How to Manifest Someone to Text You- 7 Easy Steps

how to manifest someone to text you

Are you wondering how to manifest someone to text you? If so, you are not alone! It’s a very commonly searched question online, and one I get often! In fact, I used to wonder if you could learn how to manifest some to text you also!

After researching and testing it out myself for years, I’m here to tell you that you absolutely can learn how to manifest someone to text you!

Before you do though, you have to understand a few things about what manifestation is, and how free will and your energy impacts things.

When you are done with this post, I also recommend you go back and read my posts on how to manifest a specific person and remote influence as both are also very helpful.

So, get something to drink, get comfortable, and let’s dive in! If you already know a lot about manifesting, you can just skip right to the 8 easy steps section below. However, if you struggle with manifesting or are new to it, be sure not to skip ahead!

What Is Manifestation

Manifestation and the law of attraction are basically the same thing. All it means is a simple formula. You need all of the things in the formula for it work really well, but we are technically always manifesting our thoughts.

That is why you hear about meditation a lot in the law of attraction world because it trains you to control your thoughts and your emotions, which are key to manifestation.

The law of attraction formula is simple to understand, but sometimes harder to do when you really want something;

Your thoughts + emotions about it (or vibrations) + letting the desire go = manifesting your desire!

What do I mean by all of this? Well, in order to learn how to manifest someone to text you, or to manifest anything…you first need a desire, or something you want.

Your thoughts create your reality! That is why I’m saying you are constantly manifesting- because we are always thinking!

Once you have a thought, you have an emotion about it- whether you are conscious of it or not .(see my posts on getting rid of subconscious abundance blocks for those pesky, deep down negative thoughts we aren’t aware of.)

This emotion helps bring what you want into reality. It is the push that decides how your manifestation will happen. For instance, if you just think about money what happens will be dependent on the emotion. If you have fear, anxiety, or negative thoughts about it, you probably aren’t going to win it, and if you do, you will lose it!

The same goes for positive thoughts about money. If you feel positive emotions towards it, you will likely find yourself attracting more money.

Now, the final part about letting go? That is what we do naturally when we think, and are not consciously trying to manifest something specific like a text from someone.

So when you are purposely trying to learn how to manifest someone to text you, you cannot worry about the outcome, or it will not happen for you (or it will be the opposite of what you want because you will have attached anxiety to it).

how to manifest someone to text you

This is where many people fail at manifesting and the law of attraction and say it doesn’t work.

Well, no. It does work! You just were too dependent on a specific outcome and you self-sabotaged yourself!

It’s also one of the reasons I think self-love is the key to manifesting- because if deep down you don’t think you deserve it, or you don’t think you are truly capable of creating your reality- well, guess what? You will be right!

Think about these common phrases now that you have heard:

 “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.” Henry Ford

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” Walt Disney

“It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.” Walt Disney

Do you see how successful people have all seemed to master this ability to believe the impossible?

Maybe Alice in Wonderland was not just a story, and was really trying to tell us something about our own magical abilities and trying to believe in impossible things before breakfast?!

Even God says, “If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, which, as he says (Matthew 13:32), “is less than all seeds.”

So if God says all you need is the faith of a tiny mustard seed to MOVE A MOUNTAIN, why do you doubt your own ability to learn how to manifest someone to text you?

How to Manifest a Text From Someone And Free Will

Now, I know what you are probably thinking. Ok, that sounds great and all, but you still don’t believe because of free will. When you are learning how to manifest someone to text you it is different than wanting to manifest a car or a home for instance.

You are trying to influence the will of another manifesting, creator human being.

And that’s no small thing!

However, yes, it is still possible to influence a person who has free will.

Here’s the thing. When you learn how to manifest someone to text you, you are influencing them with your energy and good vibrations. You are not making them doing anything they don’t want to because you are ONLY sending them good vibrations.

Do you understand now? You are manifesting them to do something because you are influencing them to do something they will WANT to do.

Please don’t try to learn how to manifest someone to text you if you want to use it to hurt them, or you do not have good intentions.

First, they will pick up on that negative energy and more than likely ignore you. That would be the best case scenario for you because if they do pick up on that negative energy and STILL text you?

Watch out!

That negative energy you are sending out will come back to you ten-fold!

Actually, even if they don’t reach out to you, that bad energy will still come back to you in some form.

So, rest assured, if you are learning how to manifest someone to text you with good intentions, you are not forcing anyone to do something they wouldn’t want to do anyways. They just didn’t know they wanted to until you manifest it because you had not given them a reason to!

If you do everything right, and it just isn’t working for you, then it is possible you just are not on the right energy or wavelength as them right now. If that happens, don’t worry! We’ll discuss below how to overcome that too.

7 Easy Steps For How To Manifest Someone To Text You

1. Get Clear

This step might seem easy, or not important but don’t skip it or you will regret it! You really want to make sure you understand exactly why you are wanting to learn how to manifest someone to text you for the reasons mentioned above.

If you go into this with the wrong intentions, you will not attract what you truly want. You also really need to be on the same vibration as the one you want to attract.

I go into how to do that a lot in my post for how to manifest your ex back, but the same principles apply for anyone-whether its a friend, family member, etc. You need to match their vibration. That is why it’s tougher (although not impossible!) to learn how to manifest someone to text you- but not impossible!

There are a lot of ways to go about getting clear on what you want. Here are a few of my favorites:


Manifestation Journal: One journal prompt is to write down a detailed description of what it would be like as if it happened in real time. This helps you see any blocks you may have because when you are imagining it you can pay attention to what doesn’t feel right or possible. Any twinge of disbelief in what you are describing is something you need to work on and be aware of. Journaling is great for this!

Another journaling technique is to just ask yourself why over and over again. This helps you get very clear! For example:

Why do I want to learn how to manifest someone to text you? Now, you write your response such as, “Because I like him.” Next, you ask yourself why again. “Because he is nice to me.” You get the idea! Do this until you feel extremely clear.

Pillow Method Manifestation: This technique kind of includes meditation before bed and journaling. It allows you to think about why you want to learn how to manifest someone to text you by using your subconscious while you sleep! Dreams are a powerful way to understand yourself and your motives, so doing this technique before bed is very powerful! Simply write down on a piece of paper asking why you want to learn how to manifest someone to text you, and put it under your pillow to think about while you sleep!

2. Get Rid of Limiting Beliefs

Once you have gotten clear on why you want to learn how to manifest someone to text you, you need to make sure you believe it! Even if you feel like you do, chances are you still have some blocks that you were not aware of until you got really clear on why you want to learn how to manifest someone to text you. (You didn’t skip that process, right?)

If you did detect limiting beliefs, I have a whole post on how to get rid of any lingering blocks you may have. However, even just being aware of your beliefs can help you overcome them!

3. Match Their Energy

This step is an interesting one, and if you really like the person you want to learn how to manifest a text from- well, it should be easy to do!

This just means you want to be on the same energy vibe as them.

A good example would be to think back to when you first met an ex. Do you remember how you just sort of vibed? If they were happy, so were you? If they wanted to go somewhere to eat, you suddenly wanted that food too?

As you start getting more comfortable with someone, you get back on your own energy and this is why couples sometimes think the other one wasn’t being honest about who they were. That isn’t usually true though, it’s not something most are conscious of doing.

When you are attracted to someone a chemical reaction happens in your body that helps you get into sync with each other. This happens to chemically bond yourself to each other.

All kinds of chemicals are released to make this energy sync happen- feel good chemicals like serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin, and norepinephrine. These bonding chemicals make you feel so good that you naturally just want to do and be like your partner because it feels good! Your heart rate and breathing can even sync up too!

So when you want to learn how to manifest someone to text you, get back into that state as much as possible!

Match their energy! When you think about manifesting them, be like they are- are they high energy or more low key? Think about how you were when you were around them, and if it is someone you don’t know well you will have to do your best to imagine this and hope you are right.

Other things you can do is photoshop a picture of you together if you don’t have it, or you can imagine how they would feel and act sending you a text. Look at a picture of them and try to feel their energy. Smell their favorite cologne if you know it. (Please don’t act like a stalker to get this information- you either already know it or have to come across it organically). This can get you into the right vibration!

4. Visualize

Now that you have gotten very clear on what and why you want to learn how to manifest someone to text you, discovered any blocks, and know to match their energy…it’s time for the fun!

It’s time to get to do the visualization exercises and this part is crucial!

You can do one, or all of them- but the key here is to pick ones that are the easiest and most fun for you so you stick with it. Remember, your energy is very important so if its not enjoyable it’s not the right visualization technique to try!

Here are some of my favorites:

Time Machine: Visualize how to manifest someone to text you AFTER it already happened for awhile. For example, don’t visualize receiving the text right now. Imagine how you would feel after you have already been texting for a few weeks. Doesn’t that energy feel different?

You don’t have to conjure up the excitement and crazy energy of when they first text you! No, you are just imagining when it has already happened and while you are still happy, it feels more natural and common place. This energy is MUCH easier to visualize and more realistic!

Whisper Method: I saw this one TikTok and thought it was too simple to work, but its definitely not! It’s also really fun if you have done the work to know how to match their energy well.

All you do is get super relaxed (doing this at bedtime is best) and imagine them before you. Really see, smell, hear, etc. the person you want to text you.

Next, just imagine yourself whispering in their ear that they will text you.

That’s it!

For extra oomph, I like to imagine them smiling and grabbing their phone. I then picture them sending it. However, you really don’t even need to go that far unless you want to.

Send Yourself A Text: This technique is very effective, but it does require slight technical skills! Since I have an Android phone, it’s very easy. I simply add my own phone number in my contact lists, and then change it to the name of the person I want to text me!

You can then send yourself a text and it will say its from them. After you send it, be sure to not look at your phone for a few hours.

Also, just be careful because sometimes it feels so real I freak myself out and think I accidentally texted them some weird message even though I know I am only texting myself!

If you have an IPhone or other phone and it doesn’t work, you can do a tricky technique instead. Just change the name of someone you text often instead!

Be creative with this one. You can mix it up and just imagine the text on your phone without actually sending it. Instead just look at the area of your phone where you would get a text.

There is not right or wrong here. Just do what feels best!

Once you have sent the text, whether in your imagination, or actually using your phone, you must put the phone down and forget about it! Send it, and forget it! Come back and look at it later.

YouTube Manifestation Meditation

Try some guided meditation videos. There are a lot you can listen to and all for FREE! Here are two of the most currently popular ones:

5. Keep Your Energy High

Now that you have done the work to get clear, and have actually visualized what you want to manifest, you must keep your energy high!

Do things that make YOU feel good. Be the kind of person they would want to text. I’m not saying to change yourself of course, but you want to be high vibe! Get your hair done, buy a new outfit, eat healthy, exercise, etc.

Really spoil yourself!

And try to not think about them! If you do think about them, only send happy thoughts to them! It’s even better if you add gratitude. Every time they cross your mind, try visualizing a ball of white light or pink light sending them love, joy and gratitude they will receive every time THEY think of you!

This keeps you feeling good and positive while you wait to hear back. You know the energy is out there, now you need to believe stay focused on you.

6. Let it Go

This is the part that is hard for most people! Once you have done all these things you are bound to get impatient if it doesn’t happen right away. If you do feel that way, take a break and work on your limiting beliefs and blocks before you visualize again.

Otherwise, you will be sending out desperate vibes and that will sabotage your efforts.

You must really believe it will happen but be ok with it not happening!

When you are learning how to manifest someone to text you this will be the hardest part for most. It doesn’t have to be if you have high self-love already and you truly believe its possible…but its totally normal if you aren’t there yet.

If you aren’t, don’t beat yourself up. Take a break and come back to it later. You will learn how to manifest someone to text you, just be patient!

Another great way to keep in a high vibe and spirit of belief is to print out some positive relationship affirmations and keep them where you can see them often. Every time you start to doubt yourself, just read them!

However, keep in mind that if you keep scoffing at them when you read the affirmations that you need to stop and go back to working on your limiting beliefs first.

You can also go back to making sure you are matching their energy correctly.

7. Practice Gratitude

Whether you are trying to learn how to manifest someone to text you or not, a gratitude practice has many other benefits! However, its especially important when you try to learn how to manifest someone to text you!

The reason for this is it’s hard to have disbelief and a negative energy when you are in a state of gratitude!

You can be grateful about anything, but when you want to learn how to manifest someone to text you I suggest really focusing on times someone you wanted to text you in the past did. Or be grateful for something the person you want to text you did in the past. Keep your gratitude focused on the person you want for best results, but any gratitude practice will raise your vibrations.

How Long Does it Take To Learn How to Manifest Someone to Text You?

There really is no timeline for how long it takes to learn how to manifest someone to text you. Sometimes, the person will text you instantly, and for others it can take months or even YEARS.

It will really depend on your unique ability to let go, match their energy, and really believe its possible. Once you get good at learning how to manifest someone to text you though the results can and should be almost instant! Don’t get upset with yourself if you aren’t learning how to manifest someone to text you immediately.

Is Someone Learning How to Manifest Someone to Text YOU to Text Them?

One thing you may not have thought about is someone may be out there learning how to manifest someone to text YOU!

If you are the object of someones desire and your vibes match, you may dream about them, think about them randomly, or even smell their favorite cologne or perfume!

If you like them back and want to text, don’t be shy and go ahead and reach out! Chances are if you were not trying to learn how to manifest a text from someone but start feeling that way…they were trying to get YOU to text them!

If you are uninterested, you can simply do the whisper method on them and visualize yourself sending them the message that you are not the one for them. Be sure to send them loving energy and wish them well.

Final Thoughts on How to Manifest Someone To Text You

I hope you found this guide helpful! I’d love to hear about if you have ever tried to learn how to manifest someone to text you, or felt like someone else was trying to learn how to manifest someone to text YOU! Share your thoughts on how to manifest someone to text you in the comments below!


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