6 Easy Steps-How To Manifest Your Dream Body!

how to manifest your dream body

Are you wondering how to manifest your dream body? You are not alone!

As the weather gets warmer, many people start to worry about wearing more revealing clothes. No more hiding behind comfy, over-sized sweaters and hoodies! So, what are you to do? Stay indoors all summer? No way! I’m here to tell you it’s absolutely possible to manifest your dream body! I’m going to give you step by step, easy directions on how to manifest your dream body- just in time for summer!

You may be thinking, it’s too late! Summer is almost here, and you are out of time! And even if the weather isn’t nice out, you may still worry how to manifest your dream body! Well I say that’s nonsense! Manifestation doesn’t work on the same time frame as us- if you want your dream body fast, it CAN happen fast!

How to manifest your dream body is just like any other manifesting techniques- you can manifest anything you want!

However, one of the biggest keys to manifesting your dream body is loving what you have right NOW. Not worrying about what you don’t have! That is a scarcity mindset- not an abundance mindset!

So, that’s the main secret, and step one! Love your body now, show some gratitude, and you will be on your way to manifesting an even better body. When you love yourself, every other step will be SO much easier!

So here is my secret (low calorie) sauce for exactly how to manifest your dream body;

How to Manifest Your Dream Body Step One-Self-Love and Gratitude

Love yourself now! It might seem unimportant as you are trying to change your body, but nothing could be further from the truth!

After all, if you don’t love what you have now, why should your body do anything for you? Self-love is the key to manifesting, because you must believe you deserve something for it to happen. The same goes for manifesting your dream body.

What’s the easiest way to start loving yourself and learn how to manifest your dream body?


If you are thankful for your body now,  you will be more motivated to make the changes needed to get the body you want.

Gratitude instantly raises our vibrations and makes us manifesting masters. When we are grateful, it’s almost impossible not to manifest more good things! Plus, gratitude has a ton of other amazing benefits for your personal and professional life.

And the good news is you don’t need any special tools to practice gratitude! Sure, scripting and journaling are SO powerful for gratitude (and I highly recommend you start a daily scripting practice if you can!) but it’s not a requirement!

To practice gratitude all you need is your mind! You can state out loud or in your head what you are grateful for- at any time! I personally love practicing gratitude whenever I feel annoyed or frustrated (and as an empath and highly sensitive person that is pretty much a constant!) as it instantly lifts me out of a negative state. In fact, being gratitude is almost like breathing to me now- it is just second nature!

Some examples:

When you brush your teeth, list the things you are grateful for. I’m grateful I have teeth! I’m thankful I’m healthy! I love my eyes and my hair! I have a beautiful smile!

When you take a shower, be thankful you have running water!

When you put on your jeans and you look at your belly rolls, be thankful you had the money to buy those clothes and to eat that food!

When you see someone at your goal weight, don’t get jealous! Be thankful for the inspiration on how you want to look! If they can do it, you know you can too!

Literally any frustration or moment you want to criticize yourself can be turned into a positive when you use gratitude!

Step 2- Be Clear

Be extremely clear on what your why is. Why do you want to learn how to manifest your dream body? After all, your current body has served its purpose! You eat comfort foods to make you feel better. You are not starving! Your body is doing pretty good, right?

Many people use food to deal with trauma. Sure beats drugs or drinking, right? After all, weight can always be lost- but if you turn to drugs or alcohol, gambling or other addictions it can ruin your life almost instantly! While overeating is not a healthy response to trauma, it’s fast and easy and its definitely not irreversible!

You may dislike your nose, or your breasts, or any other body part- but they all serve a purpose and most likely are doing them well! So, you need a better reason than just “eh, I don’t like ’em!”

So, what is it you want? You need to be clear on how your why will make you FEEL.

If you want to look better, why is that helpful? When you learn how to manifest your dream body-how will you feel? What changes will happen in your life?

Your why can even just be revenge! Honestly, it just needs to make you FEEL something powerful. I manifested a super healthy body after a break up because I wanted him to regret leaving me!

Every day I could see his regret in my face as I worked out. It fueled me! After awhile though it became less about him, and more about how great it made me feel to be the fittest person in the room! The constant attention and compliments felt better than any reaction from my ex ever would!

Everyone would say, it’s so unfair you are so skinny! But I knew it was because I worked out six days a week. I knew I earned it, and that felt so GOOD. 

Was it a shallow reason for learning how to manifest your dream body? Sure, but I was only 22 at the time and that was what motivated me!

Manifestation and the law of attraction doesn’t judge your why you want to know how to manifest your dream body- and neither should you! You are the creator of your reality and whatever you want can be yours!

Another example of when I manifested my dream body my why was a little different. As I got older, I just wanted to be healthy! I wanted to feel good again, and I was so tired of being well, tired! I wanted it so badly and the alternative of being tired and nothing fitting was NOT an option.

I was used to being skinny my whole life and this new reality just did not fit my belief system about who I was. Being overweight had to go because my brain could not believe it was true.

Guess what? I manifested the HCG diet, which allowed me to lose the excess weight in a MONTH. So, that’s why I am saying it doesn’t always have to take long. While the HCG diet may not be for everyone, it was for me and it worked amazingly and fast!

It all started with a strong emotion of why I wanted it to happen- and an unwavering belief that it would come to be.

Step 3-Believe

Which leads us to step three. You must BELIEVE it’s possible to learn how to manifest your dream body! You cannot doubt your ability to learn how to manifest your dream body. You don’t need to know how yet. You just need to know you will!

No doubts allowed here when finding out how to manifest your dream body!

And why would you doubt? Why can’t you change your body? People do ALL the time!

Just search weight loss before and after pictures to see countless people who have!

Look at every major celebrity- almost all of them have changed their appearance in some way. 

It absolutely is possible!

You must put out of your mind any failures to lose weight or manifest your dream body!

It is irrelevant because now you know how to do it by reading this blog.

And that leads us to the next step. How to get rid of those resistance blocks you may still have in your subconscious, even if you consciously believe and know its possible.

Step 4-Get Rid of Subconscious Blocks

If you have subconscious blocks (and most people will!) you need to get rid of them immediately!

You may know without a doubt why you want to know how to manifest your dream body on the conscious level. You know its possible! Yet, your subconscious mind has years of failures that are holding you back!

You can think positive all day as much as you want (see why affirmations don’t work for most people and how to change that) and nothing will change if you have these blocks.

That’s why it was SO easy for me to get fit in my 20s. Not because of my super fast metabolism. Sure, that helped. But I had no memory of ever being overweight. It just didn’t compute in my brain as I had never experienced it! So I didn’t worry about how to manifest your dream body, it just happened!

So going to the gym every day seemed easy to me-because it was! I knew I could get very fit because I had no reason yet to believe my body couldn’t do it.

If you have been overweight for some years, or too broke to buy that plastic surgery you want- well, you have to change your abundance blocks.

How do you change your subconscious blocks?

It’s easy with the right tools!

I recommend using these before bed, so you have all night to dream about your new changes. However, you also will likely want to spend a few moments in the morning as well to start your day.

The main key with getting rid of subconscious blocks though is just consistency. 

After all, it likely took years to get these subconscious blocks, so it may take awhile to form new connections.

However, like most habits after about a month your brain will start to think differently automatically.

The tools I recommend for getting rid of those pesky little abundance blocks are:





Vision Boards (with your face on your new body!)

You can do one, or you can do all of them. More isn’t necessarily better if you don’t enjoy it. Why? Because if you don’t enjoy it you won’t stick with it.

Step 5- Reward Yourself

How to manifest your dream body? Reward yourself! Learning how to manifest your dream body doesn’t have to be painful! This goes back to knowing your why, because a reward evokes a strong emotion in us. It keep us motivated!

So when you set a reward you really want, you will have strong feelings.

It can’t be something you care little about.

Make it big!

You will go on that dream vacation!

You will buy an ENTIRE new wardrobe!

It doesn’t have to be something that costs money- it just has to make you feel good!

And while you are at it, throw out all those clothes you “hope” to fit into someday!

How to manifest your dream body? Have fun!

You are not going back to your old body! You are creating something new and better so you will get all new clothes!! Even if its just from a thrift store, you are bringing in NEW energy.

Out with the old, in with the new!

Create a few big rewards, and then add in small, DAILY smaller rewards for moving closer to your goals (a hot bath, getting that latte on the way to work or that new manifestation journal)

Step 6-Take Inspired Action

Take inspired action! What do you feel drawn to when you think about your new body? Do you like going to the gym or do you hate it? Love running, or rather do yoga? 

Do what “feels” right to you. It doesn’t matter if it is the right step, it just has to be a STEP to get things moving. 

Do something that you love, but just do SOMETHING!

When it comes to food, make good choices, but eat what you like! If a diet feels wrong to you, don’t force yourself!

Remember, I would never found out about the HCG diet if I had not just simply ASKED my friend what she did to lose weight. 

Maybe inspired action for you is researching things online (or reading this blog!). 

It could be asking someone what they did.

It could be joining a gym, or just going for walks every day.

The point is, you must do something and it must feel right to you. When you set your intentions that have strong emotions you will get inspired action ideas. If not, you need to rethink if your goal inspires enough emotions or if you are clear enough.

One other really fun and easy way to test the inspired action ideas that you get is muscle testing. Your body knows the answer even more your mind does and it doesn’t have the same doubts. Muscle testing is simply asking your body a question and it will respond energetically with the answer.

Here is how you do muscle testing to know if you are doing the right thing:

Stand up straight and ask yourself a question you know is true. Lean forward. Now say something you know is incorrect and lean backwards. You have calibrated your body for how to respond to yes and no answers now!

Simply ask your question now. If you lean forward, its yes. If you lean backwards, it’s no!

This may feel strange at first, but the more you practice is, the easier it gets to learn how to manifest your dream body!

How To Manifest Your Dream Body Final Thoughts-

The only thing that can hold you back from how to manifest your dream body is YOU.

Now that you know the steps for how to manifest your dream body, what are you going to do? Have you ever manifested your dream body before? How did you do it? Share in the comments below on how to manifest your dream body, I’d love to hear your thoughts!