New Moon Rituals-9 Ways to Manifest

new moon ritual for manifesting

The moon has been given special significance in spirituality since times immemorial. The ancients knew about the effects of the moon’s cycles on our planet and on us long before science discovered it. That’s pretty awesome if you think about it!

Before I talk about New Moon rituals to help you manifest, let me first tell you how connected we are to the moon.

Different phases of the moon have varied spiritual meanings. The full moon and the new moon are considered to be the most energetic and powerful of the cycles. Even the tides in the oceans are the most active during these two phases.

Did you know that the moon’s gravitational pull interacts with the oceans high and low tides every day? While there may be some debate in the scientific community how it impacts us, we are mostly made up of water. I find it difficult to believe it doesn’t influence our bodies on some level, especially women.

According to there is even a phenomenon called the “lunar effect;”

“It is widely believed if a woman is full-term around the time the moon is full, its gravitational pull can influence when she will go into labour, Just as the moon’s pull affects the waters on earth, it is believed to affect the amniotic fluid in a pregnant woman’s womb.”

new moon ritual for manifesting and pregnancy

It also seems like women tend to have their monthly periods around the full moon more, and in many cultures it’s considered a sacred time for women to retreat within and reflect.

My husband will attest to this as well. He always knows when to leave me alone, based on the moon cycle! If you just pay attention to the cycles you will also likely notice how they synchronize with you!

You may even be able to get rid of those menstrual cycle apps and simply look up to the night time sky.

You can read more about how the moon impacts us here if you want.

It’s a shame though how in our modern society, we expect women to be on the go all of the time! It seems women are taking back their power though with self-care Sundays trending, and other self-care rituals.

So with our long and intense connection to the moon, it makes sense to manifest with its energy, and new moon rituals are a great way to set aside some sacred time.

These are some of my favorite tips for new moon rituals. You can use the new moon energy to manifest and set your intentions.

What Do You Do During New Moon Rituals?

woman reaching in sky for new moon ritual

While I try to practice self-care daily every morning, and have a whole blog section for rituals in general (and how to get started with them) -new moon rituals are the most special and sacred of them all. It’s the perfect energy for manifesting, reflecting and relaxation. You can use a variety of other manifesting tools during your new moon rituals also- like journaling, meditation, and visualization – as they will be amplified by the new moons power.

It is unhealthy to never rest, and to ignore our body’s different cycles. If you never take time to rest and reflect, you will experience burn-out and exhaustion. It’s not a matter of if, but when! Reaching for a glass of wine every night like so many mom themed meme’s joke about can cause more harm then good.

Don’t get me wrong, wine in moderation is ok, but as a woman, you need more than that! A quick Target run alone, or passing out to Netflix is not enough relaxation and reflection.

We are the creators of life, and backbone of society! It is not too much to ask to allow our bodies to rest once a month (at the very least). In fact, your body will demand it if you ignore the signs.

So, here are my favorite new moon ritual tips and advice to help you connect to your divine feminine and manifest with the moon. So put away your mom guilt, and read on!

Purify Yourself

Before performing any ritual, it is important to cleanse yourself. This includes cleansing your physical, mental, and emotional beings. Doing so helps you get rid of stale and negative energies. It also makes room for fresh and positive energy to take root. Also, you just feel purer and more connected with the rituals which is always a big plus.

So, what can you do to purify yourself? Well, one of my favorite ways is to take a warm bath. It always leaves one feeling much better and energetic, and bath harness the manifesting power of water. If at all possible, take a saltwater bath. This will not only clean your body but will also help you relax and let go of your stress, anxiety, and fears. Once you are more peaceful, you will be more conducive to the vibrant lunar energies. Consider this step as a pre-ritual of sorts.

You can also add Selenite Wands, or Towers to help you purify your aura and surroundings for your new moon ritual.

Purify Your Space

selenite wand with sage

This is a very important ritual. Creating a sacred space allows for the free flow of cosmic energies and sets the right environment for your new moon ritual. One of the best ways of doing this, besides using selenite, is smudging.

If you didn’t already know, smudging is an ancient practice that involves burning a herb and wafting it around your room or house.

People generally use sage for this purpose. It is known to remove negative energies and bad vibes from a place. You can take a small bundle of sage, burn it, waft it around for a while, and then keep it inside a small dish in the corner of your room. Allow it to keep burning slowly throughout the night.

Set Conscious Intentions

The human mind is a powerful instrument. And those who are able to tame this beast can manifest anything they want in their lives. Of course, this takes quite a bit of practice and patience. You have to take baby steps and slowly work towards utilizing its immense power. One such baby step (and a powerful step for new moon rituals or any ritual), is to set conscious intentions.

This involves writing down your new moon ritual dreams and goals on a piece of paper. And as you write, begin with, “I intend to…” So, for instance, if you want to manifest a brand new car, write down “I intend to buy the car of my dreams.” It would be even better if you could say it out loud and feel it with every cell in your body. This sends out potent vibrations into the universe that makes the manifestation process much faster.

Begin Something New

It is said that the new moon night is really auspicious for new beginnings. This is because the moon literally resets its cycle on this night. So, if you have been thinking about beginning something new, new moon ritual nights are the perfect time to do that. It doesn’t have to be anything major. Just an initiation will do just fine.

So, let’s say one of your dreams is to be able to play the guitar well. What you can do is you can hold your new guitar in your hand and just see how it feels. Take a look at the strings, its shape, the size of the frets, and so on. Then, slowly start strumming the strings and just take in the sounds that are generated. Even this symbolic beginning will greatly enhance your learning journey just because you initiated it on a new moon ritual night.

Journal Your New Ideas

new moon ritual journaling

Similar to beginning new things in the previous new moon ritual, you can also journal new ideas. You will find that this comes more easily and naturally on this particular night. You can do this by closing your eyes for a minute, becoming aware of your breath, and allowing the lunar energies to come down to you. Then, take your pen and let your ideas just flow from your heart to the paper in front of you.

As you are writing, try not to analyze much. Sometimes creative inspiration can come in the strangest of ways. Randomly, you might come up with an idea to manifest something that you have been trying to achieve for a long time! You never know how the divine energies on this night end up helping you. So, it’s best to remain open and go with the flow.


new moon ritual meditating at night

By now, probably most people in the world know about meditation and how powerful of a practice it is. This ancient practice is still popular today and there is a very good reason for it. Well, there are many reasons, but for the purposes of this post, we’ll focus on manifestation. You see, meditation organizes your thoughts and emotions. It creates balance within you and provides you with a sense of peace. These are optimal conditions when it comes to any manifestation exercises.

It is only obvious that if you are driving on a busy road, your mental faculties will need to function well. Similarly, if you want to attract your dreams and goals, your thoughts and emotions have to be in balance. They have to be in alignment with what you want to attract. Therefore, meditation serves as your trusted ally to bring you to a state where the manifestation can happen flawlessly. So, on a new moon ritual night, meditate for about 15 minutes and let it do its magic.

Make A Gratitude List

Gratitude has so many benefits, and is yet another potent practice that guarantees that you will manifest what you want during your new moon ritual. This is because, when you feel genuine gratitude for something that you already have (or for something that you want to attract), your heart reverberates with intense positivity. The emotions that you feel in that moment are then exuded in the universe. Eventually, the universe responds in kind and brings to you the same things that you had felt gratitude for.

So, on a new moon ritual night, you should ensure that you make a gratitude list. Include all the things that you already own as well as things you’re trying to manifest with the moon. And then, close your eyes and thank the universe for every item on your list. Thanks to the intense energies that are present on this new moon ritual night, your gratitude practice gets supercharged. If you do this every month, you will realize that your gratitude list keeps getting longer.

Do Some Breathwork

Breathwork has been given immense importance in yoga. It cleanses the energy system inside your body and allows for the free flow of positive energy through your chakras. This leads to tremendous possibilities that when capitalized upon, can completely change a person’s life. Yes, this also means that it can make your manifestation process almost magical. To understand this, we need to first understand how the universe gives you what you want.

When you ask for something, you generate a certain thought, an emotion associated with that thought, and a corresponding energy frequency. Together, these tell the universe what you want (these are the languages that the universe understands, not English, Russian, or any other). So, it only makes sense that if your body speaks the universal languages properly, it will do a better job of giving you what you want. And this is where breathwork comes in. So, on a new moon ritual night, do some deep inhalation and exhalation and just be conscious of your breath. 

Ground Yourself

new moon ritual grounding

Last, but certainly not least, is grounding. This ritual grounds you to reality which, in turn, provides a solid foundation for your manifesting with the moon practice. It involves assembling the 4 elements that make up the physical reality (earth, water, air, and fire). You can use a crystal to represent the Earth element, a bowl of water for the water element, burn an incense stick for the air element, and burn a candle for the fire element.

You can then place these 4 objects in front of you and let their presence fill you with peace. Then, close your eyes and imagine yourself being grounded to the planet. Next, imagine the cosmic energies and the lunar energies descend from the universe and into your being. Feel a sense of oneness with everything around you. This process keeps you in sync with reality and allows manifestation to happen on its own!

purple sky new moon ritual

I hope you enjoyed learning about the manifesting power of the moon and my favorite new moon ritual tips. Have you ever used the new moon or new moon rituals to manifest your desires? Do you use the new moon or new moon rituals for self-care and reflection? I’d love to hear about your new moon rituals in the comments below!