Why Gratitude is Everything-6 Amazing Spiritual Benefits

spiritual benefits of gratitude

Gratitude is everything! You may know gratitude has a lot of benefits, but most people don’t know why gratitude is everything and so important! If you want an abundance mindset, you need to know why gratitude is everything. Gratitude is one of the most researched and talked about topics in psychology, manifesting, and the law of attraction. There is a good reason for that too!

“Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance.” 

-Eckhart Tolle

Why Gratitude is Everything Facts

  1. People express gratitude the least at work.
  2. Gratefulness improves sleep.
  3. Gratitude improves depression.
  4. Gratitude creates peace and resilience.
  5. Grateful people are more healthy.
  6. Gratitude makes you more successful.
  7. Grateful people have better relationships.
  8. Gratitude prevents bad financial decisions and overspending.

There are no down sides to gratitude, so why don’t we do it more? Well, we live in a world that values competition and constantly being busy. It’s hard to take a few minutes to reflect when you are constantly on the go. Yet acquiring more things without gratitude does not necessarily create true abundance. It’s no wonder so many people feel lack and discontent when they don’t appreciate what they already have. This is why even the wealthy and successful can be so unhappy!

You ARE a Great Parents!

This is especially true for parents-and especially moms. No matter what we do it seems like it is never good enough! Stay at home mom? Why don’t you get a job and contribute to the household? Working mom? Why don’t you spend more time at home? You constantly give and give, yet you almost never hear any gratitude or validation. You are just expected to do things, and never expect anything in return. Stop waiting for appreciation, and start setting a good example now. By showing your family that gratitude is everything, you will see the benefits it has on your life and happiness!

Spiritual Benefits Of Making Gratitude Everything:

Spiritual Benefits of Making Gratitude Everything #1: Your Mood Will Improve

By being more grateful you will feel more content and calm. You will be optimistic and get upset less.

Spiritual Benefits of Making Gratitude Everything #2: You Will Be More Resilient

When you understand the importance of gratitude, you will see the long term picture in your life and not just the immediate setbacks. You will have more motivation to keep going when things get tough.

Spiritual Benefits of Making Gratitude Everything #3: You Need Less to Be Happy

When you are focusing on all that you already have, you will feel good now. You don’t need to go into debt or binge eat when you are constantly grateful.

Spiritual Benefits of Making Gratitude Everything #4: You Will Have Better Relationships

People like to be around positive people who express their appreciation. One of the biggest needs people have is to seek out validation. If you don’t think this is the case, consider the popularity of social media.

Spiritual Benefits of Making Gratitude Everything #5: Your Productivity Will Increase

When you are thankful for your job or home life, you will be more efficient. It’s easier to clean or do unpleasant tasks when you are thankful for what you have.

Spiritual Benefits of Making Gratitude Everything #6: Your Health Will Improve

You will be less negatively impacted by stress and have more energy. This will strengthen your immune system. You will also naturally want to take better care of yourself and make better choices. If you love your car, you will take care of it. The same is true for your body, mind, and soul.

How You Can Add A Gratitude is Everything Attitude to Your Family Life

When you are a busy mom it can feel difficult to slow down and appreciate your life. Before you know it, your little babies have turned into adults! So how can you show them that gratitude is everything? (even when you don’t feel like it!).

While a gratitude journal is great, it tends to be more of a personal thing you do by yourself. Start including your family in your gratitude practice and see how easily you start to change your mindset while you help theirs! Here are some ideas to help you have a gratitude is everything attitude at home:

Thank Your Family

Look for ways to thank your family. Thank them for being so helpful cleaning up their room, or for when they say something kind. You can thank your spouse for their patience or going to work every day. Thank them just for being themselves. Go out of your way to find things you like about them and THANK THEM OFTEN!

Notice the Good

Point out the good things you see, and the things you love. My husband is excellent at this. When we go to a restaurant he will talk about how he loves the menu, the food options, how friendly people are, etc. He just genuinely enjoys going out to eat and he lets me know about it.

It used to actually kind of annoy me because sometimes I just wanted to enjoy my meal without raving about everything, but I started to notice something. We always had an amazing time at restaurants that got bad customer service reviews, or others didn’t enjoy.

It’s amazing how hard people will try when you expect the best out of them! Perhaps sometimes the food or the ambiance wasn’t really all that special, but by focusing on what we did like we always had a great experience!

When you have an attitude that gratitude is everything, you start focusing on the little things you are grateful for, you will start enjoying life more. This is easy to do when you enjoy something, but you can find good in any situation if you try!

Play the Gratitude Game

When your child is upset, have them list things they are thankful for. If they are overwhelmed or stressed about a situation have them tell you three good things from it. As we saw in the previous example, it doesn’t have to be big to have a big impact on your mindset. When my son was scared to sleep in his new room, I had him list all the things he liked about it. He was no longer focusing on his fear but on how cool his new room was! This works for all ages, but it’s great to build this ability to attitude shift to gratitude is everything when they are young.

Gratitude Bomb

The gratitude bomb is a quick and fun gratitude journal technique anybody can you use to raise their manifestation vibrations to a gratitude is everything mindset. It is similar to the love bomb tip where you just think or say as many things as you can that you are grateful for. Only with this you obviously write it down. While not necessary, it helps as well to have a cute, portable gratitude journal that you love.

The great thing about the gratitude bomb is you can write as little or as much as you want, so it’s easy to do even if you are very busy. The more you do it, the more intense the feelings of gratitude will become. There is just something about writing your feelings down that makes it more real.

Just like speaking things out loud brings it into reality, so does writing it down-just in a different way. The great thing is you can do both for extra manifestation power as well.

Final Thoughts On Gratitude is Everything

Understanding the power and spiritual benefits of gratitude will change not only your life, but the people around you as well. Being grateful changes your mindset by focusing on the good in the present moment. When you focus and notice the good in your life you can’t help but attract more of it. So instead of letting the stress of being a mom get you down, use the many beautiful moments to strengthen your gratitude. Even if nothing in your life changes, it will feel better and like it has.

And isn’t feeling better the actual point of manifesting and the law of attraction? Here are some more Gratitude techniques you can add to your life: Abundance Mindset Gratitude Tips

What about you? Do you think gratitude is everything? How do you help yourself and your family have a gratitude is everything attitude? Share your thoughts on the idea that gratitude is everything in the comments below!