Christie Marie Sheldon Reviews-Why She’s The Best For Manifesting

Christie Marie Sheldon Review

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My Experience

I’m excited to write a Christie Sheldon reviews because her Love or Above was the first manifestation course I ever paid for. After the recession in the US I was jobless and living in my parents basement. I could barely afford the discounted price of $99 Love or Above course but she offered a money back guarantee and I was desperate. (It’s more money now, but if you buy the CD box set on Amazon you can still get that at a great price of $110 here)

Well, that course was the turning point in my life and things immediately began to change for me. Before Christie Marie Sheldon I had no idea how many unhealthy, negative patterns I had that were holding me back. It seemed like everything was out of my control, yet when I started to raise my vibrations amazing things happened.

Mindvalley, who creates her courses, are very strict on the amount of visitors a website can have before being an affiliate. Now, I only review products I’ve tried, but I’m getting no financial benefit from sharing this information with you unless you purchase the CD box set from Amazon. I’d review it for free though, it’s just so awesome!

Christie Marie Sheldon is just one of my favorite manifestation teachers out there. I’m going to share why you should check out her courses.

Her courses teach you how to raise your vibration and clear your energy. If you struggle with manifesting, these are likely the first areas you need to work on. Christie also does one hour live clearing sessions and has a much more in depth course called Unlimited Abundance (which I also tried.) I’ll help you figure out which one may be best for you.

This Christie Marie Sheldon reviews if one of the first of many manifestation reviews I plan on doing. This is the place to be if you are looking for a place to start in your manifestation journey.

Christie Marie Sheldon Reviews: Who is Christie Marie Sheldon?

Christie Marie Sheldon is one of the best energy healers and energetic coaches out there. She has done over 30,000 personal consultations (I was one of them!) and has been in the field over 15 years.

According to Christie Sheldon who publishes her courses, in a Christie Marie Sheldon reviews said she helps people eliminate limiting beliefs, transforms life patterns, raise their vibrations and eliminate fear.

She does this with her private consultations, sessions, and her two courses. Her first course was Love or Above, which gives people the tools they need to raise their vibration out of low emotions like fear, hate, anger, and shame to higher vibrational forces like love, joy, and gratitude. Raising your vibration helps eliminates blocks from stopping your manifestations.

Her second course, “Unlimited Abundance” provides even more support and help in identifying and eliminating the abundance blocks that stop manifestations.

“I often do this by helping them open up their awareness, raise their energetic frequency and learn to use their own Spiritual Gifts so they can continue helping themselves. As the wise proverb says, “Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime!

Christie Marie Sheldon Reviews

Like many intuitive and spiritually gifted healers, Christie Marie Sheldon repressed her gift as a child. Many people didn’t like her intuitive predictions, and she got away from using her gifts. However, she was visited by energetic light beings. She then started using her gifts to find blocks and heal people. The results of her healing abilities were too powerful to ignore, and the rest was history.

Christie Marie Sheldon believes that if enough people raise their vibration we can restore the earth love on the planet. With all of the chaos and division, it seems her gifts are needed even more now.

In a world that is living in fear and hopelessness, Christie provides the tools to help you choose hope and love. You can break free from years of abundance blocks and unhealthy patterns with the right tools and support.

Love or Above or Unlimited Abundance; Which Program is Right For You?

While you can’t really go wrong with either program, I’m going to break down the difference between the two for you. Personally, if you are limited on time and/or new to manifesting, than I recommend you start with the Love or Above Spiritual toolkit.

This self-paced, easy to access program is broken up into quick training videos. You can learn daily, practical tools to use right away-and you don’t need any experience at all. Pick which tools work for you, and focus on those. You can get immediate results and it’s less expensive.

If you have been using Love or Above for awhile, have more experience with manifesting and energetic clearing, or really struggle with resistance and abundance blocks, try out Unlimited Abundance first. Just make sure you have the time and commitment to devote to it as its more expensive (but definitely worth it).

Don’t worry if you feel you chose the wrong one, as they do offer money back guarantees and lots of free trial classes, and products to test if its right for you first. So, just let them know and you can try the other program. However, I think you’ll be happy with both!

Try Some of Christie’s Free Tools First

Free Intuition Training Replay

5 free gifts to clear abundance blocks

Monthly group clearings, and specific issues home study sessions (usually around $97)

Or check out her free videos on Mindvalley’s Youtube Channel to get an idea of what she does:

Love or Above Review

Love or above is a great manifesting course if you want quick, easy to use spiritual tools. I recommend this if you are beginner to energetic clearing and want to spend a little less money.

Some Benefits::

Clear Your Manifesting Blockages

Clear invisible blocks and self-destructive patterns from your energetic blueprint, so you can experience life from a high-vibration state.

 Amplify your manifesting power so you can attract what you want with greater ease and joy.

Get rid of low vibrations

Improve your personal growth efforts

Improve your manifestation abilities. Don’t just be average! Live your dream life!

Easy and work quickly

What You Get:

12 energetic tools

Additional bonus tools such as a light contract, gratitude journal, questionnaire, workbook and exercises.

Access digitally anytime (from your phone, laptop, tablet) and all on one easy to use platform.


Currently $199 for the instant digital course (Amazon for $110)

$349 for the physical CD

or both for $349

**payment plans available broken up into 3 easy installments

Purchase Love or Above Here for the digital download or new box set.

By CD box set used for $110 on Amazon


“My whole life has entirely turned around.

Thank you Christie so so much, I can not tell you how much I appreciate your help. My whole life has entirely turned around. I hit a rough patch and your help tonight was just want I so desperately needed.

I won’t bore you with the details… but just healing my self confidence, esteem and love life much less money has to be the most precious gift I ever was given. You are such a blessing to me… thank you so much.”

Tina, Florida

Unlimited Abundance Review

One of Mindvalley’s consistently bestselling course, Unlimited Abundance will help you clear up any abundance blocks and manifesting resistance.

Some Benefits:

Focuses heavily on financial abundance, finding the right career, and freedom from debt. This is a great program if you struggle with money, debt, and a dead end career, or just want more day to day freedom in your life.

Clear lifelong negative patterns

Break free of abundance blocks

Not a quick fix; it is work! But it will make lasting changes, and clear up lifelong negative patterns.

Christie Marie Sheldon Reviews-What You Get:

24 workbooks and audio sessions about an hour long each. While more involved than Love or Above you still don’t need any experience, and can go at your own pace.

The Abundance Block Diagnosis Test: an online self-assessment that reveals your biggest Abundance Blocks

Christie Marie Sheldon Reviews Cost:

$349 for lifetime access. Only one cost as it only a digital option, but you do get a 3 payment installment plan as well.

Less expensive and faster than a private consultation.

Christie Marie Sheldon Reviews-Try it out here: Unlimited Abundance

Christie Marie Sheldon Reviews Testimonial:

“I’m doing the course, and in less than 2 months I’ve made back my investment several times over – above I was making (my consistent “base income”), with minimal changes in my outer behavior (although I am taking action, of course). This is no coincidence, and I’m not even done with the course. Christie Marie knows her stuff, and the program really works :)”

Carli Bauzá-Feliciano-Christie Marie Sheldon Reviews

If you are interested in clearing abundance blocks check out my post for more ideas here.

I hope you enjoyed my Christie Marie Sheldon reviews! Have you ever tried any of Christie Marie Sheldon’s courses or tools? Share your thoughts in the comment below about this Christie Marie Sheldon reviews.