Scripting Journal-6 Tips How To Easily Manifest Now

scripting journal

Scripting journal- what is it and how can you use it? A scripting journal is a powerful manifestation technique, and for good reason! You can use your imagination to train your brain to create new memories of something that hasn’t happened-yet! When you visualize something, your brain starts to act as though it has happened- and that’s where the magic starts. That’s why star athletes imagine themselves winning the game- because it trains their brains for the real thing.

However, no matter how powerful visualization is, many find it hard to create visual mental images -especially long enough to really do anything.

That’s where a scripting journal comes into play. You can write down your feelings and thoughts instead, which will create that visual for you.

How Do Use A Scripting Journal In Your Life?

A written Scripting Journal is simply writing down what you want to manifest in vibrant detail. Write what you expect to have, be, and do when you have what you want to manifest. Describe in detail the abundance you will manifest. You will write what it will feel like, smell like, sound like, and look like.

For example,”I’m so thankful and grateful my blog gets thousands of visitors a day. I’m so happy so many readers are learning from my advice to create an abundance mindset. It’s so gratifying to read their positive reviews and amazing feedback. I get so excited when I check my emails and website metrics!

I love knowing my hard work is paying off, and I write every day even more content. Every morning I have a cup of coffee, relax for a few hours, and then I sit down at my comfortable desk and write more inspired articles. I know I am on my way to a million visitors to my site, and a million ebook sales.

I’m so happy that I can’t stop smiling all day doing what I love. My family is happy that I’m so joyful and fulfilled. What an amazing life! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Benefits of Scripting Journals

A scripting journal for your reality is just as successful at visualization for manifesting your desires, but easier for those who prefer to write. You can enjoy all of these benefits:

  • Gain a clear picture on what you want and not just a superficial idea. This makes it more real to you and easier to imagine it as possible.
  • Easier to focus on your ideas, especially if you struggle to focus on visualization or meditation.
  • Trigger your brain to feel as though it has happened.

Always Follow These Tips When Using A Scripting Journal

  1. Use gratitude: Start out being thankful that it already arrived. If you are using a scripting journal to script your ideal day for example, put at the top of your page, “I’m so thankful that every morning I wake up…”
  2. Stay in the present tense: Write everything as if it is already happening and not something you are hoping for.
  3. Be specific and detailed
  4. Really feel it
  5. Have faith in your scripting journal: This will get easier the more you write, and the more often you script.
  6. Be Consistent: Use your scripting journal as often as you can.

A fun and easy way to make your scripting journal an emotional powerhouse is to list where you feel your gratitude.

Here is an example of what I mean by that, “I’m so grateful for a loving relationship, and I feel warmth in my heart every time my partner supports me.”

Just think about where you feel what you want and add that to your script.

That’s it!

Different Variations Of Scripting Journals

Spoken Scripting

You can also script by just speaking out loud in detail what you are manifesting. The spoken word is powerful as well. People often record their scripts and listen to them over and over-while driving, relaxing, or before falling asleep.

It’s important to manifest to your unique way of learning. Some people prefer to visualize, others like to write, and still others learn by sound.There is no right or wrong, but the more different ways you can incorporate into your daily life, the better. If any technique is difficult or not enjoyable though, do not feel you need to do it. There are many options out there!

Statement Scripting

Statement scripting is just focusing on one topic. Instead of describing your ideal day, or your ideal career in detail…you focus on one, specific statement. Statements can be something like, “I’m so grateful for an abundance of money in my life.” “I attract love.” “I’m grateful for my health.” “I’m worthy of having money and abundance.”

Write your statement down 20-25 times, or until you fill up the front and back of your journal paper. You can write more if you want as long as it is still enjoyable. You can also use your statement for the 3 x 6 x 9 method, the 55×5 or the 33 x 3 method.

Why It’s So Scripting

This form of scripting is similar but instead of just painting a picture of what you want in vivid detail, you are focusing on what is so amazing about what you want. The difference is subtle, and more relaxed but it can really help you focus on why you want something. These little details help you clarify what you want, and having a clear picture helps you have a stronger intention. The more strong and clear your intention the easier it is to manifest.

An example of this would be, “I’m so thankful my website gets 10,000 visitors a day. It’s so great because I know I am reaching a lot of people. It’s amazing what a difference I am making in so many people lives! It’s so amazing because I get to read all of their awesome stories of how my techniques have helped them! It’s so amazing having 10,000 daily website visitors because I’m making enough in ad money to quit my day job. It’s so great because I’m finally doing something I love each day!”

Do you see how this helps you focus more on the details of what you want, vs the daily experience? Both are valuable but in different ways.

If You Struggle With Scripting

If you are having difficulty feeling connected to your scripts, you can try this technique to trick your brain. Imagine any similar experience where you were happy and “rent out” these emotions. Use those similar feelings to help you imagine what these new scenarios would feel like.

You can also just write as much as you can without stopping. Just write with no pressure and let the ideas free flow.