How To Use Chakra Beads To Manifest Better

Origin Of Chakra Beads

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Chakra beads have been around for thousands of years in the form of mala beads. Originally they were used in Hinduism and Buddhism to help you focus on your intention during prayer and meditation- so they are a great tool for manifestation! Although they have a religious association to many people, they are technically not actually tied to any one religion.

You can also use chakra beads to help balance your chakra energy fields. Balancing and working on Chakra’s are also another ancient practice, originating around 1500 and 500 BC in India.So as you can see, using Chakra beads is an ancient and powerful practice if it has lasted to this day.

If you are interested in learning more about these amazing beads, then keep reading and I’ll tell you everything you need to know about them and how to use chakra beads.

It’s not true that only certain people can work on their chakra’s. I do not believe in gate keeping this information. However, due to their ancient and powerful history, it’s important to give them the respect they are due. Chakra beads are not to be used lightly!

What Are Chakra Beads?

Chakra beads are beads made from a variety of materials like wood, stone or associated gemstones. They are also most recently popular in lava stone as you can use that as a diffuser with essential oils associated with different chakras.

The great thing about chakra beads made out of lava stone is they are usually very affordable and easy to use. Chakra beads are used in daily life to help people connect to a higher power, set intentions, pray, meditate, and balance their subtle body energy for good physical health and positive energy.

They may seem mysterious, but chakra beads are very easy to use. This blog post will tell you everything you need to know about the chakra system, and how to use chakra beads- and anybody can learn how to benefit.

These chakra beads are also known as Mala beads, which means “garland” in sanskrit. While traditionally worn as a necklace, many also wear them as a bracelet or other chakra jewelry. The word chakra means in Indian Sanskrit; “A wheel or disk that literally translates to the idea of a spinning energetic wheel in seven distinct areas of our spine where our prana, chi or life force flows up and down.”

Chakras are spiritual energy centers, or energy vortices, that control the distribution of life force energy around the body, influencing the way the body functions. Any chakra starts at the base of the spine. Then it finishes at the top of the head. They are stimulated by energy vibrations similar to those found to resonate within crystals.

The chakras are a part of what may be called our profound life systems. Similarly, as there is a life structure to the actual body and guides to the actual world, so also there are unmistakable life structures of our supernatural creatures, as well as guides and guideposts to track with the way of inward arousing. Therefore, assuming we figure out this supernatural life system, we will find it much easier to advance in our search for answers about life and the human body.

What Are Aura’s?

Each Chakra resonates to a different energy frequency, as does each bead, with each Chakra having its corresponding bead. Chakra beads work with our physical body mainly through the 7 Major Chakras, also known as the aura. They can be seen on unique aura cameras, which interpret each energy center as a particular color.

Chakra beads restore balance and natural positive energy flow in the chakra system for supreme well-being. A balanced chakra system means we do not have negative energy holding us back. Each chakra has specific colors, or chakra color, and chakra crystals associated with it.

The 7 different Chakras

The First Chakra or Root Chakra (Red)

It is located at the tailbone (base of the spine) and relates to our survival instinct and sense of acceptance and belonging to a family or large group. Those with tuned Root Chakras are strong and have excellent instincts, leadership skills, and confidence in decision-making.

However, when this Chakra becomes unbalanced, feelings of anxiety and worry will arise. Root chakra beads include obsidian, bloodstone, red jasper, garnet, and smoky quartz.

The Second Chakra or Sacral Chakra (Orange)

Also known as Swadhisthana in Sanskrit, this Chakra is located slightly above the first, around the coccyx. It’s associated with the color orange and represented by a six-petaled flower. It is also linked with sexual desire and emotions such as friendliness and affection, as well as the reproductive organs. Blockages may manifest as sexual issues or an excessively power-seeking and manipulative nature. Sacral chakra beads include sunstone and carnelian.

The Third Chakra or Solar Plexus Chakra (Yellow)

It is located in the Solar Plexus (between the navel and sternum), which controls our self-esteem and intelligence. Those with tuned Third Chakras are active achievers reaching all objectives, goals, and desires. When this Chakra is unbalanced, one could feel powerless, frustrated, and susceptible to other people’s negativity. Solar plexus chakra beads include: yellow calcite, amber, citrine, tiger’s eye.

The Fourth or Heart Chakra (Emerald Green)

This Chakra is situated in the chest, also known as Anahata. It’s linked with the colors green or pink and depicted as a 12-petaled flower. Heart chakra blockages can take the form of possessive, critical, or moody behavior, as well as breathing and cardiac issues. Heart chakra stones for beads include amazonite, rose quartz, malachite, green aventurine, and jade.

The Fifth chakra or Throat Chakra (Sapphire Blue)

It is located in the throat and is the center of communication and self-expression, which is the ability to express our dreams. Those with tuned Throat Chakras can communicate feelings and thoughts without concern for the opinions of others.

However, when this Chakra is unbalanced, one could hold back ideas and expressions due to worrying about how others might react, and physical symptoms like a sore throat. Throat chakra beads and throat chakra stones include blue lace agate, aquamarine, and turquoise.

The Sixth chakra or Third Eye Chakra (Indigo)

It is located between the eyes and is the core of insight, where the mixing of information and intuition occurs. It is also the energy center for psychic abilities. Those with a tuned Third Eye Chakra feel a strong connection with inner wisdom and trust that it will lead to intelligent choices. Conversely, an unbalanced chakra could lead to self-doubt and mistrust. Third-eye chakra beads include lapis lazuli and sodalite.

The Seventh or Crown Chakra (Violet)

The sixth Chakra is also known by the Sanskrit name of Ajna and is located on the forehead between the eyebrows. It influences the sensory organs in the head and brain and is linked with mystical insight and psychic powers. This Chakra is symbolized by two petalled lotus and the color indigo. Imbalances may lead to dogmatic attitudes, mental ‘cloudiness,’ or eye problems. Crown chakra beads include crystal clear quartz, amethyst, and white topaz.

How to Pick What Chakra Beads You Will Use

While a lot of people use chakra jewelry, like authentic chakra bracelet or rings, chakra beads are becoming more popular due to their affordability. At the end of the day, what type of chakra stones or beads material you choose to use in your practice doesn’t really matter, it’s the intention.

So whether you use a gemstone bracelet of black tourmaline, chakra healing bracelets, or chakra beads…keep in mind there isn’t one best ways to use them.

Whichever material or stone you are drawn to is the one that is right for you! I recommend you get into a quiet and peaceful state, perhaps meditate or visualize on your intention.

Once you have done that for awhile, now you are ready to decide what chakra bead material or stones you want to focus on. If you are still unsure, don’t rush it. Keep meditating on it, and eventually you will know which one to choose. If you absolutely can’t decide though, you can always just start at the root chakra and work your way up.

I recommend that you can also start where you feel your flow of energy is the most blocked or your physical energy is hurting the most. Focus on that chakra first, and then move on to the other ones. Don’t try to unblock all of them with every chakra bead out there. Narrow it down. However, again, there is no right or wrong way.

Each chakra center has its vibrational frequency and corresponds to one of the seven central nerve ganglia from the spinal section. As you can see, each chakra focus is also addressed by its unique color of stones and oils. As mentioned earlier, chakra beads can be made of different materials such as gems, stones, and sandalwood. The fundamental part of material choice is variety.

Every seven tones should be addressed on your chakra beads if you’re customizing your faculties to be outwardly and genuinely mindful of all your Chakra focuses at once . You can likewise also choose just one chakra color to focus on one specific Chakra. Each variety carries attention to keeping that particular Chakra open and streaming unreservedly.

Understanding the colors of each Chakra also helps you pick the most beneficial essential oils for your chakra diffuser beads if you go that route. Again, this is a color-coordinated task. Most diffuser beads feature porous lava rock to hold the essential oil.

You’ll place a few drops of the essential oil of your choice, usually based on the specific chakras you feel need supporting at that point, on the stone bead. It will ingest and hold the oil for a few days to arrive at your faculties and work on your chakra stream.

Chakra beads help you focus, whether by rehashing a mantra, performing asanas, or doing one more action that took care of the Chakra of concentration. However long they are charged, their actuation will usually happen.

It is incorrect to describe any of these Chakras as the most important. However, for complete wellness, each must be balanced so that the patient is well from a physical and spiritual perspective and is harnessing external energies to their best advantage. That is the significance of the power of Chakra balancing.

How to Use Chakra Beads

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You can simply just wear your chakra beads as a bracelet, necklace, or other chakra jewelry. Chakra bracelet and other chakra bead jewelry have many benefits as well as being beautiful. Just by wearing it, you can help to balance your energy field. While there is no right or wrong way to wear a chakra bracelet, many do believe they should be worn on the left wrist for bracelets.

The reason for this is the left side of the body is for receiving. You can also wear it on the right though for giving energy and to attract new experiences. Many people also like to switch from the left and right side often, depending on their daily needs and current energy fields. However, there is much more that you can use chakra beads for!

You can also use them as mala beads, where you place your hand on one bead and focus on your intention, mantra, affirmation, prayer, etc. and breathe in. Exhale as you move on to the next one repeat. You can do this as many times as you want, as a form of meditation or prayer. They are great to use in manifestation rituals and full moon rituals.

You can also use them with chakra candles.

For visualization, yan also put them under your pillow for pillow method manifestations.

Many people also like to hold up the chakra beads by the corresponding chakra during meditation, visualization and prayer.

Finally, after you activate your chakra beads you can leave them around areas of your room or office that you want to balance the certain chakra energy.

Chakra beads are just another tool box in your manifestation kit. There are no right or wrong ways to use them, so get creative!

Benefits of Chakra Beads

There are many benefits of using chakra beads. Like anything, consistent practice makes perfect. The more you use your chakra beads, the better the benefits.The chakra beads are a great tool for helping you learn to focus and meditate.

This can help you change your mindset in many ways. Chakra beads help you focus on your intentions better, and give you a chance to relax and meditate.

They are a great tool for helping you recite affirmations as well. As you go through each bead, breathe and exhale as you say your affirmations.

Using mala beads that represent the chakra’s also have the added benefit of helping you balance your chakras. This balancing of your chakra’s will help you have more positive energy, and eliminate negative energy.

Here are some of the main benefits of chakra bead that you are likely to notice:

Beautiful and sacred tool used in meditation and prayer.

Improve focus and connect with your intention.

Calm and center your mind.

Increase your concentration and focus.

Can help to connect you with your higher self.

Help to promote peace, love, and compassion.

Final Thoughts

While it may seem like crystal healing or chakra beads are new ideas, it’s actually been around for many years. These amazing wheels of energy have been a great way for alternative healing for ages. While the Western world is just starting to understand it, I feel like it’s better late than never!

I definitely don’t believe that this ancient wisdom for getting rid of negative energies should be gate kept for only certain people. Everyone deserves to understand this alternative medicine to conquer things like low self-esteem and poor health, so they can bring their personal power back to their daily lives.