A Manifestation Box-How It Helps Attract Your Desires

“Thoughts become things. If you see it in your mind, you will hold it in your hand.” – Bob Proctor

manifestation box

The Law of Attraction and manifestation is the belief that you can attract whatever you desire into your life by your feelings, thoughts and energetic vibrations. There are many manifestation methods like journaling, using water, meditation, visualization, affirmations, etc. to do this, but a lot of people (including me!) find a manifestation box to be one of the best! 

A manifestation box  doesn’t require any expensive courses, expensive or difficult to find props, subliminals, or “guru” to guide you, so you may not have heard of it before! Well, I’m here to show you how anybody can get results with this easy, but powerful manifestation technique!

What is a Manifestation Box

A manifestation box is exactly how it sounds! It’s simply put, just a box where you put your intention (the desire you want to manifest into the physical realm) in. You can either make it and forget it awhile (great if you struggle with letting go of the outcome of your desires) or you can add to it and look at it often (which is great if you do any daily rituals, self-love or self-care rituals, moon rituals, etc.). 

The box you use doesn’t really matter. The only rule is that it’s special to you! If you are more visual, you may care how it looks. So make sure you get a nice looking one! If you don’t care what it looks like, or don’t like crafts, well guess what? Then the appearance doesn’t matter! It’s up to you completely!

I personally love those antique and old style boxes. The more it looks like it was found on a pirate’s shipwreck, the more I like it! It honestly doesn’t matter though. You could even use a shoebox if that’s all you have! In fact, here is a lesser talked about secret- it doesn’t even have to be a BOX! It just has to be some kind of container you can store your intentions in.

Why Use a Manifestation Box

There are a lot of great reasons to use a manifestation box. For me, the biggest reason is it helps me to just forget about what I want. When I make a vision board I sometimes dwell on it too much. The more I look at what I want and see that I don’t have it, the more impatient I get! I’m sure a lot of people can relate to that.

A manifestation box allows you to visualize it, but also get on with your day and forget for awhile. It helps you detach from your desire to manifest what you want, which is super important for the law of attraction!

Even if you look at your manifestation box daily, it is still out of sight the majority of the day. You are in control of when you choose to focus on what you want to manifest- and much like manifestation rituals, it gives your manifestations extra power.

It’s also great if you feel like you struggle with visualization as it creates a tangible, physical object you can see. It creates a tangible bridge between your thoughts and your actual results. If you are a kinesthetic learner, (learn best by touch, not sight, audio, etc) it’s even more helpful!

Manifestation boxes are also great items to add to your ritual altar and to use in a ritual (more on a manifestation box ritual example at the end of this post). It’s a very spiritual and creative experience.

Finally, manifestation boxes are just fun! It doesn’t take as much time or creative ability like a vision board or journaling. It doesn’t require visualization skills like meditating or even water manifestation. It’s really something that anybody can do, and have fun with.

What to Put in Your Manifestation Box

manifestation box contents

There are really no right or wrongs here either. You can put anything in your manifestation box that symbolizes your intention and what you desire to manifest. The only real requirement is you like it and it gets you excited about what you want- it just needs to symbolize to you personally your unique desire.

Don’t worry if you only have a few things to begin with. Some of the most fun from manifestation boxes is finding something you want to add to your growing manifestation box, and adding new things as your manifestations come true!

Some ideas to get you started:


Personal affirmations


Letter of intention

3 x 5 cards with your desires

Crystals (see my posts on best crystals for manifesting and self love)

Pictures (cut out from magazines, books, etc)

Travel pamphlet

Charms, jewelry, keychains, beads, etc.

Money- cash, check, or coins. The money can be just a picture, or real.

Essential oils the create the mood you want (see my post on best essential oils for manifesting)

How to Pick Your Intention and Get Clear On It

Figuring out what you manifest can sometimes be a struggle. Especially if you are trying to just narrow it down to one (and I advise you start with only one intent at first so you don’t get overwhelmed or lose focus) or have abundance blocks.

I typically recommend you either journal or visualize to find out what you want. Which one you choose really depends on your own personal preference.

For journaling, you just simply write down in extreme detail what you want. The only rules for this is you describe it:

In a positive, and present tense as if you already have it. You may also want to add gratitude as that is extremely powerful for manifesting. All you need to do is include thank you when you describe your manifestation.

As you describe what you want you will start to see things you have not thought of before. You may decide you like one aspect of your desire more than something else, and focus on that instead.

You will also start to realize what feels off to you and see if you have any abundance blocks you can work through before you start your manifestation box. For instance, if you are saying you want something and you describe it but feel like it’s hard to really believe you have it in the present- that is an abundance block.

You don’t necessarily have to do anything about these abundance blocks, but being aware of them can help you realize they are just false beliefs. If you want to work on them in more depth my blog post can help.

Another great journaling technique is to ask yourself why? For example, if you want to manifest a lot of money, ask yourself why? When you get your answer, ask yourself again and keep going until you get to the root cause of your desire.

For more journaling techniques, you can go here. You can even add your final written scripts into your manifestation box as well!

If you prefer to just do visualization, it basically works the same way but without writing it down.

Doing either journaling or visualizing will help you get really clear on what intention to pick.

However, if you already know what you want, you can of course skip this step. Just the act of having a manifestation box can help you get clearer and more focused on your desires as well!

What’s Next and a Manifestation Box Ritual Example

You may be wondering what to do now that you have your manifestation box, your intention to manifest, and your objects to add. 

Well, the choice is up to you!

You can put it away and not check on it for awhile. Set a reminder on your phone to check it in a week, or maybe on the full moon if there is one coming up! This is great if you think you will be tempted to worry about it. 

You can still check on it though if you see something during the day that reminds you of your desire that you want to add. In fact, seeing synchronicities like that is a great sign and means your manifestation is getting closer!

What a lot of people like to do though is put it somewhere they will see it daily- by their bedside, their ritual altar, or even their desk at work. If you choose this method, you can take a few moments out of your day when you have some quiet to review and look at the contents. You can even add things to it daily if you desire. 

I love to do this before bedtime, as it’s really powerful to visualize before you sleep. Looking at and getting excited about what is in your manifestation box will really help you think about it in your sleep and get rid of those pesky subconscious blocks.

You can also do a manifestation ritual when you first make your manifestation box.

Here is a very easy manifestation box ritual you can try (I’ve kept it simple so you can add or change it however you want to make it more personal):

Make sure you do your manifestation box ritual at a time when you can have some quiet and be undisturbed. If you can’t find any place to be alone, the bathroom is a great idea! Water is also helpful for manifesting, so take a bath, or shower first, while you visualize what you want to manifest! You can also just wash your hands.

Next, meditate and visualize what you want for a few moments. This is why having it by your bedside is good because it’s nice to relax and meditate before sleeping. A hot bath or shower is also very relaxing beforehand.

When you meditate and visualize on your desire, get excited! Really feel and experience what you want! How will it look? Smell? Feel? 

If you did some work on knowing your intention with journaling or visualizing, this should be relatively easy to do. There is no right or wrong other than that your emotions are positive, strong and get you excited!

Now you can add some sage, candles, and/or essential oils. You can also hold crystals in your hand or near your heart as you do the next step, which is stating your intention.

Say your intention out loud or in your head and be sure to thank the Universe, your guides, etc. for bringing your manifestation to you.

Finally, add the objects to your manifestation box.

Thank the universe again, and put your manifestation box where you want.

That’s all there is to it!

I know what I’m doing Saturday night, how about you? Have you ever used a manifestation box? What was your experience? I’d love to hear your thoughts about manifestation boxes in the comments below!


  1. Love it, thank you so much! I’ve never made a manifestation box before, but I want to try. I can’t wait.