively see things.

When you objectively see something, you accept things the way they are without projecting past experiences and fears and in turn, you respond deliberately and thoughtfully towards people. This shift reduces judgement and self-criticism and opens you up to giving and receiving love.

By putting yourself out there, you can welcome and embrace new opportunities, and Green Aventurine will help you do just that!



The key to initially improving your self-love is having awareness. Amethyst is excellent for spiritual self-love as it helps us connect to our higher selves and develop the understanding and awareness needed to grow into our best selves. Plus, it’s just so darn pretty!

You can work with Amethyst to assist with fears, shame and blocks. Amethyst is fantastic to use while meditating to dispel all negative thoughts and energy from your life. If you want a list of the best crystals for self-love, you absolutely need Amethyst!



When you become self-aware, you can begin to identify self-destructive patterns and behaviours. Rhodonite assists with clearing old wounds and letting go when you are too hard on yourself.

By helping you practice self-love and forgiveness, you can also balance yin and yang energies, allowing you to become balanced, giving you more clarity.


Citrine is very powerful and helps release toxic energies and connect with your higher spiritual self. When you reconnect with your true essence, you’ll develop more profound self-respect and understanding of your worth. It’s one of the best crystals for self-love and also one of the cheeriest!

This crystal’s sunny energy also eliminates feelings of worthlessness and self-doubt. If you feel unfairly criticised or judged, this change in thinking can improve self-esteem and lead to a happier outlook.


red jasper

Another often overlooked crystal on best crystals for self-love lists is Red Jasper.

However, Red Jasper is amazing for self-love! Connected to Earth through the Base Chakra, this fiery but gentle crystal gives enormous strength in empowering self-love, survival, all while keeping your grounded. This crystal also promotes taking things at your own pace, encouraging you to restore boundaries, and giving you the courage to get your life back as you would like.

By prioritizing yourself and the things that you love doing, self-worth and confidence will organically increase.



Moonstone is brilliant for new beginnings as it has the power to bring your confidence and nurturing side to the surface. Moonstone helps you recognise the importance of developing a loving relationship with yourself as it aligns with the moon’s feminine energy, reflecting gentleness to oneself. This crystal can stabilise your emotions and open your heart to self-acceptance.


smoky quartz

Not the first choice for my best crystals for self-love but, Smoky Quartz is an excellent all-round crystal for many reasons. The most important property of the Smoky Quartz for self-love is its ability to help with grounding and releasing negative energies. Smoky Quartz is excellent to work within a meditative state when you complete a lot of inner work and let go of past .


carnelian stones

Last, but definitely not least on the best crystals for self-love list is the gorgeous Carnelian crystal. It is beneficial for raising feelings of self-worth and seeing your actual true value. Connected with the sacral chakra, it helps with blockages relating to courage and confidence. An excellent stone to work with if you want to take on new challenges and opportunities.

Summary On The Best Crystals For Self-Love

best crystals for self-love

You shouldn’t feel any shame for wanting to increase your self-love. Many people struggle with self-love-from rich and famous celebrities, to the prom queen. Self improvement is a daily process, so you may as well enjoy it with beautiful crystals.

At the end of the day, all you have left is you so you should do whatever it takes to love yourself. Wherever you go-there you are!

My hope is that these crystals bring you more joy and love into your life! However, now that you have this huge list of crystals for self-love, you may wonder how to use them?

Well, that’s why I’ve put together this huge list of tips on how to use these best crystals for self-love!

Just promise to be patient with yourself as there is no one right or wrong way to use crystals! There is bound to be something for everyone here, so just use the ideas you like the most!

There are so many ways to use crystals for enhancing your self-love so don’t feel you need to do them all and overwhelm yourself.

Have fun with it and experiment a bit to find what works the best for you! Crystals have so much amazing energy and loving vibrations with the power to heal! You can now get in on this energy and use it in your self-care practice with these tips. Enjoy!

List Of The Best Crystals for Self-Love Tips

  • Keep them near you at all times! Place the self-love crystals on your nightstand, near the kitchen sink, and even under your pillow!
  • Hold them when visualizing or meditating, journaling, etc. Consider adding a crystal grid as well.
  • You can even use them to infuse your water for water manifesting.
  • Keep crystals in your hand or hold by your heart chakra when saying your affirmations or reading your self-love quotes.
  • Use them in your spiritual rituals, new moon and full moon rituals.
  • Put them on your yoga or pilates mat.
  • Use clean crystals in your self-care routine by adding them to your bath.
  • When you practice self-pleasure, you can add a pleasure wand or a yoni egg.
  • Keep one in your purse or wallet.
  • Add them to your self-love altar
  • Wear self-love crystal jewelry such as crystal necklaces, bracelets and rings to strengthen your energy field.
  • Decorate your home and office with crystals.
  • Get a manifestation box and add crystals to it.
  • Use mala beads to enhance your self-love meditation with crystals and healing gemstones on them.
  • Use a crystal singing bowl made out of a self-love crystal to raise your vibrations and heal your aura.

Final Thoughts

Self-love is not just some passing fad. It is one of the most basic human needs, and I think the most important for manifestation and the law of attraction. With it you can create the reality you want, and only accept what you like into your reality. So these best crystals for self-love help you bring anything you desire- love, confidence, passion, or wealth. They help you realize your true potential.

I hope you enjoyed this list of the best crystals for self-love and found it helpful! What are some of the crystals you will use for manifesting more self-love? Have you ever used any of the best crystals for self-love before? Feel free to share your experience below-I’d love to hear your thoughts on the best crystals for self-love!