8 Fun Manifestation Games You’re Kids Will Love

manifestation games

These manifestation games for kids are one of the easiest and most fun ways to raise your vibration. Improve your manifestation skills while bonding with your family! While these games are geared towards kids, anyone in the family will love playing them!

As kids, we start off believing life is magical, and we are full of self-love and confidence in our abilities. So, you don’t really see or hear a whole lot about many law of attraction for kids resources. That doesn’t mean that manifesting isn’t a valuable thing to teach or to do together as a family though! The world will try to beat these natural qualities out of your children as they grow up-don’t let that happen!

Playing manifesting games with your kids will help them to develop and grow their natural manifesting skills and not lose it as they get older. Keep their imagination, visualization skills and manifesting abilities strong by having fun! Kids learn through play, and manifesting games is a great activity the whole family will enjoy!

I picked manifestation games that my family has enjoyed over the years, but you will find what works best for your family. You can change and mix up the manifestation games as there is no wrong or right way to play them. These are just suggestions and ideas to get you started. Manifesting works best when its personal to you and your desires so the more you personalize these and really make them your own the better your results will be!

Kids are Naturals At Manifesting And the Law of Attraction

Any parent or person who spends time watching kids play knows they don’t struggle with visualization or manifestation! They also usually know what they want and they believe they deserve it because they have not been told otherwise yet.

Is there anything more sad than watching a kid who grew up in an environment that has repressed those natural manifesting behaviors? As a mom, it hurts me to see any kids who don’t realize or have forgotten their own manifesting abilities! These games can also be great to help such a kid get back on track with manifestation in a way that they don’t realize they are being “taught.” (I’m looking at you, teenagers!)

What Are Manifestation Games

Manifestation games are just fun and easy ways to put law of attraction principles to work. There are countless games you can play, and you are only limited by your imagination! These games basically just allow you practice the law of attraction in a fun, no pressure way.

I’ve compiled a huge list of manifestation games to help get you and your kids started.

These games will allow you to be more creative in your attempts to manifest. More important though they help you let go of your attachments to the outcomes of what you try to manifest and enjoy the process.

Why Manifestation Games Work So Well

You will also benefit from playing games because it stops the need to overcomplicate the process of manifestation and just have fun. When we become adults we stop visualizing, daydreaming and playing. We make the law of attraction more difficult than it needs to be.

One of the biggest abundance blocks is getting attached to the outcome. That attachment will slow or halt the manifestation process completely.

And that’s why manifestation games are so awesome!

When you play manifestation games you are just focused on playing and having fun. If you knew the outcome you wouldn’t even want to play anymore. That’s half the fun, right?

If you struggle with manifesting and getting the results you want, than these manifestation games will really help you.

As you manifest smaller things, you will start to gain confidence in your abilities to manifest bigger things.

Most people start off trying to manifest really big things and don’t actually believe they can or even deserve them. That is why I suggest starting off with self-love and then journaling to get clear on what you want before attempting manifestation games and doing affirmations. Otherwise, your subconscious will fight against your attempt to manifest things it can’t imagine you having or doesn’t think you deserve.

Manifesting games can help eliminate a lot of the common abundance blocks by bypassing that self-doubt most people feel when trying out the law of attraction.

Your emotions have a huge impact on the Law of Attraction and manifestation. You don’t just attract what you think or everyone would manifest great things all the time! You manifest what you feel and what you believe you deserve to have.

So, let’s get started!

8 Top Manifestation Games

Manifestation Game #1: I Spy

You will love this car-game classic! It will show you how easily your thoughts attract what you want to manifest. All you do is state out loud what you intend to manifest seeing that day (or week) and focus on that image in your mind for a few moments. It doesn’t have to anything crazy (at first!), but just something you don’t see often. You can see this object anywhere and at any time! You can ask God or the Universe to help you see it as well if you would like.

Manifestation Game #2: Vision Boards

This is a fun activity to do with your kids. Vision boards don’t have to only be for adults! You can put it in your kids bathroom for when they brush their teeth, or in their bedroom. Older kids can put it in their locker. Get out those crafting supplies and bond over your manifestation dreams as a family. It can also bring you closer to not only focus on individual desires, but maybe you can also focus on family manifestations.

For example, what would your dream home look like? How would they decorate their bedrooms? Do you guys want a pool? How about a dream family vacation? List what you would do on this vacation? What do your kids want to be when they grow up? What career goals are you working on? Do you want to manifest a new family car? What about a boat?

Manifestation Game #3: Gratitude Jars

While you got out the crafts, why not also teach your kids to be grateful with gratitude jars? Teaching kids gratitude will help set them up to be successful and happier adults. Add a little spin to it and see who can come up with the most things to be grateful for that day or that week? Whoever wins gets to pick dinner Friday night, or the family movie, etc. Get your kids excited about gratitude! You already know all the benefits of gratitude for adults, but what about kids?

In a 2006 study of children’s strengths, researchers found that gratitude was the strength that had the strongest link to life satisfaction.

Another study, conducted by Jeffrey Froh & colleagues, with teens ages 14-19 found that:

Grateful teens are more satisfied with their lives, use their strengths to better their community, are more engaged in their school work and hobbies, have higher grades,are less envious, depressed and materialistic

Manifestation Game #4: Wouldn’t it Be Great If?

Everyone goes around and just says or writes down things they would like to have happen. The only rule is nobody is allowed to judge the answers! This phrase helps opens up your mind to possibilities without resistance. There is no pressure because you are just playing make believe.

Manifestation Game #5: Yes Day

This is a great game to raise your vibration and just have fun. All day kids have rules and pressure on them. This can also be hard as a parent to have to constantly be telling them no. Get back into the fun manifestation energy with a yes day! If you have seen the Netflix movie, you probably already know how to play. Basically, the kids get to do anything they want for the day (within reason of course!). You get to set the rules for what is off-limits, but everything else is fair game.

Manifestation Game #6: Manifesting Box

This is a fun way to help you let go of the attachment of manifesting. You can use any box, but spend some time decorating it and making it special. Now get out some nice stationary or cards and write your manifestation goals on it. Keep it in the present and with gratitude. For example, “I’m so thankful I have….” Once you do that, put it out of sight and don’t check it until a specific time.

Manifestation Game #7: Wallet Game

This is a fun game for adults, but kids can do it too! All you need is to carry around the amount of money you want to manifest. So you may keep $100, but give your kids $1. Next, just think about the money often and what you want to buy with it, and how great it would be to spend it. As you have fun mentally spending your money your vibrations will align to manifest that amount of money.

Manifestation Game #8: Paper Check

Print out a check and fill in the amount you want to manifest. Put it somewhere you see often. I once wanted to manifest $10k a month, and put the check on my work desk. Eventually I forgot about it, even though I looked at it every day. I just kind of got used to it. Well guess what? A few months later I manifested a commission job and my first check? $10k! At the time I could never have imagined how I would make that much until I manifested that job.

Have fun!

That’s it for now, but I’m sure you and your family will start to come up with your own ideas too! These manifestation games are sure to become family favorite activities and traditions for years to come. What are you favorite games?

Are there any manifesting games you want to try out with your family? Please share your experiences and thoughts on manifestation games in the comments below! I always love hearing your ideas and what you think.