Pyramid Manifestation-Tap In To It’s Amazing Manifesting Power

copper pyramid meditation

If you are looking for a new way to manifest or meditate, than I think you will love pyramid manifestation for manifesting. A pyramid is a three dimensional polyhedron, where all the sides other than the base are triangular. These sacred triangles are said to connect your mind, body and spirit and connect to source energy. Pyramid manifestation isn’t exactly new, but I don’t think it gets enough attention in the manifestation and law of attraction world. Which is a shame, because pyramids have an extremely powerful energetic field which helps to enhance your manifesting practice.

Practioners of pyramid manifestation say,

“Pyramids are store-houses of energy. Their geometric design collects, radiates, and stores Cosmic Energy.”

Basically, pyramids are a sacred geometry prayer and thought amplifier.

Sacred geometry triangles can be seen in many cultures since ancient times, and for good reason. Once you start manifesting in something like a copper pyramid you will never want to go back! It’s also very easy to make a copper pyramid manifestation area, and get the benefits of pyramid manifestation yourself.

Keep reading to learn all about pyramids and pyramid manifestation.

What is Pyramid Manifestation?

Pyramid manifestation is simply meditating in a pyramid! You can create your own pyramid, find an already built one or purchase a copper pyramid. Either way, all you do is simply sit in the pyramid comfortably and meditate. I’ll provide more details on pyramid manifestation and the best practices to make your meditation even more powerful.

How to Do a Pyramid Manifestation

Meditation inside a pyramid is so much more stronger than without it! All you need to do meditation inside a pyramid is, well a pyramid! Just make sure your meditation pyramid is made of natural materials like wood, minerals, rocks, healing crystals, etc. Avoid things like plastic, bricks, or polyester. Many people think copper is the best material for pyramid manifestation, which you can read more on that later.

So, Pyramid manifestation is easy, and not complicated at all!

Here are some of my best practices and advice for your meditation session:

The main thing you want is to be comfortable. Wear comfy, loose clothes and sit in a relaxed position, usually with your legs crossed. Many people like to put down a cushion or meditation cushion to sit on as well. However, you can sit in a chair if it fits inside your pyramid.

  • Best results: Sit facing north.
  • For health: Face east.
  • Wealth: Sit in north-east direction

Relax and clasp your hands in lap, with your feet crossed, and your eyes closed.

Simply meditate in any way you choose now, relaxing your breath and focusing on your intention or affirmation.

You can also spend your time in your pyramid meditation session just visualizing or listening to manifestation subliminals. Some people even like to do Reiki or massage in their pyramid meditation sessions! Being inside a pyramid is a great time to reflect and journal as well. You can add your pyramid meditation to your manifestation rituals too. The possibilities of using a pyramid in your manifestation practice is really almost endless!

Be sure to keep electronics like your cell phone out of your pyramid, and try to keep your pyramid away from things like televisions and other electronic equipment. Avoid wearing anything metal.

Eliminate distractions and meditate when it’s quiet and you won’t be disturbed.

Some people even like to put a meditation pyramid over their bed to help with healing, insomnia and lucid dreaming.

There is no right or wrong way to do a pyramid meditation or manifest in your pyramid! The powerful energy of the pyramid will work whether you believe it or not.

Just be careful what you focus on! if you have doubts or resistance you can start to manifest those things if that’s what you think about it while inside of it.

What Are The Benefits of Pyramid Meditation

Meditation itself has many benefits such as relaxation, better health, easier manifesting abilities and creating an abundance mindset. Most people who have experimented with Pyramid Meditation, describe themselves as experiencing similar benefits to meditating, but amplified and much more spiritual. Meditating in a pyramid causes a total relaxation of the body and a deep, increased mind and body connection.

Sitting in a pyramid for your meditation session will help you shut out all distractions, and allow you to focus within. The power of the pyramids energetic frequency will amplify your intentions and desires. You have to experience pyramid meditation yourself in order to really understand the many benefits.

Other interesting benefits of pyramids:

  • Food stays fresher
  • Wound healing
  • Razor sharpener
  • Odor eliminator
  • Easier to astral project and lucid dream
  • Enhanced psychic and intuitive abilities

What Are Pyramid Caps and How Do You Use Them

If you don’t have the space for a large pyramid you can also use a pyramid cap. A pyramid cap is just a small pyramid you wear on your head when you meditate. You can also use a pyramid cap for:

  • Charging and clearing your crystals
  • Keeping produce fresh longer
  • In your water manifestations, it can charge the water

What is Copper Pyramid Meditation?

Copper pyramid meditation is just a pyramid meditation with the added healing benefit of copper. Copper helps with your blood pressure, eyesight, and other health issues. Combined with the power of pyramid energy, a copper pyramid meditation is extra powerful.

Coppers main benefit is it conducts energy, and clears out negative energy. It can also help to balance your chakras. It’s also one of the most common minerals in our bodies! It’s an extremely healing and energetic mineral, so it makes sense to use a copper pyramid for your pyramid meditation.

You can build your own copper pyramid meditation center with a Youtube tutorial, or purchase a copper pyramid meditation from a variety of sites like Etsy, or Amazon. (Affiliate link for amazon-I get a small commission but it doesn’t increase your price!)

Have you ever tried pyramid meditation? Do you love these sacred triangles? Ever use pyramids for manifesting? Have you ever heard of this meditation technique before? Please share your thoughts about pyramid meditation below! I’d love to hear what you think about it and if you intend on trying it. I think once you try pyramid meditation you will be a believer in pyramids energetic power and abilities to enhance your manifestation and meditation practices. Once you meditate with a pyramid you will start to understand what all the fuss is about pyramids is! Don’t take my word for it though, try it out for yourself!