How to Manifest A Car In 6 Undeniably Fast Steps

How to Manifest a Car

how to manifest a car

It’s no secret that the cost of everything is increasing right now, but especially homes and used cars. So you are probably wondering, is it even possible to know how to manifest a car easily? I’m here to tell you even in challenging times it is absolutely possible!

In this blog post, I’ll show you the most powerful ways to manifest the exact car of your dreams in six simple steps.

It is a common belief to get your dream car that you will need a perfect credit score, or to have enough money, but the actual manifestation process is much easier.

If you are having trouble manifesting a car, you likely have false beliefs that you probably picked up from past negative experiences, social media and family members. How many times have we been taught the only way to get nice things is through hard work and a long road of strife? I’m here to tell you, there are many different ways to achieve the same thing. So, why not choose the easiest way?

Still skeptical? Well, let me tell you a personal story of how my husband used the law of attraction just by positive energy and using his mind’s eye. He didn’t have much money, but he had a dream of what he wanted and a very clear desire. He didn’t use any fancy visualization techniques, although those can of course help! Here is what happened:

My husband manifested a 1968 Cougar for only $1,000! This was his dream car, and he manifested it for an amazingly good deal because the owner just wanted it gone! One day when he was out with his son and Dad he saw his dream car. They struck up a conversation with the owner who expressed his desire to sell the car to the right person, and that person was my husband!

So yes, it’s extremely possible to learn how to manifest a new ride with just positive thoughts. The most important step is knowing that you can do it, and putting out that good vibrational energy in the universe.

Just like manifesting anything, how to manifest a car has similar manifestation tips and tricks.

However, what I really like about the manifesting a car process is its so much easier than most big-ticket items!

You see, a car is a real, tangible object. You can go test drive one and experience what it would actually be like!

You can’t try out your dream body for a few days to see if it will really make you happy! If you are trying to manifest a house, unless you know the sellers, they probably won’t let you live in it for a few days!

But when you are trying to figure out how to manifest a car you can do just that! You can actually go test drive one!

You also get to see them actually being driven around, probably every day if you really look!

And when you are starting to look for something you will notice it everywhere!

So, even if you think you suck at visualization (and you probably don’t, here’s why), manifesting a car is usually one of the easier (and most fun!) things to manifest.

So, let’s get right to it! Here are my favorite tips on how to manifest a car:

Get A Clear Vision

The most important part, and your first step, is to get a clear idea of what kind of vehicle you want to see in your physical world. You must know what kind of car you want to manifest or you may be disappointed in the results. Remember, no car no right or wrong answer- whether it’s a luxury car or a rare classic car like what my husband manifested. You really can manifest any dream car.

The good news about the manifesting process, is it really is a simple process.

So, what type of car do you want? Get a piece of paper out and write down a list of everything you can think of.

Do you want an old car? A Mercedes Benz? What color and year? What make and model? Do you want a fancy car, or a luxury car with leather seats? See the steering wheel down to the stitching and color you want. Get as much detail as you can. Remember, you want to know the specific car that you want. This is absolutely the first thing you need to do. Paint a clear picture in your mind and watch it come to life!

Test Drive It

This next step is one that a lot of people skip it out of guilt, but please don’t if you can as you will get better results this way.

You may feel weird about trying out a car before you know how you can afford it, but please don’t! Get rid of that negative energy immediately! You are doing yourself zero favors here, so get that crazy guilt out of your head!

It doesn’t matter how you will manifest a car because you WILL if you believe and you follow these action steps.

So go ahead, sit in that car and drive it around like it is your RIGHT NOW! 

This second step for how to manifest a car is also important because you may even save yourself some time, and figure out you don’t actually like it! I remember I loved Jaguar’s because of the cute little Jaguar on the front of the car. When I actually finally sat myself in one though I realized it wasn’t my favorite luxury car at all!

It can also be very helpful if you feel like visualizing is tough, or don’t really know that much about cars! Test driving also allows you to narrow it down if you can’t decide on just one car (and its important you are specific when manifesting).

My husband used to go to old car shows and any auto show he could go to before he bought his 1968 Cougar. Much to my annoyance, he was driving that thing long before he attracted it as he dragged me to car show after car show!

Perhaps do this one with someone more interested in testing out the car though, for the sake of your marriage? And don’t worry if the exact kind of car you want doesn’t exist yet. If you can see it in your mind’s eye, it will exist soon! You will be taking that road trip before you know it!

Still nervous about testing driving a car? Here are 5 tips to get started.

Vision Board It

Vision boards are so easy to make and are a great way to learn how to manifest a car. Since you will likely start seeing your dream car everywhere you go now that you set your intention, you don’t need to spend hours visualizing every day (unless you want to!). So a vision board is the perfect way to remind yourself of your dream car. 

Find pictures of your dream car, and put them everywhere you can see.

Put the vision board somewhere you will see it often, but not stress about it. If you are longingly looking at it all day and it just reminds you of how you don’t have the car yet- the vision board is in the wrong place!

Beyonce put a picture of the academy award near her treadmill while she worked out. Genius! That way, she saw it often but was not focusing on it or the lack of it yet.

You can do the same by placing your vision board in the corner of your office, or maybe in the kitchen, your bedroom, etc. in an out of the way spot. 

Set your screen saver to your dream car vision board, put little pictures of your car all over the house.

You get the idea!

Figure Out Why You Want to Learn How to Manifest a Car

Whenever you want to manifest anything, you must have a clear reason why! It also must create a strong positive feeling in you. So, why do you want to learn how to manifest a car? Will it help you get to work, or will it just be fun?

Either way, you must have a strong motivation! Journaling and scripting is a great way to get really clear. I have a whole list of scriping techniques you can try out here to find one you love.

However, let me share my favorite tips for how to manifest a car. And my favorite way for manifesting a car is nothing fancy. Just get a pen and paper and start writing down what it will be like to have you car. Describe it in as much detail as you can!

A fun way to do this is to pretend you are writing to a good friend all about your new car!

What would you tell your friend about this car? Why it’s so great of course! You would describe how it looks, and how it feels.

So when you are writing about your car to a friend it does a few things that makes manifesting easier- it is fun and evokes positive emotions because it feels good to tell a friend about your car! 

As social humans (yes, even introverted me still needs people!) we love to share our experiences!

It also makes it be in the presence tense! You wouldn’t whine on and on to your friend about how you don’t have it yet, or how you hope you will get it! Ok, maybe some good friends would tolerate that, but you would not enjoy it.

By writing to your friend like you already have it, instead of about what you wish you had, you will feel so much better!

Try this fun exercise out and you will be surprised just how clear you can get on your why- and excited about it!

Try Positive Affirmations

If you are new to affirmations or feel like they don’t work for you, I always recommend you start with my post on that topic. Your subconscious mind is the most important thing, but it’s possible you have negative thoughts you are unaware of and need to get rid of those blocks. Affirmations are great for figuring out what limiting beliefs you have, and once you do that they are a very powerful tool.

If reading the affirmations brings up ANY negative emotion in you such as, “Yeah, right,” or “that will never happen to me!” now you know what you need to work on. 

For more on subconscious blocks I recommend you do hypnosis, subliminals, or meditation (or all of them if you are ambitious!). Getting rid of subconscious blocks isn’t about quantity though but quality and consistency- so pick one you like and do it daily!

Here are a few fun affirmations you can put up around your home and office with your car pictures: 

How to Manifest a Car Affirmations

  • It’s so easy to manifest a car
  • I am worth of a car
  • I’m so thankful for my new car
  • My new car is so much fun to drive
  • I am so happy I have a car
  • Everyone loves my new car
  • My new car is safe and fun to drive

So you get the idea! Add a few affirmations of your own, as they work best when they are personal, in the present tense, and very specific. Just make sure to keep them positive and as if they have already happened!

Take Inspired Action

The final step for how to manifest a car is to take inspired action. This means picking the specific actions you feel most drawn to. Once you set an intention for something you really want, you will likely start to get nagging thoughts about what you should actually do.

Don’t ignore those hunches- take a leap of faith! They are the fastest way for your current situation to make your manifestation into the physical reality.

There will never be a better right time than the present moment. Make your divine plan, and see how your fast results materialize.

The bottom line is now that you know how to manifest a car, you can start doing things to make it happen. Don’t just sit around and doubt yourself. If you try these different methods, you will see you are on the right path.

Final Thoughts On How to Manifest a Car

So, that’s all there is to it! Have you ever manifested your dream car? Are you going to try any of these steps on how to manifest a car? Share your thoughts below on how to manifest a car!