Hematite Rings- How They Shield Negative Energy And Heal

hematite ring

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I’m always looking for ways to protect my energy with all the negativity in the news lately. Many people are also looking to heal their physical and emotional energy as well. So when I stumbled on hematite rings, I just had to share all about this magical healing stone! Here is my guide on everything Hematite related.

What is Hematite?

First, what is Hematite? Hematite, also spelled haematite, is a hard and heavy oxide mineral, ferric oxide (Fe2O3). As you might guess from the name that sounds like the protein found in blood that carries oxygen (hemoglobin) it has a high iron content. Hematite came out of the Greek word for “blood.” While hematite can have red streaks or be reddish brown, it’s versatile and can be gray, or black also.

Another interesting factoid is Hematite is found in abundance on Mars and it is what gives the red planet it’s red color! Hematite is literally out of this world.

So as you can imagine, Hematite is a great healing stone for anyone who suffers from blood related issues and disorders. My husband who has a rare blood disorder, Polycythemia Vera, loves his Hematite ring. As Covid-19 can impact the circulatory system, hematite is a great choice for extra protection and healing of the Corona Virus as well.

Where to Buy

You can purchase Hematite rings from a lot of places, but some may not be good quality. So, it’s important to get it from a reputable seller! My favorite is from My Little Magic Shop They are an amazing, inclusive and affordable shop that focuses on self-care, and real spiritual work. What’s great about them is they aren’t just a shop though and provide tons of resources and a great community. Just a hint too- you can get 20% when you first visit if you sign up for their email list!

What Does Hematite Do-Why Wear As a Ring?

Hematite has been used for centuries for healing, cave drawings, decoration, and even in battle. Today, people use it for its calming and grounding energies. Many use it for decorations and in Feng Shui.

A hematite ring is thought to protect and shield from negative energies. It absorbs the energy so you don’t have to. It helps increase and strengthen blood flood which is great for your emotions, memory and concentration.

They are also wonderful if you suffer from anxiety, depression, or insomnia.

Why wear Hematite as a ring and not other jewelry? Well, you absolutely can wear it as a necklace, earrings, etc. It’s just that hematite works on your blood, and circulatory system and the ring finger has long been thought connected directly to your heart.

Your mind is your strongest manifesting generator, so I am all about symbolism. Whether it actually impacts your heart or not doesn’t matter really. If your mind sees it and thinks about it, well, then it does work! Your brain and your heart are deeply connected.

What Finger Do You Wear a Hematite Ring On?

Due to it’s connection to blood, and the circulatory system, the ring is best worn on the left hand. While it’s not a traditional wedding ring material, it can be a great option! The left ring finger is thought to be directly connected to the heart. Wearing your hematite ring on your left ring finger will help strengthen this connection.

What Chakra is Hematite Associated With?

Since Hematite is extremely grounding, it is often represented by the root chakra. It connects us to the earth, and stabilizes our energy. It instills confidence, and security. If you need focus, healing and to strengthen your intuition, hematite is a great choice. Use it with a red chakra candle when you do chakra candle meditations and manifestation rituals.

How Does a Hematite Ring Work?

Hematite works to enhance your energetic field by absorbing negative energy. When you wear your hematite ring, you will feel calmer and more focused. With a clearer mind, and calmer energetic field you can withstand daily energetic attacks better.

By wearing it on your left hand, you connect to the heart and it helps strengthen your circulatory system. Much like blood carries oxygen, the hematite ring strengthens your blood. When your blood is flowing correctly, it has a lot of benefits- from increased energy, clarity of focus and emotions.

Why Do Hematite Rings Break

Hematite is a very hard material, but due to it’s ability to absorb negative energy, it can also get very fragile and breaks easily. It’s much better for your hematite ring to break, than for your energetic shield to be bombarded with negative energy though!

Luckily, hematite is generally easy to find and inexpensive.

Just replace your hematite ring if it breaks, and discard the negative energy. If you don’t want your hematite ring to break, you can work on protecting your own energy shield.

However, it’s easy to let our guard down occasionally, so even if you have a strong aura, a hematite ring is just added protection.

Can You Sleep With Your Hematite Ring On?

You absolutely can sleep with your hematite ring on if you want. If you struggle with insomnia, depression or anxiety, wearing your hematite ring at night can help. You can also leave it under your pillow, but don’t forget about it! Most people will want energetic protection during the day also.

How Often Do You Wear Your Hematite Ring?

Your hematite ring is not technically so fragile you can’t wear it often, so you can wear it daily if you like. The reason you hear about them breaking is due to it absorbing negative energy. So wearing it less won’t prevent it from breaking. If you wear a hematite ring, just be aware that it will likely break at some point! Luckily, as previously mentioned, hematite rings are not expensive and relatively easy to find and replace.

How to Care For Your Hematite Ring? Can You Get Your Hematite Ring Wet?

While Hematite rings are made of hard material, it’s still pretty soft if compared to other traditional healing stones. It has a hardness rating of 5 to 6 on the Mohs scale. It can be a bit brittle and easily scratched.

So the best way to care for it is gently. Use a mild soap and warm, not hot, water. Try to not use harsh chemicals when cleaning it.

While you can wear your hematite ring daily, it’s best to take it off if you are going to be doing dishes, swimming, etc. although you don’t have to.

How to Cleanse and Activate Your Hematite Ring

You will want to cleanse and activate your hematite ring often since it absorbs energy so fast.

Since it is so sensitive to energy, all you need to do to activate it is to hold it in your hands and focus your intention on it.

To cleanse it, you don’t need to use water, but if you do make sure you only use mild soap and lightly pat it dry.

Other ways to cleanse your hematite ring is to leave it under the moonlight, or to wave a selenite wand over it.

Here is some information on how to cleanse a pendulum, and you can use these tips for your hematite ring as well, just avoid harsh things like too much direct sunlight, chemicals or submerging in water:

How to Cleanse Your Pendulums

How to Tell If Your Hematite Ring is Real? Why Is My Hematite Ring Magnetic or Hot?

You should know instantly if your hematite is real by how it makes you feel. Most report feeling immediately calmer and grounded.

However, if you still have doubts you can lightly scratch your hematite ring or look for red streaks. Hematite should leave behind a reddish brown streak, and was even used to write on cave walls!

Your hematite should feel like steel, and be smooth-but not unnaturally so! It should still have some natural grooves and scratches on it if its real. If it’s very magnetic, than its likely man made.While man made isn’t horrible, it will never be as powerful as natural hematite.

If it feels hot, it doesn’t necessarily mean your hematite ring is fake. Hematite can increase your blood circulation, which can increase your body temperature. Since hematite absorbs energy, it can get out. Just stop wearing for a little bit until it cools down. Here’s a video on telling the difference between fake vs. real hematite if you want more help deciding:

Hematite Ring Benefits

Hematite Rings have many benefits! Ranging from physical to spiritual, the hematite ring benefits are almost endless.

Here are just a few you will likely notice:

  • Grounding
  • Calming
  • Increased energy and focus
  • Chakra balancing
  • Regulate blood flow
  • Pain relief
  • Enhanced creativity
  • Increased joy and better luck
  • More motivation
  • Blood purification


Have you ever used a hematite ring? Where did you get your from? Feel free to share your experience with Hematite rings below!

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