The Most Powerful Visualization Secrets- 6 Easy Tips

powerful visualization secrets

Why People Don’t Visualize More

Finding time to visualize is so important for manifesting abundance and changing your mindset. Yet most people think they are bad at it. This is simply untrue as you don’t have to be perfect to benefit! These powerful visualization secrets will help skyrocket your manifesting abilities.

Most people over complicate what they want to visualize, but I bet if I asked you which car you want or your dream home you could describe it in detail! If I ask you to not visualize an elephant, that is all you will see because you are not worried about if you can visualize it! When you worry about doing it right, you will block your ability. Don’t stress out about your ability to visualize and you will be fine.

If You Don’t Know What You Want Yet

If you are unsure what your dream career would be like for you- simply seek out people on social media, celebrities, even movies and tv shows that have what you want. Now visualize yourself experiencing that! This little know powerful visualization secret is just the start! There are many powerful visualization secrets like it, but I’m just sharing my favorite powerful visualization secrets.

You should also practice my manifesting journal techniques as they are designed to help you get clear and specific on your goals. Journaling is actually one of my favorite powerful visualization secrets many overlook.

However, don’t worry if your visualizations don’t look like a movie screen. The key is to have the right emotions behind them! After that is correct, and you get into the right mindset, you are good to go.

List Of The Most Powerful Visualization Secrets To Help You Get In The Right Mindset:

  1. Powerful Visualization Secret: Listen to music that brings out the emotion you are trying to manifest. Music has an amazing ability to impact our emotions and change our mindset. Similarly, it’s a great way to raise your vibrations.
  2. Powerful Visualization Secret:Visualize before bed and when you are more relaxed.
  3. Powerful Visualization Secret: Seek out people who have what you want so you know how you want to visualize yourself. Of course you want to add your own spin to it and not just copy people, but it will help get you see what is possible for you.
  4. Powerful Visualization Secret:Imagine Your Daily Routine Life Once You Already Have What You Want: Again, journaling will really help with this, but basically you just imagine awesome daily routines with something you already manifested. For example, you have your dream relationship. See yourself cooking dinner ever night, and snuggling up to a movie. Imagine yourself taking your boat out every weekend. Really see it in detail, from what you are wearing, what time of year is it, what smells do you smell, etc. Imagine it from your own viewpoint and not as an observer of someone else experiencing it. These visualizations can be anywhere from a few seconds, to 10-15 minutes long.
  5. Powerful Visualization Secret: Imagine it Already Happened: A lot like affirmations, it can be hard to believe your visualizations if you are not feeling it yet. Take the pressure off of pretending you are feeling correctly for whatever you want to visualize by visualizing yourself after it already happened awhile ago, and after the shock wore off. Imagine yourself in the future when you are still excited, but not in a crazy emotional state of when you first got the news! This will more realistic to you, and your subconscious won’t fight you on whether you are visualizing it correctly. Picture this 10 minutes from after it happened, 20 minutes, a day, an hour, or two years. Whatever is easiest for you to believe!

6. Powerful Visualization Secret:Defend Your Manifestation: In this powerful visualization secret you are defending what you manifested into your life. If you manifested wealth, imagine what you would do to keep that money-would you invest it? Hire a money manager? Put in a high-yield savings account?

This works because you are visualizing from the energy of already having achieved it, so you are not fighting yourself on how you did it. You are simply visualizing it like you already achieved it and that will align your vibrations to match what you want.

Another example is if you want a perfect relationship, what would it look like? What kind of dates would you want to go on? Would you move in together? What do you talk about? Please don’t focus on what kind of fights you would have- keep it positive! For example, you can picture your dream home- would you have a pool? A home theater? How would you decorate? Where would it be located? In the country, or a gated community? You get the idea!

Powerful Visualization Secrets: Putting It All Together

In conclusion, don’t try to fight your subconcious! It will always win. Instead, work with your hesitations and you will be a visualizing master before you know it! Have you ever tried any of these powerful visualization secrets? What is your favorite powerful visualization secrets? Share your thoughts on your powerful visualization secrets in the comments below!

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