Gratitude Jar Ideas You Will Love

Gratitude Jar ideas

Gratitude Jars are a very simple concept, but they have a big impact on your daily gratitude practice! It’s a jar that you put daily notes in of things you are grateful for. These gratitude jar ideas will take your gratitude to practice to the next level!

You can view what is inside any time you want. A gratitude jar is so easy and fun to make too and can help change your negative belief systems with the power of gratitude. Discover the simple and powerful results with these gratitude jar ideas.

“Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.”

-Robert Brault

My personal favorite gratitude jar idea is bringing my jar to my office, and leaving it by my nightstand so I constantly am reminded of it. However, there are so many other great gratitude jar ideas you can use to get your whole family involved. Keep reading for my favorite gratitude jar ideas!

Gratitude Jar Ideas:

  1. Gratitude Jars are fun and easy way to get your kids practicing gratitude at a young age. There are so many benefits to gratitude, and you will be starting them with lifelong successful habits!

2. Gratitude Jars are inexpensive.

3. Gratitude Jars are fun to make! If you are bad at crafts, or just want someone else to design it, you can just purchase a gratitude jar already made too:

TOP SHELF Everyday Wish Jar Kit with 100 Tickets, Pen, and Decorative Lid, Clear

4. Gratitude Jars can make great gifts.

5. Gratitude Jars can create a quick mood boost if you are having a bad day! They easily change your negative belief systems.

6. Gratitude Jars can be a fun, new tradition to holidays like New Years Eve, Thanksgiving, and birthdays. You can discover the simple joy of celebrating by going over the past years blessings. Why wait for only Thanksgiving for this practice?

How To Make a Gratitude Jar

It should be pretty self-explanatory on how to make a Gratitude Jar, so I won’t spend a lot of time on this. You obviously need a jar, and preferably one large enough to fit a lot of paper. You will be surprised how quickly that gratitude jar will fill up! Luckily mason jars are relatively inexpensive in bulk, and you can also buy them on Amazon if you don’t see them at your local grocery store.

You may have difficulty finding them due to mason jars had already grown in popularity before the pandemic, but now people have started to get back to old fashioned food storage, baking and even butter churning! I’ve never had any trouble finding them online though.

Now for the fun part! Once you have the gratitude jar, you can add a label to it using a sticker or just tape. You can add pictures, put a rope or bow tie on it. Paint it. Add glitter. Whatever you want! If you don’t like doing crafts, you can also purchase a really cute pre-made gratitude jar online like I showed above.

You can add personalized paper or stationary, but just regular lined notebook paper works too. That’s all you need for a gratitude jar! You will have so much when you discover the simple joys of a gratitude jar with your family. I can guarantee it!

Different Gratitude Jar Ideas for How to Use Them Daily

Now you just put something you are grateful in your gratitude jar every day, and you can read through it if you like when you need a quick mood boost to raise your vibrations and challenge your negative belief systems.

I love to read my family’s gratitude jar on New Years Eve instead of just counting down the ball drop in Times Square! What a meaningful activity to do with the whole family! Expect a lot of laughter and tears as you are reminded of all of the amazing blessings you forgot about!

You can also do this each morning, or before bed. It’s up to you! There really are no rules when it comes to a gratitude jar practice. You can make it your own, and that’s one of the reason it’s so powerful.

Amazing Book on Gratitude Jars

I also highly recommend the book, “The Gratitude Jar-A Simple Guide to Creating Miracles” by Josie Robinson. This book will get you in the gratitude practice mood, and makes an awesome gift to go with a gratitude jar. You whole family will love the uplifting, and quick read with an amazing message:

Find out more about Josie Robinson on her website. Josie Robinson has lots of great information about gratitude on her blog, as well as another book she has written as well.

What are your favorite gratitude jar ideas? Share your favorite gratitude jar ideas in the comment below! I’m always interested in hearing my readers gratitude jar ideas!