Ho Oponopono Prayer- Why It’s So Profound and Powerful!

What Is The Ho Oponopono Prayer?

ho'oponopono prayer

If I, my family, relatives, and ancestors have offended you, your family, relatives, and ancestors in thoughts, words, deeds, and actions from the beginning of our creation to the present, we ask your forgiveness.

Let this cleanse, purify, release, cut all the negative memories, blocks, energies, and vibrations and transmute these unwanted energies into pure light ……….

As it is said, it is done, and so it is.

-Original Ho Oponopono Prayer

The Ho Oponopono Prayer is a Hawaiian prayer of forgiveness that has been around a long time. It helps you make peace with not only others, but yourself, and the world around you.

To practice the prayer, you simply say four sentences, over and over. You can say them out loud, or in your mind. It’s up to you really how you repeat them as the power is in your intention. The phrases are simple, but extremely powerful and healing:

  1. I am sorry.
  2. (Please) Forgive me.
  3. Thank you.
  4. I love you.

Even if you aren’t the one in the wrong, forgiveness is very important. Holding on to anger only hurts yourself, and the Ho Oponopono Prayer is a beautiful way to release those emotions that no longer serve you. By praying the Ho Oponopono Prayer you are acknowledging your part in things, and asking for forgiveness.

Because after all, you can’t really change others against their will, right? But you can always control your own emotions, and that is empowering. The realization of it can bring about clarification and cleansing.

We create our reality by our thoughts and emotions, so releasing our part in any of our existence that doesn’t bring us joy is a major step for a life that we do want.

We are all connected so when you hurt others, you are hurting yourself. However, it’s also true that when others try to hurt you, only you can choose to allow it. Nobody can hurt you emotionally, or spiritually without your permission.

Even better still, is when you are helping yourself you are helping the rest of the world as well! By raising your consciousness, and healing your wounds, the rest of the world benefits too since we are all connected!

Ho’o means ‘to make‘ and pono ‘right‘. And pono is said twice because you are making things right with yourself and everyone else too.

And in the Hawaiian Dictionary, “Hoʻoponopono” means to correct or make right, and to supervise. It is a mental cleansing for our relationships through mutual forgivness, prayer, and repentance.

The Interesting History of The Ho Oponopono Prayer

According to Wikipedia, the Ho Oponopono prayer;

Hoʻoponopono (IPA [ho.ʔo.po.no.po.no]) is a Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness. The Hawaiian word translates into English simply as correction, with the synonyms manage or supervise, and the antonym careless.[1][2] Similar forgiveness practices are performed on islands throughout the South Pacific, including HawaiiSamoaTahiti and New Zealand.[citation needed] Traditional Hoʻoponopono is practiced by Indigenous Hawaiian healers, often within the extended family by a family member. There is also a New Age practice that goes by the same name.[citation needed]

It has also been said that a Hawaiian psychotherapist once showed the power of the Ho Oponopono prayer by making an entire ward of prisoners better by teaching it to them!

Benefits of the Ho Oponopono Prayer

Finding forgiveness and practicing gratitude has many known benefits. It can lower your blood pressure, improve depression, and strengthen your relationships.

What I love about the Ho Oponopono Prayer though is it helps with self-love. And self-love is key for manifestation!

When you learn to forgive not only others, but yourself, it will help you to feel better about yourself. You will feel more at peace with the world. This will help you to be able to manifest things better, in addition to all of the other amazing benefits.

I also love that it is a ritual when you think about it. Rituals are amazing for manifestation! If you have been following my blog, you know that I have a whole section on how to do manifestation rituals. So, when you do a manifestation ritual, you can add in the Ho Oponopono Prayer to supercharge your practice.

Why is Forgiveness So Important?

Forgiveness doesn’t mean being ok with the wrongs that have been done. Nor does it mean forgetting about it!

No, true forgiveness is about choosing yourself and your own inner peace. It’s about acknowledging the hurt and saying that you will not let it control you. When you forgive, you choose love over hate.

To forgive is to choose yourself!

The Ho Oponopono Prayer is one powerful way to help you with forgiveness.

Different Ways to Practice The Ho Oponopono Prayer

While many simply recite the Ho Oponopono Prayer outloud, or in their head (it is a prayer, after all!) you can get creative with it.

You can journal it, use it in your shadow work, or recite it like a mantra when you meditate. You can also add the Ho Oponopono Prayer to your subliminal audios if you make your own.

You can use the Ho Oponopono Prayer any time you feel your vibrations are lowering, or you feel tense, angry or worried.

It can also be a great prayer to teach your children, or to practice with your spouse or friends whenever you have conflict.

Here are some great videos to help you with saying the prayer. There are many more out there, but these are just a few of my favorites that I like to listen to when I meditate:

Final Thoughts on The Ho Oponopono Prayer

Have you ever used the Ho Oponopono Prayer or heard of it before? I encourage you to give it a try, whether it be just a quick prayer you say when you are upset, or something you add to your daily meditations or manifestations rituals. Many people report increased feelings of peace, and self-love. It seems so simple, but you will be amazed at the powerful results that can be achieved.

Something doesn’t have to be complex to have great results. Sometimes we get caught finding the perfect journal, or crystals…when really, the power has been inside us all along! If you want to change your mindset for the better, start with forgiveness, gratitude and love! The Ho Oponopono Prayer will help you experience all three! I’d love for you to share your thoughts in the comment section below!