Chakra Pyramid Meaning (Guide to Harness It’s Healing Energy)

Chakra pyramid meaning
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Chakra Pyramid Meaning

You may have heard of chakras and pyramids, but have you ever used both together? Well this post will explain why you will want to understand what the chakra pyramid meaning is and why people use these pyramid crystals and orgone pyramids. To understand the power of chakra pyramids, you must first learn what the chakra pyramid meaning is.

The unique Pyramids serve as positive energy catalysts, and they are powerful tools used since ancient times. Even before people really understood what the chakra pyramid meaning was, they knew it was important. In modern times, people know that the chakra pyramid meaning is that they are great for getting rid of emf radiation at home or in your office. They improve your flow of energy and the energy around your physical body.

Chakra pyramids have been used natural therapies, as energy channeling instruments, and as harmonizers to clear negative energy. The unique pyramid shape has been bringing good fortune for years and clearing negative energies. Learn all about the chakra pyramid meaning and the various ways it can help you.

Let’s first learn what a chakra is before we try to understand what a chakra pyramid meaning is. The definition of the chakra pyramid meaning has changed through the years, but not its power.

What Is A Chakra?

The chakra pyramid meaning has yet to be fully explained, but the chakras are generally understood as the unique energy centers of the body.

When translated literally from Sanskrit, the word for “wheel” is “chakra,” which was once used to refer to the Hindu deity. There are primarily seven chakras in the human body, and they are often referred to as energy centers because of the way in which they concentrate the body’s energy flow. Physical and mental wellbeing are said to result from the harmonious activation of all seven chakras.

The 7 Chakras:

Chakra Pyramid Meaning of the Chakras:

First Chakra (Kundalini) or root chakra, is represented by Black or red, and is the foundation of life and health. Black tourmaline is the most common gemstone associated with it.

The Sacral Chakra, is Orange or Red. This Chakra (or the Second Chakra) represents strength of character and physical attractiveness

The Solar plexus, is Yellow or orange.This Chakra represents Prosperity and Relationships (the Third Chakra)

Green and pink represent humanity and love, the focus of the fourth, or heart chakra. Naturally this chakra is represented by rose quartz and green aventurine.

Light blue or blue expressionism and speech mark the 5th chakra, or throat chakra.

Intuition and higher thought come from the 6th chakra, which is colored blue or purple, or third eye chakra. The crystal most used with this chakra is lapis lazuli.

Spirit and Divinity are white, transparent, and purple at the 7th chakra, or crown chakra. Clear quartz is represented by this chakra.

So as you can see, to understand the chakra pyramid meaning you must understand each unique chakra.

I’ve written more about this topic if you want to learn about crystals for manifesting and chakras for manifesting.

What Are Orgone Pyramids?

Understanding the chakra pyramid meaning requires you to know what orgone pyramids are as many are made of this unique and powerful material and not just crystals.The orgonite pyramid is a structure or device made from a variety of metallic and non-metallic materials that attracts, transmutes, cleans, and orders the energy that is in the atmosphere of our planet, bringing about harmony by allowing all that is negative or unhealthy to pass into a steady state.

These devices are made up of a wide variety of materials, including quartz and natural stones, copper, silver, and organic resin, and are increasingly being used on a daily basis by both children and adults.

Wilhelm Reich, who in the 1930s made the scientific discovery of what is variously called prana, chi, reiki energy, etheric, magnetic, astral, life force, etc., coined the term “orgone pyramid” to describe this vortex of energy. In addition to its use in the increasingly popular field of complementary medicine, the orgone pyramid can be used to counteract the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields from even the smallest electronic devices. For this reason, orgonite is used as a form of self-defense and for therapeutic purposes by many well-informed parents.

Backstory of the Orgone Pyramid

Orgone is also important for understanding the chakra pyramid meaning. In the new era in which Humanity finds itself, BioGeometry, also known as Sacred Geometry, is nothing out of the ordinary. They are the universal codes that humanity has forgotten but was once privy to. Like the cosmos, we are made of sacred geometrical shape and proportional parts. Orgone is a field of energy based on geometric proportions and sequences found throughout the universe.

Since the dawn of humanity, the Bioenergetics of the Pyramid and other morphic fields associated with specific geometric structures have played a role in shaping our world. Putting aside the alien abduction theories and other wacky ideas with which many of us may agree or disagree to varying degrees, it is true that these enormous structures were constructed for a reason, and that reason is evident from their size alone. No longer could it be limited to just the pharaohs and queens- ancient egyptians.

Antoine Bovis, a French technician and dowser, explored the Great Pyramid of Cheops back in the 1920s and reported seeing a series of colored lights and sensing a particularly potent energy in the King’s chamber (located more or less one third of the height from the base to the top of the pyramid).

After returning to France, he constructed a replica of the pyramid to continue his research, and found that organic matter exposed to this morphic field exhibited certain effects.

Later, in the 1950s, a Czechoslovak radio-antennist named Karl Dbral conducted his own experiments with scale models of the Great Pyramid and found that they possessed the unusual property of accumulating a certain kind of energy. Because of its mysterious beginnings, it was dubbed “The Energy of Forms.” .

Based on his research, he determined that after 150–200 uses, the blade was still sharp enough to provide a decent shave. So, he went to the patent office and had the pyramid officially labeled as a “device that preserves the edge of the blades.”

A broken water molecule’s dipole can be repaired by subjecting it to pyramidal energy; this allows the crystalline mesh structure to be regenerated and the blade to be used again and again.

He showed the office’s head a pyramid and explained how it worked; after several years of use, his patent application was finally approved 10 years later.

He spent a great deal of time observing the world in search of examples of his laws in action. After further investigation, he learned that this type of energy is abundant throughout the atmosphere and the cosmos.

Orgone Energy is a vital force that, according to Reich, courses through all living things and is independent of matter (mass).

Reich was already widely respected as a scientist when he discovered the Orgone; he even exchanged letters with Albert Einstein to prove the existence of this energy. One of the most important orgone energy-related inventions is the cloudbuster, also known as the cloudbreaker, which can remove electromagnetic radiation and harmful particles from the air.

The key distinction is that the pyramid cannot create this orgone energy on its own; it can only store what is already present in its vicinity.

So as you can see, orgone is a powerful energy, especially when combined with crystals and chakras. In order to understand the chakra pyramid meaning, keep reading.

What Is the Chakra Pyramid?

Various gemstones and semi-precious gemstones are used to construct the 7-chakra pyramid. The seven chakras represented in the crystal shapes are the crown, third-eye, throat, heart, solar-plexus, sacred, and root/base.

The energy from this chakra allows you to express yourself and have fun. It’s common knowledge that pyramids can be used to amplify energy, which can then be focused only through the structure’s crystal point of tallest peak.

The use of crystals is a great tool to harness the pyramid power and amplify it. Using the power of the pyramid, chakras, and crystals are a can’t lose strategy to change your life for the better! After having a chakra pyramid near you for awhile, you will start to notice the change in energy around you.

Advantages of the Chakra Pyramid

As mentioned earlier, the chakra pyramid meaning consists of understanding pyramids are used as energy catalysts, in natural therapies, as instruments for channeling energy, and as harmonizers.

Using a unique type of stone that correspond to each of the seven primary Chakras, this pyramid was constructed. Compared to other pyramids, its power and energy are unparalleled.

One’s Chakras can be brought into balance and opened up with the aid of crystals. They act as amplifiers, boosting the power that reaches our chakras. There are many advantages to using chakra crystals, one for each Chakra based on its color. An individual must imagine the stones’ energy traveling along the same path to the back of each Chakra for the visualization to be effective. One must be at ease and comfortable in order to visualize vital energy entering their body from the universe and being processed by the Chakras from the first to the seventh.

How to Use the Chakra Pyramid

Much like feng shui, simply put your own orgone pyramid or crystal pyramid in a corner of a room you want to experience the power of pyramids. The crystal pyramid energy will amplify any crystal healing properties that correspond with your chakras.

You can meditate near it, or by holding it, but you don’t have to. Just having the unique shape of the pyramid near your own energy field will make a difference in your mental health.

Chakra pyramids are an amazing addition to any natural crystals you have. In fact, I think no crystal collection is complete without it!

Chakra Pyramid Meaning Conclusion

I hope you feel you have a better understanding of the chakra pyramid meaning and how it can help you! There are a numbers of ways you can tap into this universal energy of chakras and pyramids. What have you tried? Comment below your thoughts on how understanding the chakra pyramid meaning can help your life.