3 Easy New Year Rituals For Manifesting Your Desires

New Year Rituals are perfect for starting the new year off right.

I’ve always loved the energy on New Years Eve, even before I learned about manifestation and the law of attraction. The ability to start again, with new goals, and just celebrating life always appealed to me! What’s not to love about hope?

New Year’s resolutions can be really great tools for change and setting new goals. Unfortunately though, most people fail to keep them-myself included. The numbers are pretty bleak- less than 10% actually finish their resolutions!

So why not use powerful New Year rituals to super charge your resolutions? Take some time out of your day to prepare for the year ahead and take advantage of the strong manifestation energy of the new year.

New Year Rituals vs. New Year Resolutions

new years ritual

Rituals reinforce resolutions. When you perform a ritual you put more intention and focus on what you want to manifest. Rituals help to raise your energetic vibration and connect you with your desires. Resolutions are much like affirmations- if you do not really believe them, just repeating them will not do much good. Rituals help amplify the needed emotion and intent to bring your manifestations into the physical world.

My Favorite New Year Rituals:

You can of course create your own new year rituals, or modify them. However, these are just my favorite New Year Rituals to get you started. Please comment below your favorites and let’s inspire each other!

Out with the old, and in with the new ritual:

You have heard of spring cleaning, right? Well, why not New Year’s cleaning? The new year is a great time to clear our your old energy so there is space for the new. There is no better way to do this than to clean out your old junk. If you really have a lot to get rid of, I love a service like 1-800-Got-Junk because not only do it for me, but they also recycle or donate items whenever possible. If you have the energy or desire to do this yourself though it can be very cleansing to clear out your old junk yourself.

There is no right or wrong, just do what feels best for you! Once you are done clearing out and cleaning, you can light a candle. Pick a color the resonates what you want the new year to be like. Here is a list of candle color meanings.

You can also light some sage or palo santo to clear out negative energy. Some people say only natives should use these, but I don’t really agree with that. I believe everyone should benefit without any special help (for instance, I don’t think I need a priest to assist me in praying to God either.)

It’s not always possible to find someone who can come to bless your home. However, do what feels right to you. I find saying thank you to the ancients for the technique helps ease my mind. This would also be a great time to do a water manifestation bath or shower, and/or create a vision board.

New Year Ritual- Burning Ceremony Ritual:

A burning ceremony or ritual is great for the new year! I describe it in my blog post, but the basics are; All you need to do now is write down whatever is bothering you, or about who hurt you. Once you are done, simply burn it and release it!

New Year Ritual Runes Ritual:

According to vibeshifting.com for a runes ritual;

“You will need a white candle, a red pen, and a coin of your chosen denomination. The basic rule is that the bigger the value of the coin, the better, but you can work with whatever you have.

Draw a lucky rune on the white candle. One of the best ones you can use are WUNJO – for happiness, joy and peace, and FEHU – for abundance and prosperity.  Place the coin at the bottom of the candle, so that the wax can melt on top of it.

In the New Year’s Eve light the candle and let it melt completely on your penny. When the candle burns out completely, take the coin and carry it with yourself for the entire upcoming year and let your wishes come true!”

Those are my favorite New Year Rituals for manifesting! What are your favorite new year rituals? Have you ever tried a new year ritual before? Comment below!