How To Use Chakra Beads To Manifest Better

Origin Of Chakra Beads Chakra beads have been around for thousands of years in the form of mala beads. Originally they were used in Hinduism and Buddhism to help you focus on your intention during prayer and meditation- so they are a great tool for manifestation! Although they have a […]

Chakra Aura Colors Guide: What You Need to Know

Chakra Aura Colors Wondering what colors correspond to each chakra aura color? This guide covers the 7 major chakra aura colors and their meanings-from red to violet. Learn about the chakra aura colors meanings and properties of each color, and how to use them to balance your own chakra aura […]

Chakra Pyramid Meaning (Guide to Harness It’s Healing Energy)

Chakra Pyramid Meaning You may have heard of chakras and pyramids, but have you ever used both together? Well this post will explain why you will want to understand what the chakra pyramid meaning is and why people use these pyramid crystals and orgone pyramids. To understand the power of […]

How To Easily Use Chakra Candles For Manifesting Desires

What are Chakra Candles? Chakra candles are a special tool you can use in your manifestation rituals. Each candle corresponds with and enhances the energetic chakra center you want to unblock and strengthen. You do this by matching up the candle with colors, fragrances, and sometimes crystals, that enhance that […]