Generation Mindful Review-Why You’ll Love It

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What is Generation Mindful

Generation Mindful Review

This Generation Mindful review will give you a highlight of just a few of their amazing products and resources for helping you and your children. Creating emotionally healthy children and a more emotionally healthy world is every good parents desire, isn’t it? Well, Geeneration Mindful helps you do just that!

They have a lot of amazing emotional based tools and toys to choose from. If you have been searching for tools and advice to help you with positive parenting, and teaching your kids mindfulness, self-love and confidence…than you will love Generation Mindful!

Their emotional based tools and toys and are amazing also for neuro-diverse families, and they offer specific support and courses too.

You can also find a lot of amazing free resources, like a positive parenting class, print outs, blog posts, and videos on their website.

Generation Mindful was created when their founder Suzanne Tucker saw,

“A need for tangible, evidence-based tools and toys to help parents and educators apply the science of play and positive discipline into their everyday lives, particularly when they were feeling stressed or their children were acting out.”

Tucker is a mom of four, and a physical therapist and parent educator for over 27 years.

In addition to their amazing products and free resources on their website, Generation Mindful also supports non-profit partners through a giveback program, where they donate 5% of profits back to families and schools in need of social and emotional based tools and toys.

How awesome is that? Every time you purchase you can know you are making a difference in another child’s life and helping create a more emotionally healthy world! With everything going on in the world right now, mental health is so important. Raising an emotionally healthy child doesn’t have to be a difficult chore anymore.

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Generation Mindful offers a variety of coupons and discounts all of the time. Some of the top coupons and discounts:

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To access your Generation Mindful Coupons just click on the above link and head over to their shop. Find the page that corresponds with the Generation Mindful Coupons or bundle you are interested in for your generation mindful review discount.

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My Personal Generation Mindful Review

I absolutely love everything about Generation Mindful and what they stand for! I first learned about Generation Mindful a few years ago when I was trying to help my sensitive toddler deal with his big emotions. Raising an emotionally healthy child seemed impossible for this busy, working mama who struggled with her own emotions often.

In my household growing up, we didn’t discuss our emotions! So, raising an emotionally healthy child seemed like something I couldn’t do. I was really lost, but realized how important raising an emotionally healthy child was so I didn’t give up!

That’s when I discovered their wonderful PeaceMakers cards. These beautiful cards have affirming messages that teach about mindfulness, self-love, confidence, growth mindset and so much more. We have so much fun reading and going over the cards, and it helps me as well. My son looks forward to reading them, and has learned so much!

Now I’m going to describe all of my favorite Generation Mindful review products for you in this comprehensive Generation Mindful Review. I encourage you to also visit their website as well for free resources and information. They are also always offering a variety of generation mindful review coupons as well to help you save. You are going to want to bookmark their site, and read it often. I know I have! I hope you enjoy my favorite products in this Generation Mindful review!

Generation Mindful PeaceMakers Cards

Generation Mindful Review PeaceMakers cards description: Each card delivers a unique, affirming message designed to nurture emotional intelligence including self-love, social skills, a growth mindset, confidence, and more. There are seven themes represented by different animals.

Age Group: 3+. These cards are great for little ones, all the way up to adults.

Generation Mindful Review-How You Use Them:

Ask Questions, plan activities, see each other, dream together, use as mantras, journaling prompts, and create new card games.

For even more ways to use the cards, you can visit their website: The PeaceMakers Cards

Generation Mindful Review-What You Get in Each Box:

  • Three welcome cards: these cards will introduce you to the deck and help you get started using them in diverse settings with children ages 3 and up.
  • Seven adult cards: this mini deck, ideal for teens, parents and educators and more, will further introduce you to the deck’s seven themes. Adults working with PeaceMakers find this mini deck helps them lead and guide by example, especially in times of stress.
  • 35 cards for all ages: simple, affirming messages exploring seven themes, represented by seven peace-making pals: Bear (Power), Fox (Joy), Lion (Balance), Hummingbird (Love), Dolphin (Peace), Owl (Intuition), and Elephant (Forgiveness).

Purchase Your PeaceMakers Cards Here

Generation Mindful review time in toolkit

Why I love The Generation Time In Toolkit

I love the Generation time in toolkit! My son used to go a family members house when I worked full-time. She used time-outs and it was not effective for him at all!

Time outs would just isolate my son when he was feeling bad already. It breaks my heart to think about my sweet boy alone in a room thinking he was a bad kid!

Now, I always make sure to reinforce with my son that when he does something I don’t like that I still like HIM. However, it took some time to undo the damage caused by his babysitter. The generation time in toolkit was a better alternative for us. It was a huge key in helping him learn better ways to control his emotions while retaining his self-esteem.

Now, don’t feel bad if you used time-outs. It’s never too late to start adding in more positive parenting styles and emotional based tools and toys. I’m sure you also probably were more loving than my son’s babysitter was as well. And look, I get it. Time outs provide some quiet for a mama. I was raised on time-outs too.

It’s a common parenting tool, so it’s no surprise we as mama’s may turn to them as well. However, at the end end of the day, there is a better option-and it’s the time in toolkit!

I don’t know about you, but what I remember a kid in time out, was sitting in a corner not thinking about what I did wrong. Instead, I was thinking about how mad I was for being put in a time-out! It gave me time to think about how resentful I was, and how it was not my fault I acted the way I did. Kind of the opposite of what I think my mom was trying to accomplish?

From the website, here are the reasons a time in toolkit is so much better:

“Time-outs are punitive experiences that isolate a child from an environment for a set amount of time. Though punishment based discipline may lead to short-term compliance, they do not enhance moral behavior or teach children useful conflict-resolution skills (Hoffman) like play and positive discipline.”

Alternatively, a time in toolkit help children learn to calm their bodies and process their emotions so that they can problem-solve, learn, and grow. They empower children to check in with their bodies when they are feeling strong emotions so that they can practice responding to situations rather than reacting. “

What is the Generation time in Toolkit?

Generation Mindful Review Ages: No age listed, but I would assume around 2+. If you use a time in for very young children, I’d make sure they are not left fully alone and somewhere you can both see each other.

Generation Mindful Review Site Description: Teach children to name, feel, and heal their emotions through play and positive discipline. The time in toolkit includes feelings posters and fun activities to create a calming space where children (and adults!) can playfully grow their social and emotional skills.

Get tangible evidence based tools and toys and you can start using day one to tame tantrums, grow your child’s empathy and emotional intelligence, and empower them to “Name It, Feel It, and Heal It” with GENM’s Generation Mindful Review time in toolkit. The time in toolkit creates a safe space for children and parents and educators to play, learn, and grow their social-emotional skills through co-regulation. 

One time in toolkit is all you need per home or classroom for play and positive discipline. The many play-based activities in the time in toolkit are easily adapted for use in diverse settings and with children of diverse neurological abilities. 

Generation Mindful Review-What You Get

  • 6 illustrated posters to create a Calming space (frames not included)
  • PeaceMakers Mindfulness Cards
  • My Feelings Card Deck featuring 32 different feelings (x2 sets of cards)
  • Laminated “What Can I Do” Activity Mat with 12 calming strategies cards
  • Laminated Travel Version Time-In ToolKit Poster
  • Digital Manual with Printables*

✔️ Larger posters are easy for younger children to see and interact with. Frameable to match your personal style or can be hung as-is using the sticky tabs included. Can be laminated for portability, wipe-ability, and durability. 

Generation Mindful Review-The Ready-To-Hang time-In toolkit includes:

  • 5 faux-framed, sturdy posters for a Calming Corner (ready to hang!)
  • PeaceMakers Mindfulness Cards
  • My Feelings Card Deck featuring 32 different feelings (x2 sets)
  • “What Can I Do” Activity Mat with 12 calming strategies
  • Meet The PeaceMakers Activity Mat with Reusable Clings
  • Laminated Travel Version time in toolkit Poster
  • Digital Manual with Printables*

✔️ Great for smaller spaces and/or limited wall space (uses ⅓ of the wall space of the Original time in toolkit)

✔️ Sturdy chipboard-backed wall hangings require no framing. Saves you the time and cost of framing to create an inviting space for your children right out of the box.

✔️ Designer faux-frame illustrations add instant style to your space.

*Please accept emails when asked at checkout to ensure you receive the digital components of the kit and updates.

Generation Mindful Review-How It Works:

The time in toolkit will help you adopt positive parenting strategies for managing conflict and misbehavior with clear boundaries that teach children vital relationship skills. Great for parents and educators.

STEP ONE: SET UP A SAFE, CALMING SPACE Your time in toolkit manual will guide you every step of the way as you set up a cozy, inviting space your child will want to visit. The posters and manual that come with your kit will also help you establish your personal Calming Corner guidelines, whether for a home, classroom or other setting.

The time in toolkit comes with a beautifully illustrated 8-page mini-manual in every box and a more detailed Digital Manual to inspire social-emotional learning, connection, and fun for years to come.  They will love their unique, and special calming space.


The first step to emotional regulation is awareness.

The playful activities included in the time in toolkit make thinking, talking, and learning about emotions fun. With practice, children as young as age two and three begin to recognize the four different mood-groups we all feel in the average day.Children will intrinsically want to visit their Calming Corner when they can notice and name their emotions. Parents and educators will love the results they see.


After helping your child identify and express their emotions, the time in toolkit includes a list of calming strategies to help children practice managing those big emotions as well.

The behaviors parents and educators are looking for from children are easier for them to do when they are feeling safe and connected to another human being. Connection builds compliance which is why our evidence based tools and toys help adults and children “connect before they correct”.

When you begin to use your Calming Corner on a regular basis, there will no longer be a need to put children in forced time-outs. Children (and adults!) having challenging behaviors and/or feelings will take a time in toolkit instead.

The time in toolkit will help you create is an inviting “calming space” kids go to feel, think, share and learn.

Get Your time In toolkit Here

Generation Mindful Review-Hearts Treasure Hut

This book is seriously adorable and has a great message! Even better, it’s only $14! In my family, we constantly say I love you so my son is obsessed with this book. Can you really ever say I love you enough?

Generation Mindful Review-Site Description: “What is love, and where does love live?!” In this get-up-and-move story, our friend Heart wants to know, and the answer we discover at the end of the book just might surprise you!

You will ADORE this beautifully bound hardcover storybook, complete with a mirror on the last page for children to see themselves and more than 14 hidden gems for you to seek and find inside the book!
Generation Mindful Review:

“Another incredible product from some pretty incredible souls sharing emotional based tools and toys that many of us (my husband and I and many others obviously) need and want to give our children the confidence and ability to be mindful, thoughtful, COMPASSIONATE humans! Meanwhile allowing us to share these emotional based tools and toys with friends and extended family in hopes they have the desire to provide these invaluable tools to their family as well!! Our family absolutely loves the tools and lessons we’ve learned from GENM! Looking forward to this new edition and will be adding it to our Christmas list! 😍”

Purchase your heart’s treasure book here.

Generation Mindful Review-New Parenting Program For Building Social and Emotional Skills: Make it Stick

I’m SO excited for this program. Being an affiliate, I got to check it out early AND give you get a discount too. However, I think you will find the program invaluable.The Make it Stick parenting program helps busy parents teach and reinforce social and emotional skills.

generation mindful make it stick

If you are like me, the last few years have been rough socially. Before 2020 I thought it was tough socialize because I was busy. Add lockdowns and quarantines to the mix, and it was virtually impossible to socialize.

My son lost out on pre-school and half of his Kindergarten year! Being an only child, he really suffered. I did my best to provide activities that were still allowed (he has taken year long swim classes, but not a lot of socializing while learning to hold your breath). So even though he doesn’t technically have any issues like ADHD or other neurodiverse issues, he does struggle with emotional regulation.

Perhaps you do have a special needs child like my son’s cousin who didn’t get as much in person support, or just a shy child? Maybe you grew up with parents who had their own social and emotional childhood trauma like my parents. Either way, we can all use some help in this area.

If so, you are not alone! The Make it Stick program will help you get the information, tools, and support you need to parent children with anxiety, ADHD, SPD, autism and other neurodiverse conditions.

Much like manifestation, there isn’t ONE way to parent. There are just tools and skills and that can help you on your journey. The Make it Stick program will help you not be alone in your parenting, and help you give your children an amazing foundation!

You get a self-paced course with developed by leading experts Dr. Rebecca Branstetter and Elizabeth Sautter:

Generation Mindful Review-Dr. Rebecca Branstetter, Ph.D

Rebecca is a nationally renowned school psychologist, speaker, author, and momma on a mission to provide educators and families with the skills they need to learn, connect, and cope.

Rebecca brings her extensive knowledge of executive functioning, learning differences, and relational expertise to the Make It Stick Pathway, Program, and Community

Generation Mindful Review-Elizabeth Sautter, M.A. CCC-SLP

Elizabeth is a speech therapist, international speaker, mom of two teens with additional needs, and an award-winning author specializing in social and emotional learning for the neurodiverse community.

Elizabeth is an expert in diverse cognitive and language functioning and combines her 25 years of experience with the latest research-based science to create MISP.

Generation Mindful Review-Site Description:

Find what works for you and your family on our 8 point parenting pathway. We are not a checklist or a blueprint. We provide a flexible and gentle path that parents can follow to deepen their connection and relationships with their children, giving true influence.

Who it’s For:

Specifically developed for families raising tots to teens who struggle with emotional regulation and/or social skills

What You Learn:

✓ Better understand how your child learns and communicates

✓  Connect more deeply, giving you true influence

✓  Nurture your family relationships and make parenting more joyful

✓ Tame tantrums and overwhelm

✓ Identify and support your child’s unique learning styles

✓ Nurture social and emotional intelligence in yourself and your child


*30 Day Money-Back Guarantee


*Life-time access

*Clear and easy to use tools

*Science backed

*Flexible, different tricks and tips to find the one that works best for YOU. Not a one-sized fit’s all, it can be tailored to your style and needs.

8-Part Online Course & Guidebook ($165 value)

 Quarterly Live Coaching Calls ($125 value)

 Private Online Community Membership ($99 value)

✓ Members Only Resource Center ($79 value)

Generation Mindful loves freebies and printables, so if you are one of the first to sign up you can also get:

Sign up today & receive 68% OFF plus $150 in Free Bonus Resources!

  • Video Library with 40+ parent experts ($99 value) 
  • Make It Stick Parenting Meditations + Journal ($36 value)
  • Make It Stick Daily SEL Activity Calendar ($15 value)


We would say the sweet spot is school-age and MS (5-13) for sure, but parents of PreK and teens with an open mind on how to expand the tools for their child will also benefit.

We also need to consider developmental ages with kids. They might be 5 but have delays with language or cognition. We know this is clear as mud but we don’t want to mislead parents by saying “this is perfect for you and your kid,” however, most modules are general enough and can be modified if needed to suit your needs.

Do They Offer CEU’s?

Yes, we do offer certificates of completion for professional development hours on an individually requested basis.All you have to do is check with your teacher certification program to verify that they accept self-study hours.

The Make It Stick Parenting Course provides 12 clock hours of training and we are happy to generation a certificate of completion when you finish watching the video modules.

The course platform tracks your progress automatically, so at the end of the course, you would just need to take a screenshot that it is complete, fill out your post-course survey, and send the screenshot to Rebecca at with your full name for the certificate. 

Please note that the course is geared for parents, but we have had professionals go through the course to learn how to support their families. If you’re both a parent and a professional, then you get to double down on the learning! 🙂


Currently $199 for it’s launch, but it is valued at $618 so this price may change in the future. This price is for lifetime access.

Generation Mindful Review-Client Review:

Mar 31, 2021

I am 29 years old and a mom of 4 kids, ages 7 down to newborn. I have a child in the middle that inspired me to do more research on how to assist him through his “big feels” and stumbled across ‘Generation mindful’.

Upon delving into the content online I found it suitable for all my kids and extremely supportive and empowering to me as their mom to be able to find a program that does make it stick for me and my kids without the judgmental aspect that I feel as parents we all face, I am so glad to see so far I am not the only one that has “mommy moments” that later catches herself at night wishing she could’ve done better just doesn’t quite know how.

After doing the first module and learning how to break free from the shame and judgement I am finding myself celebrating more victories vs beating myself down, this program is amazing so far and I look forward to chatting with everyone here along the way.

Go Here to Check it Out

Generation Mindful Review Final Thoughts

That’s it for my favorite products, but they have so much more and keep adding more great emotional based tools and toys resources to their website. They always have different generation mindful coupons too. So you will want to check back often! Generation Mindful is an amazing company for anybody looking to teach their mindfulness, emotional regulation, confidence and self- love. I really hope you check them out! Together, we can create a more emotionally healthy world!

Use this generation mindful review coupon on a parenting class. Even with all of the other freebies, with this generation mindful review you can also get a free positive parenting video as a bonus here: Positive Parenting

What is your favorite product or resource from my Generation Mindful Review that you have or want to try? Did you find my Generation Mindful review helpful? Comment below!

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