How to Manifest Friends in 3 Easy Steps

“Don’t be afraid of new beginnings. Don’t shy away from new people, new energy, new surroundings. Embrace new chances at happiness.”  — Billy Chapata

How to Manifest Friends When You Are a Busy Mom

how to manifest friends
Everything is better with friends!

Do you wonder how to manifest friends? Why does it seems so hard to know how to manifest friends as we get older or start a family? While I love my husband and my son, they just can’t relate in the same way a good friend can.

When I was younger, making new friends was easy, and I didn’t really even have to try. Eventually though, you usually either start a family, get busy working your way up the career ladder, or sometimes both at the same time. Sometimes you may move far away.

If you aren’t lucky enough to vibe with your coworkers, neighbors, or have kids at the same time as your good friends…well, it’s easy to drift apart.  

Especially as Moms, it can be tough to know how to manifest friends. We tend to put others before ourselves. Once I am done taking care of my kid, the idea of having to talk and share with another adult is exhausting. I also have to worry about finding a babysitter, and if they are a good influence for my kid, will they understand if my kid gets sick at the last minute, etc. 

It can definitely complicate things, and sometimes curling up to watch Netflix alone is easier than finding out how to manifest new friends. Using the kid excuse is such a convenient way to cancel too, and I know I’m not the only mom out there who does this.

Social media doesn’t help either when you want to know how to manifest friends. While social media may seem to help you connect and stay in touch, it can also leave us feeling more lonely in the long run.

Why risk going out and learn how to manifest friends when you can just stay home and watch other people’s lives online? It can seem like socializing, but at the end of the day it’s not a replacement for the real thing. Show me someone who has hundreds of social media friends, but not one they can call for a ride at 1am if their car breaks down?

How many friends does that person really have?

We also may fear reaching out and learning how to manifest friends because social media allows us to see everyone else having a good time without us. We may think they already have a lot of friends, or they are too cool for us.

I’ll never forget expressing my loneliness to a friend who seemed to always post pictures of her out with her friends while I worked 60 hours a week. She said, “Sure, I am always going out all the time, but those people only like me for my husband’s money. When I actually need them, they aren’t there for me.”

Other times, we have a lot of friends, but they may not align with our actual selves. This is especially true for those on a spiritual path or someone into manifestation. 

For example, I was thinking of joining a church the other day to just get to know people in my neighborhood. After all, a big key to friendship is proximity. It isn’t a requirement, but chances for friendship are greater for people you see often and easily. And most people in my neighborhood seemed involved in church.

However, I knew I would have to hold back on being my authentic self around them. Look, manifesting, crystals, etc. does not have to interfere with religious beliefs. You can honestly do both if you want!

But I know from growing up going to church, that I don’t align with the majority of other important beliefs people at churches have. While I believe in God, that is about where the similarity ends. We are just too different. 

Would that kind of friendship ultimately be worth it? Why settle for convenience, when you can learn how to manifest new friends who actually understand and get you?

Friends who accept yourself and also help raise your vibrations higher are what you should be manifesting.

While it’s easier to just go to a church closest to your home instead of asking that person at the local crystal shop, or taking a risk online…it will not be as fulfilling.

So, here are my best tips for how to manifest new friends that has helped me the most;

Love Yourself First

This step is so, so, so important for how to manifest friends! If you read my blog, you know I say you need self-love to manifest anything. It’s the most important key to manifesting! Whether you are manifesting a house, a car, baby or how to manifest friends…you need self-love!

Yet, I would say self-love is even more important for how to manifest friends! If you want to manifest just any kind of new friends, then skip this step! Keep in mind though, who you surround yourself with will influence who you are.

So you want friends who love you, uplift you, and will be there for you then you must first start with yourself!

Friends will come and go. People die, they move away, they cancel plans. It’s not a matter of if, but when they will let you down or leave.

So you need to be your own best friend first.

If you truly love yourself, you will not be upset when someone cancels often or isn’t there for you. You will just realize that maybe they are more casual friends, and you invest less effort into them.

It doesn’t ruin your self-esteem though, and it doesn’t make you cut them out of your life completely. 

When you love yourself, you also don’t settle for friends who make you feel bad about yourself, or that you can’t be authentic around.

Because you are ok with being alone.

You know your worth.

So, how do you love yourself? How do you become your own best friend?

There are a lot of ways, but here are some of my favorites:

Go to movies and restaurants alone! Besides building up your confidence, and always getting to do what you want-this activity will also make you appreciate friends as well.

It’s just the same going alone, is it? It can be fun, but you will be more patient when you are with your friends and they don’t want to do the same things as you because you know what its like to be alone.

You will also know that its ok to compromise once in awhile on what you do, because you can still have fun later doing things on your own.

Going out alone also builds up your confidence. When you are alone, you are more open to meeting new people and you never know who you may connect with.

Another way to love yourself is to get rid of your abundance blocks. How you do this is you can use visualization to imagine your friendships that you want. Notice in yourself anything that doesn’t feel good about what you are visualizing.

Do you think thoughts like, “I’m so awkward,” or “people always ignore me,” or “I have never had friends like that before, why would it happen for me now,” or maybe “but there is nobody like that in my neighborhood!”

Whatever negative thoughts come up is ok! Don’t fight it, just observe it and thank yourself for showing you any blocks.

Write these down, and now journal what you want to change.

If it’s, “But I’m so awkward,” then you would journal something like, “I am confident and always know how to be my most authentic self with my friends!”

The key is to keep it positive and in the present tense (like it has already happened.)

Now you know exactly what to journal and visualize every day!

Write a List

Just like you would for a romantic partner, writing a list is a helpful way to make sure you don’t settle! Get very, very specific on what you want. There is nothing too silly or specific. No right or wrong answers here!

How can you find out what you want in a friend? Here are some ideas:

Think back to any good friendships you’ve had- what did it look like? What did you like about them?

You can also do this for any relationship you like, not just for how to manifest friends.

Think of friendships you have seen on tv, movies, or in person that you thought seemed idea. What was it about them that you liked?

When you try to be a good friend, what is it that YOU do? Is that how you would want to be treated?

What kind of things do you want to do with your friends? What activities do you like to do or wish you had someone to do things with?

Do you want someone who is quiet and listens, or do you prefer someone who is loud and funny?
What are absolute deal breakers? What have people done that you did NOT like? Why?

When you are trying to get clear on what you want to manifest, a great technique is to keep questioning your beliefs. It looks something like this:

I want to know how to manifest friends!

Why do I want to know how to manifest friends?

Because friends are awesome, duh!


Well, because it’s nice to have someone to talk to.


Because I learn new things from people when I talk to them.

Why? Can’t you just read a book?

Well, sure but it feels great to be validated by someone and heard.


Well, I never really felt validated growing up to be honest…


My parents ignored my feelings and were always too busy.


They worked a lot.


We needed money and it made me feel lonely!

Ok, so what you get from this is you really want to know how to manifest friends to make you feel validated and heard. You may want to be to sure avoid a workaholic friend, or seems materialistic.

You may also want to work on family issues too if you haven’t done that shadow work yet, but that’s a whole other post 🙂

The point is you can get really, really deep on the why technique and it helps you get crystal clear on what you want.

Once you know your why, you can start taking action!

Take Inspired Action

Ok, so at this point you love yourself, you aren’t going to settle, and you know exactly the type of friendship you want, right? You know what they like to do, how they behave, and at this point, it might even feel like you have already met them!

Well, that’s because energetically YOU have! By getting crystal clear on what you want to manifest, you have put the wheels in motion for manifesting.

Now, it’s possible they will just show up without you doing anything!

But, at this point, you know they are out there and you know you are worthy of that friendship. You also know if it doesn’t work out, you are totally cool being alone.

So, why would you be shy? 

Start to join groups, online forums, apps, etc. where you think your new friends would be and actually TALK to someone.

Be honest with them!

You could just say something like, “You seem pretty cool and who doesn’t need more friends? Let’s exchange contact information and get to know each other if you want?”

Yeah, it might seem scary, and it may seem like dating-but there is one difference. When you ask someone out on a date, they usually will be pretty clear if they do or do not like you. Even if their words don’t say it, their body language will.

Now, with a new friend, you may notice body language that says they are uninterested, but more often they will politely exchange information.

It won’t be as embarrassing as asking someone on a date! More than likely, they will be flattered as people these days are rarely so bold, or are just too busy.

No matter how they actually feel, they will probably justs say sure, why not? It’s not like they are committing to anything major at this point. They are not considering you for their future life mate, just someone they may go get a coffee with occasionally!

And if they are rude, they really did you a favor, didn’t they? Who wants to be friends with someone who would be rude about someone putting themselves out there like that? Phew, dodged that bullet!

What happens next is they will either be enthusiastic when one of you reaches out, or they will ignore you or always have a reason to not hang out. They may like you but just be genuinely too busy, or not a good fit. That’s ok! 

They can still be casual friends, and you just never know who they may introduce you too also.

So, get out there, and start to take action!

You ARE worthy of manifesting new friends! I hope you found this how to manifest new friends guide helpful!

And if you want to be my friend, feel free to contact me! I’d love to hear from you! Do you know how to manifest friends? Have you ever used any of these how to manifest friends tips? What are your favorite how to manifest friends tips? Share in the comments below!