Manifesting Pregnancy and Childbirth- 5 Easy Tips To Encourage You

manifesting pregnancy

It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for, you take the pregnancy test, hold your breath, and gradually two lines appear on the pregnancy test. It’s positive! Manifesting pregnancy and childbirth is possible!

Congratulations-you’re on your way to receiving your little bundle of joy!As soon as you receive the result though you may experience that you’re suddenly you’re filled with endless questions about labor and the delivery of your child.

Whether it’s your first time or you’re an experienced mother, having a positive birthing experience is always a top priority. Though we are constantly given the image of struggle and pain during birth it is possible to have a comfortable and easy experience.

The law of attraction is one of the greatest tools that you can use to bring your baby into the world into perfect circumstances. The law states that you attract like for like energy. You are constantly manifesting your experiences based on the vibration of your thoughts and feelings. With this knowledge, you can create your ideal childbirth experience. Manifest a happy and healthy pregnancy and childbirth is something anyone can do!

With these tips and tricks, you can eradicate pain, avoid morning sickness and ensure that your child comes into the world happy and healthy. Here’s everything you need to know:

Set your intention

Manifesting pregnancy that is healthy, and a safe delivery you have to know exactly what you want. When you are specific you draw what you want to you and attract it into your life. If your heart is set on having a home water birth saying to the universe that you want a safe delivery could result in you having a safe c-section. 

You need to tell the universe exactly what you want and make it clear. A vague intention will give you vague results. Make a list of what you want and include everything from the medical attention that you will receive to the way that you feel during childbirth. This will ensure that you are able to manifest the perfect labor experience and a healthy baby.  

Positive Influences

manifesting pregnancy friends

The company you keep can impact your ability in manifesting pregnancy the way you want it, and the childbirth experience. When you are surrounded by positive and supportive people you will feel encouraged to achieve your goals. Life is easier when don’t have to fight people on your beliefs and you feel good about your choices.

If your friends and family would rather fill you with labor horror stories and worry it’s time to create some distance. People can affect your energetic vibration so it is important to interact with positive people and keep the negative energy at bay. If you’re at a loss as to where you can find like-minded people you can join online forums and try spiritual baby groups.

When you take control of your social setting you open your circle to people who can act as a support system. The more that you focus on achieving the pregnancy that you want you will attract the right people into your life- be it your doula, midwife, or a new friend. The universe will bring you exactly what you need when you ask for it.


manifesting pregnancy

The power of your mind is unlimited. It is a creative force that can attract whatever you put your mind to. For this reason, using your conscious mind to imagine the outcome that you want for your pregnancy and birth can manifest miracles. Creative visualization is the process of using mental imagery and the power of your thoughts to manifest your desires.

It activates your creative subconscious and aligns you with the energy of what you want to attract. It can be used to help you with manifesting pregnancy and the birthing experience that you want. If a natural and easy delivery is what you desire then you must visualize yourself having exactly that. The best way to visualize is to close your eyes and picture your pregnancy and labor happening as if it is in the now.

When you hold these images in your mind it is important that you feel positive. You have the power to create the perfect scenario for your child’s birth, how exciting is that? Feel the joy and happiness that your delivery is bringing you. Tap into the love that you have for your child and imagine you holding them safely in your arms. Imagine yourself manifesting pregnancy that is healthy- see yourself being able to continue exercising and feeling great.

While you visualize it is important to use all of your senses to make it feel as real as possible. From hearing your birthing partner congratulate you on your seamless delivery to hearing your child’s first sounds, use all of your five senses. This is the magic ingredient that will help you to attract everything you want from your pregnancy and labor. 

Positive Pregnancy Affirmations 

Every other movie or tv show that we watch has a dramatic labor scene or a puke-filled pregnancy. It’s no wonder that so many women find it hard to believe that manifesting pregnancy that is an easy time is even achievable. If you do want to manifest an easier time you need to address and shift the existing beliefs that you have about pregnancy. If you hold limiting beliefs and negative thoughts about pregnancy and childbirth then positive pregnancy affirmations can help you to rewire your subconscious mind. 

Positive Pregnancy Affirmations are positive statements that are designed to help you develop a more positive mindset and overcome self-sabotaging thoughts. Creating affirmations for manifesting pregnancy that is healthy and easy will change your attitude and assist you in creating the outcome that you want. 

Here are some positive manifesting pregnancy affirmations that you can use (start here if new to using affirmations):

  1. My pregnancy is going smoothly
  2. I take care of my body
  3. I love my baby and my baby loves me
  4. My body is healthy and is the perfect home for my child until they are ready to meet me
  5. My pregnant form is beautiful
  6. My body knows what to do in labor
  7. My baby is comfortable in my womb
  8. I am a good mother
  9. I trust my body
  10. I am in tune with my body

If you want to create your own positive pregnancy affirmations write them in the present tense. This enforces the idea that it is already happening and will ensure that they are absorbed by your subconscious mind. You can use your positive pregnancy affirmations at any time that suits you, however, the best time to recite them is first thing in the morning and last thing at night. This is when your mind is at its most impressionable stage.

Allow and Believe 

There are many methods that will help you to manifest the pregnancy and childbirth that you want. However, one of the most important aspects of manifestation is that you have to allow and believe. If you are trying to manifest a healthy baby but you don’t feel as though it is possible you may struggle to bring it into your experience.

Any resistance that you have will hold you back from what you want. If you can believe that it is possible then you can achieve it. There is nothing in this universe that can prevent you from living the life that you want. You are the creator of your experience and the most powerful being in the universe. 

The question isn’t if you can do it- it’s when. Success is yours if you wish to claim it. When your perfect angel is born and you feel relaxed after a stress-free delivery you’ll know that it was because of your invincible power. You are a Goddess and a blessed, divine being in every respect. You have the ability inside for manifesting pregnancy and the childbirth experience you deserve.

manifesting pregnancy wonder woman

Have you ever used the law of attraction for manifesting pregnancy and good childbirth experience? Do you plan to use it for manifesting pregnancy and childbirth? Leave a comment below, I would love to hear about your experience!