Best Mindfulness Box For Kids: Top 5 To Uplift

best mindfulness box for kids

I hope you enjoy my list of the best mindfulness box for kids-with a twist! Why should adults have all the fun when it comes to subscription boxes? Everybody loves to get mail, and ana amazing mindfulness box for kids really help families bond each month.

I made this list of the best mindfulness box for kids to help you find only the best, and most inspirational boxes. Even though there are ton of subscription boxes for kids, very few fit the theme here at Abundance Mindset Mama! Law of attraction and manifestation subscription boxes for kids are pretty much non-existent! Kids are naturals at the law of attraction, so you don’t see a lot of law of attraction toys or gifts in generaI. Yet I was still surprised there wasn’t even one!

In the mean time, here is my blog post on some low-cost and free manifesting game ideas for kids: Manifestation Games for Kids.

My Criteria for the Best Mindfulness Box for Kids

Now, there are subscription boxes for teens, kiwi box kids, education subscription boxes, stem boxes, science, cooking and reading boxes for kids! You can find subscription boxes for boys, and for girls on a variety of topics!

Yet, I wanted something a little more…deep. Since I could not find law of attraction subscription boxes for kids, I was more focused on mindset. So, I am focusing on the best mindfulness box for kids that teach gratitude, mindfulness, and controlling their emotions.

I did find a few kid subscription boxes that focused more on those kinds of topics, and I made a list of them for you here. The other nice thing, is they can make really nice, meaningful gifts as well.

I hope you enjoy! Leave some comments below if you have found any other mindfulness, gratitude, or law of attraction for kids subscription boxes also! I’d love to hear about your favorite mindfulness box for kids!

Mindfulness Box for Kids #1-Wonder Crate

Why is my top mindfulness box for kids Wonder Crate? Well, I think it’s really timely for kids right now. With all of the scary stuff in the news, kids could really use some inspiration! (couldn’t we all?). Instead of bringing their vibrations down, let’s focus on the good in life! Wonder Crate does just that. It’s not just a mindfulness box for kids to entertain (although it definitely will!) it has a deeper message and inspires!

Site Description: Inspire the next generation of change-makers by introducing kids to real people that used their courage, perseverance, and passion to make the world a better place and let them know that they can too!

When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.” -Fred Rogers My own kids also felt helpless and anxious seeing laws being made that negatively affected so many in our community.  I decided to show them all the amazing people that were using their courage, perseverance and passion to make the world a better place.

I want kids to know that they can make an impact. Each child has his or her own amazing that they can contribute to the world. And together we can build a generation of well rounded contributors of social good.

What You Get In This Mindfulness Box for Kids: We offer three series to inspire the next generation of change-makers. You can choose from: Innovators, Artists, and Activists. Can’t decide which one to choose? Sign up for our Combo series (most popular) and receive them all! Hands on activities, a biography, monthly guide for parents, and a tote bag with the first box.

There is also Wonder Crate Jr. for ages 5-7. You get the same items, but just the inspirational role models cateogry. This category sparks curiosity and connects them to their own possibilities. 

Age Range: Wonder Crate Kids: age 8-12. Wonder Crate Jr. ages 5-7. Great for boys, and girls.

Cost: $29.95 monthly, or pre-pay options.

Mindfulness Box for Kids #2 –Girls Can

what's inside girls can subscription box

Wow, what an awesome subscription box for kids! I wish I had this when I was a little girl who decided to not bother with math because it was “for boys.”

While there are definitely more opportunities for girls to be inspired by other successful woman nowadays, it’s still a needed message. The statistics are quite scary, according to Girls Can website:

girls can subscription box

Site Description:
We started GIRLS CAN! CRATE because we believe in the power of girls. Most products designed for girls are about princesses, beauty, and care-taking. Between 3-4-years-old, little ones begin to adopt gender stereotypes and girls start to define some things, like math and science, as being “for boys.” As they grow, studies show that girls are less likely to think they have “what it takes” and see a significantly bigger dip in their self-esteem as they hit adolescence. We think girls deserve more! Girls are innovators, leaders, creators – and they deserve products that reflect that!

What You Get:

Each GIRLS CAN! CRATE introduces girls to a new role model and includes: a 28-page GIRLS CAN! activity book telling her unique story, 2-3 hands-on science or art activities related to her field, a tote bag (in your first crate), a collectible button, practical tips for parents to help empower girls, and MORE.

The mini-mailer is a smaller version of our crate and includes: a 20-page GIRLS CAN! activity book, one science or art activity, a collectible sticker, plus tips for parents on empowering girls.

Age Range: Girls 5-10

Cost: $32.95, and pre-pay options as well.

Mindfulness Box for Kids #3- Strong Selfie Subscription Box

strong self subscription box good karma

Ok, so this subscription box is for girls also. I’m not trying to leave the boys out, but it seems there is more of a need for positive messages and role models for girls. Let’s face it too, there are tons of subscription boxes aimed at boys-from science, stem, and building boxes. That’s not the kind of boxes I’m looking for here.

So, I’m all for these awesome girl themed boxes that focuses on more than just a girls looks. I definitely remember the pressure on appearance as a tween and teen girl that boys just didn’t and still don’t have! It’s also great how this box focuses on gratitude and positive mindsets.You can buy such inspirational themed boxes like the dream box, yoga box, digital detox box, and more! These make great gifts to cheer up or encourage that hormonal, emotional teen or tween girl. What mama couldn’t use that at some point? These boxes are a great way to get young women focusing on self-love and abundance mindsets!

strong selfie yoga subscription box

Site Description:The perfect gift for tween and teen girls. Our seasonal boxes deliver good vibes straight to her doorstep all year long! Packed with the perfect amount of positivity and essential products to help her feel like her STRONGest self(ie). With our Membership options it has never been easier to gift the special girl in your life the perfect gift for any reason.

Age Range: Bloom box is for 8-12, and the Burst Box is for 13-17.

Cost: $54 annual, $56 seasonal or $68 one time gift box.

Mindfulness Box for Kids #4- Parenting EQ Subscription Box

Ok, I love this subscription box! It gets the parents involved and learning too! What a great way to bond with your kids and learn healthy emotional regulation. This is an especially great box if you are a parent who wasn’t raised in the healthiest emotional environment (and let’s face it, that is probably a lot of us!) and want to do better.

The activities and topics fit well with an abundance mindset. They focus on the main concepts of EQ (self-awareness, self-regulation, empathy, motivation, and social skills).  Topics such as impulse control, growth mindset, friendship, calming strategies, resiliency, etc. will be covered. As they get older topics will be include growth mindset, peer relationships, stress management, diversity, goal setting, grit, etc.

Site Description: ParentingEQ is a subscription box company with the purpose of increasing children’s emotional intelligence (EQ) through practical, parent led social-emotional learning activities. ParentingEQ offers two product lines, including the Mini Box (Ages 4-7) and the Junior Box (Ages 8-11). Every other month parents will receive developmentally appropriate items to use with their children.

What’s Inside: Each box will contain 4-5 developmentally appropriate activities including books, games, and tools for you and your child to work through every other month!  The items provided have been carefully selected and developed by school counselors with over 15 years of experience in the field.  Detailed instructions and parenting tips are included.  ParentingEQ is intended for all children ages 4-11 with the goal of building essential life skills. 

Age Range: 4-11

Cost: Mini (ages 4-7) $49.95 and the Junior (ages 8-11) is $49.95 also. Every other month plans.

“As an adult, I meditate. But it is not something that I’ve discussed with my son. The chime opened the door to teaching my son that it’s good to take a break and take a breath when you need it. It helps teach children to learn how to stay calm.”

“As a parent, I liked the journal because it helped me understand the ebbs and flows of my daughter’s mood. It helped to bridge the gap to where I can understand her better. This journal provides a parent with so much more beyond the overused “how was your day” question.”

Mindfulness Box for Kids #5- Yumble Kids Meals Subscription Boxes

There was a time I worked 70 hours a week, so a meal subscription box would have been a lifesaver for me! It can be so hard to come up with and make healthy meals for kids. Especially if your kid is a picky eater like my son! Yumble takes the work out for you with a weekly subscription box for your kids with healthy and delicious meals. You can choose your meals and skip weeks too. I love that they are delivered fresh and come with extras like stickers. Let’s face it, having a good attitude and abundance mindset requires eating good foods too.

Site Description: Between work, school, sports, and extracurricular activities, it’s harder and harder to fit in quality family time. My hope is that the valuable time Yumble saves you each week (an hour a day!) gives you more time to savor with your family. Sustainable, regionally-sourced, nutritious ingredients. Balanced (and fun!) recipes
developed just for kids.Delivered fresh in a refrigerated box. We send out fun extras (like sticker sheets and a deck of table topics) to add even more ways for the whole family to connect around mealtime. Join our email list for more!

Cost: $5.99-$7.99 per meal. Only a few more dollars than fast food, but so much more value.The more you buy, the more you save.

Final Thoughts On The Best Mindfulness Box for Kids

I hope you enjoyed my list of the best Mindfulness Box for Kids! Do you have a favorite Mindfulness Box for Kids? What Mindfulness Box for Kids do you want to try out?

If you like this list of the best mindfulness box for kids, you’ll love Generation Mindful! They are all about mindfulness, positive parenting, and gentle discipline. To check out my review: Generation Mindful

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