How to Use Bay Leaf Manifestation For Easy Results-9 Ways!

Bay Leaf Manifestation

Why Use Bay Leaf Manifestation

Using the bay leaf for manifestation has been very popular online lately, and for good reason! People have been using bay leaf manifestation for centuries because it WORKS!

You may be surprised to find out that little herb in your kitchen packs such a powerful manifestation punch, but it’s true. There is even a really interesting scientific reason as to why. If you are like me, you believe science, manifestation, and spirituality can and do work together!

The Bay leaf has been used in rituals for manifestation, prosperity and cleansing because it has an amazing calming energy. In fact;

“Bay Leaf contains linalool, a compound found in a number of other plants, including mint and lavender. Lavender is another plant commonly used for treating anxiety.

According to the theory behind aromatherapy, inhaling certain fragrances prompts olfactory (smell) receptors in your nose to communicate with the areas of your brain that help regulate your emotions.”

Wow! No wonder it helps with manifestation! Anything that can get you relaxed and out of your overthinking brain is essential for manifestation and manifesting rituals.

Using a Bay Leaf combines so many elements of manifestation- rituals, belief, essential oils, and letting go of your desires!

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What is Manifestation

Manifestation is simply bringing your desires into reality. How do you manifest? The easiest way to describe manifestation, is to be the energy you want to attract!

You must already feel like you have and it know you have it.

Easier said than done, right?

Well, maybe at first but the more you practice pretending you already have something, the easier it gets!

Tools like a bay leaf can really help you with letting go of your wanting for what you are trying to manifest. The relaxing smell gets rid of your doubts, as well as the ritual of burning and writing on a bay leaf. Finally, the practice of watching a bay leaf burn or crumple let’s you let go of your desire.

Once you are clear on what you want, you believe it’s possible, and you let go of your desire to manifest it- well, you can manifest anything! The humble bay leaf is just one more tool to add to your manifestation toolbox, but it’s extremely simple, powerful and easy to use. I’m sure once you add it to your manifestation practice you will love it also.

I look forward to hearing all about how you use bay leaf manifestation, so please leave a comment below if you found this useful!

How Can You Use Bay Leaf For Manifestation?

Ok, let’s get right to the good stuff that I know you came to this blog for! How do you even do bay leaf manifestation?

Besides it’s amazing relaxation quality, bay leaf manifestation is popular because it’s easy to get bay leaves and using them is so simple!

You can get the usually smaller kind right at your grocery store, however you may have to shop around for the bigger leaves. Luckily, those are often easily found fast on places like Amazon.

There are four main reasons to use bay leaf manifestation- to manifest a desire or outcome, for protection and cleansing, healing, and enhancing your psychic abilities.

Here are my favorite bay leaf manifestation rituals:

Bay Leaf Manifestation for Manifesting Your Desires

There are many ways you can use this relaxing and powerful bay leaf for manifestation. There are no right or wrong ways, so choose the ones you resonate with the most!

  1. Write It Out: This is one of the most popular and easiest ways to use bay leaf manifestation. All you need to do is get a bay leaf and write on it what your intentions are! Now you can also then burn it, but make sure you have a bowl to put it in. Watching it burn away can help you with letting go, as well as the smoke is very cleansing.
  2. Scripting/Journaling: Another simple and easy way to add bay leaf manifestation to your daily manifesting, is to add it to your scripting or journaling practice. You can simply put it next to your journal, or even crumple up a few pieces and rub it into the paper. That’s it! Don’t over complicate it.
  3. Add to Candles: Bay leaves smell wonderful and have that relaxing quality to them so they make a great addition to a manifestation candle. Simply crush up some leaves and add it to your candles!
  4. Pillow Method: If you aren’t familiar with the pillow method for manifestation, you can read it here. Simply put some bay leaves under your pillow manifestation. You can write on the bay leaves or not depending on what you want to do!
  5. Attract Money: You can add bay leaves to different objects to help you with manifesting money and prosperity. You can put the bay leaf in your purse or wallet. Again, write on it or not. That’s totally up to you! You can put it by your desk, your cash register, or any other business items to help you attract more clients.
  6. Use With a Vision Board: This is just like using bay leaves in your scripting and journal. All you do is add the bay leaf to your vision board or dream collage! You can add it as part of a ritual, or you can burn it over the vision board and rub some of the ashes on it. Rub crumbled leaves on it, or write your intentions on the leaf and add to your board!

Using Bay Leaf Manifestation For Protection & Cleansing

You can also use bay leaves for protection and cleansing. Bay leaves have amazing energy and healing, relaxing qualities to them.

To get rid of any negative energy and add protection to your home you can write your concerns on it. Then, just simply burn it in a safe bowl and waft the healing smoke around where you want to cleanse.

For protection, keep the bay leaf near you at all times.

That’s all there is to it!

Using Bay Leaves For Dreams and Enhancing Your Psychic Abilities

Bay leaves are great for enhancing your psychic abilities as well as creating more vivid dreams and assisting with lucid dreams. Simply think about your intentions, and you can write it on the bay leaf. Then, put it under your pillow!

Bay leaves for Healing

You can also use bay leaves for assisting with physical healing. Due to it’s relaxing nature, bay leaf manifestation can help you heal. The relaxing quality of bay leaves helps you to better imagine yourself healed. Simply write what you want to happen on the bay leaf after meditation and visualization.

Then burn it and place in a fireproof or firesafe bowl. Enjoy the relaxing scent and let go of your desire to heal. Simply just relax and be.

Bay Leaf Manifestation Videos

If you prefer to way videos, here are some popular bay leaf manifestation videos for you!

TikTok Bay Leaf Manifestation Videos



The unassuming bay leaf is an amazing manifestation helper! Have you ever used bay leaf manifestation before? Did you even know about bay leaf manifestation? I hope this blog helped you out. Share your thoughts on bay leaf manifestation below if you want, I love to hear from you!