Downriver and Friends- Hulafrog and Why You’ll Love It!

downriver and friends

So, this is going to be a little different than my normal blog posts, but it’s my blog so I can! 🙂 Anyways, I’m calling out to all downriver and friends to check out the new Hulafrog website for the Grosse Ile-Taylor area. If you are like me, you are always looking for fun, local things to do for your kids!

Now, there are lots of websites with fun things to do with kids in Southeastern Michigan- but not as much for the downriver, Michigan area specifically.

That’s what makes Hulafrog so awesome. It’s very hyper local to your area. And don’t worry, if Covid-19 lockdowns hit they have you covered! While virtual events aren’t usually as fun as in person, they can help get you through a long Michigan winter!

(This post is geared toward downriver and friends in Michigan, but Hulafrog also has other cities too if you got to this post from another location.)

I’ll go into detail about the Downriver, Michigan area, what Hula Frog is, and why should subscribe to the Grosse Ile-Taylor area newsletter or your local city!

About Hulafrog

Hulafrog is a website run by Mom’s, and for Mom’s! It’s all about posting the best local businesses and kids activities in your area.

From their website:

“If anyone knows what’s happening in the local community, it’s a mom. Hulafrog’s national network of local websites are each run by a professional, in-the-know mom (or dad), making Hulafrog the go-to resource for the best places to go, things to do, and events for kids and families. Hulafrog’s mission is to connect parents with the national and local businesses they care about most.”

Founded by Sherry Lombardi and Kerry Bowbliss, the Hulafrog founders are working mama’s with over 20 years of business experience.

There are a variety of local weekend guides, weekly guides, business hot lists, national kid activities, and even a Hula@Home which helps you find fun stay at home, virtual kid activities.

Find your local Hulafrog Here

Or if you are in downriver, Michigan you can join the Grosse Ile-Taylor page.

With downriver Hulafrog you can find out things like:

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downriver and friends

How to Start Your Own Hulafrog

Don’t see your city? Start your own! You can find out more about the opportunity here. Becoming a managing editor for a local Hulafrog is a great way to stay busy while also being a stay at home mom! While you don’t make money unitl you get your site up and running (which can take a few months) it is a great opportunity to learn skills that work around your schedule.

As a stay at home mom, you may be worried about going back into the workforce when your kids get older. Well, Hulafrog solves that problem! You can also get fun free things, and be able to know all about the kids activities and businesses. You can trade advertising space for free swim, dance classes, or even braces!

With virtual school right now, or homeschooling, it can be tough to find a job that works around your schedule. If you don’t need a set amount of money, and just want to build your skills and network in your community, Hulafrog may be a great fit for you!

About Downriver

What is downriver? If you aren’t from Michigan, or new to the area, you may not know what it is! My downriver and friends who have lived here awhile are familiar with the term though! I’ve lived everywhere downriver from Taylor, to Southgate, Brownstown and Wyandotte!

However, the downriver, Michigan area makes up a lot more cities!

18 cities, in fact!

According to Wikipedia, downriver, Michigan;

Downriver is the unofficial name for a collection of 18[1] cities and townships in Wayne County, Michigan, south of Detroit, along the western shore of the Detroit River.

The name derives from the fact that the Detroit River, after running more or less west along the banks of Detroit and Windsor, Ontario, then bends to flow largely south before emptying into Lake Erie. Communities to the south of the city can thus be accessed by traveling downriver (as opposed to upriver) along the waterway.

The Downriver label can be controversial, and many communities and the businesses therein have made various attempts to embrace, reject, or redefine the Downriver name.[3]

The 18 cities are:

Hulafrog’s Grosse-Ile-Taylor Includes These Cities:

Taylor, Michigan

Brownstown, Michigan

Southgate, Michigan

Woodhaven, Michigan

Grosse Ile, Michigan

Riverview, Michigan

Huron Charter Township, Michigan

Trenton, Michigan

Gibralter, Michigan

Flat Rock, Michigan

Rockwood, Michigan

Wyandotte, Michigan

My Favorite Family and Kids Downriver Businesses And Activities

Funtastic in Woodhaven: “Fun indoor playground center with a large soft play area and a two story padded playscape. Our Cafe offers a great place to relax or to enjoy a nice snack/small meal. We offer drop in play through out the week and host private parties on the weekends,  plus many other fun activities throughout the year”

What I love about Funtastic in Woodhaven is they are open late, and the people there aer super friendly! If you kid is an only child like mine, the staff and their kids will often play with them! How nice is that?! When Michigan’s weather gets fickle, it’s also a great place to go. You don’t have to worry with Covid-19 either as they keep it super clean.

Revd Up Fun in Woodhaven Another awesome family downriver business in Woodhaven is Revd Up Fun! This place has something for really everyone. They have a bar and axe throwing for the adults, bumper cars, and even an obstacle course! In addition, they have great food, a huge play area, arcade games…and so much more! It’s also decorated really nice, and I love the car theme. At Revd Up Fun, you are there for the kids, but the whole family will have fun. You don’t feel like you are just in a kids play area, but a super fun restaurant. A definite must try if you are looking for something fun for the whole family downriver. Again, a great place indoors if the weather is bad, and we know how often that happens in Michigan!

Heritage Park-Taylor, MI– Heritage Park in Taylor, Michigan is such a gem for families in downriver. In addition to having a huge park, there is a petting farm, community farm, library, lflower garden, and splash pad! They also have the Taylor Fireworks every year, and other local events like farmers markets, concerts, etc. at the pavillion. Check out their website to keep up to date on the activities. Of course, if you subscribe to the downriver Hulafrog newsletter, you will never have to miss out or try to keep up with local activities- it will all be in one place for you!

With autumn coming up soon, I also can’t leave out the nearest cider mills and apple orchards!

My favorite are: Apple Charlies Orchards in New Boston and Erie Orchards in Erie, Michigan.

However, if there is a kids business or activity in the area, I’ll still include. Those are just the main downriver cities that have the most activity for families!

I’ll even include some Detroit area activities too, because it’s really not that far. Hulafrog just really tries to keep things as local as possible so you can get to know and interact with your community.

In the internet age, it’s so easy to feel disconnected from your local community! I’ve been a working mom and a stay at home mom, and while both are tough, it can be extremely isolating staying home all day.

Also, if you work in a job without a lot of coworkers with families, it can be isolating. If you just moved to a new area, or don’t have a lot of family members, it can be isolating- it’s so important to have a community.

In fact, just being a mom can be isolating, right? That’s why resources like the downriver Hulafrog are so important! You can also check out my post on making friends as a busy mom here.

downriver and friends

I hope this helps, and you subscribe to Hulafrog downriver in Michigan, or your local city!