12 Love Manifestation Rituals-Attract Love Now

Love manifestation rituals can come in many forms. After all there are many types of love-friendship, self-love, family love, dating, marriage, etc. There are also different things people want to manifest- like attract a new love, get an ex back, or perhaps heal an argument.

However, if you have read my other blog posts, you know I am a big believer in self-love before you can manifest anything. So a lot of my favorite love manifestation rituals deal more with self-love and self-care.

As always, you can take these rituals and modify them to fit your needs. I certainly didn’t come up with these on my own, but have used different manifestation symbols in my rituals that match the energy of what I want to manifest.

I do understand though that many are looking for love manifestation rituals to attract or mend relationships with lovers so I’ve included those as well.I’d highly suggest though that you have done the work to love yourself first, and be very clean on what you want. Especially as a mama, we need to be very careful who we allow into our lives. Be careful what you ask for also- the universe doesn’t play games like your ex!

What Kind of Rituals Can You Create

The sky is the limit with love manifestation rituals. Depending on your intent, you can create attraction spells, release blockages, or let go of old, painful memories. You can include your partner or loved in your ritual, and focus on that person by creating an incantation that includes their name.Be specific in what you want to manifest.

Difference Between Rituals and Spells

If you are searching for love manifestation rituals, you will likely only find love spells. That’s because most love rituals incorporate love spells in them. It’s also tough to clarify the difference between rituals and spells. However, I like how it’s explained on paganawareness.net:

“A dear and clever friend clarified it in a simple way. All spells are rituals but not all rituals are spells.”

Spring Cleaning Love Ritual

This is a great ritual to start with. It will make room for new love to come into your life. Out with the old, in with the new. First, start with smudging your ritual space with palo alto or sage. Next, get comfortable with some candles, music, etc. Now, just write down everything you are afraid of.

These can be anything, so don’t judge yourself. It can be fear of being alone, rejection, being cheated on, etc.The key is to be genuine and to really feel it. After you are done, say each fear with “I release”at the beginning. Now you blow three times onto the list to release your fear onto the paper, and burn the list in a fireplace or fire safe bowl. You can smudge again if you want as well.

Love Manifestation Ritual Baths

We may consider baths to be a modern form of self-care, but hat couldn’t be further from the truth. Ritual bathing has been practiced since ancient times in every culture.

Baths are an amazing way to relax, and tap into the manifestation energy of water. I can cleanse and renew our auras.Regular spiritual baths can raise your vibrations and make it easier to manifest.

You can also take showers if you can’t take a bath. Sugar scrubs are excellent additions to shower rituals as well.

For a ritual bath or shower, just make sure everything is clean and smudge your space. You can put on relaxing meditation music, light candles, etc.

While you’re relaxing in the water, visualize yourself happy, in love, and in a healthy relationship, etc. You will want to personalize it with things you associate with love, but you can also buy ritual kits and ritual bath kids.

I typically recommend things like jasmine, rose, etc for scents. Red and pink candles, flowers, and rose quartz. Epson salts are also great to use. You will want to do these baths on a regular basis.

Mirror Love Manifestation Ritual

Mirrors have been used for manifestation since ancient times. You simply state your affirmations into the mirror. You can decorate it with manifesting crystals, symbols, flowers, etc. First clean it, and then smudge it with sage or palo santo.

Next you state your intention. You can also write your affirmations directly on the mirror, or just put your hand onto it and say out loud “I program this mirror to reflect back positive energy and vibrations only, I program this mirror with these affirmations (list your affirmations).” memorize your affirmations. Do this every day, and look into your eyes. Connect with your soul and send love to yourself. It may feel strange at first, but if you do this consistently you will start to notice a big difference.

Love Altars

A love alter can be a great addition for your love manifestation rituals. They can help you attract and draw love to you.It doesn’t really matter how big it is, or where it is but you do want it somewhere you see regularly like your bedroom.I recommend putting this in your bedroom if possibly but any space you have available will work. Like most rituals, you will want to first clean it and smudge it to get rid of any negative energy. Bless it, and place items that mean love, romance, or whatever kind of love you want to manifest. There are no right or wrong here, so just be creative and do what feels right to you.

Charge Your Perfume For Love Manifestation

Add some extra manifestation and attraction power to your favorite perfume, lotion or cologne.

Get relaxed and breathe deeply. Visualize loving pink energy or powerful golden light going through your body from your head to your feet. Rub your hands together and feel this manifestation energy in between your hands. Now hold onto the bottle and state out loud your intentions. Something like, ” I charge this perfume to attract love and my soul mate. ”

Simple Candle Love Manifestation Ritual 

To use a candle, just communicate your loving manifestation intention in the unlit candle.using an unlit candle. State what you want to happen.

You can say it out loud or in your end, and once you are done you light the candle. Then, you need to wait for the candle to completely burn for the ritual to be done.You can use any color, but most people like using red, pink or white candles. You can also put rose quartz and other crystals you are drawn to.

Rose Quartz Love Manifestation Rituals

Rose quartz has been known as the love crystal in many cultures. The Romans, Greeks and Egyptians all have stories relating to rose quartz and love. However, you can use any crystals or healing stones you feel drawn to.

Morning self-love ritual: Start your morning off right with a self- love ritual using rose quartz. Hold the rose quartz in your dominant hand, and breathe a few times. Say out loud: “I choose to love myself.” Say this affirmation as many times as you need to really believe it.

Evening self-love ritual: Lay down flat for about 10 minutes. You can set a timer if needed. Place your rose quartz over your heart, close your eyes, and just breathe. Feel the love of the universe and imagine pink link radiating from the quartz into your heart. This meditation clears out any negative energy from the day so you can start fresh the next day.

Sexual energy ritual:
Lie down for 10 minutes, but this time with the rose quartz on your sacral chakra (right below your navel). You can also have your partner do the same if you have one.

This ritual creates more passion and sexual energy.

Rose quartz water manifestation ritual:

Place a clean rose quartz crystal in water and let it sit overnight. In the morning you can drink your activated water for loving energy all day.

Rose quartz bath love manifestation ritual: In addition to the bath ritual, you can place one rose quartz on your sacral chakra and another rose quartz on your chest between your throat and heart center. Hold a third piece of rose quartz in your left hand. Sometimes I like to sing a corresponding love song as well. If you are with your lover, you can speak openly with each other. After, you can take the crystals you used in the bath and place them under your pillow to dream with you.

You can keep your love manifestation ritual near you all day by wearing one of your charged or healing stones. Charge up a necklace, or bracelet as well and keep it with you afterwards for all day manifestation energy.

Have you ever used love rituals to manifest your perfect love? Comment below!