Ultimate Self Love Boxes Gift Guide to Spoil Yourself

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Self love boxes take the work out of self love. As a busy mama, who has time to pick out a ton of self love items each month? A subscription box solves that problem as it will help make self love easy, and fun. It will also be a monthly reminder to spoil yourself!

Every mama deserves some stress-free relaxation time just to herself.

In this blog post, I’ve made a list of the best self love subscription boxes that I’ve found! All of these self love subscription boxes are affordable and but also full of quality goodies.

The Benefits of Self Love Boxes

One of my favorite ways to find the best self love boxes and items is through self love boxes. Don’t waste time shopping and researching.

A good self love routine is so important for growing your self-love, which is an absolute must if you want to be a master at manifesting! Relaxed, happy people have naturally high vibrations. You don’t need tons of products to do self love but special self love items will make a huge difference in your self-care routine.

Plus, it’s so fun getting a special gift every month instead of just bills and junk mail!

My Self Love Boxes Criteria

I looked everywhere and reviewed the best monthly self love boxes I could find to share my favorites with you. To me, self love is more important than just trying to look good.The subscription boxes I picked have awesome products that will make a big difference in your self-care routine, raise your vibrations, and are affordable!


pink self-care subscription box for moms

Self Love Box #1: The Boxy Mama

I love this monthly self love box! Self-care should be fun, and this hilarious and thoughtful box will make you smile. This box is a value loaded self love box and there are a lot of different boxes to choose from.

Site description: Boxy Momma is a  monthly subscription box. Every Momma Box has a fun mom life theme! Boxes are filled thoughtfully with self care items, awesome products to help you clean and stay organized, de-stress, feel rewarded, and remind you that you are one amazing momma!  

Boxes include 5-7+ items curated for mom life. Every box features self care items, items for cleaning and organization, helpful mom hacks, and surprises along the way. Boxes are guaranteed to have at least 5 items in every box, with a value of at least $50 or more. Past boxes have included jewelry, stationery, kitchen accessories, home decor, bath products and accessories, books, candles, cleaning supplies, beauty tools, cosmetics and much more. 

Perfect for:

  • The mom who can’t poop in peace
  • The tired and stressed mom
  • The mom who needs a pick me up
  • The mom struggling mentally
  • Any amazing mom deserving a monthly treat

How many items per box: The mini box size comes with 3 monthly items and the luxe box comes with 5+ items monthly.

Cost: Our monthly shirt subscription is $16.99/month+$4.99 shipping; Our box only subscription is $39.99/month+$7.99 shipping; Our box+shirt subscription is $51.99/month+$7.99 shipping. Pick your payment plan-month to month, 3, 6, or 12 month plans!

Every box I receive is a delight and puts a huge smile on my face. The sprays, creams, and masks are just what I would buy. The newsletter and cards, divine. You make my life so HAPPY!” Maria P-California

I had no idea what to truly expect with this subscription but it’s been a wonderful ride! Everything sent is so incredibly well thought out and man, she nails it!” Heidi M-Florida

This is my favorite box I have tried. Never fails to make me smile after a long month of mom duty. You won’t be disappointed.Melissa T- Montana

Self Love Box #2: TheraBox

I love that this self-care box is curated by actual therapists and backed by neuroscience and psychology. You get full sized items, and its very affordable. The products are natural, organic, and include aromatherapy. Love it!

Site description: Each box includes research inspired therapeutic activities to wire your brain for more joy plus 5 to 7 self-care wellness goodies to reduce stress & enhance your life. We aim to inspire more love & happiness in every box through mindfully curated products to feed your mind, body, and soul. For all finders & seekers of an inspired life. A therapist curated box of happiness filled with joyful ingredients delivered straight to your door!

TheraBox was founded with one mission in mind: to inspire happier lives through practical joy boosting activities & thoughtful self care products! Each box is curated by therapists and includes a happiness activity inspired by neuroscience & positive psychology research in addition to full sized wellness items for the mind, body and soul! We believe self care = self love  ♥ 

Therabox was founded by a therapist based on her passion towards the amazing mechanics of the brain, and your ability to change it. Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to continually reorganize itself every single day by forming new neural connections throughout life. Neuroplasticity allows you to literally change your brain and create a happier life, based on YOUR actions and thoughts! How exciting is that?!

Here at TheraBox, we believe that consistent self care and self love is needed to create those positive neural connections and build a more joyful life. That’s precisely why we created the ultimate self care box! We want to keep those happy neurons firing and make self care a little easier and more accessible for the busy souls out there.

How many items per box: Each box incorporates 1 happiness boosting activity inspired by research in mindfulness, psychology, and neuroscience to rewire the brain for more joy and positivity. Additionally, we select 6-8 wellness products sourced from vendors that produce natural, organic, and feel-good products ranging from aromatherapy, clean beauty/skincare, and unique lifestyle goodies.

Themes and items change each month so it’s always a delightful surprise!There are 4 plans available for you to choose from: Monthly , 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months. 

Delivered: ships at the end of the month

Cost: $34.99+

Self Love Box #3: Hygge Box

The Hygge lifestyle has been all the rage lately, and for good reason! It’s all about slowing down, enjoying time with your family (really connecting, not being on technology!) and staying in and being cozy! Think: hibernating at home during the winter time. With Covid-19 we have all gotten better at Hygge life, so why not treat yourself with some cozy self-care items each month?

Site description: Hygge is the Danish lifestyle of coziness and happiness. It is about preserving happiness everyday by slowing down, being humble, expressing gratitude, feeling safe, and connecting with loved ones. This subscription box is for anyone seeking to bring hygge into their home and life. Each box includes seasonal handpicked items to inspire and evoke hygge.

How many items per box:  Standard Box comes with 4 to 5 handpicked seasonal products and the Deluxe box has 5 to 7 handpicked seasonal products that are both full-sized and of high value

Cost: Standard box is $36 and Deluxe box is $49

Self Love Box #4: Pause And Unwind

I love that this monthly self love box features items made from woman-owned businesses. Who knows better what women need to relax than busy, working women? Plus, I love supporting woman-owned businesses. This is a very popular box, so make sure to get on the waiting list right away if they are sold out!

Site description: Pause and Unwind is a monthly delivery of stress-relief items for women such as essentials & secrets for living a stress-free lifestyle. Pause and Unwind offers simple ways to enhance life’s journey and promote mindful, positive thinking so you can have the tools to ease mind, body & soul. 

How many items per self love box: The mini box size comes with 3 monthly items and the luxe box comes with 5+ items monthly.

Cost: $42 for the mini and $63 for the luxe

OMG! Just got my first box and I adore it! The smell alone just by opening  the box is relaxing. I am going to eat this up. Being a single mom with a  puppy and work full time standing on my feet all day. This is a must  need!” -Darby 

One of My Favorite Boxes!  This box is truly one of my favorites to receive! Especially if you  enjoy yoga or products that are natural and used to relax yourself.   They send me products that I haven’t seen before and I get so excited to  try them out during my daily meditation and yoga practice.  The  products are high quality, nice sizes, and are things I most likely  never would have found on my own.  I have already made several purchases  of items that I have received in my Pause and Unwind boxes after I’ve  tried them and fell in love with them!  A must try!” -Kate

Relaxation made easy Love love love, they do all the shopping for u…. just grab the box and u have everything u need for a day of unwinding/relaxing self care.”-Erin

Self Love Box #5: Mother Snacker Box

Look, self-care is different for everybody. Maybe you aren’t into taking baths, aromatherapy, or candles. That’s ok! What mama doesn’t like to indulge once in awhile in some delish snackage? Taking time out to eat a delicious, unique treat can be self love as well. Mother Snacker has all my favorite indulgences like chocolate, wine, and coffee. They even have an awesome box for fathers! Take the stress out of finding that perfect gift for the hard to shop for man in your life. You don’t even need to waste time wrapping it! Score!

Site description: Here at Mother Snacker, we believe a Mom should always have a stash of sweet treats all to herself plus beautiful reminders of how amazing she is. After all, you never know when they’ll be needed. It is our mission to make gifting these sweet experiences a fun and easy process for the gift giver. We curated our dessert based gift boxes exclusively for moms. There are many fabulous gift box companies around, but we truly are the only one that focuses on providing moms the sweet breaks they deserve. 

Mother Snacker boxes are filled with a delicious mix of artisan made treats and beautifully crafted goods to make mom’s life a little sweeter and easier! We are all about #mothershelpingmothers so we source first from woman-owned businesses and fellow mother-hustlers, connecting you with new boutique brands to discover.

How many items per self love box: Varies. Shop the different boxes here: Shop Mother Trucker There will always be something new to discover, that’s the fun part! But to give you an idea, you can expect things like artisan brownies, cookies, chocolates, caramels, stationery, books, bath + body,  jewelry and more. 

Cost: One for every budget! Boxes range anywhere from $18- $78. You can also upgrade and purchase add-ons.

If you have allergies or special dietary needs they can cater to you: ***At this time, boxes may contain nuts, tree nuts, gluten, dairy, and eggs or are processed in facilities that contain them.*** All products will have ingredients lists and/or nutritional facts. If you are looking for something vegan or allergen friendly we are happy to make substitutions in any of our boxes for you, we got your back! Email us at Hello@MotherSnacker.com if you are interested in a Gluten Free, Nut Free, or Vegan Box.

I hope you enjoyed my top self love boxes for moms. Leave me a comment below if there’s a self love box you love. I love finding new monthly self love boxes to try out!

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