209 Crown Chakra Affirmations- Connect To The Universe Easily

crown chakra affirmations
  • Position : Crown (The very top of the head)
  • Theme: Connection to the Universe
  • Color: Purple/Violet
  • Symbol: Thousand Petaled Lotus
  • Element: Connection to the divine, and all elements in the universe
  • Stone: Clear Quartz, Selenite, Amethyst, Moonstone
  • Essential Oils: Neroli, Rose
  • Yoga Pose: Lotus pose, corpse pose
  • Sound: OM
  • Mantra: “I am a vessel for love and light.”
  • Sound : OM

What is The Crown Chakra 

Before we start with the Crown Chakra Affirmations, here is a little bit of information what the Crown Chakra is and why you may want to use Crown Chakra affirmations.

The Crown Chakra is the last and highest of the seven chakras in our body. It comes from the Sanskrit name Sahasrara Chakra- which means ‘thousandfold.” It’s named after the seven petals on a lotus, which represent the seven chakras on the body.

It is where we connect to the universe, our higher selves, and a higher consciousness. It’s the center of our inner wisdom, and intuition. The crown chakra is the heart of all manifestation!

How Do You Know If You Need Crown Chakra Affirmations?

If your crown chakra is blocked, you will definitely benefit from crown chakra affirmations! However, many enjoy crown chakra affirmations to keep their already strong crown chakra’s in balance.

When the crown chakra is out of balance, you will know! Some sings of a blocked crown chakra:

  • Negativity
  • Inability to Focus
  • Lonely
  • Disconnection from spirit and the Universe
  • Moodiness, and immaturity
  • Bored
  • Fatique
  • Uninspired
  • Headaches
  • Constantly sick and unwell
  • Drama, chaos, and bad luck

How Do You Know When Your Crown Chakra is in Alignment?

Just like it’s easy to spot if your crown chakra is off, it is easy to see if it’s open and aligned!

With a balanced crown chakra, you will feel:

  • Loving
  • Trusting
  • Peaceful
  • Connected to the Universe
  • Understand your soul path or mission

Why Your Chakras Get Blocked

Chakra’s are simply energy center centers in your body. A lot of things can make them get out of balance! When your Chakra’s are around negative energy or you have negative emotions or thoughts…well, they will pick up on that! Your chakras mirror your environment and your thoughts.

If you have bad habits, or hang out in toxic environments with toxic people, it will impact your chakras. It’s very important to keep your chakra’s open by being aware of your daily habits and surroundings.

Whatever habits you will eventually turn into patterns. These patterns make up our energetic body, or aura.

Why You Need To Balance Your Crown Chakra

It’s important for all your chakra’s to be open and unblocked, but the crown chakra is the most important if you are working on spirituality and manifestation. If you want your manifestations to work, you need an open and energized crown chakra!

By balancing your crown chakra you will be better able to keep a positive attitude, have focus, and experience the self love you need to manifest.

How to Open Your Crown Chakra

In addition to crown chakra affirmations, you can also do other things. In addition, the crown chakra is at the top, so all other chakras need to be balanced as well. You cannot fix the top with a shaky foundation! All of the Chakras work together.

Here are some additional things you can do to unblock any chakra: meditation, use crystals, and essential oils, yoga, journal, etc. For the crown chakra specifically, you can chant the mantra “OM.” You may also want to try out a chakra candle ritual.

Why Use Crown Chakra Affirmations?

Affirmations are amazing ways to raise your vibration and change negative thoughts. Everything is energy, and the thoughts you think are no different! Do you want to fill your day with negative thoughts, or positive? We have so many thoughts a day, yet most are negative! What kind of energy patterns are your thoughts creating?

If you feel you need help reinforcing your positive thoughts, than affirmations are for you! However, in order for them to work you must truly believe what you are saying first. Otherwise, you will just be wasting your time!

So make sure you get rid of any abundance blocks to believing what you want to affirm first. If you are working on the crown chakra you have hopefully gotten rid of disbelief already though because your other lower chakras must be balanced first.

If you haven’t yet, no worries! Just take some time to balance out your lower chakras first, and get rid of your abundance blocks. There is no time frame or competition on your spiritual journey! Take your time and do it right, whatever that looks like for you individually.

Here are some tips on clearing abundance blocks, and how to deal with affirmations not working for you.

How to Use Crown Chakra Affirmations?

There are no right or wrong ways to use crown chakra affirmations! However, there are some things that have worked best for most people that can help inspire you.

Typically, the best time of day for affirmations is when you are in the suggestible sleepy state- either right when you wake up, or before bedtime. However, any time of day you are able to get some privacy and quiet is ok too! Once you get used to using affirmations, you will be able to do them any time!

You do not even need to really be focusing on the affirmations all of the time either- especially if you use something like crown chakra affirmationssubliminals. Here is how to make your own. If you have worked on your subconscious blocks, than crown chakra affirmations subliminals are a great way to listen while doing chores, shopping, etc. without a lot of effort or focus.

Just don’t also forget the benefit of using your crown chakras with focus too, like when you wake up or before bedtime. When you are focusing, picture the top of your head purple.

You can also use your crown chakra affirmations during meditation, journaling/scripting, or during manifestation rituals. Another fun way to use affirmations is with water manifestation. Basically, whenever you take a shower, bath or wash your hands, think about the affirmation over and over and imagine the water washing away the old thoughts and revealing the new!

Ultimately though, use the crown chakra affirmations in the way that makes sense to you. You may not notice a difference immediately with crown chakra affirmations confirmations, but with practice I can assure you it will be making changes in your energy field. It may also be helpful to keep a journal about your experiences too.

Crown Chakra Affirmations List

Here’s my big list of Crown Chakra Affirmations. I hope you enjoy!

  1. I am a spiritual being in a human body.
  2. I have a positive mindset.
  3. I search for positivity in everything.
  4. I rely on my inner wisdom to make the right decisions.
  5. I honor the sacred divinity that exists within me.
  6. I am on my perfect path for my life purpose.
  7. I become more enlightened each day.
  8. My body is a beautiful home for my radiant soul.
  9. I am pure, beautiful, radiant light.
  10. I am divinely protected, inspired, and guided by the Universe.
  11. I am deeply and unconditionally loved by the Universe.
  12. I am worthy of unconditional love from divine energy.
  13. I am connected to a limitless source of creativity, abundance, health, happiness, and love.
  14. I surrender to the loving will of the Universe.
  15. I am my highest, most authentic self.
  16. My highest self guides my actions and decisions.
  17. I am aligned with my soul’s purpose and truth
  18. I am always divinely and lovingly guided.
  19. I know deep inner peace. (crown chakra affirmations)
  20. I happily and willingly take on my responsibilities. 
  21. I calmly release my ego.
  22. I am in complete control of my emotions.
  23. I am optimistic and confident.
  24. I am aware of my inner beauty.
  25. I embrace life and cherish my spirit.
  26. I radiate love and warmth. 
  27. I respect the intentions and emotions of others.
  28. I am open to receiving new energy.
  29. I surrender to the power of the Universe.
  30. Eternal peace flows to and through me.
  31. I release the need to control my life and surrender to a higher power.
  32. I trust my intuition and listen to the wisdom of the universe.
  33. I am always gently held and lovingly guided by this Universe.
  34. I am loved, cherished, and adored by this Universe.
  35. I am eternally connected to the divine source of the Universe.
  36. Even when the world is immersed in darkness, I walk forward in faith, love, and light.
  37. The light and energy of the Universe flows within me. (crown chakra affirmations)
  38. I have unshakeable faith in my divine path.
  39. I’m Source Energy in a human body, and I can do anything.
  40. I surrender to my highest good.
  41. I surrender to the highest good for all.
  42. I am love. I am light. I am connected to all.
  43. I experience unity with all things.
  44. I surrender myself to the divine.
  45. I am aligned with the highest aspect of my being.
  46. Divine light and love flow through me.
  47. I honor the Divine within me
  48. I am open to new ideas
  49. Information I need comes to me easily
  50. The world is my teacher.
  51. I observe my challenges with curiosity about what they can teach me.
  52. My soul is always guiding me.
  53. I am the vibration of this Universe.
  54. I am timeless.
  55. I am the Universe.
  56. I am guided by my intuition.
  57. I am kind, selfless, and generous.
  58. My soul chose this life experience for growth and expansion.
  59. I’m learning to release attachment to physical things.
  60. I easily recognize divine wisdom as it flows to me.
  61. Everything is connected. I am connected to all of life.
  62. I am guided by a higher power and inner wisdom
  63. I am worthy of love from divine energy.
  64. I am a divine being.
  65. I am open to letting go of my attachments
  66. I live in the present moment.
  67. All is well in my world.
  68. My happiness comes from within.
  69. I enjoy the little things in life.
  70. My life flows beautifully.
  71. I am in harmony with nature and animals
  72. I am always learning from my experiences.
  73. I am an extension of the Universe, and The Universe is kind and loving
  74. I am connected with the wisdom of the universe
  75. My life is beautiful and sacred.
  76. Death is nothing to be afraid of because I am more than my physical body
  77. I am open to knowing myself more deeply.
  78. Separation is an illusion; I am connected to all that is.  
  79. I am joyful.  
  80. I trust the universe and know that I am always safe.
  81. I am healing on all levels of my being.
  82. I understand that I am an important connection in the web of life.
  83. I am more than my ego-self.
  84. I vibrate at the frequency of appreciation and pure joy.
  85. My crown chakra is open and in perfect balance.
  86. I choose to live in the present moment because ‘now’ is all there is.
  87. All of my power is in the now.
  88. I release limiting thoughts, beliefs, and relationships that no longer serve me.
  89. I know that everyone is at a different level of spiritual awareness, and doing the best they can.  
  90. I thankfully receive and accept divine knowledge.
  91. I am linked to everything.
  92. I am powerful
  93. I am at peace.
  94. I am the vibration of this Universe.
  95. I am timeless.
  96. I am the Universe.
  97. I am guided by my intuition.
  98. I am kind, selfless, and generous.
  99. Prosperity flows to me with ease when I’m in alignment with my true self.
  100. My sincere gratitude and appreciation for life attracts abundance to me.  
  101. I am an extension of the universe, limitless and infinite.  
  102. I practice acceptance for all people.  
  103. I am a vibrational being, attracting people and experiences that match my frequency. 
  104. I have everything I need to fulfill my life’s purpose.  
  105. My very existence is proof that I am adored by the universe. 
  106. I honor negative emotions that arise within me. They are my teachers.
  107. I am spiritually awake and aware. 
  108. I am oneness
  109. Abundance is a natural result of my gratitude and appreciation for life.
  110. I am healed on all levels of my being
  111. I am fully aware and awake
  112. I honor the divine within me
  113. I am open to letting go of attachments
  114. I am connected to all that is
  115. I remove all limited thoughts and beliefs
  116. I feel the strong spiritual connection to my higher self
  117. I have unlimited possibilities available to me
  118. I can achieve anything
  119. I tap into my inner wisdom
  120. I love and accept myself
  121. I am a divine being
  122. I am connected to the universe
  123. All is well
  124. Everything I seek is within me
  125. I accept and receive divine energy to flow throughout my Chakras
  126. I am divinely guided
  127. I understand my life purpose
  128. My experiences are blissful
  129. All is well.
  130. I feel connected to the Universe.
  131. I am grateful for the guidance from the Universe.
  132. I deserve the love and direction from the Universe.
  133. I sense and honor the divine within.
  134. I consider the world and the people in it as my guide and teachers.
  135. I am a part and extension of the Universe.
  136. I accept myself for who I am.
  137. I channel my energy for gainful purposes.
  138. I am healing spiritually.
  139. I identify with my higher self.
  140. I search for truth by questioning everything.
  141. I feel happy and complete.
  142. The Universe is kind, compassionate, and loving.
  143. I feel connected to the wisdom of the Universe.
  144. I live in the present moment.
  145. I am ready to embrace new thoughts and ideas.
  146. I find what I search for easily.
  147. I am open to letting go of my attachments.
  148. I feel oneness with the Universe.
  149. Divinity is present within me.
  150. I am guided by inner wisdom.
  151. My mind is at peace.
  152. I am intricately linked to the Universe.
  153. I am loved and protected by the Universe.
  154. I am aware that all is well and good in my life. 
  155. I feel a strong connection to nature.
  156. I live my life with love and grace.
  157. I am constantly seeking and receiving divine wisdom.
  158. I accept myself unconditionally.
  159. I appreciate my attitude and spirit. 
  160. I am thankful for the divine guidance and support.
  161. My mind is open and expansive.
  162. I cherish and honor the divinity within me.
  163. I am an integral part of the Universe.
  164. I embrace this beautiful life with all my heart.
  165. I always seek to learn from my experiences.
  166. I am constantly seeking experiences to enrich my consciousness. 
  167. I willingly listen to the wisdom of the Universe.
  168. I trust my intuition and inner guidance.
  169. I am grateful for all the blessings.
  170. I am free of all negative emotions.
  171. I feel healed and rejuvenated in the core of my being.
  172. I feel completely aware and awake.
  173. I am connected to everything in this Universe.
  174. I am letting go of the limiting beliefs that have been holding me back.
  175. I can sense a strong connection to my higher self.
  176. I feel spiritually awakened.
  177. I am aware of the endless possibilities available to me.
  178. I am perfectly capable of achieving anything.
  179. My life experiences are joyous and delightful.
  180. I am fully aware of the purpose of my life.
  181. I am blessed to receive divine guidance.
  182. I am open to receiving blessings from the Universe.
  183. I welcome divine energy and allow it to flow through my chakras.
  184. Everything I want or seek is within me.
  185. I am divine.
  186. I tap into my insight and inner wisdom.
  187. I am fully awake at every moment of my life.
  188. I am closely bound to my higher self.
  189. I am in touch with the divinity within me.
  190. I am pure and perfect love.
  191. I am absolute consciousness.
  192. I am infinite and boundless.
  193. My life’s purpose is significant and clear.
  194. I am one with the Universe.
  195. I am complete. serene, and balanced.
  196. I trust and believe in the journey of life.
  197. I am cosmic energy.
  198. I live in the light. I am the light.
  199. I draw my power from the divine. 
  200. I choose to live my life free and unshackled.
  201. I seek to understand and learn.
  202. Pure white light flows through me and heals my body, mind, and spirit.
  203. I am aligned with the highest frequency of love.
  204. I am clear about what I want and take inspired action to achieve my dreams.
  205. I release doubt and welcome faith.
  206. Every day, I feel more connected to my spirit.
  207. I openly accept spiritual guidance from a higher power.
  208. I bravely let go and allow the Universe to reveal its beautiful plan for me.
  209. I trust that the Universe gives me exactly what I need at exactly the right time.

Did you enjoy these crown chakra affirmations? Which crown chakra affirmations were your favorite? Comment your favorite crown chakra affirmations in the comments below!