Message From The Founder

Do you find it tough to not only manifest your dreams, but also maintain them once you do? Have you lost hope that the law of attraction can really work for you? Do you desperately seek to find answers to provide balance and happiness for your family?

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As the creator of Abundance Mindset Mama, I know just how you feel as I had struggled needlessly for years before the law of attraction and manifestation clicked. Once it did though, the results were amazing and so fast!

However, everywhere I looked people were trying to sell expensive courses. The people who needed the help the most were the ones who were being left out!

So that is why I created this website- no gatekeeping here. This is a free resource with all of the information I’ve painstakingly researched and tested for over 20 years!

Why You Should Read This Blog

I’ve been able to manifest large sums of money not once, but three times! In addition, I’ve manifested many successful blogs that get over 4,000 unique views a month. I used to have to work 60 hours a week, and now I do not even have to work at all. These are just a few of the things I’ve easily manifested with the techniques and information taught on this site.

Abundance Mindset Mama will teach you exactly how to manifest anything you want. This is a priceless resource of hundreds of articles on manifestation, law of attraction, how to make affirmations work for you, rituals, visualization, crystals, spirituality, etc.

A Message About Google And Toxic Capitalism

Google may not rank my blog posts because they don’t think I’m an “expert” enough. However, I’d ask them to think again because nobody is above anyone else when it comes to how to live abundantly. The only difference between my website and bigger, higher ranked law of attraction websites is money.

Many people choose to spend a lot of money on marketing websites like this because with this economy people are searching for ways to have more money and are desperate.

I choose to keep this sites free and helpful information to everyone and will not spend money marketing it, or charge you for a course or “coaching.” If you found this website, you are meant to be here- because it’s not necessarily easy to find (although I think that is a shame it gets pushed to the end of search results so much).

Please Spread The Word

If you found this information helpful, the best thing you can do is share it on social media, to friends, and family, link to your website, etc. (I’d also encourage you to start using alternative search engines that don’t censor as much as Google. Contact me if you want to know my favorites)

There is enough abundance out there for everyone, so no need to keep this a secret. Let’s get the word out.

All you need to do is spend a little time reading and putting the tips and advice into practice. It will cost you nothing to read, but could give you everything you desire.

Just What IS an Abundance Mindset?

An abundance mindset means you know that there is an unlimited amount of ways and resources supporting you. It’s a way of thinking that isn’t fleeing because it’s at the root of your beliefs (your subconscious).

It’s not something you force yourself to believe to manifest, only to lose it later when the going gets tough.

Before you read any of my manifesting techniques, I recommend you start with my post on self-love first.

Now that you know about me, I’d love to hear about YOU! Please keep in touch here: WRITE ME