Living Abundantly-Why You Need An Abundance Mindset

living from love or above

What is living abundantly? It’s basically just living in a high vibration so you invite abundance. What are the high vibration emotions? Love, peace, joy, etc. Any positive emotions is living abundantly and will help you have an abundance mindset.

Obviously, we live in a fallen world so it can be challenging to stay positive all of the time. Yet it is essential to live abundantly if we want to manifest and be happy!

It is very common to struggle with living abundantly when manifesting what you want. Many people believe we live in a world of limited resources. People can be so negative, and if you have failed a few times it can be easy to give up. It’s much easier to go along with what everyone else thinks instead of searching for a different viewpoint.

We also grow up with the messages that you need the right education, looks or connections, but that is not really true abundance. Everyone actually has the same opportunity for abundance and the ability to reach their goals.

You don’t need the right luck, you just need to switch to an abundance mindset. Being open to receive what a limitless universe can provide you and changing to an abundance mindset will allow you to achieve anything you desire.

What do you think of when you read about the word abundance? You have likely attached all sorts of meanings to it, so it’s important that you have a clear understanding of what it looks like to you.

Living Abundantly- Where to Start

So the first step to living in a higher vibration to get an abundance mindset is just understanding what it is. Really breaking down the meaning of the correct definition of abundance and mindset is a great place to start. This way you can find out how to apply it specifically to your life and manifesting your desires, and make sure you are not believing incorrect or false narratives. Thankfully, it is actually a very simple concept to explain and an easy definition.

Now let’s get started with the definition of the meaning of the word abundance so you can learn how to live abundantly.

Abundance Definition and Meaning

  • Abundance is the opposite of scarcity and lack.
  • An extremely plentiful or over sufficient quantity or supply:an abundance of grain.
  • Overflowing fullness:abundance of the heart.
  • Affluence; wealth:the enjoyment of abundance.

That is the dictionary definition on the meaning of abundance. You don’t need a book to understand it though. It is more of an emotion, and a feeling. Although it is not really always something you can see right now, you can always feel it.

Abundance is the law of the Universe if you pay attention to your surroundings. The Universe is constantly growing and expanding. We are provided with everything we need on a regular basis. The earth produces food, water, and clean air without us doing anything at all. Think about how amazing the human body is! Most people do not need to think about how to breathe or make our heart beat. It is just something we automatically have provided for us!

On a more spiritual level abundance is not only about material possessions or physical things, but emotions such as joy, love, hope and thankfulness. It is knowing that someone or something has your back even when it doesn’t immediately appear to be that way.

When you have an abundance mindset, you get rid of all of those negative and low vibration emotions like envy, fear or discouragement and start getting motivated to make positive changes. You go from being a victim to the main character in your life!

When your mindset changes, you stop seeing what is holding you back, and start seeing all of the amazing things in your life that you already have. You stop having a scarcity mindset.

What Is The Opposite Mindset to Living Abundantly?

Living abundantly will keep your vibrations high. However, a scarcity mindset is what you don’t want to have. It’s the exact opposite to living abundantly.

A scarcity mind is focusing on your limits and what is not in your life. When you have a scarcity mindset, you don’t believe you are enough and you spend more time worrying than manifesting. There is never enough time, money, or resources and you only focus on the lack.

This is obviously not where you want to be, and I don’t even want to dwell on the definition for too long.

You CAN Learn How to Start Living Abundantly

Spend as much of your time on high vibration thoughts only and you will be living abundantly. It’s all about seeing what is possible and knowing you can get anything you want to manifest.

I know it is so easy to get disconnected though from all this abundant life you are meant to live. It’s even easier to forget when you are a busy, tired mama, and the reason I created this blog. There are so many easy ways though to quickly start seeing the abundance in your life and being present, which I will give tips for throughout this blog.

Now that you know what abundance is, let’s learn the definition of what a mindset is.

Mindset Definition and Meaning


  • Fixed attitude, disposition, or mood:

His conservative mindset sometimes causes him to miss out on important opportunities.Her judgmental mindset has cost her a number of friendships.

  • An intention or inclination:I’m not sure what her mindset will be when you ask her about her plans.

As you can probably tell from the two definitions now, an abundance mindset is a way of life. It is your core beliefs and your daily way of thinking and acting.

Does that mean you will always be happy and never have a bad day? Absolutely not! However, more often than not, you will find that you have an abundant life because it will be your default mindset.

Even when things get tough.

Even when you are tired.

Especially when things get tough and you are tired.

It will be what keeps you going in the morning because it’s who you are and it’s the life you know you and your family deserve.

That is what an abundance mindset is.

Knowing without a doubt that the Universe has your back and that there is enough abundance out there for you and everyone else. Not just when you are in a good mood and things are going perfect- but all of the time!

If that seems impossible, then you are at the right blog, so keep reading! This is just the beginning of changing to learning how to manifest abundance into your life.

You WILL do it! I believe in you!

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What are you thoughts on living abundantly? Do you feel you are living abundantly, or do you need to work on increasing your vibrations? Share in the comments below!