How To Manifest Quickly And Easily

Are you trying to manifest your desires quickly?

Do you want a perfect career? Amazing relationships?

How about unlimited abundance that is instant and without any work at all? Everything you want, right now!

Is it even possible though?

Well, you’re definitely not the only one to ask that!

Many people want to manifest quickly, and for different reasons.

Maybe you just find it hard to manifest what you want, and you’re getting frustrated waiting? Maybe the Law of Attraction just doesn’t seem to work for you. 

Manifesting can definitely be difficult sometimes, let alone quickly, if you have a lot of blocks. There is also a lot of misinformation out there that could be slowing your manifestations down.

So, I get it. I feel impatient about my manifestations sometimes too.

manifest quickly

I understand how frustrating it is to feel like you are doing everything you should, but nothing is working.

 When I figure out what I want, then I want it now! (or even better, yesterday!)

After all, we don’t always have tons of time. Life is short!

No matter how much I write about being detached from our desires, or study the law of attraction and manifestation…I can still feel like a beginner every time I really want something!

I’d love to say that impatience just goes away after years of practice, but for most of us it will always be a struggle. But that’s ok, our emotions are what makes us human! And with practice and the right manifestation tools, it can get easier to learn to control your emotions- instead of them controlling you!

So, to answer the original question: Yes, you can manifest quickly!

Luckily, the Universe does like speed! 

There are things you can do to speed it up. You also need to understand a few other caveats.

Controlling the Outcome Just Isn’t How Manifestation Works

 If you are focusing on when your manifestation will happen…well, you’re doing it wrong!

While it is possible to manifest instantly, you need to keep in mind that it may not be the best timing or even what you truly want or need. If that’s the case, it’s because there is something even better out there for you though! 

Controlling the how and when of your manifestations is not the best use of your manifestation energy. Your main goal with manifesting is understanding what you want, not controlling the outcome!

You Need to Focus on What Really Matters

You can also only manifest your desires when you are actually ready for them. Many think they are, but in reality still have some blocks regarding them.

So, if you want to manifest quickly, it’s important to know exactly what manifestation is, and the best way to do it.

We live in a world of limitless options, and you are really only limited by your beliefs and faith. You just never know how something may be able to manifest quickly! 

While I don’t think you should worry about the when of your manifestations, I don’t think there is anything wrong with wanting to  manifest quickly as long as you are open to the actual timeframe results.

So, let’s get started…

There can be a lot of reasons why you are not manifesting quickly, and also a lot of things you can do to change it right away! 

First, let’s start with what manifestation is and how it works.

What is Manifestation?

You will find a lot of different definitions of what manifesting is, but when it comes to the law of attraction it’s very simple. It is just creating something. This creation comes from your thoughts, beliefs, and energy (or vibrations.)

So, whatever you think and feel will be created in your physical reality. There are a lot of different ways to do this, which I discuss in my manifestation toolbox- things like meditation, visualization, affirmations, subliminals, etc.

This creation is called manifestation!

There are usually three basic steps for manifesting; Ask, believe, and receive. It’s really so simple, but if our subconscious beliefs don’t align with our desires it can seem like it’s not working. The main problem is when what you are asking for is something you don’t believe in at a subconscious level.

The problem with the subconscious is you are not aware of it. That’s why you need manifestation tools, especially if you want to speed up the creation process! Remember though, it even took God seven days to create earth!

Half the fun of creating is the process, isn’t it?

But as we mentioned earlier, there are times when you don’t want to wait as long and that’s ok. As long as you understand you don’t try to control when it happens, there is nothing wrong with doing everything you can to make it as fast as possible- and a more enjoyable experience! There is no point in learning the hard way if you can do it faster and better the right way the first time!

So here are my favorite tips to manifest quicker;

Figure Out Why You Want to Manifest So Fast

When you manifest, you need to be specific and know what your intention is. This seems so obvious, and that’s why it gets skipped a lot. Yet, it’s not always as simple as it seems!

In order to manifest quickly, you must make sure there is a really good reason for it to be so fast. If it’s for something that makes you feel bad, or has a negative intent behind it, then it won’t work for you.

For example, “I need to manifest that house quickly because there is NO OTHER POSSIBLE HOME I COULD LOVE LIKE THAT and I’ll be HOMELESS SOON!” then you are coming from a place of lack and fear.

To make sure you are doing it for good reasons, ask yourself,  “Why do I feel I need to manifest this right away?”

Then, remind yourself that the Universe always does what is for the highest good.

Instead of just wanting something to manifest fast, focus on what is for the best. If it’s truly for the highest good, it will manifest at the perfect time. You don’t need to focus on the speed, but the best outcome for all involved!

Doesn’t it just feel better to say, “I will manifest my dream home because it will provide the highest good for all involved,” then, “I need THAT ONE HOME, right NOW, or I’ll NEVER FIND A GOOD HOME!”

Get Clear on What You Want To Manifest

Next, you really need to know what it is you want to manifest. You can’t manifest quickly if you are all over the place on what you want. The clearer you are, the faster you manifest.

Think about going to a restaurant. If you keep debating between the steak or the lobster for a long time, will you receive it as fast as someone who knows right away?

So, how do you do this? I mean, steak and lobster are both pretty great, right?

A more realistic example is let’s say you want to manifest money. That’s pretty vague. Find out why you want money? What would you do with it? Buy a house? A car? Pay off debt? What does having money mean to you. Maybe you don’t really want money, you just want the freedom to work or travel whenever you want. So that is what you want to focus on, not just money.

You can win a vacation for free!  Maybe get paid to write about those things? Get specific about what you actually want.

Stop worrying about just the details too, and start thinking about the feelings. When you thought about why you need it so quickly, we decided that wanting it for the highest good was best. The reason is, you stop worrying about the timing and you start thinking about how it’s for good. 

That feels better! The same is said for pretty much anything you want to manifest. You are trying to manifest a feeling.

So get specific and clear on what you want to feel.

You think that dream home will be for the highest good? Why? How will having that home fast help you feel? Happy that your landlord doesn’t have to wait for an answer? Your realtor will be happy getting a good commission, quickly and easy? The sellers will feel happy knowing it’s done quickly? Will your family be happy in their new home? When I think about being in this new home, does it feel right? What will it be like living there?

Get clear on how you want to feel. Make sure you understand why you want something, in addition to it being for the highest good and you are on your way!

But there’s still a lot more you can still to do speed it up.

Get to Know Yourself By Finding Your Blocks

In order to manifest well, let alone fast, you need to get rid of your subconscious blocks. To do this though, you must really know yourself.

There are a lot of great manifestation tools to help with this.

One of my favorite ways to find your blocks is journaling, because when you journal you get very clear on what you want and how it should look.

This is a great way to find anything that feels off or unbelievable to you while you are imagining it. Whatever feels wrong, is your block.

This resistance can feel like doubt, frustration, fear, procrastination, anxiety, fears, regrets, etc. when you think about what you want.

manifest quickly abundance blocks

Let’s go back to the dream home example. Maybe as you are journaling about what the home will be like, you feel fear. You are afraid you won’t be able to maintain it. Perhaps you feel guilt. Your older sister doesn’t have a home yet, why should you? 

These are all your blocks that you need to work on first if you want to manifest.

If you don’t, your subconscious belief will just cancel out your desire. It will always win in the long run!

You are sending mixed up messages.

Imagine if you were in a restaurant and you decided on steak, but you ordered it this way, “Ok, finally! I will get the steak! I really don’t think I deserve it though. In fact, I don’t think I should spend my money on that. I really need to pay my utility bill, and I think my credit card will just be maxed out if I get the steak! I don’t actually think I can afford this….”

Who is going to get you a steak, when you basically just said you don’t have the money for it, or that you should really get it? They are probably going to ask if you are sure you don’t want something less expensive? You will likely start to doubt your decision, and just get something else.

Or maybe you WILL still order it confidently, but you won’t enjoy it. Or you will run out of there before they can serve it to you, embarrassed that you thought you could even order it!

Obviously these are more silly examples, but it helps you understand how silly it is to ask the Universe for something when you still have subconscious blocks on it.

So some great ways to find out your blocks are things like meditation, affirmations, visualization, vision boards, and journaling.

Get Rid Of Those Pesky Blocks and Any Negative Situations

Ok, so now you are clear on what you want and why. You know you have some blocks still.

What do you do next?

Well, luckily, there are lots of great ways to get rid of those subconscious blocks and a lot of them are similar to how you found them- journaling, visualization, meditation, etc.

You can also add in things like subliminals, and hypnosis to really speed it up with little effort. 

Not only that, but you need to get rid of situations and things that are holding you back.

What do I mean by that?

Well, if you are around people who don’t believe in you, criticize you, or make you just feel bad…you need to get away from them!

It’s going to be hard to manifest in any environment where you feel unhappy and unsupported.

You need to believe in yourself, and surround yourself with people and places that help you stay in a good mindset.

Get Aligned With Your Desires and Raise Your Vibrations

Everything is energy, and has a certain vibration. If you want to manifest, you must match the vibration of what you want.

Like attracts like!

So, how can you raise your vibration to match what you desire? Well, you’ve already gotten clear on how you want to feel, and why!

Now you just need to start feeling like you already have what you want.

Gratitude is awesome as it raises you in a state that is always going to match. When you get what you want, you will be happy and grateful, right?

You also want to start visualizing yourself as already having it. You can journal, meditate, and visualize in the present tense.

Don’t stop there though! Do things that make you feel like you have what you want.

For the dream home, you can start making a vision board with you already in it.

Go take a tour of the home and pretend like it’s yours.

Visualize yourself in the perfect home.

If you discovered having your dream home would make you feel secure, and  that’s why you want it….start doing things that make you feel secure already!

Maybe do a gratitude bomb for what you currently have that makes you feel secure- money in savings, your debt paid off, or the fact that you never missed a rent payment!

Go ahead and donate to charity-after all, you must be pretty secure in your own money, if you have enough to give still?

Do something even further-go volunteer with the homeless if you want to be thankful for what you already have!

When you are grateful and giving, you are telling the Universe you deserve more good things!

Find stories about people in a similar situation who manifested what they wanted, and feel inspired!

Whatever you do, keep your vibration at where you want to already be.

Do what makes you feel good! It doesn’t even have to be exact. Just do more things that make you happy, and you will raise your vibration.

Eventually, if you keep feeling good and imagining yourself as already having what you want, your present reality has no choice but to catch up.

Practice Daily

Anything you really want is worth some time and effort. If you just meditate once, and complain it didn’t happen two minutes later…well, that’s on you!  Consistency and effort is key to changing your mindset and matching the vibration of what you want. Putting in the effort shows you believe in your desires. Be consistent and watch the results!

Detach From the Outcome

I know, easier said than done. This step is extremely important though. When you are worried about the future, your vibration is lowered and you lose sight of the good things in your current reality. 

Look for signs that you are on the right track instead.

If you find the perfect realtor, that could be a sign!

Maybe someone gives you a brochure with a home that looks just like your dream home!

Signs help you see you are on the right track, and shows the Universe you are not trying to control the results. You are open to the possibilities!

When you start to doubt, just say, “I trust the Universe, and it always has my back!”

So instead of worrying about the outcome, you are enjoying the feeling of the Universe providing signs and trusting the process. This keeps you in the right vibrational state.

The more you stay positive the more good experiences you will attract. The Universe will match those vibrations and bring you the right opportunities and situations to match your faith.

Live in the current moment, and realize you can be happy with or without what you want to manifest.

If you can do that, you will be able to detach from the outcome.

Be Open to Receive

What does this mean exactly? It may seem kind of funny, because you probably think you are. However, are you really?

Being open means being ready for what you want. It’s also about being open to it showing up differently than you expected.

Which, if you are detached from the outcome,you will be open as well.

Now that you know what you want, and you know how it will feel, make sure you are actually ready for it!

If you want that dream home, are you ready to let go of your current living situation? Do you truly trust the process?

If you want more customers, is your business ready for it?

If so, all you have to do now is just enjoy the process!

Being open to receive just means you know you have done the work, and know things are going to work out for you.

It’s the sense of calm you have when you know your manifestation is about to happen.

When you are open to receiving what you desire, you have no more doubt.

Signs Your Manifestation Is Close

manifest quickly

If your desires are still taking longer than you want, don’t get discouraged. haven’t made their way to you yet, don’t get disheartened. It doesn’t mean all hope is lost and you should give up. It may just be that you have some more work to do, or the timing is right yet. Keep up the faith by seeing signs your manifestation is on the way:

*How You Feel: Similar to being open to receive, this is a sense of excitement. Even if you see no signs, you feel like you just know it’s coming.

*Hearing or Seeing Your Manifestations: You may overhear people talking about it, seeing it on tv, hearing about it on the radio, seeing billboards, angel numbers or other signs you asked for.

*People Bring Up Your Desires: Maybe your coworker shows you a picture of your dream home randomly on a real estate website even though she didn’t know you were looking. Your friend mentions a song you were listening to that gets you in a positive mood when you doubt your manifestations. You start having little synchronicities like this all the time!

Have you ever manifested something quickly? What things did you do? How did you feel? Share in the comments below!