The 9 Best Crystals for Manifesting

best crystals for manifesting

This post will cover the best crystals for manifesting. Who doesn’t love beautiful crystals? The only problem is there are so many different kinds of crystals and places to purchase them. It can be confusing when you first start to know what the best crystals for manifesting are.

So I created this post to help you choose the best crystals for manifesting to help you manifest your dreams. These are my best tips and the most commonly used crystals.

Typically though you don’t choose crystals, the best crystals for manifesting choose you! This will just help you have a place to start and some of the best crystals for manifesting to choose from. There are some best practices and ways to make sure you are having the best experience as well.

How To Choose The Best Crystals for Manifesting

First, try to be in a relaxed state first when you are picking out the best crystals for manifesting. You can meditate before, put on some relaxing music, and maybe light some candles. Whatever works for you!

Next, you want to gaze at different pictures of the best crystals for manifesting and choose the one you feel the most drawn to. Notice which ones color, shape, and size gets your attention. Don’t worry about getting it wrong because all of the crystals I’ve chosen for you here are powerful and some of the best crystals for manifesting and the law of attraction.

Just choose the best crystals for manifesting that resonate with the desire or thing you want to manifest. If you are still struggling to decide, I love this crystal test from Energy Muse.

Benefits Of The Best Crystals For Manifesting

a variety of beautiful crystals

Crystals are an amazing tool to assist you in manifesting your desires and raising your vibration. The law of attraction can be difficult if you have any energetic or emotional blockages.

The best Crystals for manifesting can help clear those blockages, increase your intentions and focus, and eliminate negativity. They help speed up your manifestations. The best Crystals for manifesting have been used for thousands of years to assist in these things, and can surely benefit you as well.

With the law of attraction, what you give attention to is what you attract. Crystals are the perfect manifestation tools.

How Crystals Work

The best crystals for manifesting are not magic, but they are amazing manifestation tools. They work by absorbing negative energy, and by helping to amplify your intentions. When you think of what you want to manifest, it gets attached to your crystal.

Every time you hold or look at the crystal it helps remind you of your intent, and helps you focus. This helps makes your intention be stronger and more powerful. When you are clear on what you want and thinking about it positively, you will attract what you want faster.

Crystals are like intention magnifiers! Once you program them with your intentions, you start to be more open to opportunities that may show up. They remind you and help create subtle changes in your mindset and attitude.

The more specific the better too. If you are clear on what you want, you will know how to recognize it when an opportunities presents itself.

The best crystals for manifesting also can help difuse and eliminate negative energy.

How To Program Your Crystals For Manifesting

Meditation is a great way to tap into the power of crystals for manifestation. You simply use your crystals to meditate and program the intention of what you want to attract.

First you need to find the best crystals for manifesting that are most aligned with what you want to manifest.

Next, you need to be very clear on what it is you want to program your crystal to manifest.

Before you meditate, relax your eyes and gaze at the crystal for a few moments while focusing on your intention. You can visualize what you want, but more importantly make sure you feel the emotions of what you want to manifest.

Make sure you are sitting comfortably where you won’t be disturbed while holding your crystal. Now start meditating, and focusing on your intention.

Once you are very relaxed, focused clearly on your intention.

There is no right or wrong way to do this, but you can say things like;

‘I am programming my crystal to assist me in attracting wealth. Whenever I hold, see, or think about my crystal it reminds me of my amazing ability to manifest wealth into my life.”

Get creative and use the words that flow into your mind as you are meditating.

Really feel the energy of what you want to manifest when you meditate on the crystal. You can do this for as long as you want. There is no set time, but many people like to do this for at least 10 minutes. Do what feels right for you!

Before Bedtime Method

Before you fall asleep is a great time to manifest and set your intentions. You are able to reprogram your mindset when you are in that half awake and half asleep state. It can only help to also dream about what you want to manifest. It doesn’t matter whether you remember it or not because your subconscious will.

Just meditate like you did in the method above, but do this before bed. You can hold on to the crystals while meditating and than place them under your pillows or next to your bed.

Once you are done imagining your desires manifesting, simply let the vision float up into the universe. Do this daily until your manifestation becomes real.

Quick Tips for Using The Best Crystals for Manifesting

  • Consider using Feng Shui with your best crystals for manifesting. For instance, placing crystals in the left-hand corner of your home or office is best for attracting wealth. Place your crystals infused with wealth intentions in the money areas of your home for an extra boost.
  • Keep your love and heart chakra stones close to your actual heart to enhance this chakra. Wearing your crystals is a great way to keep the energy near you all day.
  • Crystals are great to use in manifestation rituals.
  • Place black obsidian under your pillow to help find out what is holding back your manifestation and discover any blocks you may have.
  • Keep your wealth crystals in your wallet or purse.
  • Our subconscious is most open to change at night, so place your crystals by your bed and under your pillow.
  • Get and learn to use a meditation grid. You can also place the crystals next to an image of what you want to manifest.
  • You can add your best crystals for manifesting to your water! making an elixir. Drink the water infused with your crystals energy. Of course you want to make sure the ones you use are safe for adding to water though.

Ultimate List of Best Crystals For Manifesting

Now that you know how to choose your crystal and how to program it you are ready for the fun part! It’s time to choose! It’s even better if you can go into a crystal store and actually see and hold the crystals, but you can still connect with their energies online as well.

All of the crystals I’ve included are the most common ones for manifestation and law of attraction. These are by no means the only crystals you can use for manifesting, but its a good place to start!


rose quarts for law of attraction

Color: Pink
Chakra: Heart

Rose quartz is definitely one of my favorite crystals for manifesting! While traditionally used for manifesting romantic, unconditional love, its also great for loving yourself.

Self-love is one of the most important frequencies to align with for manifesting abundance so it’s a great place to start.

Rose quartz resonates with all forms of love, making it the most powerful of healing crystals to use when healing and working with the heart chakra.

If you want to manifest love into your life, rose quartz can help. It’s loving energy can help heal any blockages you may have and limiting beliefs towards love.

Once you heal your past hurt, you can bring in new feelings of empathy and compassion. It’s also a great crystal to help new moms bond with their babies.
WAYS TO USE IT: You can keep rose quartz close to your heart by wearing it as a necklace, but it also makes a beautiful bracelet or ring. Its also great to keep next to your bed or under your pillow to to boost your current relationship or attract a new one. Rose quartz is also great for use in a love ritual. It is a very healing stone!


citrine for law of attraction

Color: Yellow
Chakra: Solar Plexus and Crown Chakra

There is a good reason it’s known as the money stone for manifesting. It has a vibration that will help you raise your vibration, and shift your mindset to a place of optimism, prosperity and abundance.

It’s cheerful and positive energy aligns perfectly for manifesting financial freedom, abundance and even starting a new business.

The Solar Plexus is where our thoughts and mindsets towards money come from. Citrine can help open it and make it more healthy.

Citrine helps increase your money confidence and attract good luck, success and prosperity. It aligns with all energy of financial success.

WAYS TO USE CITRINE: Place it in your purse, wallet, and anywhere you want to money. You can also put citrine in your office, next to your computer, or wear it.


clear quartz crystals

Quartz is one of the most common and popular crystals used for manifestation. Usually it is referring to the transparent and clear kinds. These are popular because they are inexpensive and can work with really any energy you want to manifest.

Quartz can help improve your focus, and help you be more positive. You can charge it with any intention you want. It’s great for helping you get clarity as well and tapping into your intuition. 

Clear quartz is like a blank canvas just waiting for your energy, thoughts and feelings to amply and multiply back. 


Meditate on what you want to manifest while holding quartz crystals. Place it on a vision board, your journals, or photo of what you want. The main thing is to infuse it with your thoughts and feelings. Clear quartz will take on any energy you direct towards it, so be careful you are in the right mindset!


black obsidian stones

Color: Black

Chakra: Root

Black Obsidian is fantastic for getting rid of old beliefs and a scarcity mindset. It cuts of negative energy and destructive thoughts and habits. It offers amazing protection against low vibrations.

When manifesting, you need to be aware of any negative and harmful beliefs in order to first let go of them.

If you struggle with negativity, then Black Obsidian is great choice for you.

WAYS TO USE IT: Place black obsidian under your pillow to help get rid of the stress of the day,  or use it when trying to meditate on what is holding back your manifestation process and when doing shadow work.



Color: Purple to Lavender

Chakra: Crown Chakra and Third Eye

I’ve always been so drawn to Amethyst. It’s such a beautiful crystal! It’s also one of the most spiritual of crystals. Use it to enhance your spiritual enlightenment.

Amethyst has a very high vibration and will help align your Crown Chakra and Third Eye. It enhances your meditation and psychic abilities, as well as raising your consciousness.

Much like Black Obsidian, it can help get rid of negative thoughts and destructive mindsets.

WAYS TO USE IT:  Place it anywhere you want to raise the vibration and get rid of negative energy. It makes a beautiful piece for jewelry as well.



Color: Orange, Red

Chakra: Sacral, Root

Carnelian is a fantastic crystal if you are working on a creative project, or need to boost your self-confidence. If you need help coming with new ideas, Carnelian’s energy will support this and help you put them into action.

WAYS TO USE IT: Keep it at work, or near projects you are working on. Use it during visualizations, or wear it as jewelry. Keep it near you at all times as you never know when creativity or new ideas will strike!

Carnelian is a high energy crystal and will help give you the energy you need to be successful and passionate.



Color: Yellow/Gold

Chakra: Solar Plexus

Pyrite comes from the Greek work pyr, which means fire. Pyrite will literally light your desires on fire! It’s a fantastic crystal for attracting wealth and clearing limited beliefs towards money. This beautiful crystal looks like gold and everything about it will remind you of wealth and success.

Pyrites energy aligns perfectly with the energy of abundance, money and luxury.

WAYS TO USE:  Pyrite is great to carry in your pocket, or keep in your office. Use it while you visualize about attracting your desires. Keep it somewhere you can see it often.


green aventurine

Color: Green

Chakra: Heart

Keep this beautiful crystal with you if you want to attract good luck. It’s name actually comes from the Latin Avetura, which means chance.

If you constantly focus on a scarcity mindset, aventurine will get you back on track thinking abundantly.

WAYS TO USE IT: Keep as a lucky charm, and have it with you at all times.


titanium rainbow quartz

Color: All the colours of the rainbow

Chakra: All

Titanium rainbow quartz is such a unique and eye catching stone for manifesting. I just love it! You don’t see it as often, but once you do you won’t forget it.

It’s vibrant and energetic colors will help you align all your chakras and manifest anything you want.

It is a powerful manifestor and the coating on it helps amplify it’s manifesting energy.

A Word of Caution On The Best Crystals For Manifesting

All crystals can work well together with the right mindset and intention. However, keep in mind that some of the best crystals for manifesting may not be the best if you are very sad or experiencing strong negative emotions. For instance, because Malachite and Clear Quartz are so good at amplifying any emotion, you must be careful when having negative ones.

It’s important to be aware of how you react and adjust accordingly. Everyone interacts with crystals differently, so just keep this in mind as you use them.

If you are using the best crystals for manifesting that are not interacting well with you, or you have too many, you will just know. You may just feel off, tired, or uneasy. You can be more irritable or anxious.

If you notice any of these feelings when you using your best crystals for manifesting start by changing up the combinations.

You also will want to use your crystals in nature and sunlight as much as possible to get rid of any excess energies. It’s great to meditate outside on a regular basis and ground your crystals.

Final Thoughts On The Best Crystal For Manifesting

Just like manifesting, its important to be clear on what you want when you pick your your best crystals for manifesting. Trust your intuition and be clear on your intent. Your belief will amplify the energy you want to manifest and align with. 

There are so many crystals out there, so just start with a few and go from there. You don’t need to have a lot of crystals to get results, you just need to be consistent. I hope that this blog post helped!

Please share what you think the best crystals for manifesting are in the comments below What are the crystals you are most drawn to or want to try out? I hope you are enjoyed this big list of the best crystals for manifesting!