Moqui Marbles-Everything You Need to Know

What Is A Moqui Marble?

  • Hardness Scale: 4-5
  • Mineral: Iron Oxide
  • Astrological Signs: Libra, Aries
  • Chakra: Root

Even if you have loved crystals and gemstones for years like me, you probably haven’t heard of these unique stones. Well I’m excited to tell you all about Moqui marbles and why Moqui marbles are so special.

They go by many names, such as Shaman Stone, Moqui Ball, and Maqui Marble, Moqui marbles (also spelled Moki) Kayenta berries, Navajo cherries, Navajo berries, Entrada berries, Indian marbles, or Hopi marbles! 

To a Geologist they are a mix of iron oxide and sandstone from iron (hematite) mixed with groundwater. 

Moqui Name Origin

Moqui is a Hopi word that means, “The dead.” The Hopi tribe were actually first known as Moqui Indians, until their name was changed in the 1900s. According to a Hopi legend, their ancestors’ spirits play marble games with the stones in the evening to show their relatives they are still here and alive.

Shamans used the shaman stones in ritual practices and meditations as “spiritual talismans.” They used them for channeling higher knowledge and contacting angels, and spirit guides. 

 How It’s Formed

Moqui marbles were estimated to be formed 180-190 million years ago! Water carried and deposited sandstone and iron across the ground water. This iron turns into iron oxide, although the exact process isn’t fully understood. Over time, as the sandstone got eroded, you could see these interesting formations. The colors vary from red to even white.

 Where are Moqui Marbles Found?

You can find moqui marbles in the Navajo desert, from Utah to Arizona. You can find similar forms of them elsewhere around the world, and even Mars! However, the ones I’m talking about are specifically found in the Navajo desert. You can still find them today in their natural form in many parks and monuments.

Moqui marbles are not to be confused with the similar martian blueberries. In 2004, Mars Rover actually found rocks that looked like blueberries. Martian blueberries are gray though, not blue, and usually much smaller. 

Scientists used moqui marbles to try to understand these interesting formations found on Mars. While studying them, they found a few differences, but moqui marbles helped scientist get an idea of their martian counterparts.

 Are Moqui Marbles Illegal?

No, they are not illegal per se. There are still some moqui marbles you can purchase, but you do not want to try to get them from a national park as that is now illegal. You can still find them for sale if they were taken before it became illegal, but leave what is left in nature. 

What do Moqui Marbles look like?

Due to their usually dark brown and lumpy texture, Moqui Marbles actually look to me like mud, or even something worse to be honest. However, if you look at them closer you can see they look like they’re made up of sand, and some iron ore adds a nice reddish or yellow tint inside or mixed in. They are basically sandstone covered with a hard iron oxide shell.

They vary in size, and range from very tiny to over 7 inches or more. Most of them are round like marbles, but can have slightly different shapes like a cone or even grouped together. Moqui marbles are also usually not smooth due to the years of sand being worn down by the elements such as wind and water. They are usually rough, grainy and have some texture to them.

So now that we got all the history and basics of what Moqui marbles are, let’s get to the fun stuff and how they can help you metaphysically for your manifesting, health, and spiritual well being.

Are Moqui Marbles Male and Female?

moqui marbles shaman stones

Moqui marbles are typically used in a set of two to represent and balance out male and female energy. If they are found in pairs, they are considered male and female.

It’s actually interesting to figure out which energy your moqui marble is. You just take a pendulum and hold it over the stone:

If it moves in a circular motion it is female

If it moves linear it’s male

You can also go by the texture and shape. Moqui marbles that are more disc shaped are supposedly male and more rounded are female.r are more ridged are said to be male. If you are still unsure, you can use your intuition to figure out which energy you think they align with most.

When you hold them, put the female in your non-dominant hand, and hold the male in your dominant hand.

Isn’t that cool?

How To Use Moqui Marbles

Most people like to carry them around for grounding, energy balancing, and protection from negativity. You can also hold them in your hands while you meditate to help you focus.

Smaller moqui marbles are when you need more fast energy and the larger ones can help slow and mellow you out. Either way, they have a very strong and noticeable energy, no matter what kind you get.

Many recommend you put them on the chakra center you want to work on, to help balance out that energy. I also suggest adding some chakra candles when you meditate with the moqui balls on your chakra.

Now, if you have three moqui marbles you can use them for something different. Two are great for balancing out your male and female energy, but three are a little different. These can help you get rid of any negativity and release old patterns. Heal old wounds by meditating with three moqui marbles. I personally love them for when you are letting go of a toxic situation- whether it be a break up, moving on from an old job.

They are great for fresh starts!

Hold them in your hands while you do a cord cutting meditation to help enhance your abilities to move on and release old energy that no longer serves you.

Benefits of Moqui Marbles

While everyone’s experience will differ, the main benefits of meditating with moqui marbles are feeling more balanced and healing past wounds. You can also help yourself be more grounded and protected from negativity. 

Money and Career Benefits:

Moqui Marbles can also help you protect your wealth, bring good luck, improve your business relationships and your self-confidence.

Health Benefits:

People have also used them to help with digestion, pain, and increasing your energy.Moqui balls are also helpful for the thyroid, anxiety, worry, panic attacks, and insomnia due to their calming and grounding energy. They can also be used in massage for relieving joint pain.

Love Benefits:

Moqui Marbles can help you heal old wounds and be open to new relationships and love.  They can also help protect you from being hurt again and keep bad or negative people out of your life.

Spiritual Benefits:

Moqui Stones were used by the Hopi’s to connect with and honor your ancestors and loved ones who have passed on.They can help you overcome a fear of death.  In addition to connecting with your deceased loved ones, moqui marbles can help increase your intuition, increase your psychic abilities, and help you connect with your angels spirit guides. Associated with the root chakra, they are very grounding and help you connect and balance your energies to the earth. The energy most aligns with the polar opposites of Aries which is very dominant, masculine and confident, and the more balanced and feminine Libra.

The Best Crystals To Use With Moqui Marbles

Moqui marbles have such strong energy, that you don’t really need to combine them with other crystals and healing stones. However, doing so can greatly enhance any stones energy. Popular combinations are:

Blue Lavender Iolite to connect to the spiritual world.

Fulgurite, Baryte or Owyhee Blue Opal to connect with your soul and higher spirits safely and only good energies.

 Covellite, and Merlinite if you want to release past life trauma.

Astrophyllite, Sacred Light Stone, Prophecy Stones, and Cryolite to raise your vibrations.

Other popular combinations:  Amazonite, Nephrite Jade, Hematite, Lapis Lazuli, and Golden Yellow Labradorite, Creedite, Blue Apatite, Elephant Skin Jasper, Libyan Desert Glass, Chiastolite, or Cavansite, Scolecite, Phenacite, and White Heulandite.

Turquoise for past lives.

Balance out your feminine and masculine energy even more with Marcasite, Amesite, Magnetite, Sphalerite, Iolite, and Aventurine.

How do I clean my Moqui Marbles?

Luckily Moqui marbles don’t ever need to be cleared. To clean them, keep your stones away from water. If you must, gently dust with a wet cloth.  You may notice their colors changing, or becoming smoother as you use them, so handle them with care.

Where To Purchase

I’ve found some pretty awesome Moqui Marbles for a reasonable price on Amazon.

Final Thoughts On Moqui Marbles

I love Moqui marbles for their unique qualities and they just have a very powerful, ancient feel to them. 

They also are pretty low maintenance. You don’t need to charge or clean them, and they don’t need any other crystals to go with them (although you certainly can add some!)

All you need to do is hold them in your hands and you can feel your energy blockages start to clear, be protected from negative energies,and feel more grounded.

They are also great for enhancing your spiritual and psychic abilities and connection. Let go of past hurts and fear of death. The benefits of these amazing shaman stones are almost limitless. If you are every lucky enough to get near this ancient piece of our earths history, you will know what I mean. I truly do hope you get to experience the magic of moqui marbles!

What about you? Have you ever heard of Moqui marbles or shaman stones? Ever used them before? Share your thoughts and experiences below!