32 Beautiful Divine Feminine Awakening Symptoms You Need to Know About

divine feminine awakening symptoms

Are you wondering if you are experiencing divine feminine awakening symptoms? If so, this blog will help you understand it! The world is transforming to start recognizing and honoring the divine feminine, and not just the divine masculine. We are learning that there is a better way than violence and greed. Women everywhere are awakening to their innate, divine power. Are you one of them?

All divine goddess experience divine feminine awakening symptoms. Even though are often facing your trauma head on during this experience, it can be an amazing experience! It doesn’t have to be scary, but instead can be a beautiful and transformative time in your life.

Women everywhere are being called to awaken, and all women must go through and experience these divine feminine awakening symptoms to help the earth go from patriarchal to a new design. Many of our old ways are falling away, but it doesn’t have to scary- it is actually exciting! Human consciousness is changing, and more women are rising to their true power.

Please don’t misunderstand me, though. I’m not saying the divine masculine is bad per se, just that to have only one without the other leads to an imbalance of power and harmony. It’s time that the dominant divine masculine steps aside and allows the divine feminine to also play a part. Together, its like yin and yang. You cannot have one without the other!

Masculine and Feminine Energy is Not Black and White

Divine feminine energy is in everyone- male and female. Nobody is 100% one or the other, regardless of the gender they identify with the most. All humans need both- how much depends on each unique person’s personality and energy.

It’s only society that tries to define these roles and traits and says how they must be. However, spiritually, masculine and feminine energy are present in both genders. Masculine energy is dominant, assertive, aggressive and logical. Feminine is creative, empathetic, healing, emotions, etc. Who amongst us are not one of these traits at least some of the time? These energies complete each other- not compete!

What Are Divine Feminine Awakening Symptoms?

Divine Feminine Awakening is a spiritual phase where you become your full goddess, divine self. During this process you experience divine feminine awakening symptoms. Usually this process is caused because of a trauma, or spiritual experience. Other times it can be completely random!

You don’t need to know what divine feminine awakening symptoms are for it to happen, but it definitely helps! It can be difficult and painful if you are unprepared, but it doesn’t have to be that way! For many years, women have been persecuted for their unique powers and left to figure things out on their- just think witch trials if you want an idea of how the divine feminine has been treated in the past.

You don’t need to go through this transformation alone anymore though as more are awakening and realizing their strength is in numbers.

Divine feminine awakening symptoms are all unique to the woman experiencing, but here are some of the more common signs:

  1. Your intuition will become more active and gain strength.
  2. Your ego becomes less important.
  3. You find it easier to forgive.
  4. You will be extremely interested in topics about the divine feminine and masculine (hey, that might be why you are on this blog?)
  5. You will become more sensitive and empathetic.
  6. You will show more kindness and compassion.
  7. You stop needing to please everyone else but yourself.
  8. You no longer need to compare yourself to others.
  9. Your creativity will grow and amaze you.
  10. You will have an instinct to create new things, whether it’s a family or a new business.
  11. Your maternal instincts will be hard to ignore.
  12. You will start to really love yourself.
  13. You can accept help easier.
  14. You learn to forgive, even if someone doesn’t deserve it.
  15. Your communication skills will become better.
  16. You learn to love your body and take care of yours.
  17. You accept others as they are.
  18. You will understand your purpose in life, and will not be able to ignore
  19. You will not run away from your shadow self, and will be interested on working on that side now.
  20. You will love yourself more than ever.
  21. You are open to motherhood.
  22. You want to be around other women and not do everything on your own.
  23. You learn to think with your heart and not your mind.
  24. You will embrace your emotions and intuition as gifts the world need.
  25. You will respect your unique gifts and see how they add value to the world.
  26. You will start to understand your past lives.
  27. You are open to receiving things, whether its help or gifts.
  28. You embrace your healing abilities.
  29. You will manifest faster.
  30. You accept others for who they are.
  31. You are more gentle in your thoughts, words, and behavior.
  32. You start to remember who you truly are!

Divine Feminine Energy Traits

Need more help understanding the divine feminine? Here are just some of the most common traits of the divine feminine:

  • Intuition
  • Compassion
  • Kindness
  • Empathy
  • Creativity
  • Forgiveness
  • Self-Love
  • Wisdom
  • Sensuality
  • Cooperation
  • Gentleness

How To Awaken The Divine Feminine

Maybe you haven’t experienced any divine feminine awakening symptoms yet, but you want to? Don’t worry, there are some things you can do to start the process:

1. Put Yourself First

Stop trying to please everyone else first! You have to put the oxygen mask on yourself first before you can help others. How do you do this? By taking time for yourself, even if its just a few minutes a day to meditate, journal, or do a manifestation ritual.

2. Enjoy and Embrace Your Sexuality

You can do this with or without a partner. The key is to realize you are sexual being, and there is nothing to be ashamed about! Too many women try to hide this part of themselves, whether from fear of judgement or past trauma. Do things you enjoy, whether its wearing that sexy silk lingerie, or buying a new toy. Really take time to enjoy your sensuality without guilt.

3. Embrace Self-Love

You cannot manifest anything, including your divine feminine, without self-love. Spend some quiet time journaling about why you are awesome.

5. Enjoy All Things Feminine

Spend time with feminine essential oils, fabrics, music, etc. Don’t worry whether wearing too much pink is silly-if you want to paint your kitchen that color, why not? Surround and embrace yourself with feminine things if you are drawn to them.

Final Thoughts

Have you experienced divine feminine awakening symptoms? If so, which have been the most powerful for you? I hope you found this blog helpful. Please share your thoughts below in the comments!

209 Crown Chakra Affirmations- Connect To The Universe Easily

crown chakra affirmations
  • Position : Crown (The very top of the head)
  • Theme: Connection to the Universe
  • Color: Purple/Violet
  • Symbol: Thousand Petaled Lotus
  • Element: Connection to the divine, and all elements in the universe
  • Stone: Clear Quartz, Selenite, Amethyst, Moonstone
  • Essential Oils: Neroli, Rose
  • Yoga Pose: Lotus pose, corpse pose
  • Sound: OM
  • Mantra: “I am a vessel for love and light.”
  • Sound : OM

What is The Crown Chakra 

Before we start with the Crown Chakra Affirmations, here is a little bit of information what the Crown Chakra is and why you may want to use Crown Chakra affirmations.

The Crown Chakra is the last and highest of the seven chakras in our body. It comes from the Sanskrit name Sahasrara Chakra- which means ‘thousandfold.” It’s named after the seven petals on a lotus, which represent the seven chakras on the body.

It is where we connect to the universe, our higher selves, and a higher consciousness. It’s the center of our inner wisdom, and intuition. The crown chakra is the heart of all manifestation!

How Do You Know If You Need Crown Chakra Affirmations?

If your crown chakra is blocked, you will definitely benefit from crown chakra affirmations! However, many enjoy crown chakra affirmations to keep their already strong crown chakra’s in balance.

When the crown chakra is out of balance, you will know! Some sings of a blocked crown chakra:

  • Negativity
  • Inability to Focus
  • Lonely
  • Disconnection from spirit and the Universe
  • Moodiness, and immaturity
  • Bored
  • Fatique
  • Uninspired
  • Headaches
  • Constantly sick and unwell
  • Drama, chaos, and bad luck

How Do You Know When Your Crown Chakra is in Alignment?

Just like it’s easy to spot if your crown chakra is off, it is easy to see if it’s open and aligned!

With a balanced crown chakra, you will feel:

  • Loving
  • Trusting
  • Peaceful
  • Connected to the Universe
  • Understand your soul path or mission

Why Your Chakras Get Blocked

Chakra’s are simply energy center centers in your body. A lot of things can make them get out of balance! When your Chakra’s are around negative energy or you have negative emotions or thoughts…well, they will pick up on that! Your chakras mirror your environment and your thoughts.

If you have bad habits, or hang out in toxic environments with toxic people, it will impact your chakras. It’s very important to keep your chakra’s open by being aware of your daily habits and surroundings.

Whatever habits you will eventually turn into patterns. These patterns make up our energetic body, or aura.

Why You Need To Balance Your Crown Chakra

It’s important for all your chakra’s to be open and unblocked, but the crown chakra is the most important if you are working on spirituality and manifestation. If you want your manifestations to work, you need an open and energized crown chakra!

By balancing your crown chakra you will be better able to keep a positive attitude, have focus, and experience the self love you need to manifest.

How to Open Your Crown Chakra

In addition to crown chakra affirmations, you can also do other things. In addition, the crown chakra is at the top, so all other chakras need to be balanced as well. You cannot fix the top with a shaky foundation! All of the Chakras work together.

Here are some additional things you can do to unblock any chakra: meditation, use crystals, and essential oils, yoga, journal, etc. For the crown chakra specifically, you can chant the mantra “OM.” You may also want to try out a chakra candle ritual.

Why Use Crown Chakra Affirmations?

Affirmations are amazing ways to raise your vibration and change negative thoughts. Everything is energy, and the thoughts you think are no different! Do you want to fill your day with negative thoughts, or positive? We have so many thoughts a day, yet most are negative! What kind of energy patterns are your thoughts creating?

If you feel you need help reinforcing your positive thoughts, than affirmations are for you! However, in order for them to work you must truly believe what you are saying first. Otherwise, you will just be wasting your time!

So make sure you get rid of any abundance blocks to believing what you want to affirm first. If you are working on the crown chakra you have hopefully gotten rid of disbelief already though because your other lower chakras must be balanced first.

If you haven’t yet, no worries! Just take some time to balance out your lower chakras first, and get rid of your abundance blocks. There is no time frame or competition on your spiritual journey! Take your time and do it right, whatever that looks like for you individually.

Here are some tips on clearing abundance blocks, and how to deal with affirmations not working for you.

How to Use Crown Chakra Affirmations?

There are no right or wrong ways to use crown chakra affirmations! However, there are some things that have worked best for most people that can help inspire you.

Typically, the best time of day for affirmations is when you are in the suggestible sleepy state- either right when you wake up, or before bedtime. However, any time of day you are able to get some privacy and quiet is ok too! Once you get used to using affirmations, you will be able to do them any time!

You do not even need to really be focusing on the affirmations all of the time either- especially if you use something like crown chakra affirmationssubliminals. Here is how to make your own. If you have worked on your subconscious blocks, than crown chakra affirmations subliminals are a great way to listen while doing chores, shopping, etc. without a lot of effort or focus.

Just don’t also forget the benefit of using your crown chakras with focus too, like when you wake up or before bedtime. When you are focusing, picture the top of your head purple.

You can also use your crown chakra affirmations during meditation, journaling/scripting, or during manifestation rituals. Another fun way to use affirmations is with water manifestation. Basically, whenever you take a shower, bath or wash your hands, think about the affirmation over and over and imagine the water washing away the old thoughts and revealing the new!

Ultimately though, use the crown chakra affirmations in the way that makes sense to you. You may not notice a difference immediately with crown chakra affirmations confirmations, but with practice I can assure you it will be making changes in your energy field. It may also be helpful to keep a journal about your experiences too.

Crown Chakra Affirmations List

Here’s my big list of Crown Chakra Affirmations. I hope you enjoy!

  1. I am a spiritual being in a human body.
  2. I have a positive mindset.
  3. I search for positivity in everything.
  4. I rely on my inner wisdom to make the right decisions.
  5. I honor the sacred divinity that exists within me.
  6. I am on my perfect path for my life purpose.
  7. I become more enlightened each day.
  8. My body is a beautiful home for my radiant soul.
  9. I am pure, beautiful, radiant light.
  10. I am divinely protected, inspired, and guided by the Universe.
  11. I am deeply and unconditionally loved by the Universe.
  12. I am worthy of unconditional love from divine energy.
  13. I am connected to a limitless source of creativity, abundance, health, happiness, and love.
  14. I surrender to the loving will of the Universe.
  15. I am my highest, most authentic self.
  16. My highest self guides my actions and decisions.
  17. I am aligned with my soul’s purpose and truth
  18. I am always divinely and lovingly guided.
  19. I know deep inner peace. (crown chakra affirmations)
  20. I happily and willingly take on my responsibilities. 
  21. I calmly release my ego.
  22. I am in complete control of my emotions.
  23. I am optimistic and confident.
  24. I am aware of my inner beauty.
  25. I embrace life and cherish my spirit.
  26. I radiate love and warmth. 
  27. I respect the intentions and emotions of others.
  28. I am open to receiving new energy.
  29. I surrender to the power of the Universe.
  30. Eternal peace flows to and through me.
  31. I release the need to control my life and surrender to a higher power.
  32. I trust my intuition and listen to the wisdom of the universe.
  33. I am always gently held and lovingly guided by this Universe.
  34. I am loved, cherished, and adored by this Universe.
  35. I am eternally connected to the divine source of the Universe.
  36. Even when the world is immersed in darkness, I walk forward in faith, love, and light.
  37. The light and energy of the Universe flows within me. (crown chakra affirmations)
  38. I have unshakeable faith in my divine path.
  39. I’m Source Energy in a human body, and I can do anything.
  40. I surrender to my highest good.
  41. I surrender to the highest good for all.
  42. I am love. I am light. I am connected to all.
  43. I experience unity with all things.
  44. I surrender myself to the divine.
  45. I am aligned with the highest aspect of my being.
  46. Divine light and love flow through me.
  47. I honor the Divine within me
  48. I am open to new ideas
  49. Information I need comes to me easily
  50. The world is my teacher.
  51. I observe my challenges with curiosity about what they can teach me.
  52. My soul is always guiding me.
  53. I am the vibration of this Universe.
  54. I am timeless.
  55. I am the Universe.
  56. I am guided by my intuition.
  57. I am kind, selfless, and generous.
  58. My soul chose this life experience for growth and expansion.
  59. I’m learning to release attachment to physical things.
  60. I easily recognize divine wisdom as it flows to me.
  61. Everything is connected. I am connected to all of life.
  62. I am guided by a higher power and inner wisdom
  63. I am worthy of love from divine energy.
  64. I am a divine being.
  65. I am open to letting go of my attachments
  66. I live in the present moment.
  67. All is well in my world.
  68. My happiness comes from within.
  69. I enjoy the little things in life.
  70. My life flows beautifully.
  71. I am in harmony with nature and animals
  72. I am always learning from my experiences.
  73. I am an extension of the Universe, and The Universe is kind and loving
  74. I am connected with the wisdom of the universe
  75. My life is beautiful and sacred.
  76. Death is nothing to be afraid of because I am more than my physical body
  77. I am open to knowing myself more deeply.
  78. Separation is an illusion; I am connected to all that is.  
  79. I am joyful.  
  80. I trust the universe and know that I am always safe.
  81. I am healing on all levels of my being.
  82. I understand that I am an important connection in the web of life.
  83. I am more than my ego-self.
  84. I vibrate at the frequency of appreciation and pure joy.
  85. My crown chakra is open and in perfect balance.
  86. I choose to live in the present moment because ‘now’ is all there is.
  87. All of my power is in the now.
  88. I release limiting thoughts, beliefs, and relationships that no longer serve me.
  89. I know that everyone is at a different level of spiritual awareness, and doing the best they can.  
  90. I thankfully receive and accept divine knowledge.
  91. I am linked to everything.
  92. I am powerful
  93. I am at peace.
  94. I am the vibration of this Universe.
  95. I am timeless.
  96. I am the Universe.
  97. I am guided by my intuition.
  98. I am kind, selfless, and generous.
  99. Prosperity flows to me with ease when I’m in alignment with my true self.
  100. My sincere gratitude and appreciation for life attracts abundance to me.  
  101. I am an extension of the universe, limitless and infinite.  
  102. I practice acceptance for all people.  
  103. I am a vibrational being, attracting people and experiences that match my frequency. 
  104. I have everything I need to fulfill my life’s purpose.  
  105. My very existence is proof that I am adored by the universe. 
  106. I honor negative emotions that arise within me. They are my teachers.
  107. I am spiritually awake and aware. 
  108. I am oneness
  109. Abundance is a natural result of my gratitude and appreciation for life.
  110. I am healed on all levels of my being
  111. I am fully aware and awake
  112. I honor the divine within me
  113. I am open to letting go of attachments
  114. I am connected to all that is
  115. I remove all limited thoughts and beliefs
  116. I feel the strong spiritual connection to my higher self
  117. I have unlimited possibilities available to me
  118. I can achieve anything
  119. I tap into my inner wisdom
  120. I love and accept myself
  121. I am a divine being
  122. I am connected to the universe
  123. All is well
  124. Everything I seek is within me
  125. I accept and receive divine energy to flow throughout my Chakras
  126. I am divinely guided
  127. I understand my life purpose
  128. My experiences are blissful
  129. All is well.
  130. I feel connected to the Universe.
  131. I am grateful for the guidance from the Universe.
  132. I deserve the love and direction from the Universe.
  133. I sense and honor the divine within.
  134. I consider the world and the people in it as my guide and teachers.
  135. I am a part and extension of the Universe.
  136. I accept myself for who I am.
  137. I channel my energy for gainful purposes.
  138. I am healing spiritually.
  139. I identify with my higher self.
  140. I search for truth by questioning everything.
  141. I feel happy and complete.
  142. The Universe is kind, compassionate, and loving.
  143. I feel connected to the wisdom of the Universe.
  144. I live in the present moment.
  145. I am ready to embrace new thoughts and ideas.
  146. I find what I search for easily.
  147. I am open to letting go of my attachments.
  148. I feel oneness with the Universe.
  149. Divinity is present within me.
  150. I am guided by inner wisdom.
  151. My mind is at peace.
  152. I am intricately linked to the Universe.
  153. I am loved and protected by the Universe.
  154. I am aware that all is well and good in my life. 
  155. I feel a strong connection to nature.
  156. I live my life with love and grace.
  157. I am constantly seeking and receiving divine wisdom.
  158. I accept myself unconditionally.
  159. I appreciate my attitude and spirit. 
  160. I am thankful for the divine guidance and support.
  161. My mind is open and expansive.
  162. I cherish and honor the divinity within me.
  163. I am an integral part of the Universe.
  164. I embrace this beautiful life with all my heart.
  165. I always seek to learn from my experiences.
  166. I am constantly seeking experiences to enrich my consciousness. 
  167. I willingly listen to the wisdom of the Universe.
  168. I trust my intuition and inner guidance.
  169. I am grateful for all the blessings.
  170. I am free of all negative emotions.
  171. I feel healed and rejuvenated in the core of my being.
  172. I feel completely aware and awake.
  173. I am connected to everything in this Universe.
  174. I am letting go of the limiting beliefs that have been holding me back.
  175. I can sense a strong connection to my higher self.
  176. I feel spiritually awakened.
  177. I am aware of the endless possibilities available to me.
  178. I am perfectly capable of achieving anything.
  179. My life experiences are joyous and delightful.
  180. I am fully aware of the purpose of my life.
  181. I am blessed to receive divine guidance.
  182. I am open to receiving blessings from the Universe.
  183. I welcome divine energy and allow it to flow through my chakras.
  184. Everything I want or seek is within me.
  185. I am divine.
  186. I tap into my insight and inner wisdom.
  187. I am fully awake at every moment of my life.
  188. I am closely bound to my higher self.
  189. I am in touch with the divinity within me.
  190. I am pure and perfect love.
  191. I am absolute consciousness.
  192. I am infinite and boundless.
  193. My life’s purpose is significant and clear.
  194. I am one with the Universe.
  195. I am complete. serene, and balanced.
  196. I trust and believe in the journey of life.
  197. I am cosmic energy.
  198. I live in the light. I am the light.
  199. I draw my power from the divine. 
  200. I choose to live my life free and unshackled.
  201. I seek to understand and learn.
  202. Pure white light flows through me and heals my body, mind, and spirit.
  203. I am aligned with the highest frequency of love.
  204. I am clear about what I want and take inspired action to achieve my dreams.
  205. I release doubt and welcome faith.
  206. Every day, I feel more connected to my spirit.
  207. I openly accept spiritual guidance from a higher power.
  208. I bravely let go and allow the Universe to reveal its beautiful plan for me.
  209. I trust that the Universe gives me exactly what I need at exactly the right time.

Did you enjoy these crown chakra affirmations? Which crown chakra affirmations were your favorite? Comment your favorite crown chakra affirmations in the comments below!

16 Unique Moldavite Properties You Need To Know

moldavite properties

Mohs hardness that is between 5.5 and 7Oh.

Chakras: Heart, crown, and third eye

Color: Green, and sometimes with brown streaks.

Also called, “The Holy Grail Stone” and“The Stone Of Transformation”

You may have heard about the mysterious Moldavite and wondered why it’s getting so much attention lately. Does it actually burn when you hold it? Can it radically transform your life? Well, I’m going to tell you all about the amazing Moldavite properties and what you need to know about it!

While it may seem new, Moldavite has actually been around for a long time and this stone from the heavens has been revered by many.

In fact, the oldest known goddess status, Venus of Willendorf, had Moldavite in it. Some even think it was used in the Holy Grail, and that it was literally brought to earth by angels.

So, it’s no wonder many are wondering what does this ancient, mystical Moldavite do exactly, and what makes moldavite properties so special?I’m going to explain everything you need to know about Moldavite in this guide!

So, What Are The Moldavite Properties That Make it So Special?!

Well, here is just a small list of the many amazing Moldavite properties:

  • Moldavite is the stone to get if you are looking for transformation and change. It finds any hidden or buried trauma and blockages and clears them. It gets rid of what no longer is serving you, for just a start!
  • If you are willing to shake things up and aren’t afraid to face your shadow side, than Moldavite might be for you! Moldavite helps you find any areas you may be stuck in (even if you aren’t aware of it) and helps you move forward.
  • It gets a bad rep because Moldavite will create change whether you are ready for it or not! It only gets rid of things that are not good for you, but sometimes even good change can be scary, uncomfortable or painful if we are unprepared mentally, emotionally, and physically. So, it’s generally thought best to go slowly and Moldavite is not considered a beginners stone (although if you are up to it, you of course can try!). If you find the energy of Moldavite too intense though, you can use the loving energy of rose quartz or opal with it.
  • Also, Moldavite has such intense energy, that many people feel a warmth or tingling when they first hold it. This is because it strongly impacts your auric field, and not everyone is always ready for its intensity. Again, it’s not a bad stone, but it can be overwhelming at first. It’s best to take it slow and get used to its energy at first. People even call this reaction, “The Moldavite Flush”.  
  • If you are doing shadow work, Moldavite might be the stone to keep around as well as it helps you get to the trauma and unhealed parts of yourself deep in your subconscious.
  • Moldavite can also help you connect to your higher self and other higher powers in the cosmos due to its otherworldly connections.
  • Moldavite an be used to increase your own auric field, as well as bring out the energies of other stones. It repels negative energy, and provides amazing psychic protection.
  • You can also use Moldavite to connect with your past lives since its thought to transcend space and time. Use moldavite to clear traumas in this life, and any past lives.
  • Many people also find moldavite helps with balancing their heart, crown and third eye chakras. It can also improve your memory and its great for bringing about good luck.
  • Meditating with Moldavite is extremely powerful, and it can also help you connect with your spirit guides.
  • Health wise, moldavite is thought to get stagnant processes moving, and unblocking energy. It has even been thought to help slow down the aging process.
  • Enhances your intentions, and so it’s great for manifesting and increasing the energy of any other crystals you are working with.
  • Creates a feeling of peace and harmony
  • Can help you with astral projection, clairvoyance, lucid dream, out of body experiences- anything metaphysical!
  • Can help empaths clear other peoples energies out of their auric field.

What is Moldavite?

First, just what is Moldavite? One thing to know is it’s actually not a crystal or a gemstone! Moldavite is made from glass.

The scientific name is a “tektite,” because many believe Moldavite formed millions of years ago (14 million or more) from the heat of an asteroid that hit the earth. This explosion was said to have more intensity than an atomic bomb!

Adding to it’s mystery is that it can only be found in Europe- mainly the Czech Republic.

The name Moldavite comes from the Moldau River in the Czech Republic, where the meteorite crashed in the mountains.

It usually has a greenish kryptonite color, and sometimes has bubbles.

Why Are Moldavite Properties So Special?

Moldavite properties are unique in that there are limited amounts, and that is also why it can be expensive. In addition, it is literally out of this world! When you hold moldavite, you are holding a piece of outer space. Moldavite properties are just special and unique vibrations from anything else on this planet.

It’s also one of the most intense healing stones you will ever use, and one of the most memorable. Not many stones have an almost immediate impact on just about everyone who holds it, but Moldavite usually does! If you are one who is not sensitive to crystals and gemstones, or think they don’t work…I encourage you to give Moldavite a try. You may find yourself no longer a skeptic in the transformative power of healing crystals and gemstones!

Are You Ready For The Intense Moldavite Properties?

You may be wondering if you should attempt to use the healing Moldavite properties because of the upheaval and change it’s supposed to cause. Here’s the thing though- nobody can really be fully ready for change!

If you are a beginner to using crystals and gemstones, then just go slowly. You will generally not be given more than you can handle! While it may be scary at first, any change from using Moldavite properties will be for the long term good. It doesn’t create change that wasn’t needed.

If you are procrastinating, or need a boost than the powerful Moldavite properties may be for you!

If you have been doing shadow work (check out my shadow work journal prompts to get you started) and just work on yourself in general, well, you are probably ready to use Moldavite.

If at any time it gets too uncomfortable, you can put your Moldavite aside for a bit.

In addition, if the energy is too intense you can use Moldavite with just about any other crystal. However, Rose Quartz or Opal to tone it down a bit.

How to Activate, Cleanse and Use Your Moldavite

The best way to activate the amazing Moldavite properties is to simply hold it in your hand while you mediate your intentions on it.

You will also want to cleanse your Moldavite as its probably coming from a far distance, and you don’t want other energies mixing with it’s unique intense energy!

You can cleanse it the same way you would any other gemstone or crystal. While you can use water, I’d do that sparingly as Moldavite is very fragile. Here are some of my favorite ways:

Moonlight: Since Moldavite is from the stars, I love to leave mine on a windowsill to harness the energy of the moonlight. It’s even better if you leave it out during a full moon. That’s all there is too it!

Sunlight: Leave it out in the sunlight, but make sure not leave it out for too long. Just a couple of hours should do it!

Now that you’ve activated it and cleansed your Moldavite, how do you use it? I don’t recommend sleeping with it, as the energy is usually too intense for most people.

Most people wear it as jewelry such as a necklace, which keeps the Moldavite near your heart chakra at all times throughout the day.

What you can do though if you are not wearing it in jewelry (although you can use your jewelry for mediation too) is hold it while you are mediating, journaling or doing any spiritual work. Simply hold it in your hand, or put it on different chakras you are working on.

How to Make Sure Moldavite is Real?

Real Moldavite is made of glass, and is very fragile. Therefore, it usually won’t be in something like rings. The more translucent and clear Moldavite is, the higher the quality usually. Most common quality Moldavite will usually be more of a mossy, dark green though the color of true Moldavite can vary between green, brown, to even some yellow streaks.

However, if it’s too bright and vibrant of a green (i.e. fake looking) than it’s probably not real Moldavite. It’s typically weathered and bumpy in texture. You are unlikely to find real Moldavite that is perfectly smooth!

Use caution with sites like Amazon, Ebay and Etsy where sellers tend to buy their stones cheap from China and resell online. You want to make sure yours comes from an actual quarry in the Czech Republic- a reputable dealer will be able to provide you a certificate stating that.

It also doesn’t have a defined shape to it.

Finally, it must come from the Czech Republic.

If you are still unsure, check out this article for more detail on spotting fake Moldavite.

Where I Buy Moldavite

Now, I know I said to be hesitant of sites like Amazon for buying Moldavite. While that is still true, it doesn’t mean you can’t find genuine Moldavite on there. You just have to be careful and know what Moldavite properties you are looking for.

Most real Moldavite is at least $100 or more, so this one I’ve bought on Amazon was a pretty good price and definitely had an intensity to it so I’m certain it’s real. You can also read the many good reviews:

Rocks2Rings Moldavite

Best Crystals to Use With Moldavite Properties

Moldavite properties will amplify the energy of any stone, and therefore can be used with all crystals. However, there are just some that work best!

Smoky Quartz or Opal– provides grounding energy with the intensity of Moldavite’s properties energy

Rose Quartz– to provide you with a loving energy while you work on your shadow side and trauma’s

Clear Quartz– For improving clarity on the transformations you may go through

Amethyst– Provides a calming energy

Final Thoughts On the Unique Moldavite Properties

I hope this post helped you if you have been wondering, What does Moldavite do and what are Moldavites Properties that make it so unique?” Moldavite properties can seem mysterious, and maybe even a little dangerous, but I think it’s just misunderstood!

Life is full of change, and Moldavite properties just helps you through it. It’s so easy to get blocked and stagnant, and I think everyone can benefit from a little Moldavite. What do you think? Comment below your thoughts on what you think of the unique Moldavite properties!

How to Use Bay Leaf Manifestation For Easy Results-9 Ways!

Bay Leaf Manifestation

Why Use Bay Leaf Manifestation

Using the bay leaf for manifestation has been very popular online lately, and for good reason! People have been using bay leaf manifestation for centuries because it WORKS!

You may be surprised to find out that little herb in your kitchen packs such a powerful manifestation punch, but it’s true. There is even a really interesting scientific reason as to why. If you are like me, you believe science, manifestation, and spirituality can and do work together!

The Bay leaf has been used in rituals for manifestation, prosperity and cleansing because it has an amazing calming energy. In fact;

“Bay Leaf contains linalool, a compound found in a number of other plants, including mint and lavender. Lavender is another plant commonly used for treating anxiety.

According to the theory behind aromatherapy, inhaling certain fragrances prompts olfactory (smell) receptors in your nose to communicate with the areas of your brain that help regulate your emotions.”


Wow! No wonder it helps with manifestation! Anything that can get you relaxed and out of your overthinking brain is essential for manifestation and manifesting rituals.

Using a Bay Leaf combines so many elements of manifestation- rituals, belief, essential oils, and letting go of your desires!

If you are interested in learning more about these topics, I go into depth about all of them here:

Why and How to Use Rituals For Manifestation

Essential Oils for Manifesting

Getting Rid of Abundance Blocks

What is Manifestation

Manifestation is simply bringing your desires into reality. How do you manifest? The easiest way to describe manifestation, is to be the energy you want to attract!

You must already feel like you have and it know you have it.

Easier said than done, right?

Well, maybe at first but the more you practice pretending you already have something, the easier it gets!

Tools like a bay leaf can really help you with letting go of your wanting for what you are trying to manifest. The relaxing smell gets rid of your doubts, as well as the ritual of burning and writing on a bay leaf. Finally, the practice of watching a bay leaf burn or crumple let’s you let go of your desire.

Once you are clear on what you want, you believe it’s possible, and you let go of your desire to manifest it- well, you can manifest anything! The humble bay leaf is just one more tool to add to your manifestation toolbox, but it’s extremely simple, powerful and easy to use. I’m sure once you add it to your manifestation practice you will love it also.

I look forward to hearing all about how you use bay leaf manifestation, so please leave a comment below if you found this useful!

How Can You Use Bay Leaf For Manifestation?

Ok, let’s get right to the good stuff that I know you came to this blog for! How do you even do bay leaf manifestation?

Besides it’s amazing relaxation quality, bay leaf manifestation is popular because it’s easy to get bay leaves and using them is so simple!

You can get the usually smaller kind right at your grocery store, however you may have to shop around for the bigger leaves. Luckily, those are often easily found fast on places like Amazon.

There are four main reasons to use bay leaf manifestation- to manifest a desire or outcome, for protection and cleansing, healing, and enhancing your psychic abilities.

Here are my favorite bay leaf manifestation rituals:

Bay Leaf Manifestation for Manifesting Your Desires

There are many ways you can use this relaxing and powerful bay leaf for manifestation. There are no right or wrong ways, so choose the ones you resonate with the most!

  1. Write It Out: This is one of the most popular and easiest ways to use bay leaf manifestation. All you need to do is get a bay leaf and write on it what your intentions are! Now you can also then burn it, but make sure you have a bowl to put it in. Watching it burn away can help you with letting go, as well as the smoke is very cleansing.
  2. Scripting/Journaling: Another simple and easy way to add bay leaf manifestation to your daily manifesting, is to add it to your scripting or journaling practice. You can simply put it next to your journal, or even crumple up a few pieces and rub it into the paper. That’s it! Don’t over complicate it.
  3. Add to Candles: Bay leaves smell wonderful and have that relaxing quality to them so they make a great addition to a manifestation candle. Simply crush up some leaves and add it to your candles!
  4. Pillow Method: If you aren’t familiar with the pillow method for manifestation, you can read it here. Simply put some bay leaves under your pillow manifestation. You can write on the bay leaves or not depending on what you want to do!
  5. Attract Money: You can add bay leaves to different objects to help you with manifesting money and prosperity. You can put the bay leaf in your purse or wallet. Again, write on it or not. That’s totally up to you! You can put it by your desk, your cash register, or any other business items to help you attract more clients.
  6. Use With a Vision Board: This is just like using bay leaves in your scripting and journal. All you do is add the bay leaf to your vision board or dream collage! You can add it as part of a ritual, or you can burn it over the vision board and rub some of the ashes on it. Rub crumbled leaves on it, or write your intentions on the leaf and add to your board!

Using Bay Leaf Manifestation For Protection & Cleansing

You can also use bay leaves for protection and cleansing. Bay leaves have amazing energy and healing, relaxing qualities to them.

To get rid of any negative energy and add protection to your home you can write your concerns on it. Then, just simply burn it in a safe bowl and waft the healing smoke around where you want to cleanse.

For protection, keep the bay leaf near you at all times.

That’s all there is to it!

Using Bay Leaves For Dreams and Enhancing Your Psychic Abilities

Bay leaves are great for enhancing your psychic abilities as well as creating more vivid dreams and assisting with lucid dreams. Simply think about your intentions, and you can write it on the bay leaf. Then, put it under your pillow!

Bay leaves for Healing

You can also use bay leaves for assisting with physical healing. Due to it’s relaxing nature, bay leaf manifestation can help you heal. The relaxing quality of bay leaves helps you to better imagine yourself healed. Simply write what you want to happen on the bay leaf after meditation and visualization.

Then burn it and place in a fireproof or firesafe bowl. Enjoy the relaxing scent and let go of your desire to heal. Simply just relax and be.

Bay Leaf Manifestation Videos

If you prefer to way videos, here are some popular bay leaf manifestation videos for you!

TikTok Bay Leaf Manifestation Videos



The unassuming bay leaf is an amazing manifestation helper! Have you ever used bay leaf manifestation before? Did you even know about bay leaf manifestation? I hope this blog helped you out. Share your thoughts on bay leaf manifestation below if you want, I love to hear from you!

Practicing Gratitude During the Holidays- 11 Easy Tips To Try

practicing gratitude during the holidays

Gratitude has so many benefits that can help us on a daily basis, but especially during the holidays! Practicing gratitude during the holidays can help with reducing stress and depression, keeps us from emotional spending and eating, and it improves our relationships. These are of course great any time, but gratitude is just especially helpful during the busy holiday season.

Even if you think it’s cliche to be grateful during the holidays, it doesn’t really matter. Just the act of being grateful, whether you feel like it or not, is meaningful and can start to lift your spirits. It’s a little bit like the saying, “Fake it until you make it.”

And you don’t have to get tons of Christmas presents, or have a huge feast of food at Thanksgiving to be grateful. In fact, it is during the most difficult and challenging times that its actually easier to be grateful because it forces us to pay attention more to our circumstances.

Before the Covid-19 pandemic, I was not truly grateful for things like having the freedom to go the movies, travel, or even just all of the abundance of variety in the grocery stores. Sure, I thought I was grateful for those things, but was I really?

Did I truly appreciate it? Sometimes its hard to really understand what you have until it is taken away. It isn’t until you lose something unfortunately that you realize what you had-and that doesn’t make you a bad person- just human!

Now, I don’t have to be reminded to be thankful for my freedom. Every night I go to sleep thankful for food on the table, and the freedom to go out while so many other countries are locking down people again, especially the unvaccinated.

Practicing Gratitude During the Holidays and Every Day

You don’t have to wait until something is gone, or even for the holidays to practice gratitude though. A daily gratitude practice can seem tough to remember at first, but it does get easier. The more you see the benefits in your daily life and the improvement on your mood and well-being, the more you will practice it.

If you don’t already have a daily gratitude practice, or you just want some new ideas, keep reading for my 11 easy tips to practicing gratitude during the holidays.

Don’t Force Practicing Gratitude During The Holidays on Others

Practicing gratitude during the holidays should be a choice, never forced! I don’t know about you, but when I was younger I was shy. So being forced share something I was grateful for in front of classmates, or with family I barely saw during the year brought a lot of anxiety. It also made me feel like practicing gratitude during the holidays was kind of fake and silly. Which is a shame, as it can be a really great practice to bring people together- even those who may not get along in other circumstances.

You may have good intentions, but don’t force practicing gratitude during the holidays or it won’t have the same meaning. It’s much better if you give people a warning before you ask them, and never put anyone on the spot.

Ask them to be more detailed instead of just giving a general response. It’s ok if they want to write it down instead too. However, if they don’t want to practice it, don’t force it. Set an example, and share your gratitude with them. Even if they don’t participate, you will still be making an impact.

That being said, if you want to try practicing gratitude during the holidays, but aren’t feeling it-do it anyways! Once you get started, you will likely start to feel more in the mood. Just make sure you do things that you enjoy, or your gratitude practice may start to feel like a chore.

Add Gratitude To Your Daily Routine

One way to practicing gratitude during the holidays, and any other time, is to make it part of your routine. That way, it becomes like second nature such as brushing your teeth in the morning and before bed. You don’t even really think about it, you just do it! It doesn’t feel like a chore, but a part of your day.

So find a time you can add gratitude on a regular basis. For example, put a journal next to your bed so writing down something you are thankful for is the first thing you do when you wake up and the first thing before bed. You will probably feel much better if this is something you do instead of mindlessly scrolling on social media!

In fact, if you reach for your phone first thing in the morning or before bed, you may want to set a reminder alarm to practice gratitude. You can also try a gratitude app that sends you reminders and gratitude quotes at times you pick. We are already staring at our phones so much, why not add gratitude?

You can also add practicing gratitude during the holidays by coming up with holidays rituals you do every year. Some other routines you can do every year during the holidays:

A gratitude journal you and your family do a week before Thanksgiving

Writing thank you Christmas cards (writing a note of why you are grateful for someone instead of a traditional card)

Having everyone say something they are grateful for at Thanksgiving dinner (if they are all on board with the idea)

Telling your family why you are thankful before you open your presents

These are just a few ideas you can try! Think about what holiday traditions you already have, such as watching certain Christmas movies, or baking cookies, etc. and add some gratitude to it!

Use Social Media to Your Advantage

Social media can be toxic, but I think it gets a bad reputation unnecessarily. It’s only as bad as you allow it to be. If someone is making you feel bad, then you can block seeing their posts. You can choose who you follow and what you focus on!

Social media can really help you with practicing gratitude during the holidays. Use social media to follow inspirational and motivational accounts. Do a gratitude challenge where you share what you are grateful for every day. After all, gratitude is even better when shared and it can be contagious!

Use social media as a chance to tell someone why you are thankful for them, give a local business a shout out or positive review, donate to your favorite charity online. There are many ways you can be practicing gratitude during the holidays with your favorite social media if you are creative.

Keep a Gratitude Journal

There is just something so magical about writing down your thoughts and emotions. It really helps with manifesting, and it can also help with practicing gratitude during the holidays.

Keep yourself accountable by having a gratitude buddy or family member that you read your journal too after a certain time. For example, challenge each other to write three thing sin the morning and/or three things at night that you are grateful for. Then on Thanksgiving, Christmas, or any day you choose, you read them together.

For the holidays, ask for that expensive beautiful gratitude journal or fancy pen you’d never buy for yourself.

The holidays are a great time to start a gratitude journal if you haven’t yet.

Start a Gratitude Jar

Gratitude jars are like a gratitude journal, only its a shorter phrase. You can add to it in the morning and night like a gratitude journal, or you can keep it somewhere you see often and add to it whenever the mood strikes. You can use them alone, or you can have the whole family pitch in.

I love to start one on New Years Eve, and have the whole family contribute all year. Then, on the next New Years Eve you open and read about all the blessings you had that year!

Of course, if you do this you will probably need a LOT of gratitude jars, but luckily they are pretty inexpensive. You could also just put them in an old shoebox or Amazon box (come on, we all have a lot of those probably!). It also doesn’t have to be a New Years Things-you can open them on Thanksgiving, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Christmas, etc.

For more on gratitude jars, you can read my post on it.

Look For The Good in Challenging People

It’s no secret that the holidays can bring out the worst in people. For those of you who work in retail, I am very sorry! it is also a time when we may spend time with family we don’t always get along with, or when our coworkers get on our nerves. Many people are also sensitive due to feeling lonely, or grieving a loss of a loved one.

Practicing gratitude during the holidays is a great way to combat this stress. If someone starts to turn you into the Grinch, just start listing things you are thankful for about them.

While its usually better to be detailed, if all you can come up with is they were quiet for five minutes, or they have nice shoes usually- that’s ok! In fact, its ok to even be just plain silly here. The point is to just get yourself thinking positive things about them and away from any negativity.

At the end of the day, even the most annoying person is still human and we all have some good in us! Instead of focusing on what annoys, you try looking at what you do like and watch your interactions with them change! If you are really brave, try giving them compliments too. Yes, out loud! You can do it!

Volunteer and Donate to Charity

Practicing gratitude during the holidays is easier if you volunteer and donate. When you see others who have less then you still happy, or you see their gratitude, it is hard to not be grateful too. The holidays are such a great time to help others! While you of course can do this any time, the holidays are especially challenging for many.

Spend Time in Nature

I understand some areas may be too cold to really spend a lot of time in nature, but if you are able to then by all means do! Spending time looking at the beauty of nature is a great way to make you feel more grateful. Seeing the beauty of nature makes it almost impossible to be unhappy! If its too cold, then just looking at beautiful pictures or videos of the wonders of the world can help too.

Do Small Acts of Kindness

You don’t always have to spend money or donate to charity to make an impact! Just giving a stranger a compliment, letting someone go first in line at the store, or sending a quick thank you text to a friend, can do wonders for your gratitude practice! Practicing gratitude during the holidays doesn’t have to be complicated!

Visit A Nursing Home

There’s nothing like getting older to make you reflect on life and the meaning of it. Our elderly have lived and experienced so many interesting things. It doesn’t cost you any money to visit and spread cheer to someone and you will likely learn something as well. I don’t know about you, but it also feel good to be appreciated!

As I get older, it can be so tough for my friends and family to find even a few moments to spend with me. We joke about it on social media and mom groups that having friends as an adult is hard, but it’s hurtful isn’t it?

While not everyone at the nursing home will be in the mood to socialize just because you visit, there is likely to be no shortage of people who have time to sit and chat phone free for a few minutes with you!

If your own family doesn’t want to try practicing gratitude during the holidays, you are also likely to find someone who will at a nursing home.

Tell Someone

Tell someone you are thankful for them! You can write why you are thankful for someone in your Christmas cards, send an email or text, or just write a letter. It doesn’t matter how you do, but taking the time to tell someone who you are thankful for them will not only lift your mood but also their mood.

Final Thoughts on Practicing Gratitude During the Holidays

I hope you enjoyed my tips for practicing gratitude during the holidays. The holidays can be stressful and lonely, but they don’t have to be! There is so much good out there, and taking a few moments of your day to notice it by practicing gratitude during the holidays doesn’t have to be difficult. How are you practicing gratitude during the holidays? Share in the comments below about practicing gratitude during the holidays!

7 Strong Signs You Have An Unexplainable Connection With Someone

unexplainable connection with someone

Have you met someone you feel like you have an unexplainable connection with? Maybe you are wondering if it’s all in your head or if this is a real thing? Do you feel like you have met before and you can’t figure out why?

Well, you are not alone or crazy! This is a common thing most people experience at least once.Throughout our lives we meet and form relationships with many different people- coworkers, neighbors, friends, etc. but an unexplainable connection with someone is a special and rare bond. It doesn’t happen as often!

Often called karmic relationships, twin flames or soul connections, these rare connections are hard to miss. Yet we still doubt ourselves and wonder if its all in our head because of how amazing and different they can feel.

Also, an unexplainable connection with someone doesn’t have to be just romantic either. So don’t ignore that connection you have with a platonic relationship- they can still be a soulmate!

A soulmate is simply someone who is part of your soul family. Your soul recognizes each other, and share a special connection. These unexplainable connections are here for a reason- to help us grow, connect, and learn about ourselves and the world.

All karmic relationships have some signs in common, so here’s how you can know if you are experiencing this special bond!

Signs of On Unexplainable Connection With Someone

There are many signs of an unexplainable connection with someone that are hard to ignore. If you are reading this you are either doubting your intuition, or you just want to make sure you don’t miss it when it happens to you. Hopefully this post helps you understand this special connection more and how it can change your life.

Never doubt your intuition about someone- if you feel an unexplainable connection with someone, it is a real and valid feeling! Make sure to hold on to this relationship as much as possible and don’t take them for granted, as these relationships are life changing.

You Are Instantly Drawn To Each Other.

This one seems pretty obvious, but it can often get confused with lust or physical attraction. They are not the same thing! While you will instantly be drawn to someone you are physically attracted to, a twin flame is different. It’s a deeper connection and can be platonic.

It isn’t dependent on how the person looks, and this attraction doesn’t die down after a few months. You don’t necessarily want to kiss, or hug this person, but you do just want to spend more time with them. When they aren’t around you think of them often.

You Are Ok Not Being With Them

Another sign of an unexplainable connection with someone is despite how much you enjoy being with them- you are ok not being around them too! There is no unhealthy codependency. If one of you needs space to work on someone either, or be around other people you are happy to allow it.

While you may prefer to spend a lot of time together, you are ok being apart. There are healthy, respectful boundaries and you are ok alone or together. While you do often make each other better by being together, you can be apart when needed too.

You Can Be Your True Self

This is really big as well. When you are have a special connection with someone you can be yourself. We often put up protective boundaries around others, and that’s ok sometimes! It’s not dishonest to be protective about your true thoughts and feelings with most people as not everyone has your best intentions at heart.

People also don’t need to know everything you are thinking or feeling as they won’t always understand! However, your soulmate will! You don’t have to put up walls around them because they understand you and also would never use your vulnerability against you. You feel safe to be yourself with them, no matter what that may look like.

You Feel Safe With Them

This goes with being your true self around them. You have a sense of calm and safety when you around them. Its similar to the feeling you have being at home, or when you are with your family. You just feel good around them.

You Always Have Things to Talk About

While you are comfortable being quiet around them, that is rare! You just always seem to have something to talk about, and the conversation just flows naturally. There is usually not arguing, or disrespect. You are honest and just enjoy discussing your thoughts and feelings on just about everything.

They Make You A Better Person

Whether you are lucky enough to have them around your whole life, or only one week- you are changed for the better because you have met them. They encourage and inspire you to be your best self. You are always a better person for having known them, and them for you.

It’s A Learning Experience

In addition to becoming a better person for knowing them, you also learn from them. Whether you learn about yourself or the world doesn’t matter. The point is that being around them helps you see things in a new way. Being around this person is like holding up a mirror to yourself and the world. They challenge you and support you at the same time.

Final Thoughts On An Unexplainable Connection With Someone

If you notice these signs, then make sure you take a moment and appreciate this special relationship! An unexplainable connection with someone is rare, and beautiful. While they can sometimes feel intense, these relationships are worth it and enhance our lives.

If you haven’t met your twin flame or had one of these soul connections, don’t worry! Just continue to work on yourself and realize you are enough! While these relationships are great- you are complete just as you are! These soul connections will come to you when the timing is right, and you can’t force them.

They help us become our best selves, and will keep our vibrations high so we can manifest better the life we truly want. Everyone needs to surround themselves with the people who lift us up, not bring us down!

Have you ever had an unexplainable connection with someone? How did it impact or change your life? Share in the comments below your unexplainable connection with someone!

Self Love Bath- Why You Need This Simple Ritual

self love bath

If you love self care and taking baths as much as me, you will love the self love bath! The self love bath ritual is an amazing way to raise your vibrations and manifest. If you have been reading my blog for awhile now you probably have come across my tips about water manifestation and how to incorporate rituals into your manifesting techniques.

So a self love bath uses all of my favorite things- manifesting rituals, water manifestation and self love! I’m so excited to share this fun and easy manifesting technique with you!

I truly believe that self love is key to manifestation. Now, there are a lot of other factors that go into the law of attraction, but without self love you will not manifest, or at least not for very long! That is why it’s so important! No amount of letting go, visualization, etc. will work if deep down you don’t think you deserve it!

It can be so challenging to find time to take care of ourselves, but its so necessary!

“I find that when we really love and accept and approve of ourselves exactly as we are, then everything in life works.”

Louise Hay

Why Water is Important For Manifesting

Water is such a great tool to use for manifesting, and I love water manifestation!

In my post about why use water manifestation, I explain the importance of water:

“Our bodies are made of 70% water, and we can only survive a few days without it! Water is necessary for our survival. Ancient civilizations and religions have known about the power of water and have revered it for ages with baptisms, prayers, and water temples.”

In addition, Japanese researcher Dr. Masaru Emoto did experiments on water to show how it interacts with our emotions! Water molecules actually change based on emotions like fear, love, joy, etc. So all those crazy plant people talking to their plants may not be so crazy after all?

Either way, water has been used for centuries for manifestation, and self love.

You can also check out my post on all of the water manifestation success videos as well.

Why Rituals Are Important for Self Love Baths

Rituals help reinforce the emotion you want to manifest by putting you into a high vibration! And a self love bath does exactly that- it helps increase your moods, as well as focus on what you want.

The best kind of rituals are the ones you enjoy and that you will want to practice on a regular basis. So if you love taking baths then this a great option for you!

A self love bath is technically a self love bath ritual. When people hear the word “ritual” they think it has to be some complicated religious or witchcraft experience. Yet nothing could be further from the truth!

Sure, a ritual can be all of those things, but at its core a ritual is simply something you repeat with intention. The intention part is where it can be spiritual or religious. If you choose to add religion into your intention, then feel free! It’s simply not necessary to practice a ritual.

A ritual is just a habit, that helps you get into the frame of mind you want better. Humans crave stability, and even the free spirits among us have certain things they expect on a regular basis!

So all that being said, a self love bath is generally more powerful if you add some ritual elements to it.

Self Love Bath Elements to Add

What do I mean by that?

Make it uniquely yours and special! Create a special ritual space with all of your props- candles, essential oils, crystals, flowers, a drink you enjoy, and the right music! Choosing the right time for you is important as well.

You can do a self love bath at any time, but it helps if you do this when you have quiet and know you will not be interrupted.

You may also want to consider the best moon cycles for manifesting. I personally love the full moon, but again, there are no right or wrong times! Do what feels right for you.

Basic explanation though of the most common moon cycles:

New Moon- Exactly like it sounds- it’s for new beginnings!

Full Moon- Great for release, and letting go of old emotions.

There are many more moon cycles though that you can look into.

Self Love Ritual Items:

Some of my favorite are:

Self love crystals: Amethyst and Rose Quartz

Essential oils: Rose, Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Lavender, Ginger

Chakra Candles: Solar Plexus (Manipura) -Yellow-Amber-Ginger and Peppermint-Rib Cage-Self confidence, self-love, self-esteem.

Heart Chakra (Anahata) -Green-Rose Quartz-Jasmine and Rose-Heart area-Love, peace, joy.

How to Do A Self Love Bath

Once you have all of the self love bath props you want to set the mood (candles, essential oils, crystals, etc.) you are ready to take your bath!

I love to clear the energy in the room by burning some sage, or having selenite wands in the room.

Next, as the water is running, you can do a quick gratitude prayer. Close your eyes and thank God or the Universe for all of the things you love about yourself. Imagine your gratitude for yourself pouring into the water. You can also look at yourself in the mirror and express gratitude for everything about you- both physical and non-physical such as your sense of humor, kindness, etc.

Now comes the fun part-just relax in the bath and enjoy! You can imagine yourself the way you want while you relax, and you can continue the gratitude exercise if you like. You can also just relax if you want, but if you are like me and need to keep your mind busy you can meditate on self love if you prefer.

Once you are relaxed and done with your bath, imagine any anxieties or self doubts going down the drain. As you step out of the water, you can imagine yourself stepping into a new reality where you are confident and full of self love for all of the things you mentioned you were grateful for!

Abraham Hicks Sleep Process-How to Manifest in Your Dreams!

It can be so challenging to find time to meditate! I’m not a morning person, and by the end of the day I’m usually too tired to take a few minutes. So a great compromise for me is meditating at bedtime with the Abraham Hicks sleep process. I know you’ll benefit from it as well!

When you feel good, only good things can come to you. It’s just a matter of relaxing and things will come.”– 


The few moments before I drift off to sleep is one of the few moments in my day where I can truly relax….well, assuming my husband has not started snoring yet! Luckily for me and other busy people, it’s really one of the best times to meditate!

Another great time to meditate is right after you first wake up. Is there anything more delicious than waking up a few minutes before your alarm goes off and drifting back into the half lucid, and half dream state? While I’m not one to hit my snooze alarm a million times (usually!) I do enjoy those few moments.

If you meditate and use that time to focus on positive things it will definitely help you not only manifest better, and faster- but start your day off in the right mindset.

Although just like exercising, the best time is when you are able to! There really isn’t a right or wrong if you don’t like these times, or can’t find the time to meditate but just not that there is something really special about meditating before and after you go into these dream states.

Meditating Before Bed Benefits

There are so many amazing benefits to meditating before bed, that don’t even have to do with the law of attraction! However, meditating before bed will help you manifest better also.

Here are just a few of the other benefits according to an article on Healthline.com, researchers found that mindfulness meditation helped with:

“…Meditation improves your relaxation response. It also improves control of the autonomic nervous system, which reduces how easily you’re awakened.” In addition, meditation may also:

  • increase melatonin (the sleep hormone)
  • increase serotonin (precursor of melatonin)
  • reduce heart rate
  • decrease blood pressure
  • activate parts of the brain that control sleep

Abraham Hicks Sleep Process Benefits

According to the Abraham Hicks sleep process, meditating before bed works because you are in the perfect relaxed state required to help your subconscious mind accept new, positive ideas and thoughts. In addition, when you go to sleep you let go of your desires and surrendering your desire to manifest something is key. Sleep really helps with this!

In addition, when you wake up after a good nights sleep you will be refreshed and ready to take on the day! Keeping your vibrations and emotions high is also very important to manifesting. I don’t know about you, but when I’m exhausted it seems like nothing can go right! When I have slept well though my attitude is much better and I am able to easily handle any temporary setbacks with grace.

You also really want to be careful what you think about before bedtime, especially if you had a bad day. Whatever your last thoughts of the evening are what you will be ruminating over for around 6-8 hours for, so choose carefully!

In addition, sleep is when we can communicate with our subconscious, God, and the spiritual realm much easier than when we are awake. It’s important to be in a positive mindset when we are in such a spiritually vulnerable and open state! I’ve had some of my biggest inspirations, and insights come to me in my dreams simply by meditating before bedtime.

I used to replay negative events, whether recent or in the past (or worse, ones that hadn’t happened yet!) over and over in my mind mind before bedtime to the point I had to take medication!

Abraham Hicks sleep process has allowed me to be able to get a good nights sleep without sleep or anxiety medications! The Abraham Hicks Sleep Process has been a blessing for me.

How to Do The Abraham Hicks Sleep Process

These YouTube videos helps explain the Abraham Hicks sleep process in more detail about why its so important to meditate before bed, getting into the vortex, and letting go and relaxing before bed.

There are a lot of other great videos as well you can watch for free with all of this amazing wisdom from Abraham Hicks. These are just two of my favorite. Enjoy!


Abraham Hicks Sleep Process Guided Meditations:

Here are some of my favorite Abraham Hicks Sleep Process guided meditations you can listen to before bedtime to get you in the right mindset.

Who Was Esther Hicks

If you enjoyed these Abraham Hicks sleep process meditations, you may be wondering who is this person? I explain who she was and what she believed in another post, 39 Best Abraham Hicks Abundance Quotes if you want more detail, but here is a quick summary:

“Abraham Hicks was most known for her teachings she channeled. However, she was also a speaker, author, and mother.Abraham Hicks abundance teachings are — “translated from a group of non-physical entities called Abraham.”

Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed learning more about Abraham Hicks meditation tips and advice. Hicks has been so important in the law of attraction and manifestation teachings, and has guided me in so many ways. Have you found this information helpful? Share in the comments below, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

How to Manifest Someone to Text You- 7 Easy Steps

how to manifest someone to text you

Are you wondering how to manifest someone to text you? If so, you are not alone! It’s a very commonly searched question online, and one I get often! In fact, I used to wonder if you could learn how to manifest some to text you also!

After researching and testing it out myself for years, I’m here to tell you that you absolutely can learn how to manifest someone to text you!

Before you do though, you have to understand a few things about what manifestation is, and how free will and your energy impacts things.

When you are done with this post, I also recommend you go back and read my posts on how to manifest a specific person and remote influence as both are also very helpful.

So, get something to drink, get comfortable, and let’s dive in! If you already know a lot about manifesting, you can just skip right to the 8 easy steps section below. However, if you struggle with manifesting or are new to it, be sure not to skip ahead!

What Is Manifestation

Manifestation and the law of attraction are basically the same thing. All it means is a simple formula. You need all of the things in the formula for it work really well, but we are technically always manifesting our thoughts.

That is why you hear about meditation a lot in the law of attraction world because it trains you to control your thoughts and your emotions, which are key to manifestation.

The law of attraction formula is simple to understand, but sometimes harder to do when you really want something;

Your thoughts + emotions about it (or vibrations) + letting the desire go = manifesting your desire!

What do I mean by all of this? Well, in order to learn how to manifest someone to text you, or to manifest anything…you first need a desire, or something you want.

Your thoughts create your reality! That is why I’m saying you are constantly manifesting- because we are always thinking!

Once you have a thought, you have an emotion about it- whether you are conscious of it or not .(see my posts on getting rid of subconscious abundance blocks for those pesky, deep down negative thoughts we aren’t aware of.)

This emotion helps bring what you want into reality. It is the push that decides how your manifestation will happen. For instance, if you just think about money what happens will be dependent on the emotion. If you have fear, anxiety, or negative thoughts about it, you probably aren’t going to win it, and if you do, you will lose it!

The same goes for positive thoughts about money. If you feel positive emotions towards it, you will likely find yourself attracting more money.

Now, the final part about letting go? That is what we do naturally when we think, and are not consciously trying to manifest something specific like a text from someone.

So when you are purposely trying to learn how to manifest someone to text you, you cannot worry about the outcome, or it will not happen for you (or it will be the opposite of what you want because you will have attached anxiety to it).

how to manifest someone to text you

This is where many people fail at manifesting and the law of attraction and say it doesn’t work.

Well, no. It does work! You just were too dependent on a specific outcome and you self-sabotaged yourself!

It’s also one of the reasons I think self-love is the key to manifesting- because if deep down you don’t think you deserve it, or you don’t think you are truly capable of creating your reality- well, guess what? You will be right!

Think about these common phrases now that you have heard:

 “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.” Henry Ford

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” Walt Disney

“It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.” Walt Disney

Do you see how successful people have all seemed to master this ability to believe the impossible?

Maybe Alice in Wonderland was not just a story, and was really trying to tell us something about our own magical abilities and trying to believe in impossible things before breakfast?!

Even God says, “If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, which, as he says (Matthew 13:32), “is less than all seeds.”

So if God says all you need is the faith of a tiny mustard seed to MOVE A MOUNTAIN, why do you doubt your own ability to learn how to manifest someone to text you?

How to Manifest a Text From Someone And Free Will

Now, I know what you are probably thinking. Ok, that sounds great and all, but you still don’t believe because of free will. When you are learning how to manifest someone to text you it is different than wanting to manifest a car or a home for instance.

You are trying to influence the will of another manifesting, creator human being.

And that’s no small thing!

However, yes, it is still possible to influence a person who has free will.

Here’s the thing. When you learn how to manifest someone to text you, you are influencing them with your energy and good vibrations. You are not making them doing anything they don’t want to because you are ONLY sending them good vibrations.

Do you understand now? You are manifesting them to do something because you are influencing them to do something they will WANT to do.

Please don’t try to learn how to manifest someone to text you if you want to use it to hurt them, or you do not have good intentions.

First, they will pick up on that negative energy and more than likely ignore you. That would be the best case scenario for you because if they do pick up on that negative energy and STILL text you?

Watch out!

That negative energy you are sending out will come back to you ten-fold!

Actually, even if they don’t reach out to you, that bad energy will still come back to you in some form.

So, rest assured, if you are learning how to manifest someone to text you with good intentions, you are not forcing anyone to do something they wouldn’t want to do anyways. They just didn’t know they wanted to until you manifest it because you had not given them a reason to!

If you do everything right, and it just isn’t working for you, then it is possible you just are not on the right energy or wavelength as them right now. If that happens, don’t worry! We’ll discuss below how to overcome that too.

7 Easy Steps For How To Manifest Someone To Text You

1. Get Clear

This step might seem easy, or not important but don’t skip it or you will regret it! You really want to make sure you understand exactly why you are wanting to learn how to manifest someone to text you for the reasons mentioned above.

If you go into this with the wrong intentions, you will not attract what you truly want. You also really need to be on the same vibration as the one you want to attract.

I go into how to do that a lot in my post for how to manifest your ex back, but the same principles apply for anyone-whether its a friend, family member, etc. You need to match their vibration. That is why it’s tougher (although not impossible!) to learn how to manifest someone to text you- but not impossible!

There are a lot of ways to go about getting clear on what you want. Here are a few of my favorites:


Manifestation Journal: One journal prompt is to write down a detailed description of what it would be like as if it happened in real time. This helps you see any blocks you may have because when you are imagining it you can pay attention to what doesn’t feel right or possible. Any twinge of disbelief in what you are describing is something you need to work on and be aware of. Journaling is great for this!

Another journaling technique is to just ask yourself why over and over again. This helps you get very clear! For example:

Why do I want to learn how to manifest someone to text you? Now, you write your response such as, “Because I like him.” Next, you ask yourself why again. “Because he is nice to me.” You get the idea! Do this until you feel extremely clear.

Pillow Method Manifestation: This technique kind of includes meditation before bed and journaling. It allows you to think about why you want to learn how to manifest someone to text you by using your subconscious while you sleep! Dreams are a powerful way to understand yourself and your motives, so doing this technique before bed is very powerful! Simply write down on a piece of paper asking why you want to learn how to manifest someone to text you, and put it under your pillow to think about while you sleep!

2. Get Rid of Limiting Beliefs

Once you have gotten clear on why you want to learn how to manifest someone to text you, you need to make sure you believe it! Even if you feel like you do, chances are you still have some blocks that you were not aware of until you got really clear on why you want to learn how to manifest someone to text you. (You didn’t skip that process, right?)

If you did detect limiting beliefs, I have a whole post on how to get rid of any lingering blocks you may have. However, even just being aware of your beliefs can help you overcome them!

3. Match Their Energy

This step is an interesting one, and if you really like the person you want to learn how to manifest a text from- well, it should be easy to do!

This just means you want to be on the same energy vibe as them.

A good example would be to think back to when you first met an ex. Do you remember how you just sort of vibed? If they were happy, so were you? If they wanted to go somewhere to eat, you suddenly wanted that food too?

As you start getting more comfortable with someone, you get back on your own energy and this is why couples sometimes think the other one wasn’t being honest about who they were. That isn’t usually true though, it’s not something most are conscious of doing.

When you are attracted to someone a chemical reaction happens in your body that helps you get into sync with each other. This happens to chemically bond yourself to each other.

All kinds of chemicals are released to make this energy sync happen- feel good chemicals like serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin, and norepinephrine. These bonding chemicals make you feel so good that you naturally just want to do and be like your partner because it feels good! Your heart rate and breathing can even sync up too!

So when you want to learn how to manifest someone to text you, get back into that state as much as possible!

Match their energy! When you think about manifesting them, be like they are- are they high energy or more low key? Think about how you were when you were around them, and if it is someone you don’t know well you will have to do your best to imagine this and hope you are right.

Other things you can do is photoshop a picture of you together if you don’t have it, or you can imagine how they would feel and act sending you a text. Look at a picture of them and try to feel their energy. Smell their favorite cologne if you know it. (Please don’t act like a stalker to get this information- you either already know it or have to come across it organically). This can get you into the right vibration!

4. Visualize

Now that you have gotten very clear on what and why you want to learn how to manifest someone to text you, discovered any blocks, and know to match their energy…it’s time for the fun!

It’s time to get to do the visualization exercises and this part is crucial!

You can do one, or all of them- but the key here is to pick ones that are the easiest and most fun for you so you stick with it. Remember, your energy is very important so if its not enjoyable it’s not the right visualization technique to try!

Here are some of my favorites:

Time Machine: Visualize how to manifest someone to text you AFTER it already happened for awhile. For example, don’t visualize receiving the text right now. Imagine how you would feel after you have already been texting for a few weeks. Doesn’t that energy feel different?

You don’t have to conjure up the excitement and crazy energy of when they first text you! No, you are just imagining when it has already happened and while you are still happy, it feels more natural and common place. This energy is MUCH easier to visualize and more realistic!

Whisper Method: I saw this one TikTok and thought it was too simple to work, but its definitely not! It’s also really fun if you have done the work to know how to match their energy well.

All you do is get super relaxed (doing this at bedtime is best) and imagine them before you. Really see, smell, hear, etc. the person you want to text you.

Next, just imagine yourself whispering in their ear that they will text you.

That’s it!

For extra oomph, I like to imagine them smiling and grabbing their phone. I then picture them sending it. However, you really don’t even need to go that far unless you want to.

Send Yourself A Text: This technique is very effective, but it does require slight technical skills! Since I have an Android phone, it’s very easy. I simply add my own phone number in my contact lists, and then change it to the name of the person I want to text me!

You can then send yourself a text and it will say its from them. After you send it, be sure to not look at your phone for a few hours.

Also, just be careful because sometimes it feels so real I freak myself out and think I accidentally texted them some weird message even though I know I am only texting myself!

If you have an IPhone or other phone and it doesn’t work, you can do a tricky technique instead. Just change the name of someone you text often instead!

Be creative with this one. You can mix it up and just imagine the text on your phone without actually sending it. Instead just look at the area of your phone where you would get a text.

There is not right or wrong here. Just do what feels best!

Once you have sent the text, whether in your imagination, or actually using your phone, you must put the phone down and forget about it! Send it, and forget it! Come back and look at it later.

YouTube Manifestation Meditation

Try some guided meditation videos. There are a lot you can listen to and all for FREE! Here are two of the most currently popular ones:

5. Keep Your Energy High

Now that you have done the work to get clear, and have actually visualized what you want to manifest, you must keep your energy high!

Do things that make YOU feel good. Be the kind of person they would want to text. I’m not saying to change yourself of course, but you want to be high vibe! Get your hair done, buy a new outfit, eat healthy, exercise, etc.

Really spoil yourself!

And try to not think about them! If you do think about them, only send happy thoughts to them! It’s even better if you add gratitude. Every time they cross your mind, try visualizing a ball of white light or pink light sending them love, joy and gratitude they will receive every time THEY think of you!

This keeps you feeling good and positive while you wait to hear back. You know the energy is out there, now you need to believe stay focused on you.

6. Let it Go

This is the part that is hard for most people! Once you have done all these things you are bound to get impatient if it doesn’t happen right away. If you do feel that way, take a break and work on your limiting beliefs and blocks before you visualize again.

Otherwise, you will be sending out desperate vibes and that will sabotage your efforts.

You must really believe it will happen but be ok with it not happening!

When you are learning how to manifest someone to text you this will be the hardest part for most. It doesn’t have to be if you have high self-love already and you truly believe its possible…but its totally normal if you aren’t there yet.

If you aren’t, don’t beat yourself up. Take a break and come back to it later. You will learn how to manifest someone to text you, just be patient!

Another great way to keep in a high vibe and spirit of belief is to print out some positive relationship affirmations and keep them where you can see them often. Every time you start to doubt yourself, just read them!

However, keep in mind that if you keep scoffing at them when you read the affirmations that you need to stop and go back to working on your limiting beliefs first.

You can also go back to making sure you are matching their energy correctly.

7. Practice Gratitude

Whether you are trying to learn how to manifest someone to text you or not, a gratitude practice has many other benefits! However, its especially important when you try to learn how to manifest someone to text you!

The reason for this is it’s hard to have disbelief and a negative energy when you are in a state of gratitude!

You can be grateful about anything, but when you want to learn how to manifest someone to text you I suggest really focusing on times someone you wanted to text you in the past did. Or be grateful for something the person you want to text you did in the past. Keep your gratitude focused on the person you want for best results, but any gratitude practice will raise your vibrations.

How Long Does it Take To Learn How to Manifest Someone to Text You?

There really is no timeline for how long it takes to learn how to manifest someone to text you. Sometimes, the person will text you instantly, and for others it can take months or even YEARS.

It will really depend on your unique ability to let go, match their energy, and really believe its possible. Once you get good at learning how to manifest someone to text you though the results can and should be almost instant! Don’t get upset with yourself if you aren’t learning how to manifest someone to text you immediately.

Is Someone Learning How to Manifest Someone to Text YOU to Text Them?

One thing you may not have thought about is someone may be out there learning how to manifest someone to text YOU!

If you are the object of someones desire and your vibes match, you may dream about them, think about them randomly, or even smell their favorite cologne or perfume!

If you like them back and want to text, don’t be shy and go ahead and reach out! Chances are if you were not trying to learn how to manifest a text from someone but start feeling that way…they were trying to get YOU to text them!

If you are uninterested, you can simply do the whisper method on them and visualize yourself sending them the message that you are not the one for them. Be sure to send them loving energy and wish them well.

Final Thoughts on How to Manifest Someone To Text You

I hope you found this guide helpful! I’d love to hear about if you have ever tried to learn how to manifest someone to text you, or felt like someone else was trying to learn how to manifest someone to text YOU! Share your thoughts on how to manifest someone to text you in the comments below!

502 Best Shadow Work Journal Prompts For Healing And Spiritual Growth

Why Shadow Work Journal Prompts?

shadow work journal prompts

Psst: The FTC wants me to remind you that this website contains affiliate links. That means if you make a purchase from a link you click on, I might receive a small commission. This does not increase the price you’ll pay for that item nor does it decrease the awesomeness of the item– Abundance Mindset Mama

If you are interested in manifestation and improving your abundance mindset, you will probably learn about shadow work journal prompts. Shadow work journal prompts are an amazing manifestation tool to help you with your healing and spiritual growth.

The term ‘shadow work’ was created by the famous Swiss psychologist Carl Jung who created analytic psychology. The Libra sun sign in me loves how he talks about balancing the good and the repressed sides of our psyche.

“Where there is light, there must also be shadow”

Carl Jung

The shadow is the archetypes that Jung was most concerned with. There was also the the Personal, the self,and the Anima/Animus. These archetypes make up the mind.

Your Shadow self is also similar to Sigmund Freud’s Id theory that your mindset is made up your Id, Ego, and Superego.

They were all concerned with these subconscious traits that control and influence our daily behaviors, and for good reason.

The shadow side are those feelings and emotions we like to ignore and not address. However, as we learned in my abundance blocks post, those subconscious blocks can really hold us back if we ignore them. Shadow work journal prompts are another way to work on those subconscious blocks.

Not all of our shadow self is negative, though that’s what most people think of when we hear shadow self. It’s simply what we suppress. Using shadow work journal prompts helps us unlock and discover these hidden areas.

If we do have a lot of subconscious negative beliefs that we don’t address and break down, it will hinder our manifestation abilities. It will also hurt your relationships and personal career growth. Ignoring our shadow side will hurt us in all ways.

Even though it may be painful at first to use shadow work journal prompts, it is worth looking at and working through!

You can also cause a lot of problems by suppressing sides of yourself that are actually helpful, but somewhere in your life you learned to hide that side of yourself.

By discovering your shadow side and working through it with shadow work journal prompts, you can increase your self-love, learn healthy boundaries, and understand how to cope properly. Who doesn’t need that at some point?

Even if you haven’t experience trauma, you likely have some incorrect subconscious beliefs about yourself and life in general.

Shadow work journal prompts are a great way to increase your self-awareness and just become a better person.

By working with shadow work journal prompts I was able to really improve my life and have an abundance mindset. It’s so amazing and freeing to accept who you are and where you have come from. You will become more spiritual, raise your vibrations, and increase in wisdom.

So how do you know what to do or how to get started with shadow work journal prompts? Keep reading and I’ll explain everything about what shadow work is, how to work on it, and the best shadow work journal prompts to use.

What is Shadow Work?

Shadow work is all about running towards your suppressed thoughts and feelings instead of ignoring them. To do shadow work, you must find out what your incorrect beliefs and behaviors that you incorrectly believe you must hide. You can do this multiple ways, but I really like shadow work journal prompts-which is basically journaling answers to deep questions.

Journaling with shadow work journal prompts about these questions can bring up very low vibration feelings such as shame, anger and frustration towards yourself. Working on these emotions can bring up a lot of negativity at first.

However, Shadow work journal prompts can actually be enjoyable though for those who enjoy self-reflection or are perfectionists. However, it can be extremely challenging at first for some, especially if you have experienced trauma and abuse.

Everyone can benefit though from shadow work journal prompts. We all have subconscious beliefs that can be limiting and that are holding us back from self-love. If you remember from my previous posts, you’ll know that I’m big on self-love being the key for manifestation.

It’s important for just about everything though. You simply cannot be happy and successful long-term by repressing and running from your shadow side.

It will always come back to haunt you!

Many people try to hide this side of themselves and keep it in the dark.

Here are other ways you can do shadow work besides shadow work journal prompts:



*Working with a shadow work healer or therapist

What is Your Shadow Self?

So, what exactly is meant by the Shadow self?

The shadow self is just that side of you that you hide from people and repress even from yourself due to shame, guilt and fear.

To put it simply, it is quite literally lives in the shadows of your mind.

Your shadow self is in your subconscious mind.

It’s the part of yourself you aren’t aware of. Your conscious mind is more like light, because it can be seen.

We put in our subconscious mind the parts we want to hide, that we reject, or feel ashamed about. We never quite get rid of those feelings, but we try to hide them away.

Does Everyone Have a Shadow Side?


Everyone has a shadow side, and this isn’t a bad thing. It’s really just a survival skill we all develop as children.

However, not everyone wants to work on that side so the fact that you are is a great step in the right direction!

What Are Some Shadow Traits?

Believe it or not, all shadow traits are not automatically negative. Our souls are both light and dark. It’s who we are at our core, and so we cannot live in fear our true nature. The shadow side is created out of survival, and sometimes we outgrow these survival skills we developed. If you are ready to live more than just survive, then getting rid of those shadow traits that no longer serve your daily life just makes sense

Shadow work is all about finding those shadow traits that you no longer make sense and forgive yourself for havint those. We had them for a reason so there is no need to feel shame about them!

Here are some examples of shadow traits you likely no longer need:

  • Jealousy
  • Rage
  • Anger
  • Selfish
  • Manipulative
  • Vane
  • Arrogant
  • Worried about how come across to others
  • Intolerant/Stubborn
  • Impatient
  • Egotistical
  • Judgemental
  • Defensive
  • Fearful

How to Find Your Shadow Traits

If you are unsure what shadow traits to work on, there are some things to pay attention to.

Ask yourself:

What things , people and events trigger you?

Are there any traits you really dislike in other people? Often times it’s a reflection of what we dislike in ourselves.

Do you notice yourself doing certain things over and over? For instance, do you get into the same kind of relationships? Do you notice the same problems at work or the same arguments with your spouse?

Really spend some time journaling and meditating on what areas in your life are causing you issues. You can also think about areas you are having trouble manifesting in. For instance, if you want to buy a home but are having difficulty, maybe there is an area from your childhood that matches up?

We moved a lot as a kid, so for me, a shadow trait could be feeling like I don’t deserve stability or a nice home of my own.

Keep in mind it may not be only bad traits. It just has to be something you repress. For example, as a child I was actually very confident and assertive. However, my very shy sister was embarrassed and would tell me to be quiet and not speak up. So, I learned to question myself and became shy as well.

As I became older I realized this insecurity was holding me back and forced myself to do things that scared me- I tried out for solo parts in choir, did quiz competitions in front of hundreds of people, etc. Over time, I became my more bold self again and stopped worrying about everyones opinions. I even ended up doing stand-up comedy as an adult! This, from someone who used to be terrified to even raise my hand in class!

Your shadow traits can be positive or negative. The key is that you feel a need to hide them from others in order to survive, or that suppressing them is negatively impacting your life. While jealousy is a negative emotion, it’s completely normal. What you would want to work on is why is it something you feel it so often and why you are ashamed of a normal emotion. See the difference? It’s not that being jealous is abnormal, it’s the shame and constant feeling of it that is what you need to address.

How the Shadow Forms

It all starts in our childhood. As a helpless child you need your parents for everything. If they don’t like something you do, well, you have no choice but to adapt it for their approval.

We learn to hide what they dislike and emphasize what they do in order to survive. This is how the shadow self forms.

Think about your own children. I know I have been guilty of telling (or wanting to) my son to get over something because I thought he was being too emotional. In some ways, we need to help our children learn to control their emotions because they can’t overreact to everything.

However, we need to do it in a way that still validates them for having those emotions.

That is tough for any parent or caregiver to do, especially as we are still learning to deal with our own feelings.

So, it’s no wonder that we perhaps develop unnecessary survival skills or even damaging ones despite our parents being good people.

How Do You Use Shadow Prompts?

Now that you understand what the shadow self is and which shadow traits to work on, it’s time to get to work!

One way to do shadow work is to journal with shadow work journal prompts.

Shadow prompts are just a series of questions that address potential shadow traits in yourself to journal about.

All you need to do is grab a blank notebook or journal make a note of the journal prompts in this blog post, and choose one to get started.

They get your thinking and, if you keep a shadow work journal prompts journal, can help you sort through your shadow traits, where they come from, and how to move forward.

That’s all there is too it!

Once you have done the work to find out what shadow traits to work on, you should be able to come up with your own shadow prompts to journal. However, it can be nice to have a big list of them to choose from. You may even see some shadow prompts you didn’t think of but that you resonate with.

That’s why I put together this big list to help you get started.

You probably won’t connect with all these prompts. The ones you’re drawn to immediately are usually the ones you should start with. We all have completely different backgrounds, personalities, and struggles; we all have different shadows. Always pursue what resonates with you.

I’ve curated the shadow work journal prompts below specifically to get you to squirm. They likely will not be comfortable. But understand this: the deeper you dig, and the more you hold yourself accountable, the more enlightening the process of answering them will be.

With that being said — take care of yourself. Take breaks. Exhale. Have a self-love practice on hand for when you find yourself getting overwhelmed. Shadow work journal prompts aren’t about delving into trauma every hour of the day — it’s about bringing light to the darkest aspects of yourself, and healing what you’re called to heal.

As a professional shadow worker, I’ve observed that the best prompts are often those that are difficult to work through. Once you prove to yourself that you can work through them, however, you increase your self-confidence and learn to trust the process. In other words, you learn how to challenge yourself, while also learning when to take a step back if it gets too intense.

These prompts should be a helpful launching-off point for deep reflection. While at first it may be uncomfortable, know that guiding yourself through this process will help you settle into yourself and develop a sense of inner security and peace.

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2. Shadow Work Journal

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502 Shadow Work Journal Prompts

Here is my big list of shadow work journal prompts! If you still aren’t sure what shadow work journal prompts to use yet, that’s ok! Read through the categories and pick the one you connect with the most. There is no need to overthink it! There are more than enough shadow work journal prompts here for you to find at least a few to get started.

Popular categories are childhood and love and relationships, but there are no right or wrong shadow work journal prompts to start with. I do recommend you stay in only one category at a time though until you are ready to move on.

You can create a ritual space to journal each night and work on your shadow work journal prompts. Personally, I prefer before bed time so you can really soak up all the information, but you can do these shadow work journal prompts at any time. Same thing with the location- you don’t need a special sacred space, but at the very least, you will want quiet and privacy.

Keep in mind shadow work journal prompts can bring up some heavy and difficult emotions. There is no shame in reaching out to a professional if it becomes too much to process on your own!

Childhood Shadow Work Journal Prompts:

  1.  Who were your heroes? Who did you look up to? Why did you look up to them?
  2. How did you learn to manage your emotions as a child?
  3. Did you at any point feel like a victim in childhood? What about as an adult?
  4.  Do you now play the victim instead of taking responsibility for any wrongs on your part?
  5. Do you blame your parents or caregivers for anything?
  6.  If you imagine yourself as them now, can you understand them better? 
  7. Were your caregivers financially stressed, overworked, had health issues, etc?
  8. Who disappointed you as a child? Do you have any similarities with them?
  9. What was your biggest childhood fear? Why? 
  10. How have you overcome that fear as an adult?Would you say your childhood was happy? Sad? Healthy? Stressful? Lonely? How did you get over it in adulthood?
  11.  Did your hero or organization live up to your childhood beliefs ? How did that make you feel?
  12. What is your most vivid memory of being disappointed as a child? Do you expect to be disappointed as an adult now too?
  13. When did you feel unloved as a child? Why?
  14. What could have made your childhood better? What would that have looked like? What emotion does that bring up for you?
  15. What was one time you remember feeling wronged as a child? How did you react? Has this affected you as an adult? How?
  16. When I was a child, I was told not to ________________. This made me feel ________________________ because ______________________________________________.
  17. Write about one of your worst childhood memories. Describe who was there, what their role was, and how it made you feel. Has the situation been resolved? How can you gain closure?
  18. What character traits did you develop as a result of your childhood? They can be anything-good or bad. Who or what helped the development of those traits?
  19. List out your parents or caregivers values, beliefs, and habits. Have you internalized or adopted any of these?
  20. What are your parents’ or guardians’ character traits? How did those influence you as a child? How are you similar or different from them now?
  21. What’s the worst character trait you have because of your childhood? 
  22. What or who do you think caused it?
  23.  How do you feel about that?
  24. What are your parents or caregivers best/worst traits?
  25.  How are you alike or different from them? What is the worst emotion somebody could trigger in you? (anger, envy, etc.)
  26. Why do you feel so strongly about it?
  27. Does your answer differ according to the person in question?
  28. What’s a question you had as a child that you never got an actual answer to? Do you have it now?
  29. What were your parents or caregivers main values while you were growing up? Do you hold them still or do they differ? How so?
  30. How did you process emotions growing up? How do you process negative emotions now? Has this changed over the years?
  31. How do you react when you get angry? Is this similar to people from your childhood? Why do you think that may be?
  32. What parts of your parents or caregivers do you see in yourself now? When did these begin to become noticeable?
  33. What main thing did you want in childhood that you didn’t get? 
  34. Why did you want it so much?
  35.  How has this shaped your adult life? What is or was your mother’s worst trait? Do you share this? Why?
  36. What is your fathers worst trait? Do you share this? Why?
  37. Do you have any trauma from childhood? Do you feel it was your fault? Why?
  38. How do you feel about your childhood?
  39. Was it mostly positive or negative?
  40. Who made you feel safe and who let you down?
  41.  Who were you close to? How does drama make you feel?
  42. Are you what you would call dramatic?
  43.  If so, do people call you dramatic? How do you feel about this? Do you hold a grudge against anyone?
  44. What is stopping you from letting it go?Who have you previously had conflict with and supposedly resolved it, but you still don’t really trust them?
  45. How did they make you feel?
  46. What worries you about that relationship now?
  47. How do you feel about asking for help?
  48. Is it a sign of strength or weakness? Why is this?
  49. What makes you self-conscious around others?
  50. What makes you feel unsafe? Write about it in detail.
  51. What do you think would have made your childhood better? How do you feel about that?
  52. What toxic traits have you realized in your parents? 
  53. How did it make you feel when you realized that your parents weren’t perfect?
  54.  Do you also feel you have these toxic traits too?
  55. Outline the memories that stand out the most to you from your younger years.
  56. What is your relationship like with your family? 
  57. Has your connection strengthened since you were a child or has it gotten worse?
  58. What are your parent’s best and worst personality traits? 
  59. Do you see any of them within yourself?
  60. What’s your worst childhood memory?
  61. Who was there?
  62. How did they comfort you or make it worse?
  63. What would you like to say to them? Perhaps write them an unsent letter.
  64. What event in your life do you wish had a different outcome?
  65. How would it have improved your life?
  66. In what ways is your life better for it not having worked out?
  67. Do you have any other traumatic childhood memories?
  68. What authority figures (individuals as opposed to institutions) did you respect growing up?
  69.  What qualities did/do they possess?
  70.  Do you share any of those traits? 
  71. How might you develop/enhance them?

Betrayal Shadow Work Journal Prompts:

  1. Think about one time where you’ve felt betrayed. What would you say to that person?
  2. Write about a time you felt let down by someone you used to look up to?

Envy Shadow Work Journal Prompts:

  1. What’s one trait you see in other people that you wish you had? Why do you not have this character trait yourself?
  2. Who are you most jealous of? 
  3. Why?
  4. How might you be able to work towards getting the things or traits they have that you feel envy about?
  5. What tends to trigger envy for you? Why do you think this is?

Anxiety Shadow Work Journal Prompts:

  1. Do you often over-think what you’ve said or done? What usually triggers this?
  2. What makes you anxious?
  3.  Why?

Values and Passion Shadow Work Journal Prompts:

  1.  What are your core values as a human?
  2.  What’s the most important value to you? 
  3. What are you most passionate about?

Trigger Shadow Work Journal Prompts:

  1. What triggers you? 
  2. Can you figure out where this came from?
  3. Write about a time you felt let down or abandoned. What emotions did it trigger? 
  4. To what extent was your reaction rational or irrational?

Mental Health Shadow Work Journal Prompts:

  1. What are the first signs that your mental health is dropping?
  2. When are you hardest on yourself? 
  3. Why?
  4. Where do you think this started? 
  5. Why do you put yourself under so much pressure? 
  6. Why are you so reluctant to be nice to yourself?
  7. When I get sad or upset, I cope by? 
  8. I learned this coping skill from?

Failure Shadow Work Journal Prompts:

  1. How do you see failure? 
  2. What is your definition of failure? 
  3. How does it make you feel? 
  4. Are you afraid of failure? 
  5. Why might this be? 
  6. How did your parents or caregivers react to failure?

Insecurity Shadow Work Journal Prompts:

103. What situations make you feel not good enough?

104. Why do you think this is?

105. What aspects of yourself would you like to improve?

106.  Why? 

107. Has anyone in your past ever made comments suggesting that you should? 

108. If so, how did this make you feel?

109. What are your toxic traits? 

110. How do these present themselves?

111.  How do you project these onto others?

112. What do you wish you could change about yourself? 

113. Can you change it?

114. How do you feel about who you are as a human? 

115. Why?

116. What one thing could somebody say to you that would ruin you?
117. Why do those words hold so much power?
118. How can you begin to take the power out of those words?

Forgiveness Shadow Work Journal Prompts:

119.  How often do you forgive yourself?

120. What kind of things do you feel you need to be forgiven for? 

121. Why is this?

122. Write about a time where you messed up and needed forgiveness. Did you ask to be forgiven? Did you apologize? How did it go for you?

123. Write about one person you’ve never forgiven. What happened and why did you not forgive them? Was it warranted?

124.  How has this event affected you going forward? Do you think you could forgive them now?

125. How did you move on from this?

126. Do you forgive yourself when you have done something wrong? 

127. When you make mistakes can you move on from them or do they continue to hurt you?

128. Is there anyone you hold a grudge against? If so, what is holding you back from letting go and moving on?

129. Do you hold grudges? 

130.What do you struggle to let go of?

Attachment Shadow Work Journal Prompts:

131. Do you form obsessive or unhealthy attachments easily? 

132. Why do you think this might be; do you have a fear of change, abandonment or rejection? 

133. Do you find it difficult to form emotional attachments? Does commitment make you get restless? Do you dislike staying in one place for a certain amount of time? 

134. Where do you think this comes from?

Self-Care Shadow Work Journal Prompts:

135. How do you use your free time? 

136. What gives you enjoyment? 

137. What self-care do you practice regularly, if any?

138. What’s your favourite way to self-sooth?

139.  Describe your perfect self-care day.

Negative Emotions Shadow Work Journal Prompts:

140. How do you deal with negative emotions now?

141. What’s one negative thing I can’t stop telling myself?

142.  Where does this thought come from?

143. What emotions do you tend to avoid?

144.  What negative emotions do you tend to avoid? 

145. Why might this be?

146. What negative emotions do you actually feel quite comfortable sitting with?

147.  Why might this be?

148. Do you ever have physical reactions to emotional feelings?

149.  Write about these. Why do you think this happens?

150. Who regularly (or last) belittles or downplays your emotions?
151. How does it make you feel?

152. What emotions tend to bring out the worst in you?
153.Why do you think that is?

Trauma and Grief Shadow Work Journal Prompts:

154. How do you carry the weight of your past trauma?

155.  How has it affected you?

156. How did you deal with trauma in the past and what do you do to combat it in the present?

157. Have you experienced great grief or loss in your life?

158.  Do you feel you could have saved them if only you’d done something different? 

159. Why?

Boundaries Shadow Work Journal Prompts:

160. How do you enforce boundaries?

161.  How do you feel when people overstep them?

162.  How do you react?

163.   What misconceptions have you noticed? 

164. Can you think about where these started?

165. What are your preconceptions about femininity? 

166. Why do you think this is? Where did they come from?

167. What are your preconceptions towards masculinity? Where did these come from?

Shadow Work Journal Prompts:

168. What does the term ‘Shadow Work’ mean to you?

169. What are three main goals you want to achieve with your shadow work journal prompts?

Hurt Shadow Work Journal Prompts:

170. What’s the most hurtful thing you’ve ever done to someone else?

171. What’s the most hurtful thing you’ve done to yourself?

172. How have you moved forward from hurting someone else?

173. How do you plan to move forward after hurting yourself?

Promises Shadow Work Journal Prompts:

174.  What’s the biggest promise to you that someone else has broken? 

175. How did that make you feel? 

176. Why?

177. What’s the biggest promise you’ve broken to yourself? 

178. Why? 

179. How do you feel about that?

180. Have you ever broken a promise to someone else?

181.  Why?

Lying Shadow Work Journal Prompts:

182. What do you consistently lie to yourself about?

183. Do you lie to yourself to avoid addressing your fears?

184. What is the biggest lie you regularly tell yourself? 

185. Why?

186. What lies have you previously told yourself?
187. Are you being fully honest with yourself right now?

188. When you really think about it, is there any area of your life you’re in denial about?

189. What do you lie to other people about? 

190. Why?

191. What’s the biggest lie you’ve ever told and why?

192. What lies are you telling yourself at this time? How can you face these lies and get on a better track?

Love and Relationships Shadow Work Journal Prompts:

193. Does anyone in your life have a pattern of mocking or not taking your emotional needs seriously? 

194. How do you respond when this happen?

195. Make a list of all of the relationships in your life that you no longer need. 

196. Why have you stayed this long?

197.  How would you feel if you no longer had those toxic relationships?

198. What do you wish you could change about the people closest to you?

199.  What does this say about you and your values?

200. Do you allow yourself to be vulnerable in your romantic relationships? 

201. Do you put up walls around yourself and your partner or are you completely open?

202. My healthiest relationship is with?

203.  She/he makes me feel ______.

204. My unhealthiest relationship is with ______. 

205. She/he makes me feel?

206. Do you enforce boundaries with others or are you the type to let people cross lines?

207. Who are you closest to in your life, and do they positively reflect who you are? 

208. Are you holding on to people that don’t deserve you? 

209.Are your really happy in your relationships?

210. Think about the people closest to you. What would you change about them, if you could, to improve your relationship?
211. What does that say about you?
212. Is there anything you could consider improving about yourself to help?

213. Have you ever been heartbroken? Journal about that time in your life in detail.

214. Is there anyone in your life that you are competitive with? 

215. If yes, what caused this rivalry?

216. Who has the most influence over you?

217.  Are they aware of that influence? 

218. Is your relationship healthy?

219. What is your relationship with codependency? 

220. Is anyone in your life codependent?

221. What was the last relationship you walked away from? 

222. What was the process of releasing it like? 

223. How did you know you needed to leave? 

224. Was it a net positive or net negative choice?

225. Write a letter to the person who has hurt you the most in the past five years. 

226. Consider burning the letter when you’re done.

227. What relationship has hurt you the most in your life? 

228. Whether the person is living or not, make a pros and cons list of how you both learned and were hurt.

229. Are you embarrassed by your sexuality? Why or why not?

230. Who has let you down the most in your life?
231. Are they still around? How do you feel about that?

232. Think about your friends. Which ones make you feel safe, and secured?
233. Do you have any friends that you feel uncomfortable?
234. Examine why this may be and if you have any negative history.

235. Do you know what your love language is?

236. Who has the most influence over you?
237. Is it healthy that they do?

238. Think of a relationship you’ve walked away from. Write down the reasons it was a positive life choice.

239. What person has hurt you the most in life?
240. Write them a letter telling them all the things you’d like to say, but don’t send it. Consider burning it instead.

241.  Have you ever broken someone else’s heart? 

242. Was it unintentional or intentional? Write about this.

243. Do you ever find yourself manipulating people in an attempt to protect yourself?

244. What is something that you’ve always wanted to confront someone about?

245.  Why haven’t you? 

246. Do you plan to? Why?

247, Which relationships in your life no longer serve you? Be as honest as possible as its just for you to see.
248.Which relationships feel obligated to? Consider how you’d feel if you allowed those relationships to go away, and then think about whether they’re worth trying to save? How could you be able to do that? Write a letter explaining it.

Arguing and Conflict Shadow Work Journal Prompts:

249. What makes you angry? 

250. Why?

251. What was the last argument you had about?

252. Was it resolved?

253. Think of a previous conflict you had with someone. How did it play out? 

254. What was your role in it? 

255. Did you take ownership for that role?

256. How do you feel about confrontation? 

257. Why do you think this is?

258. When confronted, how do you react?

259. Why do I react this way?

260. What was your last mean thought? Did you mean it? Did you tell anyone? Does this type of thought happen a lot? Why?

Character Trait Shadow Work Journal Prompts:

261. Which traits would you least like to describe you?
262. Why would they be so bad?

263. What characteristics and traits do you dislike in others?

264. What are your worst traits? 

265. Why?

266. What are your toxic traits?

267. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? 

268. Why would you choose this?

269. Write your 5 best traits?

270. Write them down and read them out loud or 30 days while you work on shadow traits.

271. What do you think are the worst character traits in a person?
272. When is a time you had these traits?

273. Which of your traits do you feel is most overlooked?

274. How do you think people see you?

275. How would they describe you?
276. How do you feel about that?

Judgemental Shadow Work Journal Prompts:

277. What things make you judgemental?

278. Think about a situation where you would agree somebody could behave in a way you’d normally judge, even though you know you should not. Why is this?

279. What behaviors are you most judgemental of? 

280. Is your judgment justified?

Disappointment Shadow Work Journal Prompts:

281. When is the last time you felt let disappointed?
282. Examine how you felt and whether it was truly rational, or if you were triggered.

283. Think of a time you were wronged.

284.  How did that make you feel?

Self-Esteem and Self-Care Shadow Work Journal Prompts:

285. Do you believe you can accomplish anything you set your mind to?

286.  Why or why not?

287. Are you truly yourself around others? 

288. Do you put on a persona around people? 

289. Do you truly know who you are?

290. What makes you feel self-conscious or unsafe around others?

291. Are you hard on yourself when you are not self-disciplined? 

292. Why?

293. How are you letting yourself down at this time in your life?
294.  How could you be better to yourself?

295. What was your last not nice thought? Did you say it out loud?
296. Was it deserved?
297. Were you being unfairly judgemental?

298. What makes you feel most valued? 

299. What would you most like to be recognised for?

300. Do you feel unloved or unworthy as an adult? 

301. What steps can you take to give more love and self-worth to yourself?

302. Do you accept yourself as you are?

303. What is the worst thing you’ve ever done to yourself? 

304. Why did you do it? 

305. How can you make up for it and show unconditional love to yourself now?

306. When are you hardest on yourself and why?

307. Is it easy for you to ask for help? 

308. Does it make you feel weak or vulnerable? 

309. Why do you think this is?

400. Do you feel misunderstood?

401.  If yes, what misconceptions do people have of you?

402. What misconception do people have about you?

403. How does that make you feel?

404. Are you comfortable in your skin?

405.  If there is something that you would like to change about yourself, what is it and why?

406. Do you practice self-care? Is there more that you could be doing for your wellbeing?

407. What do you most dislike about yourself?
408. Really figure out why this is and if you would feel that way about someone else?

409. Do you enjoy your own company? 

410. Do you use other people to fill a void? 

411. How do you respond to constructive criticism? 

412. Are you over-sensitive to any feedback?

413. List reasons why you are deserve self-forgiveness. Acknowledge that you did the best you could with the information and experience you had at the time. Write an apology to yourself.

Shame Shadow Work Journal Prompts:

414. What memories bring you shame?

415. Think about who you were then, what led to your behaviour, and how you’ve changed since.

416. Now write out the words ‘I did the best I could at the time and I forgive myself’.

417. Think again about those memories of shame. Close your eyes and take yourself back to when you were at your very worst. Relive the feelings of that time. Now look around you and see how far you’ve come.
418. Consider your past self as you would a younger sibling or child-with honesty and compassion. Write your past self a letter, show that understanding and forgiveness.

419. What do you dislike about yourself the most?

420. What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done and why did you do it?

421. What times have I felt most ashamed in my life? What caused the shame?

422. What is the worst thing you’ve ever done to someone else? 

423. Why did you do it? 

424. Do you still feel guilty for this?

425.  Would making amends with this person make you feel better? 

426. How can you make up for it?

427. What memories are you most ashamed of?

428.  Now, write everything you’re feeling. Really reflect on who you were then, what led up to the memory, and how you have changed since.

Regret Shadow Work Journal Prompts:

429. What’s your biggest regret in life?
430. How can you make peace with that? 

431. Think about your situation at the time and give yourself permission to be okay with the fact that you did your best.

432. What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done?
433. What made you do it?
434. Have you confessed to it ever? 

435. Are you afraid of being honest?
436. Examine why this is and whether it’s truly valid.
437. Are you protecting yourself or others?
438. Could being open about it help to bring you peace?
439. How might you make up for it?

440. What is your biggest regret and why?

Disappointment Shadow Work Journal Prompts:

441. Who have you most let down in your lifetime, and how or why did it happen?
442. Have you made peace with it?
443. Write a letter to the person you disappointed telling them how you feel.

Freedom Shadow Work Journal Prompts:

444. What does freedom mean to you?

445. How do you define freedom? 

446. How do you practice freedom?

447.  What emotion does this trigger?

448. Which do you value more: freedom or security? Think about why.

Self Sabotage Shadow Work Journal Prompts:

449. When have you been self-sabotaging or destructive in your life?
450. Examine how you were feeling at the time, and what triggered your behaviour.

451. Describe a few times you self-sabotaged.

452. What triggered this behavior?

Life Purpose Shadow Work Journal Prompts:

453. What in your life gives you the most purpose? 

454. Are you happy with where you are in your life? Is there anything that you can do to make it better?

Fear Shadow Work Journal Prompts:

455. What is your deepest, darkest fear?

456. Do you feel safe? 

457. Why or why not?

458.  If not, how can you feel safer? 

459. What do you need to do to get your feeling of safety back?

460. What scares you the most?

461. If your greatest fear happened, what would be so bad about it?

462. Do you have recurring nightmares?

463. What are they about?

464.  Why do they scare you?

465.  How can you confront this fear in your waking life?

466. What unfulfilled dream scares you the most? 

467. Why? 

468. What steps could you take to build up to conquering your fear?

469. What most frightens you?

470. How might you be able to expose yourself to that fear in a safe way? 

471. What’s the theme of your recurring nightmares? What might it relate to?
472. How might you face the fear causing your nightmare?

Respect Shadow Work Journal Prompts:

473. Do you feel as though people respect you?

Habits Shadow Work Journal Prompts:

 474. Do you have any unhealthy attachments or habits? 

475. What are you doing to curb them and why have you continued to entertain them?

476. Do you drink alcohol, or take drugs to escapd? What pain or emotions are you trying to escape? Can you allow yourself to feel this pain, accept it, and let it go?

Optimism and Mindset Shadow Work Journal Prompts:

477. Do you expect great things? 

478. Do you know good things are coming to you? 

479. Why do you deserve good, or why not?

480. Do you allow yourself to be sad when unhappy life events happen? 

481. Why or why not?

482. I am happiest when I am __________________________. 

483. Why?

484. I am saddest when I am ___________________________. 

485. Why?

Communication Shadow Work Journal Prompts:

486. What do you wish people understood about you?
487. How might you be better able to demonstrate the quality that people tend to overlook?

488. What do people most often misunderstand about you? 

489. How do you feel about that?

490. People misunderstand my ____________.

491.  This makes me feel ___________________ because _____________________________________________________________________________.

492. How good are you at asking for help? 

493. How do you approach and view it? 

494. Do you believe asking for help is an indicator of strength, or weakness? Examine this.

Miscellaneous Prompts:

495. Do you like or dislike pets? 

496.Does this stem from a healthy love/untimely death of a beloved childhood pet?

497.  How can you work towards healing this if needed?

498. What one obstacle is holding you back from achieving the life of your dreams? 

499. Why? 

500. How can you overcome this?

501. What makes you feel most valued?

502.What do you want to be known for?

Final Thoughts on Shadow Work Journal Prompts

I hope you enjoyed this big list of shadow work journal prompts and you find it truly healing in your spiritual journey. Have you ever used this tool before? Which shadow work journal prompts do you like the most? Which prompts do you find most challenging? I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences with shadow work journal prompts in the comments below!