Easy Rituals for More Wealth and Abundance

Rituals for wealth and abundance in your life are easy to do. You are likely even doing rituals every day unaware. Most of us enjoy familiarity in our routines, or practice religious rituals. It is entirely up to us though whether these are beneficial to us or not. We can use rituals for wealth and abundance, and improve our lives. It doesn’t even need to be difficult or time consuming. Rituals can be very enjoyable as well and give us a sense of calm in otherwise chaotic times.

Attracting wealth and money doesn’t have to be difficult. Rituals for wealth and abundance are just another tool in your manifestation toolbox. If it doesn’t resonate with you, then don’t do it! 

Also, while many rituals are similar to spells, it doesn’t necessarily have to go against your religious beliefs if you are not into that. Spells are only Wiccan if that is your intent behind it. Rituals can be Christian, Wiccan, Buddhist, etc. depending on how you use them. So you are welcome to modify it however you want to.

Money Is Energy And Rituals Get You In The Right Mindset

While some might thinking wanting money is a bad thing, I don’t agree at all. Money is just energy and a tool that can be used for bad or good depending on the intent. Wanting to do rituals for wealth and abundance is not good or bad. However, I would be careful what you wish for! More money does not automatically mean an easier life.

Since money is just energy, you can attract it just by changing your energy to match the wealth and abundance that you desire. Rituals simply help you have the right abundance mindset and help you manifest. It’s easy to get into a negative energy when you are running around all day taking care of others. As moms, we especially benefit from a few quick moments that are just ours and ours alone! Rituals can help you center yourself after a busy day, especially if you are an empath like me and tend to easily take on everyone else’s energy around you.

Wealth Is A Mindset

rituals for wealth and abundance

Attracting wealth is also different than just getting money. Wealth and abundance are a mindset. It’s a lifestyle. It’s a way of thinking that is not fleeing. Wealth and abundance are more than just material benefits. It’s about security and positive emotions. It’s coming from a place of joy, love and the belief that life has your back. That’s more than just surviving and paying your bills!

If you want to attract true wealth and abundance your overall mindset must be positive more often than it’s not. Yes, you will have your off days and that is ok! However, it will be temporary and things like rituals, meditation, affirmations, visualizations, etc. should help to recalibrate your vibrations and help raise them back up! Think of these rituals for wealth and abundance as a vibrations and mindset tune-up.

I go into a little more detail on what rituals are and their benefits here and a whole section of other ritual categories from love to rituals you can do on New Years Eve, and more here.

Set the Mood

It’s important that you have the right environment when you do your spells or rituals for wealth and abundance. You will want to be somewhere quiet and calming- even if that means locking yourself in the bathroom and playing some music! Have your spouse tell your kids it is YOUR time only! You can also wake up a little earlier or do this after the kids go to sleep if you have nobody to watch them. The main thing is you want some quiet and to not be interrupted. 

Light some candles, or incense if you want, and make sure you are nice and comfortable. I like to have some water (which can be incorporated in your rituals!) or some tea depending on my jmood.

How to Set Up Your Altar

rituals for wealth and abundance

Another thing you can add is an altar. This is commonly used in Wiccan rituals and spells, however, its main intent is to set the right mood. Do what you feel comfortable with!

They are also extremely easy to make, and only need to be as complicated or detailed as you like. I’m pretty sure my husband is making an altar of dirty socks to manifest me doing all the laundry, but I prefer mine to smell better!

Whatever you decide though, make sure your altar is not used for something else. If you need to make it portable so the kids, spouse, etc. don’t mess with it, then that is ok too! I love crystal grids like this affordable one from Dancing Bear Healing Crystals. However, it is just important that it’s meaningful and important to you. 

Next, you can place whatever you want on it. Many people like to put symbols for the four elements and the items that represent them, such as earth (soil, sand)  air (incense) candles (fire) and water (bowl or cup of water). It’s really up to you though what you want to add. I personally love using gemstones and crystals for the particular energy I want to manifest.

 Other ideas are glasses of water you infused with manifestation energy, lucky charms or tokens, candles, etc. Anything you add is simply to reinforce your desires and help you visualize. The magic is in your intentions!

Once you have the perfect environment for your wealth and abundance rituals, it’s time to choose the ones you like best. Set a regular time you want to do the rituals, such as before you brush your teeth, take a shower, or maybe just Sunday night before bed. It’s completely up to you! 

Easy Rituals Anybody Can Do To Attract Wealth And Abundance

Candle Magick

rituals for wealth and abundance

I love candles! I have a bit of an addiction actually and have so many! There is just something so relaxing to me about the flames and the scent. If you love candles as well then this ritual is for you.

You will want to put items in your altar that represent wealth and feeling rich to you. You can put pictures as well if you like. Wear something that makes you feel confident as well. The whole point of this ritual is to feel rich and abundant! Anything that helps you get in that mindset can be used. I love to use green candles, and any crystals. I also have some gold coins and will add pictures of piles of money, my dream home, etc.

Next, you want to just connect with the flame after you light it. Gaze into the flame and relax your eyes. Cup the candle, being careful to not burn yourself of course. Smell the lovely scent if it has one. Meditate now and visualize your desires as if they are already here. Feel the warms of the candle and take a moment to thank the universal warmth and energy for your manifestations.

When you light the candle speak out loud  (or in your head if you prefer) what you desire. Go into as much details as you can- from what it would look like, feel like, and even smell or taste. After you have gone into as much detail as you feel comfortable with, blow the candle out and imagine your intentions going out into the universe with the smoke. Be sure to express gratitude for it happening as well. You can close your eyes and meditate and visualize, or you can wrap it up. 

Candle Mantra Ritual

You can do this candle mantra ritual any time you want, but consistency is key with it. First, you will need a green (money), and white candle (your intentions) and any oil of your choice. You can of course change the colors if you feel more drawn to other ones, but green and white usually work well for most people. 

Energize the candles with your intentions by rubbing oil on them and imagining all of the wealth and abundance you will manifest.

Place them on the altar nine inches from each other. 

Light the candles and chant your money mantra three times. If you are unsure what to use, you can pick some from my list of money affirmations or even just look some money mantras up online that work with what you are specifically manifesting.

Symbolically move the white and green candles closer together while you chant and visualize. Once you are done, you blow out the candles and imagine your intentions going out into the universe. Be sure to express gratitude for your wealth and abundance already being achieved. You will want to do this for nine days (or however many inches apart you were able to get the candles, if you were limited in space it’s ok. Just make sure you do the ritual at least as many days as inches between the candles). 

When you are done, just let the candles burn out (please don’t leave them unattended though of course!). You can save the candle stumps to add to your altar as a reminder of past rituals if you want as well.

Money Envelope Ritual

rituals for wealth and abundance

This wealth and abundance ritual is super easy and fast to do. Just take actual money (or pictures if you are really broke!) The more the better! Put the money in an envelope and chant your money affirmations. Imagine it getting fuller and fuller as it doubles, triples, etc.  Do this every day for at least a week, and once you actually manifest the extra money you can open it and spend it or do whatever you want with it. Do this as many times as you want to manifest more wealth and abundance- just make sure you use a new envelope and money.

Full Moon Water Ritual

Rituals during the full moon are particularly powerful for attracting wealth. On the night of the full moon, place a coin in water you have charged. Chant your chosen affirmations three times. When you are done, express gratitude and take the coin out. Pour the water on the ground and keep the coin with you. You now have a powerfully charged manifestation reminder! Keep the coin where you can see it and look at it often.

Crystals and Gemstone Rituals

You can easily use crystals and gemstones in your rituals. All you need is to hold the one you want and visualize, meditate etc. on your desires while you hold it. You can also carry it around with you, or leave it somewhere you can see it often. That’s all there is to it! 

There are many crystals and gemstones to pick from, so here are a few good ones to start with. I love citrine and pyrite for manifesting wealth and abundance, but use what you are drawn to. 

Some common crystals and gemstones for wealth and abundance:

Green jade:  wealth, luck, prosperity

Citrine: Abundance, personal power

Pyrite: Manifesting money

Clear Quartz: Amplify any energy you want

Tigers Eyes: Luck, confidence, abundance

Easy crystal meditation:

A great meditation to do while you hold your crystals or gemstones is to bring your palms to your heart, and close your eyes. This helps open you to abundance and love.

Imagine a ball of light and have it flow through your head all the way down and through your body, connecting to the earth. Imagine it rooting you into the ground, and the energy expanding out of your body. You are now a powerful, strong conductor of energy! Imagine and visualize what you want as if it has already happened, and express your gratitude. Continue as long as it feels good.

You can follow up with affirmations or journaling if you want as well.

Be sure to rinse them under water during full moons to recharge them also.

The 3 x 6 x 9 Method or the 55x 5 and 33 x 3 Methods for Rituals

The 3 x 6 x 9 method, the 55 x 5 and the 33 x 3 methods are all great journaling techniques you can use for rituals.  You can read about them here: Journaling

The 55 x 5 method, for example, requires you to write your desire 55 times, for 5 days. 

Each of these journaling techniques require a few things:

A quiet area where you can journal uninterrupted if possible.

Consistency- you need to do them at certain times throughout the day and a certain amount each time. You need to be a bit disciplined for them!

Writing in the present tense

Expressing gratitude for it already happening.

Additional Wealth and Abundance Ritual Tips and Tricks

  1. Use Frankincense or Myrhh. These are amazing fragrances for manifesting and great for cleansings your home. They can help attract luck and happy emotions.
  2. Take good care of your money! Fold your bills up in your purse or wallet, and keep things neat. Throw our old cards and receipts. It sounds silly, but it sets the tone that you respect it. Respect money, and it will respect you back!
  3. Wake up earlier. I know, I’m not a morning person AT ALL. Those extra few minutes of quiet though are perfect for rituals. Right now I am writing this at 1 am though, so sometimes you may find the quiet hours by staying up late. Do what works for you!
  4. Dress for success! The expression, “Dress for the job you want, not the one you have,” has a lot of merit. While I don’t recommend spending all your money to look nice, if you can currently afford it, be sure to dress like you already have money. Even if that means buying less outfits, but more quality ones!
  5. Create your own personal money mantra and recite it often. Mandalas are great to use for reminders of these daily little prayers.
  6. . Use affirmations that you believe and are personal to you in your rituals.
  7. Express gratitude in your rituals. 
  8. Try my visualization techniques in your rituals.
  9. Journal during your rituals.
  10. Use water in your rituals. One really easy way to manifest with water is when you take a shower or bath you can imagine the water as green. Green like money, not mold! Imagine the money quite literally being showered onto you. You can also imagine you are actually bathing in money! These are fun and easy visualizations to add into your daily bathing rituals. 
  11. Essential oils can be used for rituals: orange (abundance, joy) cinnamon (abundance mindset) etc. Diffuse them and/ or rub on to your skin with a carrier oil.
  12. Be very clear on what you want.
  13. Get rid of feelings of jealousy and discontent! There is more than enough around for everyone!
  14. Practice and be consistent. You may not feel natural at first, but the more you do your rituals the better it gets.
  15. Always do your rituals from the place of what you want as already manifested. 
  16.  Take inspired action. Rituals are great, but you also want to have goals that help you get you towards your desires. Rituals help you get into the right mindset to do the actions you need. Although you can literally manifest money by just imagining it, many times it comes from action taken after your ritual as well. Do not judge how you will manifest- just do the rituals and continue with the correct actions and you cannot fail.
  17.  Create a vision board for your rituals and place it by your altar.
  18. Clear money blocks by asking yourself the right questions when you journal or meditate, such as: What did I learn about money as a kid? Do I agree with them, and how are they impacting me? Why do I feel like I do or do not deserve wealth and abundance? What am I grateful for, and what makes me feel wealthy and abundant? Are there things I can do to believe I deserve wealth and abundance?

So what are you waiting for? Cast your spell and live in the abundance of wealth you’ve always dreamed of.