Abundance Rituals-How to Make Yours Unique and Powerful

abundance rituals

Are you looking for an easy way to attract more abundance into your life on a daily basis? Do you want to change your scarcity mindset to one of abundance? Well, abundance rituals may be just the ticket for you!

So, what exactly is a ritual? The word likely evokes an image of some complicated, and even sometimes scary, religious procedures.

However, rituals are actually very simple! Rituals are even something we do in our daily routines without realization. They can be as simple, or difficult, as you want them to be!

Rituals can be your morning coffee and meditation every day. It can be how you visualize and journal each night. Or, it can be one where you get out your favorite crystals, and take a bath with personal affirmations you created for the full moon.

You can pray to God, the Universe, Allah, or Buddha.

It’s really completely up to you, and very personal!

The best rituals though are the kind you enjoy, evoke strong emotions, and that you do on a regular basis. Those kind of rituals will change your mindset faster, and help you manifest abundance into your life quickly.

Any new behavior, including an abundance mindset, can take time. Rituals help to create new habits, and then reinforce them. Our thoughts are like the waves of the ocean, constantly changing and moving. 

We cannot fully tame our mind, but we can learn how to navigate it!

Keep in mind, there are no right or wrongs when it comes to how you practice your abundance rituals.

These are merely suggestions and things that have worked for me! You can change them up however you want. Also, remember that abundance is not just about money- its about so much more!

Abundance is a mindset and a lifestyle. It’s knowing that anything you want, whether it be money, love, freedom, etc. is limitless.

While many abundance rituals focus on money, you can also substitute any of the tools that represent money abundance (such as essential oils, crystals, candles, etc) for whatever quality you want to attract in abundance. It’s up to you!

That is why I’m not going to give you one specific ritual you must follow, but advice on how you can gather the abundance ritual items you are drawn to-so you can create your own, highly personal ritual!

First, Gather Your Abundance Tools

Find the tools you are drawn to for what you want to attract.

Some Items Typically Used in Abundance Rituals:

A manifestation journal

Special pen or pencil

Crystals that represent the abundance you want:  Some ideas for abundance crystals are clear quartz and selenite. These amplify any intention you want so they work for any ritual. 

Common crystals that represent abundance:

Citrine- Known as the crystal of abundance

Tigers Eye- Protection, Luck

Green Aventurine,Jade-Wealth

Pyrite-Abundance and prosperity

Rose Quartz- Love

If you need more ideas: Crystals for Manifestation

Crystal Grid: To arrange your crystals on.  

Candles: While you can have as many as you want, 8 typically represents abundance. Common colors for abundance candles are green and gold. Nothing represents wealth better than those colors! However, if you want love, you may pick pink or red. There are even crystals you can buy specifical for abundance. Some great abundance candles are:

House of Intuitions Abundance Candle

Etsy (also a great site to find crystal grids and crystals)

Essential Oils- Wild Orange is considered the oil of abundance. You can also check out these essential oils for manifesting if you are not drawn to wild orange.

Second, Find Your Abundance Ritual Space

You can do your abundance rituals anywhere really. However, I suggest you pick somewhere comfortable, quiet, and that will be undisturbed. As a mom, I know that can be tough. A lot of mom’s pick the bathroom for their sacred space, and that’s actually perfect! Water is a fantastic tool to use for manifesting!

If you are able to find a ritual space that won’t be disturbed, you can create a permanent altar. If you need to move it, you can also make it portable. A crystal grid and manifestation box to hold your items will work wonders if you have to take your space on the go!

Third, Cleanse the Space

Cleansing is simply clearing a space of any negative energy. In ancient times, this included smudging with things like sage and Palo santo. If you don’t have either though you can just imagine a white light cleansing the area.

I also like to have Selenite towers in all four corners of each room, and using a Selenite wand.

Be sure to dress in comfortable clothes that fit the energy you want to manifest. For abundance, you may choose quality fabrics. For attracting an abundance of love, you may wear something that makes you feel sexy. It just depends on the kind of abundance you want.

Now,  take a few deep breaths, close your eyes (you can also hold a few abundance crystals in your hands or at your heart chakra)  and state out loud your personal abundance affirmation, such as, “I attract abundance and wealth only into my life.”

Final Steps

Now, light your abundance candles, and you can also add some essential oils you chose earlier  to a diffuser, body lotion, or in your bath. What comes next is up to you, but typically people will visualize or meditate on what they want to attract. You can also script (journal) down your desires or say abundance affirmations such as:

The Universe fully supports me and provides for me abundance

I’m always supported by the Universe

Abundance flows limitlessly to me

I manifest my desires effortlessly

Wealth and abundance love me

You can say these abundance rituals out loud, or add them to your scripting.

Once you are done focusing on your desires and what abundance you want to attract, you can burn the paper if you wrote anything down.

Otherwise, you can take a few deep, cleansing breaths, and make sure to practice gratitude by saying thank you to the Universe for already providing the abundance you desire.

Just sit with the energy for awhile as you watch the smoke drift away. You should be feeling lighter and refreshed!

You can keep the crystals with you as a lucky abundance talisman as well. Be sure to keep an eye out for any signs from the universe that abundance is on its way, and write it down in your journal. 

You can practice this ritual as often as you want, but many people suggest for at least 8 days for abundance rituals.

When to Do Abundance Rituals

There are no right or wrong times to do abundance rituals! However, many people like to do them around new or full moons as the energy is often much stronger. Those definitely make great times for any rituals, but especially abundance rituals!

The best time though is when you are able to get some peace and quiet and you are able to relax meditate quietly.

Final Thoughts

Have you ever done an abundance ritual? Share your experience in the comments below!