House Plant Box Review-Top 6 Plant Addicts Will LOVE!

house plant box review

As a plant mama, I hope you enjoy my house plant box review! Besides providing the world with oxygen, plants provide so much joy and can really lift your vibration!

Plants in your home or office have been scientifically studied to improve your mental and physical health. Not only do they clean up the air, but they can be amazing stress relievers. It’s no wonder plants have become so popular during the pandemic!

Since we don’t have pets in our home, we got some plants for my son to help take care of. He loves them so much that for a school art project he put that he loved, “His Mom, his Dad, and his Plants!”

How adorable is that?

According to Ecowatch, just a few of the many benefits of indoor plants are;

“Adults will have more focus on their work and college tasks, while children find it easier to learn the basics.

Children who suffer from mental disabilities or conditions can also gain benefits with the plants. The phytonutrients help to settle the mind, creating a safer space and environment for them to learn. They are more open to the tasks at hand.

Plants help to keep the feeling of insecurities and overwhelm at bay. Because of their calming nature, a person can look and feel naturally calmer themselves. This then leads to improving the focus and ability to master a subject.”

Trying to figure out which plants to get is where it can get…messy! I distinctly remember having a meltdown in Target because I wanted ALL the plants, but my shopping cart said otherwise.

That’s where this house plant box review comes in. They are a really fun, easy, and more importantly stress-free way to grow your plant family and learn more about plants.

My house plant box review will help you grow your green-thumb confidence. You will become a plant mama in no time! I love house plant boxes, so I was so excited to find out there are plant subscription boxes too! I may have tried out way too many. So, you can at least benefit from my plant obsession and not have to try them all…unless you want to of course. Don’t say I didn’t warn you though.

How Do You Know Which House Plant Box Review Is For You:

This really will depend on your own needs and desires for your plant family, but what I look for in my house plant box reviewsis an affordable plant box with the most value.

I want to make sure my plants arrive in good condition, and will last awhile. I’ve listed a lot of information in this house box plant review so you can make the right choice for you and your family.

Top House Plant Box Reviews:


Subscriptions start as low as $5 per box, and they are so easy to care for. I love that you can really customize these too with anywhere from 1-4 succulents. There are a ton of succulents to choose from, information and resources. They have everything from pet-friendly succulents to “weirdo” succulents! These make awesome gifts for your plant-killer friend or family. It’s very difficult to kill a succulent.

I also that they support different causes. Currently their website lists this cause:

“Together with our sister business, Less is More Jewelry, a portion of our proceeds is donated to a cause of our choice. Currently, our cause is to support the fight against COVID-19 by CDC Foundation. 2% of our website orders automatically goes to donation to CDC Foundation. Funds raised by the CDC Foundation will be used to meet fast-emerging needs identified by CDC to help respond to the public health threat posed by Coronavirus. These include additional support for state and local health departments, support for the global response, logistics, communications, data management, personal protective equipment, critical response supplies and more.”

Site description: Succulents Box currently offers more than 300 varieties of succulents (both popular and rare ones) along with 5 monthly subscription boxes.Succulents hold a special place in our hearts not only because of their elegant beauty but also of their affordability and environmental friendliness. They look similar to flowers especially rosette-types, but they live much longer and require much less care—the alternative sustainable choice for home decorations and gifts. Succulents are known for their amazing ability to thrive in poor soils and low-water conditions. Therefore, they symbolize endurance, harmony, and timelessness.

How many items per box: 1-4

Cost:  Starting at$5 per month, with discounts available to customers who prepay for three-, six-, or 12-month packages. Purchase six or 12 months in advance and you’ll receive a tote bag, puzzle, or planter with the first shipment. Choose from different quantities and combinations of succulents and air plants, and consider adding heating pads to your shipments if you live in a cold climate—they’re less than $4.


The great thing about House Plant Box is there is something for everyone, and you get an instructional card. You really learn about the plants and how to care for them. It’s also extremely affordable and great quality. You get a 30-day healthy plant guarantee as well.

Site description: House Plant Shop delivers a custom crafted collection of house plants and house plant products in a simple monthly package. We use our large array of plants in our greenhouses to put together a uniquely themed box every month.

How many items per box: There is a lot of variety here and something for everyone! You can choose from large indoor plants, cactus, aquatic, air plants, succulents, seasonal or seed boxes, pet friendly, for the office and also a premium box-just to name a few!

Cost:  $14.99+


horti plant box

If you kill every plant you have had, than this might be the subscription box for you. Horti provides you with easy to care for plants designed to build your plant confidence. As you continue, they slowly add more difficult plants. There are options if you are more experienced though too. They have something for everybody- from basic, affordable boxes to more fancier ones. Every once in awhile they send plant tools or accessories also.

I love their plant donation service too. Plant Kindness™ is an experimental platform intended to inspire random acts of kindness using plants. Show your gratitude for what’s thriving in your life by sending a houseplant to someone in need of joy.

Each month Horti randomly gifts 5 plants and the rest are gifts from generous strangers like you.

Site description: We don’t just want to sell you plants, we want to sell you on planting. We are building a community of urban gardeners who aspire to cultivate cleaner, happier lives.Our focus is primarily on urban dwellers, as we live in one of the densest places in the world, New York City. T

There is an overload of information about plants and plant care to be found on the Internet and in horticulture books, but it is not specifically targeted to people like us who live in small spaces. It’s often hard to get the right recommendations, and it’s easy to become overwhelmed by all the advice out there.

Horti solves these problems by selectively giving you manageable tips to turn your brown thumb into a green one!We don’t just want to push you plants: we want to help you realize how easy it can be to take care of them.

How many items per box: Anywhere from 1 to a Jungle (from 5-20!).

Cost:  $18+


the plant club box

While there isn’t as much variety of plant boxes or prices, they put a lot of care into each box. They also have a succulents monthly as well. If the weather is cold out, they make sure to winterize your box.

Site description: 

We are gardeners, friends, and family, we believe in sharing the beauty of plants. We love our greenhouses and playing in the dirt, but at the root of it all we are plant lovers. Each month’s box is assembled as if we were receiving it ourselves. We know what plant lovers dig, because we dig plants!  

How many items per box: Everything you need to bring a new plant into your world including a decorative container, custom blend potting mix, hand-illustrated assembly instructions, and other curious extras. 

Cost: $39 for plant box, or $32 for the succulents monthly.


The Bouqs Desert Love Plant Box

The Bouqs is a flower subscription box, but they now offer plants as well. These are a little pricier, but very stylish and most are in cute planters! You pick from small succulents, potted orchids (my favorite flower!), Anthurium (has heart-shaped leaves) snake plants (good for small spaces) and more. Once you’ve found your perfect plant, you can subscribe to receive it regularly for 30% off and free shipping. Use your discounts to send unqiue and fun gifts too.

Site description: 

We offer plants for a range of budgets. Weekday delivery is only $12 when you create an account with The Bouqs Co. If you also enjoy sending flowers, sign up for our subscription service and get free delivery on every Bouq!

While there’s no denying the beauty of fresh floral arrangements, one advantage of flowering plants is that they generally live longer than cut flowers. With the right attention, your gift might last for months or years and serve as a constant reminder about how much you care for your loved one. For a special day, such as Mother’s Day, plants make a long-lasting gift that shows your appreciation.

How many items per box: Varies.

Cost: $31 + a month, the subscription service allows you to plan out deliveries for the whole year. In addition to the free delivery, you get 30% off any delivery and $10 off monthly orders.  Weekday deliveries are $12.


photo of green leaf potted plants on window and stand

Ok, so the Sill Plant Club also has a monthly plant subscription box you can check out if you want too. What this is though is their plant parent club! It’s a club just for plant parents to receive support. How awesome is that?

For just $39 a year (about $3 a month!), the annual membership will help enrich your plant experience.

You get:

Free standard shipping on online orders

  • 10% off full-priced online or in-store purchases
  • Early access to new products and promotions
  • Exclusive access to online workshops & events
  • And more surprises!

Look out for a monthly members-only newsletter packed with plant care tips, exclusive access to our members-only Facebook Group, and more special perks!

That’s it for my house plant box review! What are your favorites from my house plant box review, or ones you want to try out? Comment below!

Gardening has a lot of benefits for you and children, so just let me know if you want me to do a blog post on seed boxes and I will try some out too!

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