How to Manifest a Job The Easy Way- 8 Steps

How to manifest a job
How to manifest a job like a boss!

With all the uncertainty going on due to Covid-19, many people are looking to make a career change. If you are wondering how to manifest a job (the easy way!) no matter what the circumstance, than read on.

I’ll give you my best tips on how to manifest a job that helped me navigate the housing crash and recession in America. I went from making $8 an hour to over $20, to back to struggling to find anything for years. I had reinvent myself completely many times, but you don’t have to!

Learn from my mistakes and how to manifest a job in any economy or situation- regardless of your current skills, experience, or personal network.

Open your mind, trust the universe has your back, and let go of those pesky abundance blocks. the law of attraction is simply adding emotion to a desire and bringing it into your reality. Manifesting a job is no different.

Let’s get to it!

Self Love Is Key

Before you do anything, you must have self-love! This is especially true if you want to learn how to manifest a job! If you do not believe you deserve a good job, or that it even exists, you will not manifest what you desire. You must have self-love and truly believe the right job is out there for you if you want to know how to manifest a job.

This is of course important for manifesting anything, but it’s especially important for how to manifest a job. The reason for this is money is extremely personal and carries a lot of emotions with it.

A job also carries strong emotion and energy like money. The reason is you are literally trading your personal skills, talent and time for an extremely emotional object- money. For many people, their personal identity and self-worth is reflected by what they do for a living.

The thing is though, is that money is just energy. Your job does not define who you are as a person. It’s just what you do, it’s not who you are.

Yet, we are told throughout our lives that who we are is dependent on what we do and how much money we have!

While it’s true it can be an important part of our lives, money and your career are NOT who you are at the end of the day.

You are a limitless, amazing spiritual being inside a physical, finite body.

You do spend a lot of your time at work though, it is important you feel good about yourself if you want to be able to know how to manifest a job.

Ways to Increase Your Self Love While You Job Search:

Spend some time really working on raising your vibrations while you figure out how to manifest a job. If you are too broke to go to the spa, go for a walk! Nature is extremely cathartic!

Can’t afford a face mask? Make your own! There are a ton of inexpensive recipes online to save money on food. Borrow some nail polish from a friend. It’s the little things that can make you feel more confident.

Ask your friends to tell you what makes you special. Ask them what your talents are. Ask current or former coworkers or bosses why they liked working for you and what your skills are.

If you don’t feel you can ask anyone, then write yourself a letter of what you think someone would say! Don’t worry if you have nobody to ask- you know yourself the best and know your talents and skills. We ALL have something!

You can even write a letter about the qualities and skills you WISH you had. Just write it as if you already have it, and make sure you thank the Universe or God for you being that way. It doesn’t matter if it’s true yet- if you can imagine it you can be anything!

So go ahead, really spoil yourself while you look for a job! Be what you want to attract if you want to know how to manifest a job easily.

If you know the company you want to work at, find out about their culture. Go get your hair done and buy an outfit you think they would wear at that job. Imagine how much you fit in there! Obviously only do this if you like the culture- don’t try to be something you dislike.

You can imagine yourself in a picture on the company website as one of their employees. I don’t care if everyone in the pictures are in their 20s and you are in your late 30s. I’ve managed to learn how to manifest a job multiple times with people younger than me this way. If you FEEL young, you ARE young.

Companies typically hire younger people for the ENERGY they give off, and their enthusiasm. Sure, they hire them because they usually also accept lower pay, but they really want that young energy the most that makes them want to work hard for less money!

If you bring that kind of energy AND experience, you can bet you will be paid accordingly. If not? It was the wrong company anyways. Move on! You deserve the world, so start believing it!

Be Clear

Before you can learn how to manifest a job, you must know what you want! You can certainly learn how to manifest a job without this step, but it will unlikely be your dream job. Do you want to manifest just any job, or one you will actually enjoy?

Trust me, if you start looking on job boards without any clue what you will or will not accept, it is so easy to get discouraged and frustrated. This will lower your vibrations and make it tough to find the right job.

In order to do this step, I love a couple of different techniques that work magic. First, is scripting (or called journaling).

It’s super easy and actually kind of fun! If you struggle with visualizing, this is a great technique because you write it down instead of imagining what you want (although you can absolutely do that if you prefer-there is just something magical about using your hands and your mind to create reality).

With scripting, I want you to just free flow write your perfect job. Do not worry about grammar, or spelling. Nobody is going to see it but you! It also doesn’t matter if you believe yet what you want is possible. It doesn’t matter at this point. Right now you are just allowing yourself to dream about what you want.

If you struggle with this step, think about people you know or even just people you know from social media, the news, neighbors, friends of friends, old coworkers, etc. Did any of them have a job you would like?

Read through a few job descriptions of things you like and write about that!

Once you know what job you would like, write about it in detail from the moment you wake up to the moment you get home. Really get descriptive. Write about what time you wake up, what the coffee smells like that you make in the morning. The music you listen to on the way to work. Or maybe you work from home and put on your comfy pajamas? Are you the manager or do you have coworkers? Self-employed? You will be surprised how much the people you end up working with look like who you describe!

Here are some ideas:

  • What do you do at your job?
  • Do you work from home or in an office? Outdoors?
  • What are your hours?
  • What do you make hourly? Are you salaried? Commission based?
  • How does this job make you feel to have it?
  • What am I good at?
  • How do I share my natural talents with the world?
  • What would I do if money didn’t matter?

Once you are done, you can simply rip up the paper and throw it away. You can also do a burning ritual, or put it under water to charge it up.

Other written exercises you can do is the 55 x 5 method, or 33 x 3, writing methods. You can do this in addition to the scripting if you have the time. It will help to keep you focused on what you want, and open to it appearing.

I have a ton of different scripting techniques for manifestation. I’m sure you can find one that you love here. Pick just one you really like after you figure out what it is you really want in a job, and then work on that one exercise only.

One last scripting exercise that is specific to how to manifest a job is writing your final goodbyes.

If you are currently employed, write an email (in a word document or notebook-please don’t accidentally send this!) to your coworkers and boss explaining how it’s your last day and you are moving on to a new opportunity. You can even write your resignation letter.

Finally, another way to get clear on what you want is the tried and true visualization! If you struggle with visualizing, don’t worry! This will not be difficult at all.

Before bed is the best time for your subconscious mind to reprogram, but you can do this really any time you have a few moments of quiet.

Get a piece of paper, and get comfy in your quiet space. Hopefully you have a ritual area, but if not, read about it here to find out how to make one.

How to Manifest a Job Visualization Exercise

First, visualize white light in the sky connecting to your head and going in through your whole body. Feel yourself connecting the power of the universe. Simple ask God or the Universe, to fill you up with this powerful energy. Ask it to light up any fear based or negative cords you may have attached to your body that you no longer need. )This is important as some cords you may not be done with yet-you only want to energetically cut the ones you are ready to remove).

Now, fill in those spots with loving white light energy to repair where the hole was. You should feel really great right now and peaceful.

Next, picture yourself at a job doing what you love! If you did the scripting, you should be very clear on what you want by now. If you skipped to doing just visualizing, this is where you basically do what you would have with the scripting. Imagine it in detail!

Once you are done, make sure to add gratitude. Thank the universe for already bringing this job to you!

Get Rid of Abundance Blocks

When you are visualizing, or scripting, you can take an additional bonus step. Write down any resistance you had imagining that job. If for instance, you imagined getting paid more than you ever had but it didn’t feel good to visualize that, write it down!

You likely have an abundance block on how much you deserve to earn. What that means is somewhere in your subconscious you believe you can’t have what you want to manifest. So no amount of visualizing, affirmations, etc. will change that thought! You need to work on the subconscious first in that area. Visualization is great for helping you see where you have resistance, which is why I suggest you always have a piece of paper next to you to write down anything you notice.

Go ahead and read about how to fix abundance blocks for more on what you can do if you feel this is an issue for you. You may also want to try the 15 minute manifestation program as well to really help get you in a positive mindset. Sometimes you have to spend money to make it, but it will be worth it!

I purchased a $99 Christie Marie Sheldon Love or Above program when I was living in my parents basement, and completely broke. However, it was money well spent. It changed my life!

I went from no money, to multiple job offers and I haven’t looked back! I know it’s scary to spend money when you may not have it currently, but luckily all of those programs do offer money back guarantees if they don’t work (although don’t buy them thinking you will need a refund- if you truly practice them you will be successful!).

Here are some common career abundance blocks:

  • Finding a new job is hard and takes too much time
  • I suck at interviews
  • I don’t deserve more money
  • Other people are more qualified
  • I don’t have enough job history or experience (did you know men are more likely to apply for a job they aren’t fully qualified for, and most women won’t?)
  • I’m not really good at anything
  • My current job is too safe and comfortable

Do any of these resonate with you? If so, make sure you address and eliminate these false beliefs first!

Try Vision Boards

Another great visualization technique is a vision board. You don’t even need to make a big, time consuming vision board. Just something visual that reminds you of your new job.

Perhaps a fake check or offer letter. The key here is just put it somewhere you can see every day- in the bathroom mirror while you brush your teeth, on your desk (make sure its not too obvious you are looking for a job, unless you work from home!). Put it in your car, or on your refrigerator.

Having that constant visual reminder of you in new your job will help get rid of any negative programming and really allow you to believe it’s possible.

Only Apply to The Jobs You Really Want

I have been guilty of this before. When you are trying to learn how to manifest a job, but nothing is coming close to what you want, its so tempting to spend time applying for jobs you know you don’t really love!

The problem with this is it takes a lot of time and energy to apply for most companies. This will lower your vibration and waste your time. You may not have any energy left to apply to your dream job if you do this.

The other big issue is when trying to learn how to manifest a job is that it sends a message to the Universe you are willing to settle. If you do that, you will likely end up settling. Show the Universe that you have faith you will find the perfect job by waiting to apply for when you find it.

Now of course, if you just need any job and don’t care, then go ahead and apply. However, if you are reading how to manifest a job you probably want something better, right?

The only other time its ok to apply to jobs you don’t really like is if you want interview practice. Keep in mind though that with the right job, you will not need to practice that much. It will just flow naturally because you are on the right energetic level of the people hiring you!

If you still feel you need the practice though, go ahead and get your confidence up because loving yourself and feeling confident is also extremely important. Just don’t waste too much time on interviewing at places you aren’t excited about.

Act As If and Take Inspired Action

This step will take a leap of faith and you must do the work to get clear on what you want and get rid of abundance blocks first. Once you are certain you believe you can manifest a job, you will need to act like you already got it.

What do I mean by this? Well, buy that resume editing service, or the new suit. Know that any money you spend on getting a job will be repaid back because you are definitely going to be making more money soon.

Start planning what you will eat for lunch at work, and what you will wear. Pretend like you already got the offer, but you just don’t have a start date yet!

Obviously, don’t make yourself completely broke, but its ok to splurge a bit.

Taking inspired action also requires you to have faith, which is why I included these steps together. According to the Self Made Ladies, Inspired action is;

“An inspired action is when you do something because you feel the strong inner urge to do it, like having a gut feeling. But it’s not just a small action step, it is really a quantum leap towards your dream.”

It’s basically acting on those little fleeting moments of intuition or signs you get. Keep an open mind, and if you feel led to do apply at a certain company, then do it! Even if there are no job postings, you never know what may happen if you send a resume to a company you drawn to.

Once you start putting out your desire and truly believe, the universe will start sending you signs. Act on those right away, and you will be surprised what will happen!

While you can manifest by doing nothing, it is far more beneficial to take control and act on the signs you get. When you desire and manifest something you create your reality. Creation typically requires action. God truly does help those who help themselves.

Practice Daily Gratitude

Gratitude is really something we all need to do anyways, but it’s especially important during challenging times like looking for a job. Did you know that people who express gratitude have better relationships and are more successful?

By focusing on what you already have, you will attract even better things-like a new job! If you have a job you currently dislike, but don’t feel ready to quit yet, its even more important to do this! Do not let your current job bring your vibrations down.

One thing I like to do when I am trapped in a negative experience is to start mentally listing out (although you can write it down or say it out loud if you prefer) all of the good things about the situation.

For example, if you are at a job you dislike and your coworker or client is being difficult you would think to yourself something like, “I’m so grateful for this job because it’s teaching me conflict resolution! Thank you that I am almost done with work today and get to relax soon. I’m thankful I can pay my bills. I always have enough food to eat because of this job.” You get the idea! There is always SOMETHING good, even if its just that you are learning patience!

If you are unemployed, you could be thankful you even have access to the internet to look up jobs! How amazing that even if you don’t have the internet, you likely can borrow it from someone or go to the library for free! There is always something to be thankful for, no matter how small. The more gratitude you express, the more good you will have in your life.

Gratitude invites new opportunities into your life. It also keeps you motivated when things are difficult and keeps you going.

How to Manifest a Job Affirmations

Here are some how to manifest a job affirmations you can use. I encourage you to add your own as affirmations work best when they are present tense, specific, and personal. If you have never used affirmations or they don’t work for you, read my affirmations guide first.

  • I have manifested the perfect job for me
  • I’m a success and deserve good things in my career
  • I always know the right thing to say in interviews and am well prepared for any question
  • I get along with everyone and people like me
  • I’m so thankful and excited for all of the job opportunities
  • “The Universe (God) always has my back
  • I’m an abundance magnet and money loves me
  • I’m attracting a job that will appreciate my skills and experience
  • I deserve to be happy at work

For more money and career affirmations, read my big list of affirmations here.

Final Thoughts on How to Manifest a Job

How to manifest a job can seem difficult, or even downright impossible sometimes. However, with a few mindset changes it can actually be easy and exciting to learn how to manifest a job! Have you tried any of these how to manifest a job tips before? How did it go? Did you ever manifest a job? Did you find these how to manifest a job ideas helpful? Please share in the comments below. I’d love to hear your ideas on how to manifest a job!