Moqui Marbles-Everything You Need to Know

What Is A Moqui Marble? Hardness Scale: 4-5 Mineral: Iron Oxide Astrological Signs: Libra, Aries Chakra: Root Even if you have loved crystals and gemstones for years like me, you probably haven’t heard of these unique stones. Well I’m excited to tell you all about Moqui marbles and why Moqui […]

How to Cleanse A Pendulum-5 Easy Ways

How to Cleanse a Pendulum If you are into dowsing and divination you may be wondering how to cleanse a pendulum? You may have noticed your pendulum moving slower, or just not seeming as accurate. If that is the case, it needs a good energetic cleanse. I’ll show you exactly […]

Amazing Pink Fluorite-9 Fun Facts About This Beauty

Zodiac: Pisces and Capricorn Origin:  Argentina, Belgium, China, England, France, Mexico, Morrocco, Pakistan and the United States (New Jersey). History of Pink Fluorite Fluorite comes from the Latin fluere, meaning “to flow.” It’s one of the lesser known gemstones in metaphysical circles, but one you will want to get to […]

Selenite Wands: 5 Magical Ways to Tap Their Energy

Named after the Greek goddess Selene, Selenite is a mystical and rejuvenating crystal. It is soft yet powerful and can have a lasting impact on you physically and mentally. It comes in many forms however using Selenite in the form of a wand can create incredible results. Selenite is a […]

Peach Selenite-10 Reasons Why You’ll Love It

The History of Peach Selenite QUALITIES: Transformation, Cleansing, Protection CHAKRA: Sacral Chakra ZODIAC SIGN: Cancer, Taurus ELEMENT: Wind NUMBER VIBRATION: I love Peach Selenite! It’s not as common as other manifestation crystals, but it is so special I had to make a whole post showcasing it. It’s hard not to be drawn to […]