6 Amazing Uses For Chrysocolla Malachite

Chrysocolla Malachite

Properties and History:

Chakras– Heart and Throat Chakra
Zodiac-Chrysocolla-Gemini, Virgo, Taurus. (Malachite-Sagittarius, Capricorn, Scorpio)
Element – Water
Number Frequency – Number 5

Chrysocolla stones
Chrysocolla stones, no malachite.

I’ve always loved turquoise, so I was mesmerized when I found the unique (and often more affordable!) combination of beautiful blue-green Chrysocolla Malachite. Difficult name aside, different combinations of these healing rocks have been used for centuries in ancient ornaments, carvings, and jewelry.

Read on to learn more about this interesting and versatile stone!

Chrysocolla comes from the Greek words “chryso” (gold) and “kolla” (glue). Around 315 B.C., Theophrastus, a philosopher and botanist, noticed it looked like borax, which was used to melt and create gold pieces. 

Due to the fact that sometimes Chrysocolla and Malachite are not always combined, and can occur next to each other, or with other combinations of minerals and copper, it can get a little confusing. So, I’m going to break down everything you need to know about this healing stone combination of Chrysocolla Malachite (and other combinations!) in this post.

Native Americans used Chrysocolla Malachite for it’s healing and peaceful qualities, and can still be seen today in a lot of their jewelry and art. Hippocrates, ancient physician, studied and loved it for its presumed healing abilities.In ancient times, King Solomon mined the Eliat Stone-a combination of Azurite, Chrysocolla, Turquoise, and Malachite. Nowadays, the Eliat stone is the national stone of Israel.

Chrysocolla-Malachite combines two copper-derived silicate minerals.  Silicate minerals are extremely common, and come in a variety of mineral combinations. So when these two minerals combine it creates a rock. I prefer the term “healing gemstone” but to each their own!

To get a little more scientific on you, a few things have to happen to create the unique combination of Chrysocolla Malachite. MoonRise Crystals explains it far better than I can;

“When the copper forms a sulphide, and its exposed to water, it oxidizes. If that water also contains carbonic acid, it dissolves the copper and forms new compounds, including green Malachite.  If the copper is oxidized, Chryscolla forms.”

Wow, a lot needs to happen for this beauty to be combined, but I’m glad it does!

With Chrysocolla Malachite you will also tend to find other secondary copper minerals like quartz, limonite, cuprite, and azurite.

6 Uses

So, how can you use this beauty for manifestation, the law of attraction and your spiritual practice?

Many different ways!

  • Add it to your home and office decor to bring harmony and calming energy
  • Use it during your meditations and rituals when you need a calming, transformation energy for times of change, like moving, a break up, etc. (a great sister stone to use: Peach Selenite)
  • Use it when you want to ground yourself, due to its combination of earthy malachite energy and the water energy for Chrysocolla
  • Wear it as jewelry and keep in your pocket to protect and banish negative energy from your aura. It clears your energy field so you can communicate clearly and it helps increase your capacity to love fully.
  • A deeply feminine energy stone, it’s a great stone to use for midwives, and other feminine healers. Use it when you want to connect with your divine feminine.
  • Hold it when you are anxious or going through a stressful time and let it absorb any negative vibes.

How to Care For Your Chrysocolla Malachite

Due to the high copper content, be sure to wash your hands after handling your stone. Don’t submerge it in water to clean, and pat it gently to clean and charge. Keep it protected from scratches with a soft cloth.

Have you ever seen this stunning combination Chrysocolla and Malachite? What are your thoughts on it? I’d love to hear about your experiences with it.

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