Practicing Gratitude During the Holidays- 11 Easy Tips To Try

Gratitude has so many benefits that can help us on a daily basis, but especially during the holidays! Practicing gratitude during the holidays can help with reducing stress and depression, keeps us from emotional spending and eating, and it improves our relationships. These are of course great any time, but […]

Gratitude Jar Ideas You Will Love

Gratitude Jars are a very simple concept, but they have a big impact on your daily gratitude practice! It’s a jar that you put daily notes in of things you are grateful for. These gratitude jar ideas will take your gratitude to practice to the next level! You can view […]

Why Gratitude is Everything-6 Amazing Spiritual Benefits

Gratitude is everything! You may know gratitude has a lot of benefits, but most people don’t know why gratitude is everything and so important! If you want an abundance mindset, you need to know why gratitude is everything. Gratitude is one of the most researched and talked about topics in […]