Selenite Towers-All About These Amazing Energy Healers

selenite tower with amethsyt

Who doesn’t need a little energy protection and clearing these days? I know I sure can! With all the chaos in the world, It’s hard not to be drawn to these clear, luminous skyscraper Selenite Towers that absorb negativity.

Selenite towers are one of my favorite manifesting tools for when I want to be grounded and relaxed-such as meditation, visualization, hypnosis, scripting, and some rituals.

When you are using any manifesting techniques, the right ambiance and energy is so crucial and Selenite Towers are another tool to help.

These towers rank right up there with essential oils for manifesting because they invoke beneficial energy and can raise your vibrations so easily and quickly.

They also make lovely additions to any room that needs a vibrational upgrade and relaxing decor. Put them in a room with a lot of electronics or negative people and feel the energy lift!

Selenite itself can come in many forms, but the towers are just so eye catching I’m sure you will love them too! How many other healing crystals do you know of that are hand cut and shaped like these unique towers?

To be honest, they also just remind me of a fairy tale castle, and I especially love selenite tower lamps.

Selenite has a nice glow all by itself, but adding a light under the selenite tower lamp just really adds a nice kicks for bedtime manifestation journaling.

Selenite Towers Meaning

It’s also no coincidence then that the name Selenite comes from the Greek word Selene-the goddess of the Moon in Greek mythology. It can come in may colors, but white is the most common for the lamps and towers, and it has a moon like glow and shiny pearl luster like the moon.

Selenite is a crystallized form of gypsum, so it’s very soft and rather easily scratched. Did you know that some of the largest crystals ever found were made of Selenite?

Selenite Towers Benefits and Uses

Many people advise putting Selenite towers in all four corners of a room to protect the energy and create a vibrational shield. These powerful towers absorb and shield negative energy, allowing you to relax and have more clarity.

Another useful and unique use of Selenite towers is for when you want to direct your energy in a certain area, such as on a crystal grid. Since Selenite amplifies other crystals and energy, use you can use the point top to lead and direct the energy where you want it to go!

They also look great on any window pane, desk or shelf. I especially love Selenite towers next to my nightstand to ensure more restful sleep.

In addition to any negative chemical energies in the air, Selenite Towers can also get rid of abundance blocks and chakra blockages in your energetic field. On a more spiritual level, it can open the crown chakras and help us have purer energy so as to more easily connect with the spiritual realm and our higher selves, and angels.

Selenite towers also amplify and magnify the energy of any other healing crystals you put it on.They are very grounding and comforting. When you want to cleanse your energy, get rid of any negative thoughts from the day, and have mental clarity, than Selenite towers are always able to assist.

How to Care For Your SeleniteTowers

Since Selenite is so soft, it’s best to keep it out of water and a lot of sunlight just like other soft minerals and stones. is a soft mineral, continuous exposure to moisture can cause its degradation. There is also no need to recharge it, as it cleanses itself.

Have you ever used Selenite towers before? What do you think of them? Leave a comment below and share your experience!