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Do you find it tough to not only manifest your dreams, but also maintain them once you do? Have you lost hope that the law of attraction can really work for you? Do you desperately seek to find answers to provide balance and happiness for your family?

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As the creator of Abundance Mindset Mama, I know just how you feel as I had struggled needlessly for years.

My name is Alison, and above all things, I’m a happy Mama to one sweet little boy named Tristan. He is my world.

It hasn’t always been easy though! Abundance Mindset Mama was created to help Mama’s by sharinf the inspiration, love, and manifesting resources that have improved my life.

My heart sings to teach mama’s lasting abundant living, by changing from a scarcity mindset to an abundance mindset. All areas of your life can improve from health, weight loss, love and family, just by improving your mindset. Every Mama deserves to live an abundant life, right now! After all, your time is really your most precious resource besides your health.

A Little More About Me

I’ve been working online and creating blogs before people even knew what they were yet, but thought I lacked time-but the truth is I lacked the right mindset! My college paper on blogging (again, this was when they were new and people didn’t know about them yet) caused my professor to say that I was the smartest person he had ever taught! Honestly though, I just paid attention to current events.

To give you another example, I started preparing for the pandemic in January of 2020. Everyone was looking at me like I was crazy and said it wasn’t going to impact the US.

I’ve also been reading about the law of attraction and manifestation since 2005. I discovered a $99 course called Love or Above by Christie Marie Sheldon. That $99 course helped me go from making only $5k a year to $25k. It was a start, but definitely not the end of my journey!

I read every law of attraction book, product and program I could get. Teachings from Sarah Prout, Mandy Morris, Gabby Bernstein, Bob Proctor, Tony Robbins, the Manifestation Babe, Abraham Hicks, etc. are just a few that shaped me.

Now, it has finally clicked! Hey, some of us are slower than others 😉 Learn from my mistakes, and save yourself years of trial and errors! I have around 15 years of knowledge and real life experience to offer you in manifesting an abundance mindset.

My Professional Background

In addition to self study, my professional background includes:

Passing the Michigan life and health insurance certification

TV and radio certification from Spec’s Howard School of Broadcast Arts

Digital Media, Film and History Bachelors of Science from Eastern Michigan University

NMLS Mortgage License

Certified Credit Counselor from the ACCC

Let’s Start at the Beginning, a Very Good Place to Start!

I’m all about getting to the root cause of things and there is no better place than your childhood!

Like most parents, mine had the best of intentions and I truly believe they did the best they could. We are so lucky to live in a time with all of this information available at our fingertips now! They did not have this luxury.

My parents came from really difficult circumstances. While they managed to overcome them to provide financially, they raised me with extremely limited beliefs. They had a scarcity mindset toward money and life in general.

My mom was raised by an abusive, alcoholic dad. My father was raised by a struggling single mother. She took care of him by herself for most of his life. His mom had dyslexia and was never taught how to read. As a kid, my dad had to fill out her job applications and even helped her do her work sometimes.

Due to their unique journeys and struggles, they learned some harmful attitudes. They taught me an amazing work ethic, but at the root of everything was the underlying belief that money is evil and life has to be DIFFICULT.

No Support System

In addition, the first example of friendship I had was my sister. My mother stood by and let us, “work it out ourselves,” as she would steal and ruin my toys. She’d gaslight me into saying I did it. Worse though, she would tell me not to embarrass her when we were in public and critique everything I did. It’s hard not to hear that voice in my head still.

While it may seem silly now or not that bad, at a young age it meant everything to me! Especially since I’ve always been highly sensitive, and intuitive. There is no right or wrong amount of pain. Your feelings are valid, and your struggles are just as real as anybody else’s.

My older sister was my HERO and she constantly rejected me. She made me question everything about myself while my mom let it happen. To this day my sister refuses to admit how she treated me, and my parents never took any accountability for how they hurt me.

Finally Freedom…Or So I Thought!

Even though I could have had my college paid for, it would have meant living under my parents strict, religious rules and their negativity. I was determined after high school to show them with hard work that I too could achieve financial success on my own.

And I did. Sort of.

I got a 4.0 while working full time and going to college full time. I created TV shows and worked for top news stations.I went from $8 an hour to $28 an hour and multiple job offers when I graduated college.

Than the recession hit and I lost it all. I moved back in with my parents for a bit, and then with an abusive man because they kicked me out. My parents just couldn’t understand why I struggled to find work with a college degree. Even though it was during the worst economic period in the US since the great Depression, they acted like it was from a lack of effort on my part. Nothing could have been further from the truth, but I let their judgment of me impact my self-worth.

Now, in 2020, I was not only prepared for the economic crisis during the pandemic- my family is doing better than ever! It IS possible to thrive even when the world is spiraling into negativity if you know what to do.

While no one is 100% perfect or immune in this fallen world, you can always control your mindset and how you react. You can always, always bounce back, even if you slip temporarily. The more you manifest, the easier it becomes as well so that you can maintain your success.

My rocky start led to years of struggle, self doubt and frustration. I had to recreate myself and create my own opportunities, not once, but FOUR times, before I figured things out!

No Wo-Man is an Island

I’m just a regular mama who has achieved an abundance mindset without the social media “worthy” beauty, or supportive friends. I certainly did not have a spouse to financially support me or give business advice like so many other have.

In fact, my husband had a rare, chronic blood disorder called Polycythemia Vera that for years caused him to be fatigued. I was the sole bread winner and struggled with resentment towards him before he was diagnosed. Doctors missed his condition for years, and it wasn’t until he had a mini-stroke and heart attack that we learned what he truly had! We had a turbulent on again, off again relationship for years until we got to the point we are at now.

Yet, I was never truly alone! Help always came to me right when I needed it.

I’m also extremely thankful for my husband’s family who took me in when my parents kicked me out. They showed me what unconditional love looks like. They never once judged me for being down on my luck financially. That was the turning point in finally feeling free to discover how to get out of my current circumstances.

At the Abundance Mindset Mama, I hope you also will find that kind of support and love here if it’s lacking in your personal life.

I was also a step-mama first for years to his son from a previous, also unhealthy relationship. That was oh-so turbulent before I was able to have my own son. Now I enjoy what healthy, happy parenting, marriage and family looks like.

Just What IS an Abundance Mindset?

An abundance mindset means you know that there is an unlimited amount of ways and resources supporting you. It’s a way of thinking that isn’t fleeing because it’s at the root of your beliefs (your subconscious).

It’s not something you force yourself to believe to manifest, only to lose it later when the going gets tough.

Before you read any of my manifesting techniques, I recommend you start with my post on self-love first.

Now that you know about me, I’d love to hear about YOU! Please keep in touch here: WRITE ME