Kids Love Rocks- Crystals for Children And Why It’s Awesome!

kids love rocks crystals for children

As a mama who loves crystals, you probably want to find crystals for children too and Kids Love Rocks is just what you need! I don’t know about you, but my son is not allowed to touch my crystals without me! He does love rocks though, so he’s super curious about mine. He can pick them up or use them if I’m supervising him, but they are not to be played with! He really needed his own.

So what’s a crystal loving mama to do who has a kid who may love rocks too? Get your kids their own crystals for children with Kids Love Rocks! If your kiddo loves to collect rocks, they will love this.

Get a Kids Love Rocks Crystal Bag!

kids love rocks crystals for children

Now, Kids Love Rocks isn’t only for crystal lovers. It’s also not really aimed at law of attraction and manifestation. It’s meant to help children learn about and get passionate about all sorts of rocks! Even if they aren’t interested yet, your kid will love rocks after they try out this bag. Kids Love Rocks have a lot of great rocks, crystals and fossil products.

However, if you are looking for activities to teach about crystals for children and manifesting, their crystal bags work great for that too. You can also purchase individual crystals and gemstones. Kids love rocks have a variety of products that can help with science, manifesting- or both!

Use my blog post on the best crystals for law of attraction and manifesting to help add a law of attraction twist with the crystals you get if you are beginner to crystals and manifesting.

What You Get in Your Crystal Kit

For only $18.99: Kids Love Rocks Large Crystal Mining Bag contains over a half-pound of Quartz, Amethyst, Carnelian, Labradorite, Amazonite, Septarian and break your own Geodes!

This bag contains an identification guide to help you recognize crystals.

Please note: The fun part is sifting the rocks with a colander or sifter, and some water. Kits do not include these, but if you don’t have a colander, they are very inexpensive usually.

Other Crystals for Children

Kids Love rocks also offer selenite wands, gemstone kits, and individual crystals and gemstones you can buy.

If you just want to learn more science based geology they also have kits and products for that as well.

Actually, Kids Love Rocks have a lot of resources and products so just check out their website for yourself!

Benefits of Crystals for Children

There are so many great benefits of getting crystals for children, and learning about rocks. Kids who spend time exploring nature do better in school, and life in general. In today’s world, the only crystals for children are the ones powering their smart phones and tablets!

You can change that though and help your kids experience these benefits of learning about rocks and being outdoors:

  • It builds confidence. The way that kids play in nature has a lot less structure than most types of indoor play. …
  • It promotes creativity and imagination. …
  • It teaches responsibility. …
  • It provides different stimulation. …
  • It gets kids moving. …
  • It makes them think. …
  • It reduces stress and fatigue.

About Kids Love Rocks

Kids Love Rocks is a rock and mineral resource site for kids, their families, teachers and hobbyists.

They are a family owned business that started from their own children’s love for crystals and rocks.

According to the website, their mission is;

“…To give kids, both young and not so young, the ability to nurture a passion for rocks, crystals and fossils. You’ll find a number of beautiful “big kid” specimens in our For the Classroom tab. These beautifully displayed gemstones and fossil are a unique and natural addition to the classroom or home. It will spark conversation and give you an opportunity to share your love of rocks with others.”

Share Your Favorite Crystals for Children

Have you ever purchased from Kids Love Rocks? Do your kids love rocks and crystals?

What is your favorite way to teach about crystals for children? What activities do you with your kids that involve crystals? My son loves all rocks, and just playing in the dirt! His favorite crystal is Amethyst, just like his mama! How about your kids?

Leave a comment below, I would love to hear your thoughts!