Remote Influence-2 Easy Steps To A Powerful Manifesting Hack!

remote influence

Have you ever wondered what manifesting by remote influence was? Now you can learn, and manifesting by remote influence is actually very easy to do! However, you do need to be very careful with this and only do it with the most pure intentions. So, what exactly is remote influence? It is essentially using your energy to put your thoughts (especially your subconscious mind and mental images) into another’s thoughts. You can make people like you, fall in love, offer you a job, etc. You have a lot of untapped mind power that you are probably not even aware of.

There are many different ways to practice remote influence, but I’m going to share with you the ones that have worked best for me. Feel free to change it up to work for you if needed as using your own mind power is not an exact science. Please also read through this entire article if you are new to remote influence, as it’s extremely powerful but can be dangerous if you do not take it seriously. Your subconscious mind is a powerful tool!

When to Use Manifesting By Remote Influence

I’d also recommend you manifesting by remote influence sparingly- for a job interview where you know they are already leaning towards you but still have a few more to interview, or a crush who obviously likes you but is a bit shy. You don’t necessarily want to try to make someone fall in love, although you can absolutely influence that with your mind power.

When you start using your mind power and mental images for dramatic change it will drain your energy and subconscious mind. You absolutely can control and influence anyone in your life as you are the main character in your mental images! It is just that your energy should be used elsewhere, as what is meant for you should not be difficult. Why fight for something that is not naturally drawn to you, when there are unlimited better options out there? When you fight energy, you will miss other better opportunities. You can use your mind power and mental images for something even better!

That being said, remote influence can be a great addition to your manifestation toolbox if used sparingly. I am mentioning these techniques because they are extremely powerful for boosting your manifestation abilities and to show you what your subconscious mind power is capable of! You can get quick results as well.

Most people find this more successful at night when your target is likely asleep because their subconscious mind is not aware of the mental images they are receiving. Set an alarm for the middle of the night if you need help being relaxed and sleepy. First, you will be more relaxed. Second, people are more easily influenced when sleeping. You want to use your mind when its at it most powerful.

Who To Practice Manifesting by Remote Influence On

Remote influence works even if your target is far away, or doesn’t know you yet! However, it tends to work better if you are new at this if it’s on someone you interact with regularly since you will usually see the results right away and access their subconscious mind more easily. It’s much harder to make someone fall in love with you, if they have never met you! That’s why its easier with someone you can see the results working as it will strengthen your belief if you are doubting yourself, and its much easier for you to believe.

Don’t quit though if at first it seems that the mental images you are sending isn’t working right away as some people will hide their feelings. Don’t worry, they will feel it immediately, even if its just in their subconscious mind and they are unaware of the mental images.

manifesting by remote influence sign

Think about a time when you were really attracted to someone, but refused to do anything about it. Maybe you were extremely shy and insecure, or maybe you were in a relationship. Even if you were to fall in love, if its the wrong timing you will likely not want to act on it.

You will try to hide your feelings even though they were are very strong. You can’t always stop what your subconscious mind feels though, even if you try to hide it. It’s their remote influence, whether you acknowledge those mental images or not.


Another thing to keep in mind when you do manifesting by remote influence is that it can be considered a form of black magic by some. Black magic is basically anytime you do something with selfish or evil intentions. I don’t agree with that unless you are using it for malicious intent, but you do need to be careful.

While you may not be using remote influence to hurt another (and please don’t!) you are still attempting to control a persons subconscious mind by influencing their energy and mental images. That is why you must be very careful with your intentions and mind power.

Also, whatever energy you put out there will come back to you. If you put negativity out, it will come back ten times stronger! One person I know did this to a guy she disliked, and she lost er eyebrow exactly in a spot where he had a scar and some eyebrow loss! Your energies will be joined, so be very careful whose energy you are taking on and what mental images you send when you use remote influence!

So even if you do remote influence with the highest of intent, you are in a sense latching on to another persons energy field and subconscious mind power. This will be very draining at best, but at worst can have disastrous results if you are not careful. I do not recommend doing this often. That is why I suggested you do this towards someone who is already leaning favorably towards you but needs a bit of a boost. You can and should shield your energy before, and cut chords after, but it will catch up with you eventually.

Ok, enough with the warnings! Let’s get to how to do remote influence!

First Step- Ground and Shield Your Energy

There are a lot of ways to do this, but my favorite is to do the energy ball of light technique where you imagine a bright ball of light energy. Only in this case you are simply connecting to it, and allowing the energy to pour through your body from your head to toe. Ideally you want to be in a relaxed state (before bed is best if you can!) and undisturbed for a few minutes.

As you feel the energy come into your body, imagine it going into the ground and connecting to the earth and then your energy field expanding through your room, your neighborhood, out into the word, the universe, etc. You are now a powerful, radiating energy field and you are nice and relaxed!

Now simply ask the universe, God, your spirit guides of the highest good, etc. ( whatever feels right to you!) for protection.

Step 2

Now that you are relaxed and feeling powerful simply get a mental image of the person in the distance. Don’t worry if it’s not perfectly clear as some are better at visualizing and mental images, and that is ok. This is why it helps if you know the person as it’s often easier to imagine someone you know, but it’s not necessary for this to be perfect. You can use a picture beforehand if it helps your mindset and belief though. The key here is the emotion, belief and intent behind your visualization and mental images. If you believe you are connecting to them, you are! Even if you only see a blur of them in your mental image!

Now call as loud as you can in your mind for them in your subconscious mind to come over to you and watch as they willingly walk towards you. Imagine them smiling as this should be a positive experience! Send them some warm, loving pink heart energy as well to the center of the chest in this mental image.

Next, imagine in your mental image that they say what you want them too! Really feel it, and how it would make you feel. Do not worry if it is working or if you did it right. Just enjoy the feeling. Radiate these feelings to the center of their forehead. Again, focus on the feelings this gives you and believe it is happening.

You can say what you would like to respond if you want, but you don’t have to. Your mind is that powerful!

Once you feel content, you now picture them floating off into a bubble of light and fading away in your mental image. Do not do this for too long or you will drain your energy and can start to come across desperate.

For extra protection, picture yourself in the mental image cutting any chords connected to them and the bubble of your desired outcome with them.

That’s all there is to it! Release it, and don’t think about it anymore! It’s very important you do not send needy, strong energy of desiring the result or you will likely scare them off. You do this by no longer worrying about it or expecting a set time to see results. Any time you start to worry about it just repeat to yourself, “What is meant for me will find me.”

Now go out and have fun! Do things that make you feel good about yourself so you raise your vibration to a place where they would want to connect to you! This also helps you stop worrying about it after you practice remote influence.

If They Resist Your Remote Influence

Sometimes, no matter how much it seems the person wants to act their subconscious mind will resist your remote influence and mental images. It can even be a bit stressful to watch them battle themselves! Here is what you can do in these scenarios:

Do the visualization the same, but this time imagine yourself rejecting them. Float them away, and cut chords just like before as well.

This will allow you to influence them to still want you, but they lower their guards and resistance as they are confused by you rejecting them. Now it feels to them it is their thoughts only, and you are not the one putting those thoughts in their subconscious mind. Some people are better at sensing someone trying to influence them and this will help change that.

If it starts to become draining to you though, take a break and move on to other things. Do not force this no matter how much you want it! You will only hurt yourself. If they are resisting you even when they think it is their idea, one or both of you is not a good energy match. If you are raising your vibration, than why would you want to connect to potentially lower energy?

Super Powerful Bonus Exercise

Please use this with caution, sparingly and only on more willing targets whose energy you want as you will literally be entering their energetic body.

Do the grounding exercise as above, and then instead of calling them to you in the mental image, just imagine you step into their body. You are now looking at the world through their eyes! Look at your hands and see their hands! See their feet! You ARE them.

Now simply think over and over again your intention something like this:

I will ask (Your Name) on a date tomorrow

You will ask (Your Name) on a date tomorrow

Switch it up between you and I.

Keep it a simple and quick phrase.

Now you will simply step out of their body and watch them float away. Next, cut the chords, and that’s it!

Have you tried remote influence? Leave a comment below!