How to Manifest a Baby- 5 Easy Tips

how to manifest a baby

Have you ever wondered how to manifest a baby? You probably won’t find many “how to manifest a baby” guides, but manifesting a baby is just like any other manifestation practices- its just typically more challenging because of the strong emotions it can bring up!

In fact, I already just posted 5 steps to manifesting pregnancy and childbirth, but it’s such an important topic for women that I wanted to add even more tips.

I never struggled with infertility myself, however, I waited until I was 35 to have my son because financially I was never in a good place. So I know how painful it is year after year to see your friends start their families, to see other people getting pregnant, and feeling like your fertile years are passing you by!

how to manifest a baby

You too might be dreaming to conceive a happy, healthy child yet the fertility struggles along the way might be putting your morale down. It can be so easy to get discouraged when you are manifesting a baby. It can consume you!

Life seems cruel when month after month you are so badly wishing for something to happen, still each passing month it seems like a far-fetched dream.

But as they say, nothing is impossible if there is a strong will behind it to make it happen. So, beating infertility and manifesting a baby is not impossible either!

All it requires is a little faith and a bit of patience. Countless people have made it happen, and so can you!

There are thousands of success stories all over the internet where women have manifested getting pregnant just through the power of their mind.

Here is just one success story to inspire you:

If they can do it, you can do it too!

Law of attraction is all about using the power of your subconscious mind to attract what you want in your life. But a strong faith in oneself and the universe are prerequisites for it.

So, if you are ready to believe in your own ability to make magic happen then you can also get over your struggles and get pregnant by using the law of attraction.

Here, I will be sharing with you some powerful, time-tested law of attraction and manifesting tricks and techniques that will help you in your infertility journey.

All the methods I am sharing should of course be used along with whatever medical support you are receiving. Of course, there are some times when our manifestations do not come to be the exact way we want them to. That doesn’t mean it didn’t work- just that there is something that is better for you.

See, we think we know what we need best- but God, the Universe, etc. knows what we need better than we do! Manifesting does take a little faith, but if you truly believe everything is working for your good, it’s easier to do. But you must believe this or none of what you do will matter.

So whenever you are manifesting something, you must try your best to detach from the outcome. That can be challenging to do when its something very specific and emotional like a baby- but it is still necessary! So keep reading for my best tips on how to manifest a baby and get the manifesting a baby mindset!

Let’s get started then…

How to Manifest a Baby Step 1-Control Your Emotions

Women dealing with fertility issues struggle with staying positive.

It is so obvious…

Month after month, when you keep on waiting for something, yet it never comes to pass; you are bound to feel hopeless and depressed.

But let me tell you that these negative emotions are one of the biggest obstacles in your fertility journey. You must control your emotions- or they will control you!

Our bodies are super intelligent and super sensitive to our emotional health. They already know how to manifest a baby-we just have to listen!

When we are in a positive, happy space — our bodies tend to work at their optimal.

But when negative emotions over power our minds, the body is pulled out of the homeostasis. All the optimal functioning goes out of the window. Your body senses that there is a danger lurking around and thus it goes into survival mode.

Survival mode is not a mode for creation.

Getting pregnant is essentially creating a new life and it requires bulk loads of energy. But if you are letting your negative emotions suck all the energy out of you then guess what — you would not have enough energy to create a new life.

So, it goes without saying that to get pregnant you need to take control of your emotions!

Step 2-Meditate and Visualize Daily

A regular meditation practice will slowly wipe out all the negative energy stored in your body and will give your body the chance to reclaim its optimal health.

If you have never meditated before, start with just 5 minutes a day and slowly build it longer over time.

Just after a few days of meditation, you will notice a difference in your emotions. You will feel calmer, happier and more resilient in face of any adversity.

Meditation is a magic tool for living a more fulfilled life. It is transformational. It’s a shame that only so many people actually take out time to meditate daily.

The same can be said for visualizing. Meditating and visualizing daily are easy and effective ways to change your mindset. You can do both for only a few minutes when you wake up, before you fall asleep- and any other time during the day you start to feel negative.

Both of these tools help prepare your mind for the new reality you want to manifest.

Here are some previous articles I’ve posted to help you get started with both:

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Step 3-Create a New Self-Image

If you are a woman struggling with fertility issues, chances are that you might be suffering from a poor sense of self-worth too. And as I’ve stated many times on this blog, self-love is really what I consider to be the biggest factor for manifesting. Manifesting a baby is no difference!

When you love yourself, all the other major manifesting and abundance blocks are easier to overcome- you can trust the universe has your back, you lose any doubts, and it’s easier to let go and detach!

If you struggle to manifest what you desire, you are likely struggle with self-love.

It’s also a vicious cycle! When we try so desperately for something and it doesn’t seem to happen, we start questioning our worth and our abilities.

Thus, if you are dealing with any kind of infertility issues, it’s highly likely that your self-confidence and self-worth might be shattered or at least damaged.

You might be worried that your dream of getting pregnant may never be realized. You might also be scared of what the future holds for you.

All these are valid concerns, but these beliefs will do you no good.

So, right now is a good time to drop those self-sabotaging notions and build an empowering self-image.

It’s time to believe in yourself and the universe.

Forget about your age, your weight, your genes or any other reason as to why you cannot conceive.


Just for a few weeks (at least), pretend like everything is rigged in your favor.

See yourself as 100% fertile.

Forget all the complications you had in the past related to your fertility and act as if getting pregnant is the easiest and the most natural thing your body knows.

For a while, stop paying attention to any information that tells you otherwise. Even if it’s coming from your doctor.

Sometimes the doctors would give us negative news about our health but it’s our choice whether to completely believe every word they say or to believe in the natural ability of your own body to heal and conceive.

People literally cure themselves of terminal illnesses just by believing in themselves and not the diagnosis. There are thousands of miracle stories all over the web. Read them to get some inspiration.

So, if one can even reverse terminal illness through the power of thought then why can’t you fix your fertility problems?

It’s all about building a strong faith.

See yourself as whole.

Healthy and fertile.

Every time a contradictory thought comes to your mind, lovingly replace it with a positive one.

After a few weeks of deliberately watching your thoughts, this new self-image will be impressed on your subconscious mind.

You will start seeing yourself worthy of a healthy pregnancy and this new awareness is crucial for manifesting your desire.

Step 4-Start “living in the end”

“Living in the end” is a technique by one of the most famous reality creation teachers — Neville Goddard.

Neville says that whenever you want to manifest a particular desire; you should start imagining the end result and live in that state.

Sounds confusing?

Let me explain.

Ask yourself that if you are using the law of attraction for fertility, what is your end goal?

It is to conceive a healthy child, right?

So, the end result you intend is to be pregnant.

Now using the “living in the end” technique, you must start acting like you are already pregnant with your child.

Feel the excitement you would feel of a baby growing inside you. Think of a name for your baby. When you go shopping, spend some time in the section for newborns; feel excited that you will soon need to buy all this stuff for your own child.

Basically, do everything that brings you closer to the feeling of being pregnant.

This technique works like charm because it cleverly harnesses the power of our feelings — which essentially is one of the main ingredients for any law of attraction manifestation.

Know that more deeply you immerse yourself in the feelings of being pregnant, more quickly will the manifestation follow in reality.

So start becoming conscious of your feelings and deliberately shift them to what you want to feel!

Step 5-Practice Gratitude Everyday

Gratitude is the starting point of all manifestations. It also has so many amazing benefits!

When you indulge in gratitude, your vibration rises and through the law of attraction you are likely to attract more circumstances that will make you feel this way.

So, if you start feeling grateful for what you currently have you will manifest what you want easily and effortlessly. It’s a law.

“Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.”


Gratitude is like a muscle.

You gotta practice it everyday to make it stronger.

My favorite method of practicing gratitude is to maintain a daily gratitude journal.

Every night before going to sleep, take a journal and write at least 10 things you are grateful for. Be it your health, your spouse or even your favorite pair of shoes — write it all down.

Make this activity interesting by using your creative imagination. Try coming up with 10 new things every day.

Just this simple practice of writing down things you are grateful for every day will transform your mindset.

You will shift from a lack mindset to an abundance mindset.

You will start focusing on things that are going good in your life rather than focusing on that one thing that is not going your way.

When you become aware of your focus, you become aware of your life.

It’s like taking back all your energy that you were previously wasting on feeling bad about what you do not have.

Also, when you are in a grateful state of being, you eliminate the stress disturbing the natural mechanisms of your body and thus your body moves back to creation mode.

Final Thoughts on How to Manifest a Baby

manifesting a baby

All these law of attraction methods work really well when used consistently. So remember! Patience is your friend on this journey.

When you will be patient and would trust the timing of the universe — the universe will surprise you with miracles. How to manifest a baby? Believe you can and be consistent in your manifesting practices!

Try it for yourself. You will be manifesting a healthy baby (or other blessings) in no time!

One you are done manifesting a baby, read this article on how to have a healthy childbirth:

Did you find these 5 steps for how to manifest a baby helpful? Manifesting a baby may seem impossible at first, but it’s really not! Share in the comments below which how to manifest a baby steps you took or will try!