New Moon Rituals-9 Ways to Manifest

The moon has been given special significance in spirituality since times immemorial. The ancients knew about the effects of the moon’s cycles on our planet and on us long before science discovered it. That’s pretty awesome if you think about it! Before I talk about New Moon rituals to help […]

9 Easy Self Care Morning Routine Tips

It’s so important to start your day with the right energy! These 9 easy self care morning routine tips will help you do just that! No matter how busy you are, and even if you used to hate the morning like me (thank goodness for coffee!!) As a master manifestor […]

Easy Rituals for More Wealth and Abundance

Rituals for wealth and abundance in your life are easy to do. You are likely even doing rituals every day unaware. Most of us enjoy familiarity in our routines, or practice religious rituals. It is entirely up to us though whether these are beneficial to us or not. We can […]

12 Love Manifestation Rituals-Attract Love Now

Love manifestation rituals can come in many forms. After all there are many types of love-friendship, self-love, family love, dating, marriage, etc. There are also different things people want to manifest- like attract a new love, get an ex back, or perhaps heal an argument. However, if you have read […]

3 Easy New Year Rituals For Manifesting Your Desires

New Year Rituals are perfect for starting the new year off right. I’ve always loved the energy on New Years Eve, even before I learned about manifestation and the law of attraction. The ability to start again, with new goals, and just celebrating life always appealed to me! What’s not […]