Orgasmic Manifestation-2 Amazing Ways How To Rock Your World

orgasmic manifestation

Respect the Big O

If you are looking for new and fun ways of manifesting, you are in luck! The orgasmic manifestation technique has started to get more popular thanks to things like TikTok and YouTube. Really though, harnessing sexual energy has been around since ancient times. Orgasmic manifestation is as natural as breathing and nothing to be ashamed of.

With a lot of places being closed due to Covid-19, orgasmic manifestation can also be a safe escape and way to break up daily monotony, while also manifesting your desires.

The key is to realize orgasmic manifestation it is a sacred practice, and to respect and use it’s energy correctly. The hook-up culture and sexual obsession of today’s world will only drain your manifestation abilities because it uses the orgasmic energy carelessly.

So, a word of warning before we start learning about orgasmic manifestation, sex is meant to be enjoyable and fun. Not another chore to get out of your way!

If you are obsessed about sex, or put an unnatural pressure on constantly using it to manifest, you will suffer mental health issues. So, use this information wisely and just be mindful that orgasmic manifestation is meant to be pleasurable.

“The desire for sexual expression is inborn and natural. The desire cannot and should not be submerged or eliminated. But it should not be allowed to dominate or dictate one’s behavior.

Napoleon Hill

Sex is powerful. Sex can make you love someone that you hate or hate someone that you once loved!

Like any manifesting technique, it’s important to let go of the results. Using your orgasm to manifest is no different. Enjoy the process, but don’t worry about if you are doing it right or when or how your manifestations will occur.

Why Orgasmic Manifestation Works

orgasmic manifestation

If you are skeptical still, I get it. An orgasm seems like just a natural physical response. It may never have occurred to you it could be a way to manifest, but it definitely is!

The process of manifesting and having an orgasm are very similar.

Orgasmic manifestation works by rewiring your neuronal pathways in your brain. Now when you think about what you want to manifest, it will be associated with the powerful, orgasmic pleasure. It makes manifestation fun!

With orgasms, men release semen, while a woman’s uterus contracts. Breathing and blood pressure increase, and our pulses go crazy. It is an overpowering feeling that temporarily takes us away from our logical mind and physical bodies except for that one sensation. In a sense, it is the first form of mindfulness and meditation many will experience. There is a reason why people joke they see God when they orgasm.

During an orgasm, our chakras align, and our energy is powerful and flowing freely. In order to experience an orgasm you must be in good health-not only physically, but mentally. You must be fully relaxed and feel safe, because your resistance and control systems shut down. You are hyper focused on the feeling of your orgasm and controlled by your sexual energy.

Sexual energy and orgasms are what set all human life into motion. While all sexual energy always creates something, it is up to us how that energy is directed. It is not only for creating a human as religions want us to believe, otherwise there would be A LOT more people in the world! However, sex does always create something-energy!

Now, when you use orgasmic manifestation you do so by having an extremely strong emotion about something you want, focus your intentions on it, and then release and let it go.

The basic formula to the law attraction is intention + strong emotions = manifestation.

Just thinking positive thoughts doesn’t do much but make you pleasant to be around. With manifestation, you must also feel the energy you want to manifest and then release it. And an orgasm is one of the most intensely pleasurable and positive emotions we can experience.

So it makes sense to use that sacred orgasm time to get into the immensely positive emotional state you want when manifesting.

Learning how to create and release that sexual energy into something we want is called sexual transmutation.

It’s not as complicated as it may sound, and it can be done alone or with a partner.

Women are also naturals at orgasm manifestation. While our wombs create life by receiving, there is nothing weak about that! Ask any woman about childbirth and then tell me that feminine sexuality is weak!

Men of course play an important role in sexual creation, but a woman can easily have multiple orgasms because we need to be able to nurture what was created until it is a complete life. That is an amazing process any way you look at it!

Set The Mood

But, before you start your orgasmic manifestation process, there are a few things that can make your experience more enjoyable and powerful.

Create Your Intention

First, whether you are having an orgasm alone or with someone else, make sure you are relaxed. You can do some meditation before, take a bath (here are some water manifestation tips) or do visualizations.

Be sure to be clear on what you want to manifest. In the middle of an orgasm that shuts down your rational thinking isn’t the time to decide what you want to manifest!

You can create an affirmation to say while you orgasm, or just have a clear mental picture.

For some affirmation ideas:

Love and Relationship Affirmations

Inner Peace Affirmations

Money and Career Affirmations

If you are going to practice with a partner, you must be on the same page of what you want to manifest.

Get Your Space Comfy

Next, make sure you have a safe and amazing place to practice your orgasmic manifestation. While sex with the potential of getting caught has it’s place, now is not the time. You don’t want to be distracted or worried about being disturbed.

Setting up your orgasmic manifestation space is much like creating any other manifestation ritual area.

Consider setting up crystals, candles, and essential oils that match the desire you want to manifest or chakra you want to open.

Rose quartz is great for a little self-love solo session, and Selenite towers can make sure there is no negative energy in the room.

Another example is an orange candle. Orange is related to the Sacral chakra which governs sexuality.

To get you started, I have a lot of information on my blog for different manifestation items to help you set up your space, like:

Crystals for Self-Love and the Law of Attraction

Selenite Towers to Clear Your Space

Pink Fluorite

Setting Up A Love Ritual Altar

Chakra Candles and More info on the Chakras

Essential Oils for Manifesting

What About Porn?

Many people may wonder about using porn during orgasmic manifestation. You will get a lot of different opinions on this, so as always, my advice is to go with what works for you.

Porn can be a great way for some to get you sexually aroused, and faster than on your own.

However, just be aware that it can also have negative impacts on your ability to orgasm naturally without it, and negative mental health impacts. For most people though its only an issue if it becomes addictive, or you are watching particularly negative, violent or bad energy porn.

If it makes you feel bad or addicted, then stay away. Only you know your limits. There are also some better porn options, called Ethical Porn. Ethical Porn makes sure it is consensual and respectful. It’s more inclusive and natural too. If you are going to use porn for manifesting, I’d highly recommend you be mindful of your porn choice so it doesn’t lower your vibration and energy.

Some great options are:

Bellesa – Run by and for women.

Make Love Not Porn (MLNP) – Real couples showing realistic sex.

Bright Desire – Unscripted, real couples showcasing what they love about intimacy.

If this is something that interests you, feel free to explore and look up more ethical porn sites as these are only a few of a growing and popular genre.

Consider Sex Toys

orgasmic manifestation

While not necessary, sex toys can be great props to use in your orgasmic manifestation. Did you know you can use sex toys made of crystals? One of the most popular are Chakrubs.

From their website;

“Chakrubs are sex toys made from natural crystal that bring a sense of sacredness to your playtime.  These beautiful, hand-crafted tools are created with the intention of opening oneself up to the healing properties crystals provide.”

You can also purchase inexpensive crystal toys from Amazon. Just make sure you are only purchasing crystals designed to be used as toys and follow the proper guidelines.

When to Practice Orgasmic Manifestation

While there is no right or wrong time to do orgasmic manifestation, you will want to do it when you won’t be interrupted or distracted.

I enjoy doing any manifestation ritual based on the moon phases if possible. Here’s a general rundown of the most common moon phases for manifestation:

Waning moon: When moon is getting larger, so use this time to manifest more of something- for example, bigger home, more money, better career, or attracting love.

Waxing moon-This is when the moon gets smaller-use it for getting rid of something like moving on from a toxic ex or coworkers.

New moon: Most powerful moon energy, typically used for fresh starts and new beginnings.

How To Do Orgasmic Manifestation

orgasmic manifestation

Are you clear on what you want to manifest, have your safe space and sexual props, and ready to create? Great! Now you are read for the simple steps to orgasm your way to your desires:

  1. Get turned on! Take your time and enjoy the process! If it doesn’t interrupt your mood and distract, you can start to visualize what you want. For example, if you want more money, you may visualize yourself in a luxurious home on a bed of money. If you want a new lover, imagine them in detail with you. If this disrupts your arousal you can wait to visualize what you want to manifest for when you orgasm.
  2. Now that you are fully turned on and about to climax, imagine your sexual energy as a glowing ball of light in your sacral area.
  3. Make this energy move up your body and at the point of climax release it out the crown of your head-the center for manifestation. You don’t need to know the chakra system, but it definitely helps.

That’s all there is too it!

To summarize:

Be clear, build up your sexual energy, visualize and release, and let it go!

Solo Orgasmic Manifestation

orgasmic manifestation

The benefits of solo sex is there is no pressure, and you can go at your own pace. You are able to fully focus on your intention and control your experience. There is no other persons energy to worry about. The sexual energy and sex magick is completely in your power. This makes solo orgasmic manifestation great for attracting an old lover or a new one. After all, you probably wouldn’t be manifesting that with a current partner unless they were completely on board with who you wanted to manifest.

This process is very similar to remote seduction, except you are only visualizing and not attempting to actually influence their current emotions.

Be sure to visualize having them with you, and how much they love being with you. Once you are about to climax, repeat your affirmation and visualize what they look like in detail. If this is a new lover, be sure you have done the work beforehand on being clear who you want. What kind of personal qualities do they have? What do they look like? How do they sound? Act? Hair color? How do they smell? Be very detailed! Hold off on orgasm as long as you can, and then when you release just focus on your vision.

If it’s an previous lover, it is helpful to first let go of any resistance blocks you have to manifesting them back. Spend some time before visualizing the old problems replaced with better experiences.

Orgasmic Manifestation With a Partner

Orgasmic manifestation with a partner can be done two ways-either they are aware you are doing it, or they are not.You can also use it to increase your passion and desire. It doesn’t have to be just sexual intercourse, but mutual masturbation as well as visualizing sexual scenarios together.

You don’t necessarily have to include them on what you are trying to manifest, but if they are on the same energetic wavelength as you it is extremely powerful. Otherwise I find they will interrupt you right as you are about to visualize really well.

If you both know you are manifesting, it is a lot more fun. For example, if you want to manifest your dream vacation you can both visualize it at the point of climax.

If they are unaware, you would simply do that by yourself while you climax with them but they won’t be enjoying the same experience.

Benefits of Orgasms

Orgasms have a multitude of positive benefits that will keep you in an abundance mindset all of the time. A healthy, positive relationship to sex will only help you to manifest and attract better.

  • *Increase serotonin, oxytocin, and endorphins.
  • *People who have sex 4 times per week made more money, be happier, and have better health
  • *Increase your self-love
  • *Solo sex increases our abilities to know what we enjoy
  • *More energy
  • *More creativity

Final Thoughts on Orgasmic Manifestation

Orgasmic manifestation is Sexual transmutation -converting sexual energy into something else. You don’t have to abstain from sex to harness this amazing manifestation energy! If you can control your orgasm, you can control your most powerful energetic force! Certainly abstinence can help you focus your sexual power on other things, but I find orgasmic manifestation more fun, what about you?